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  1. Baywing

    Capture NX-D doesn't open TIFF's anymore in Photoshop

    Capture dumps the TIFF into a file on your HD as well as opening it in PS. On my Win 7 machine, that file is "my pictures" and every week I have to go in and delete stuff I'm done working with. TIFF's are large files and eat up HD space very quickly.
  2. Baywing

    Should i buy this Nikon D3500 bundle or buy the additional gears apart?

    You might want to mention the dealer, sounds a little fishy to me. Be sure the camera and lenses are Nikon USA otherwise you will have trouble getting service. There are some decent dealers that offer "kits" but it is also a tactic used by less than reputable dealers to up their profits. The...
  3. Baywing

    Center for Birds of Prey, Awendaw, South Carolina

    Very nice BIF shots. Numbers 7 and 8 are not osprey, but appear to be a falcon hybrid.
  4. Baywing

    Urban osprey

    Nice shots of a juvenile bird. Funny how some adapt to an urban setting while others seem to like their solitude.
  5. Baywing

    Osprey in the Rain.

    Great shot. I agree on the colors in the BG, I like them better than just a monotone.
  6. Baywing

    Feeding time at the Nest

    Nice set. I've seen a few fledge, it's always fun to watch their first flight as they look so surprized at first. The first landing isn't always smooth, but they get better. A few minutes in the air really seems to tire them out at first, you can see the chest heaving in and out for 10+...
  7. Baywing

    D500 AF Question

    In a word, no. You could try one of the other AF modes but the actual af point is where it is, there is no moving it.
  8. Baywing

    D500 Images, post them here, a companion to ....

    I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more! (Old movie reference)
  9. Baywing

    Microsoft Scam

    How did Microsoft get the phone number? wink, wink, nudge, nudge
  10. Baywing

    Question about graphics card

    One other thing to look at that I haven't seen mentioned yet is the power requirement of a bigger video card. The older Dell's were well known for having minimal power supplies. I've upgraded power supplies in all but my latest machine which by spec has enough power for a 1070 NVidia card.
  11. Baywing

    Same Eagle, two camera/lens combos

    Second shot is the D850.
  12. Baywing

    D850 problem

    Every camera I've ever bought by default had the info bar at the bottom of the VF. Send it back and get a new one, something is wrong. I assume the battery has a good charge and there is a lens on the camera.
  13. Baywing

    Daks Headed to Normandy (image heavy)

    Well done, saw many of them as they left the US.
  14. Baywing


    In honor of those who served
  15. Baywing

    Z7's Large File Slows Down PC Processing

    I'm running an i7 Skylake with 64 gb RAM and a SSD scratch disk and my D850 files are a little slow in View NX. The D5, D500 and D810 files fly pretty good. The more images on the card, the slower it goes until all the thumbnails are downloaded, then speed is pretty good.
  16. Baywing

    D-Day Squadron

    Thanks Thank you
  17. Baywing

    D-Day Squadron

    Just be aware that these formations are not going to be as tight as they were 75 years ago. They spent 3-4 days in CT practicing formation flying and were getting good at it, but they aren't going to get military tight.
  18. Baywing

    D-Day Squadron

    Thanks, I was amazed that I was the only one of about 12 photographers using fill flash for the sunrise shoot.
  19. Baywing

    D-Day Squadron

  20. Baywing

    D-Day Squadron

    I saw the D-Day Squadron of C-47's and DC-3's at Oxford, CT on their way to England to participate in the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. I was able to shoot early in the morning and later in the evening. And a bonus shot of some re-enactors at sundown.
  21. Baywing

    C-47A N47E “Miss Virginia” at Prestwick Airport.

    I saw her at Oxford, CT and witnessed her leaving for England. I'll post a shot or two in an upcoming thread.
  22. Baywing

    Whale of a Time

    Great shots. The pink in #2 is the upper pallette.
  23. Baywing

    Which facility to use to repair my camera?

    APS will usually give you a ballpark estimate over the phone. Nikon USA did issue an estimate when I filled in the web form and submitted it. You would not be obligated to send them the camera. I'd guess that Nikon would call it a B2 repair, About $425 plus tax and shipping.
  24. Baywing

    Difference between TC1.4 vII & TC1.4 vIII

    I can't really quantify or explain it but I think the EIII is noticably better on the E series lenses. I hardly notice a drop in IQ on the 70-200 EFL and just a little drop in IQ on the 500EFL and 600EFL which might be more me than the tc. I don't have a pf so can't comment on that lens design...
  25. Baywing

    B&H ENEL 15B Replacement

    I don't think anyone knows. Right now it sounds like a B&H issue, maybe their supplier sent them some imitations?
  26. Baywing

