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  1. Greg

    Sigma 800 Test

    Not to hijack your thread but here are some images from that same lens taken a couple years ago. Some at 800 and I think at least one at 1600mm. I am sure Franks experience with photo shop could improve on these.
  2. Greg

    4th Annual Nikon Cafe' Get-Together

    I have been absent I am sorry I have been away for so long. I do miss everyone here and the great lessons I learn from the site and the individuals that so freely share what they know. Hopefully this get together will be a new beginning for me and re-vitalize my interest yet again. Yes...
  3. Greg

    Batch processing in CS-2

    GREAT, I'll try it today. Thanks a bunch
  4. Greg

    Batch processing in CS-2

    Can someone tell me how to set up a batch process in CS-2? Specifically I would like to run a large number of large files through the smart sharpen filter with a given set of values. Is there a way to run this without opening the files? Thanks, Greg
  5. Greg

    Just a little late...Well, maybe a lot!

    Just a few shots from this past summers meet. My favorite! Is this concentration or what? Wow, looks like a lot of slippery stuff down there! Deep in thought Frank's thinking I don't have enough DOF for this shot with the 800...He's right! No Birds may as well look for fish.
  6. Greg

    unknown raptor with white tail

    Thanks all. Perhaps a trip back to the same area is in order.
  7. Greg

    unknown raptor with white tail

    Good call Patrick. I think that link is right on. None of the photos in my thayer efield guide looked like that. Was a very graceful bird and soared with ease. Thanks
  8. Greg

    unknown raptor with white tail

    My apologies to the group for my long absence but rest assured I have visited as a lurker and am continuously amazed at the continued quality of those that post. I must also apologize for these very poor images. I had the 800 mounted and camera set to manual when I rounded a bend at nickajack...
  9. Greg

    white box around mask

    it's a start Clive. thanks, I'll pass it on
  10. Greg

    white box around mask

    I have a friend that uses PS more for art than photo editing but she has a problem that perhaps one of you can help with. the following is directly from her email. "my photoshop problem is exporting to bring stuff into quark and illustrator without the big white box that surrounds what i've...
  11. Greg

    Eye Wonder?

    NAH, can't be leigh. Hers are more beautiful than this one.... (just gettin an early start rackin up points for next years Bar-B-Q)
  12. Greg

    Sigma 800 died &^#^%$#

    Well, Patrick talked me into taking some of my photo gear with me to a convention in Reno where I will have a day free and what is apparently some good birding spots as well as a "river walk" immediately next to the hotel. Figured I could take one body mounted to the Sigma 800 in the Sigma...
  13. Greg

    Any advice on cropping?

    Hey Bill, Good shot. I think you are right in that perhaps the batter should be more the focus of attention. Everyone has opinions and with that in mind I offer the following. (only because you asked.) I've always felt this would be a good challenge. perhaps call it "best improvement...
  14. Greg

    1600mm at 1/40 - Red tail Hawk

    Thanks all but it was Phillip who showed me the way. he is still master of the 800. the best about this shot was that I took my time and spent about an hour watching and just relaxing without the thought of the office or other "issues".
  15. Greg

    Hummers at the minimum focus limit of the 400mm F2.8

    Good stuff Andréas. Love the rich colors. Is the second one a brid version of "the Bird"
  16. Greg

    Northern Flickers

    looks like a good spot to just sit.
  17. Greg

    First Osprey of the Year..and a bonus bird..

    good series on the in flight. the pintail looks like it was shot in an overcast condition. these guys are really pretty.
  18. Greg

    New flashes....

    I think the robin's the best. nice work Frank.
  19. Greg

    Several from Aransas NWR

    Love your frog. great focus and dof on him. Can even see most of his body below the water. and the pigs are ... well, pigs.
  20. Greg

    No excuses

    great catches! Love the cormorant sequence. And the cat makes the fence shot work.
  21. Greg

    I was having my coffee

    great flight shot. love the stills as well. Sometimes it's better to be lucky.
  22. Greg

    Hummers in the garden at 510 and 680mm

    Very nice indeed. Love the colors. Just put out my feederes at the new house. hopefully I will get a chance to try this.
  23. Greg

    1600mm at 1/40 - Red tail Hawk

    Funny how once you start shooting birds your eyes scan the trees while you are driving. Found this guy / girl on a nest along a secondary 4 lane. thank you Phillip for showing me it can be done and for the tips. And thanks to Gordon for the sample on inverting the mask and applying blur to...
  24. Greg

    Tripods for long tels

    yes, the tripod is critical but don't forget the mount. If the mount (ball head, gimbal, etc) won't support the weight then the tripod could be a concrete post and it wouldn't help.
  25. Greg

    oh my bleeding heart..

