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    A Bouncy little girl(not my Sam)

    Thnxs just a lucky grab We are all cool Graeme I can see from your photos your gang is as cool as ever. Thnxs Frits she was alot of fun. Thank you Thnxs I apreciate it. Thnxs mitchell.It was but it seemed to come out ok.
  2. 4labs

    A Day Trip... Part II...

    Just fabulous work from composition to pp. Love this set!
  3. 4labs

    A Bouncy little girl(not my Sam)

  4. 4labs

    Xbox 360... Halo 3.... For Real! (9 images)

    just love #8 They are all great but #8 just takes the cake. Looks like a great time..
  5. 4labs

    New from B R A N D X® [second edit added]

    Nice Stu, her left hand looks very freaky , animalistic for sure..
  6. 4labs

    Buckle Up

    Thnxs Gale. Thankk you You are too kind. never would have tried it without seeing your work. Thnxs Greg Thnxs Stuart! Thnxs so much..
  7. 4labs

    My Little Boy...

    He is "THE little man" Happy B-day Ben and a great capture as always Graeme.
  8. 4labs

    Sam in MU for Rachael Ray show

    So cool.
  9. 4labs

    Buckle Up

  10. 4labs

    Scooter, First Shot

    You get better and better each post
  11. 4labs

    Showcase Nikon 200mm f/2 VR - Part I

    Beautiful... Took mine for a spin today..
  12. 4labs

    On The Fence...

    What a great feel to this shot, awesome pp as always..
  13. 4labs

    Latest soccer collage

    Mitch these are great.There is a free action to add fill flash on the face in #4 if it bugs you. It is on action central and is called tracy's fill flash. It works great. I wouldn't bother myself but you shoudl check it out..
  14. 4labs

    10 Minutes in the Life of Sam

    Thnxs Mitchell Here it is. She is actually Saying "Oh My Goodness" hard not to crack up..
  15. 4labs

    10 Minutes in the Life of Sam

    You could say Sam doesn't have much of an attention span yet..
  16. 4labs


    Gave me the warm fuzzies..Really nice Graeme
  17. 4labs

    Proud Author

    Congrats to Evan! You have some kids Mitch!
  18. 4labs

    She WANTED me to take a picture!!

    What everyone else said. Beauiful.
  19. 4labs

    Thank Heaven for Little Girls

    Thnxs again everyone..
  20. 4labs

    Chimping starts young

    I know , not the smartest move on my part. She held on for dear life..
  21. 4labs

    My Leica thread

    Love that last one!
  22. 4labs

    Chimping starts young

  23. 4labs


    Thnxs everyone
  24. 4labs

    Thank Heaven for Little Girls

    I'll send you the 2000 photos I have of Sam and you can go through them:tongue:
  25. 4labs

    Thank Heaven for Little Girls

    Thnxs guys..
  26. 4labs

    Thank Heaven for Little Girls

  27. 4labs

    The Bench...

    Always great to see your wonderful photos of your boys
  28. 4labs

    Terri said to jump right in!

    Looks great to me .Well done.
  29. 4labs

    Sigma 120-300 needs support

    Randy I am not sure what my setup is when I use the 400 with a monopod but I will dig it out. I know I have no problem when using it..
  30. 4labs

    This weekends soccer tournament

    These are great Randy..IMHo these are some of your best..
  31. 4labs

    Back to school....

    Beautiful Charles
  32. 4labs

    Split Personality

    What am I a Princess or a Cowgirl?
  33. 4labs


  34. 4labs

    An Engine, A Bus and Easy Rider...

    How can you sit on these so long? Just awesome..
  35. 4labs

    Another 2 year old moment....

    Love the BW, I'd boost the contrast a tad for even more drama. Well done.
  36. 4labs

    Classic Cool...

    perfectly framed and definately cool..
  37. 4labs

    For Eric and Stu...

    Nice way to start my day Graeme.I see you haven't lost a thing. Great shot.
  38. 4labs


    Sweet! Love it Graeme..
  39. 4labs

    Faith, Other

    album cover material. love your work..
  40. 4labs

    Faith... opinions pleaseee

    Color for sure..
  41. 4labs

    My 2007 Pictures of the Year

    These are really great. Thnxs for sharing..
  42. 4labs

    Accidentally Happy

    Well done!
  43. 4labs

    Charlie Brown's new invention

    for pups with neck problems...
  44. 4labs

    "No one told me it was going to be this hard to be 2"

    Great stuff Linda. I laughed at your title as I know the story all too well..
  45. 4labs

    I know I shouldn't be up here

    Thnxs guys and gals
  46. 4labs

    Can we go now?...

  47. 4labs

    New edit **(image updated)**

    She is so beautiful I would love to see her face. I think #1 pops a bit more but I like the toned down backround in #2, maybe combine the two? nice work frede.
  48. 4labs

    I know I shouldn't be up here

  49. 4labs

    Contrasty Goodness

    Thnxs Linda Thnxs Leigh. I hope all is well... apreciate the kind words Steve. Sam is a bundle of joy for sure Thnxs Mike Thank you She sure is Thnxs Graeme. I think its tiem you posted a few of the boys.. Thank you Thnxs so much..
  50. 4labs

    Contrasty Goodness

    Thnxs Leigh Thnxs! she is all mom thank g-d Thank you Phil I think so too, thnxs! Thank you for taking a look Teri
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