    B&H ENEL 15B Replacement

    B&H is replacing 15B batteries: B&H is replacing a batch of Nikon EN-EL15b batteries - Nikon Rumors Curious that there is no word from Nikon which would indicate a manufacturing issue and a system wide recall. I remember the early 15's wouldn't work when the D500 came out, and Nikon would...
  27. Baywing

    Nikon 500 mm PF VR 5.6 Waiting Times

    Have they removed the income requirement? I have over 5X the minimum points, just make too much at the day job to qualify.
  28. Baywing

    Evaluating raw images (long post)

    If the light is good, I like the D500 files. It is more subject to any little flaw in technique, those pixels are packed in tight! It does not like to be underexposed, either. You can crop in some, but it does not like large crops and can't handle them anywhere near as well as the D5 or D850.
  29. Baywing

    Get Sales Tax Refund from B&H....

    I figured there was a hook in there somewhere.......
  30. Baywing

    Frustrated night, and wasted trip

    Gear failures happen. I check my stuff before I leave the house but once I get out in the dark and cold, anything can happen. My best was while shooting steam trains at night, they only run at the holiday time so it's dark early, but also cold. They run 2 or 3 train sets, but my battery...
  31. Baywing

    Drone photography epidemic?

    Like any other device, it's the user that is more often the problem. I've already had "exchanges of ideas" with several drone operators who were flying too close to osprey nests. Not knowing what it was or what the threat level was, the birds took great exception to it being within 200 feet of...
  32. Baywing

    Nikon EN-EL15B discontinued?

    I doubt it, to be replaced with the EN-EL15C and thus rendering the "b"'s worthless.
  33. Baywing

    Backlit Osprey

    Nice set, I like No 4 for the eye contact and the wing position says power.
  34. Baywing

    Talon Cleanse

    Thanks everyone, it works for fish blood, scales and other crud. Kinda like a power wash! Their forward speed is up there, they usually do a rather steep approach that almost looks the start of a dive but flare out at the last second and drop the gear. The dive gives them speed which bleeds...
  35. Baywing

    Talon Cleanse

    This osprey had landed in the marsh muck getting grass for the nest. He came around and set up for a low altitude run coming at me but the wind picked up a bit and he aborted. A few minutes later, he set up again, but this time going away. He dragged his feet thru the water for a good 40 feet...
  36. Baywing

    D500 & D850 Owners - OVF Differences

    I have never shot any of my FX bodies in DX crop mode. The only advantage I could see is saving file space which isn't an issue. I've had many instances where, had I been in DX mode, I would have chopped off something important.
  37. Baywing

    Sneak Attack

    The lower osprey was occupied searching for his next meal when a territorial and very aggressive male came in to assert his dominance. The attack saw the talons strike the victim on the shoulders resulting in loosened feathers and and an outcry. The victim reacted quickly doing a head over...
  38. Baywing


    I'm not bothered by the BG, shows the osprey in it's environment. Good shot, well done.
  39. Baywing

    D5 with CF Cards

    I personally like the XQD cards. For the price, you could always send it to Nikon and have it converted to XQD and still have a good deal if you find it's performance isn't up to what you need.
  40. Baywing

    Catfish inbound ... again

    That certainly is their preference but in tough times, they do what they must to survive. Adult osprey do not usually do well in rehab for that reason, if they don't catch it live, they won't eat. Some seem to prefer death over eating something they didn't kill. The fledglings do better in...
  41. Baywing

    Catfish inbound ... again

    It's survival of the fittest and the oldest chick is usually the strongest. I guess if food is scarce, they will go for it, I've thought that once it hits the ground they consider it contaminated in some way and just leave it but if times are tough, they'll take a chance. The adults always...
  42. Baywing

    Catfish inbound ... again

    Good shot, but slightly unusual behavior. I've seen lots of dropped fish (parts of fish) and never have I seen one retrieved. If it hits the ground, they don't want it and will go get another one.
  43. Baywing

    To find a misplaced memory card...

    I always find missing stuff in the last place I look. If only I could start with the last place.....sigh.....
  44. Baywing

    D2x - been gifted one, some advice on lenses please

    When I shot my D2x regularly, I used a Tokina 12-24, Nikkor 24-120 and 70-200 F2.8. You could easily swap in a 70-300, just be careful as some of the newer ones with E aperture won't work with the older bodies. Lens will need to have an aperture activation lever (mechanical). The 24-120 f4 is...
  45. Baywing

    D500 Firmware Update

    Be sure to read the instructions, this update must be installed TWICE!
  46. Baywing

    Osprey Feeding

    Nice set, wish I could get that close to the ones around here.
  47. Baywing

    D500 Firmware Update

    Nikon | Download center | D500 Firmware
  48. Baywing

    The Easter Osprey

    Beluga Caviar!
  49. Baywing

    The Easter Osprey

    No, I'm sitting on them!
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