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  1. confused

    Lady in the Shawl

    I would pull the textures off her skin a bit more. In the first one it becomes a bit too grainy. In the second one, her skin goes from a back to a red. I wouldn't have shot as far up at the model in one because looking up her nose is a bit unflattering, but I like the way you were going with...
  2. confused

    Actor Headshots

    I love your work here, Laura! Your focus on natural lighting and keeping it simple has yielded some great results. I like these even more than your processed shots. You were still able to capture great color and awesome contrast, all while keeping it natural. I do have to agree with Mitch...
  3. confused

    Portrait with Shadows

    I really like the darker look to it. It is a bit strange for me because I can hardly see the pupil, so with the shadow the picture looks a bit devilish. The skin has a nice texture.
  4. confused

    Whimsical Engagement | Crystal Cove, CA -caution image heavy

    #6 and #12 are my favorites. On 12 I would want to see it flipped so their heads are at the bottom of the frame. I wonder how that would look. 6 is very intimate, but if you can, I would get rid of that stray hair across her nose. There is dust on your sensor. In #11, in the upper left hand...
  5. confused

    Record Store and Vintage Clothing Shop Engagement Session

    It is a great candid set! I wish there were one or two more formal photos. 3 is my favorite - I love the expressions and the brighter feel.
  6. confused

    Lauren & Kevin, first engagement session of the season

    I like the flare of the black and white images. Some of the blown highlights are nice, but I think 3 is pushing that limit. 14 is very captivating!
  7. confused

    A few more...

    1 for Kendall and Jake is phenomenal! Great set! 7 and 8 for the wedding have a great mood!
  8. confused

    Newborn shoot C&C

    I have trouble getting a consistent color for babies, too. I really like the treatment of the last several photos. Four and five are the winners for me. They are absolutely adorable. In seven and eight you blew the highlights, which is distracting. Sometimes, I think it can work, but I don't...
  9. confused

    Portrait montage

    Other than the white balance, it looks great! I would think it would result in some good referrals.
  10. confused

    A Beach Shoot

    4 and 5 are fantastic! I love the processing in 4 and 5 the expression is priceless.
  11. confused

    Engagement Ring Photos

    Congratulations! I am sure it will be tough for you on the other side of the lens come the wedding date.
  12. confused

    Courtney, Simple Spring Shot.

    It's a nice shot, but I don't think it excels quite like your other images. The bracelets are a bit distracting, especially with one being lower than the rest. The expression in the mouth is too open and the head is too tilted, I think. I don't mean to sound harsh, Laura - she's a beautiful...
  13. confused

    Clemency - Band Portraits

    2 has a great feel. I think the original one works better than this new version. The lighting was nicer in two. Good work in general, but especially good for the short notice!
  14. confused


    I agree with Jay about the limbs thing. This looks like it was a really fun shoot!
  15. confused

    A year times two

    That is quite darling and should be a good blackmail!
  16. confused

    Brenizer Method - Engagement (1 pic)

    Gretchen, excellent example and a great addition to the original explanation!
  17. confused

    PiK - Hip Hop Artist

    The second edit is much better! How did you clean the glass? I think the image would be stronger without the push sign. Letters tend to distract from the main focus.
  18. confused

    Green Lady

    I really like the grass because it is something new and her expression fits with it. I would clone out the top piece of grass (it's bugging me!) It's a beautiful image, Martin.
  19. confused

    Baby Session (9 months)...

    I was surprised nobody mentioned the WB until Ji. The color ones look very cold to me. I love the black and white ones, especially number four. This is a very cute session. I would recommend posting larger photos next time. It's much easier to provide feedback when we can see more details (maybe...
  20. confused

    Brenizer Method - Engagement (1 pic)

    It's a cool effect, but it seems like quite a bit of work for something that doesn't look all that 3-d to me. It would be something I might try, but not use regularly. Thanks for sharing! I do like seeing different ways of processing.
  21. confused

    15 Days New

    Lisa, these are fantastic! Was the first one just an open window for lighting? Did you use your 85mm for these?
  22. confused

    Downtown Engagement Session | San Diego | 10 Images

    6 and 7 are my favorites. 1 - I don't like all the space at the top, but that's a personal thing. 2 - It's a good image, but I am not digging the bag. Props can be fun, but I feel like this is starting to advertise the bag (buy the bag, find passionate love sort of thing) 3 - I like the back...
  23. confused

    PiK - Hip Hop Artist

    I definitely agree with Jordan and Paul about the tiles. I think you could even push the contrast and the harder feel on this image more. I think it would fit the artist and location even better. I would be interested in seeing a crop without the push sign, too. This would be an awesome album cover!
  24. confused

    From a recent infant session

    Very cute, but I wish she had more of a smile on - out of your control.
  25. confused

    A Wet Engagement Session

    Now that looks like a fun session! 8 is killer! I love the colors and emotion. 2 - Love it. Might want to get rid of some of the white glare in the sand. Maybe clone out the upper right to make it more uniform. 3 - I don't like this one. It's too domineering and forced. 4- Solid shot. The sea...
  26. confused

    Maternity session

    Great lighting! Like Mike said, that ultrasound is a fantastic idea!
  27. confused

    Another Milestone In My Photographic Journey

    That's awesome! Enjoy the good feeling!
  28. confused

    Feels good to do nice things!