    I like these flowers. they are kind of unique. Nice shot. Get us some once they open a bit more. I've listed an old post showing the parts of the heart. Just something Grandma passed on.
  26. Greg

    Don't care much for the angle

    thanks. looks better. I always seem to shy away from to much contrast or saturation thinking it won't look normal.
  27. Greg

    Don't care much for the angle

    not bad Virginia. gives the color behind the wings a new look.
  28. Greg

    North Alabama Photographers Guild

    sounds interesting but doesn't look like they have updated the site since last May?
  29. Greg

    Don't care much for the angle

    Gordon, I did place a mask and lightened the background some. what else would you reccomend?
  30. Greg

    Need Critique of D50 &Tamron 180 images (many images)

    the purple flower is the best in my view, neat stuff, great colors also. you did good!
  31. Greg

    If your name is Greg, please sign in here

    and I make 2
  32. Greg

    Exposure stacking portrait.

    good job. I've been wanting to try this sort of this on a macro or scenic. Seems PS has a gui built in to help with this.
  33. Greg

    Backlit Daf

    Very nice indeed. I really like the contrast between the flower and the greenery. did you do any select adjustments and manually darken the background?
  34. Greg

    Don't care much for the angle

    I like the subject as they were pretty easy to approach with the 300mm and tc14. May have to work it some more from another angle.
  35. Greg

    Updated with samples -- cafe makes images darker?

    bump for samples
  36. Greg

    does this qualify for a flip?

    Reggie, I took this with Frank last weekend at a preserve of sorts in Gadsden, AL. not much activity but looks like a real hot spot in winter. Will have to wait and see.
  37. Greg

    Reno NV Members

    I will be coming to Reno the 1st week in May for a convention but plan on taking at least 1 day off to take some photos. mostly interested in birds. the Lahontan Audubon Society lists the stillwater wildlife management area as a pretty good birding spot. Does anyone have any personal...
  38. Greg

    does this qualify for a flip?

    Andy, yes this was with the 800. is was just about full frame HSC. Frank was just in front of me taking the same shots with the 300 plus some TC. He is supposed to do a comparison as I sent him my raws so we can get the same processing. Can't wait to see the difference. I'm almost afraid of...
  39. Greg

    does this qualify for a flip?

    didn't see what this Yellow Legs was eating until I looked at the pics. I caught several shots and they were all these little red guys.
  40. Greg

    Someone emailed me this TACKY PHOTO! (Very poor taste!)

    Chris Jones is right on the money. Let me put another spin on this. I don't find it funny as this is a symbol of what is happening to more and more of the high tech labor in the computer software industry. I own a small photogrammetry company That is now competing with a very large and...
  41. Greg

    D50 vacation 2006-part 2

    I bet a fall trip would be in order as well. keep em comin
  42. Greg

    D50 vacation 2006-part1

    good stuff. you need to teach me how to do reds and yellows. guess I need a trip there some weekend or better yet a weekday. looks like great opportunities
  43. Greg

    Frank Took Advantage of me today

    I met up with Frank and Phil (I think) at the eagle nest this morning. the "chick" was flying and the weather was not cooperating. Frank suggested we look into a new spot about an hour further in Gadsden, AL. This new spot has a boardwalk over the marsh area etc. sounded pretty good. Once...
  44. Greg

    Working on Directory Structure

    thanks folks.
  45. Greg

    Long Shutter/Rear Curtain Fun

    neat effect. Has a lot of potential.
  46. Greg

    A walk in the back yard (lotsa pics)

    Neat Playground and nice shots. Welcome to the Cafe btw.
  47. Greg

    Show us your house/apartment/mansion/castle

    Here's what's been keeping me from taking any shots with both new cameras. Before the brick. Couldn't live in it grey. Reminded me of a beached whale. After the brick came on still in re-construction.
  48. Greg

    Working on Directory Structure

    Just wondering how others arrange thier directories? For instance if you have many types of birds do you place them in directories by common name or maybe order/family/scientific or common/family/order Thanks
  49. Greg

    undo?... never mind...found the answer

    When working in Bridge and you use the trash can to delete a file is there a way to recover it?
  50. Greg

    Lens Quality W/d200

    ya know, I thought I had this problem. then I took the same shot of a brick wall from the same place with the same lens but compared the D200 to the D2X. when viewing both images side by side at the same image size on the screen I couldn't see any difference.
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