    You did a great job! It is always really nice to give away some time and talent. I find doing free work also reduces pressure and allows some room for experimentation, which can really build a portfolio.
  29. confused

    Some Shocking News About Young People in the USA

    Sadly, the statistics don't surprise me. As a point of reference, I am 19 and currently in my first year at college. Alcohol abuse amazes me weekend after weekend. People just don't drink responsibly. Following that, drugs are prevalent, too. At least on my college campus and the others where I...
  30. confused

    Sandy and Her Killer Eyes

    As usual, your work is stunning. My only critique is that it is weird to see some of her left arm uncovered and then have it cut off. I wish it was a tighter crop or her vest covered it, since her hair covers the other side.
  31. confused

    Another Person with Another First Engagement Shoot

    Congratulations on your first engagement shoot! My favorite is #2. There is great interaction and it really pops, which it sounds like she was looking for. 1 - It's a good straight shot, but having them touch (arm around, hand on lap etc.) would have really added to the photo. I remember...
  32. confused

    1st Engagement Session Part 2

    Stephenie, here is another version of #8. Do you like it any better? Raised the exposure a bit...better?
  33. confused

    1st Engagement Session Part 2

    Yeah, no control over the wardrobe. Daniel, I definitely can see a tighter crop working a lot better. Stephenie, Mike, and Josh - I see it is underexposed now. Doug, definitely will keep the ring more in mind next time. This being my first shoot, things seemed to be moving very quickly compared...
  34. confused

    1st Engagement Session Part 1

    Thanks everybody for your comments! I definitely wanted to try some new pp work and put the nik filters to work. Paul, I was definitely shooting lower quite a bit - not sure why I wanted to that day, but I did. Mike, I definitely can see how 6 looks awkward, but I couldn't pass it up because of...
  35. confused

    AJ, The Tattooer

    These are great, Josh! 3 stands out to me. These all have great contrast and a nice pop to them. What did you do in post?
  36. confused

    Newborn...10 days :)

    It's definitely better, but now the expressions aren't as strong. I would go with this latest one personally even if the smiles in the dad and son are better in the first.
  37. confused

    1st Engagement Session Part 2

    Continued from part 1...critique as usual please! #1 #2 #3 #4 - Check out those beautiful cherry blossoms! #5 #6 #7 #8 Thanks for taking a look! I hope you enjoyed them.
  38. confused

    1st Engagement Session Part 1

    I had my first engagement session, which was really exciting! I definitely had some useful tips from members here and I was able to look through many threads before I tried for my first time. The session was shot at UW's campus. The cherry blossoms are open this time of year and they have a...
  39. confused

    Newborn...10 days :)

    If the client wanted the shot, I would show it to them - potential sale right there. Sometimes we have to produce stuff we don't like. With that in mind, ask yourself, would others like this? Would I lose business if other potential clients see this and don't find it as high quality work...
  40. confused

    Family Portrait with a difference

    It's great to see something different and I think you are right that this would go well in a package, but stand alone, I am not sure how well it would sell...
  41. confused

    Real estate agent

    3 is my favorite. I think shooting 1 and 2 closer to sunset would have been nicer. The sign still would have been lit, but the picture would have been a bit lighter. Great job!
  42. confused


    Quite amazing. I have never seen anything quite like this. How long were you there shooting?
  43. confused

    Model Shooting - New Pics

    Lew already mentioned the photo being off-center. The thing that doesn't do it for me in the first photo is that the eyes and lips are not entirely connecting with the camera. Compare the first and the second and see how much more engaged the model is with the camera. In the second, she radiates...
  44. confused


    That stare belongs in a movie with her killing people... You produced one heck of an image! (and I learned what snooted is).
  45. confused

    Mary Lou in snowy weather

    Very pretty! What I love about this is that is looks natural, but is still beautiful. What was the lighting setup? one flash camera left and one flash from the right slightly behind her? This is a beautiful shot.
  46. confused


    You captured her intensity and focus really well. I think you should edit out a few stray hairs on some of them. I think 1 and 4 are over-edited. 6 is an excellent example where a little pp goes a long ways sometimes.
  47. confused

    Last Edits of Melissa

    Great work, Fred! Two looks very timeless and I love the slight reflection in the floor. Everything looks spot on. My only comment would be that there appears to be two VERY tiny white dots in front of the first and second posts in the photo and one on the first post.
  48. confused

    A bit of selective coloring Here is one way of doing it. Of course, do your own black and white adjustment. Don't just go to image>desaturate. is a video that might be a bit easier to follow, plus it has...
  49. confused

    Tripod and Head for $300 or less

    Thanks everybody for your wisdom and advice! I decided to go with the Benro A-358EX and the Cullman head.
  50. confused

    Corporate Brochure

    Nice shot! The two catch lights are distracting for me. You might try cloning one out and seeing how it looks. Frank did a good job of showing the ghosting.
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