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  1. frede

    Left behind

    Conveys power and toughness. Excellent perspective.
  2. frede

    More Shadows

    Lovin this man!
  3. frede

    Rainforest hike

    Hi Mitchell. Thanks. Yeah I'm still shooting and having fun.
  4. frede

    Rainforest hike

    All great but waterfall image is killer!
  5. frede

    Our Newest Addition...

  6. frede

    Catalina Test shoot . Beautifulgal .

    Well done. I really like the flare and backlight on image 5.
  7. frede

    Kayti - Natural light

    Nice job. You used a lighter touch with the GB where many tend to over do it leaving no skin "grain" at all.
  8. frede

    you chose..

    #2 than #8.
  9. frede

    Beautiful Lady Patiently Waiting for Her Man

    Lovin' the overall mood and movement in this....very ethereal. Ahh that window light again. I'm envious!
  10. frede

    The Bassist

    Diggin' this! Very nicly done.
  11. frede

    2012 Photo Contest

    There's a mood in image #3 that draws the viewer in - that's what you need to be competitive in contests. To echo Mitch, look around on photo'll see images that make you pause to explore the frame or complete the "story" in your in your own mind. Generally these are the type of...
  12. frede

    Beautiful Lady Longing...

    Thanks. I enjoyed perusing your many great images.
  13. frede

    Beautiful Lady Longing...

    Excellent ethereal/emotional Image. I'm drawn in to complete the "story" which I always love with this type image. I see you are open to critque....the only thing I can say is I'd probably try it as a B&W to see how it looks. Hmm, after looking at it again the tone is growing on me. At any...
  14. frede

    The Awesome Guitarist

    Great shot - love the emotion.
  15. frede

    MMA Street Fighter

    Your lighting is excellent - well done!
  16. frede

    My Wife and I - C&C Please

    Fred is giving you good advice here. By using a flash (or reflector if conditions permit) you are in effect balancing out the light. This makes it possible to get the exposure correct in both your BG and FG elements. I recommend Joe McNally's Hot Shoe Diaries. Joe walks you through all...
  17. frede

    A Couple, Some Fancy Clothes, and a Lake

    All extremely well thought out and executed. Bravo!
  18. frede

    Just a few of the seniors I've done shoots on this year. IMHEAVY!!!

    Excellent! These are really high-end Debbie - better than 99% of the SP's I see.
  19. frede

    Amanda - Beauty

    These are excellent. I can not find anything to criticize, but I do agree with the others regarding the skin. While I love the fact that you did not edit the models skin to look like a ceramic figurine, I do think a slight blur mask applied with a light touch would be appropriate.
  20. frede

    Some Jazz (6F)

    Nice set. #4 is my favorite with it's backlight and emotion - well done!
  21. frede

    Bridge to Nowhere

    Love the bridge design and the way you captured it. A fitting B&W indeed.
  22. frede

    One From Yesterday

    :smile: Thanks for the comments!
  23. frede

    One From Yesterday

    Testing a new technique yesterday. Shot on the Princeton University campus. IR converted D300, Lensbaby w/ plastic optic f4
  24. frede

    New Definition Of Cute...

    These are all great Steve but the first 3 are stellar!
  25. frede

    Concerns About Buying Epson 3880

    Sounds like the 3880 would would work very well for me. Many thanks for the advice! :smile:
  26. frede

    Concerns About Buying Epson 3880

    I'm thinking about purchasing an Epson 3880. I've tired different on-line printers using their profiles, but I'm never happy with the results. In artshows/exhibitions, most everyone's prints look better than mine. When I ask the others who did their printing, 99% of the the time they say...
  27. frede

    Macabre Beauty

    Thanks for the nice comments Ladies and Gents. :smile::smile::smile:
  28. frede


    Wonderful overall mood in this - well done!
  29. frede

    The Assassin

    Lovin' this man!!
  30. frede

    Used Car

    Wow excellent image.....who needs expensive gear!
  31. frede

    Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TX

    Wow yes! Definately an amazing image.
  32. frede

    Macabre Beauty

    From my shoot last week with model Caitlin. D300 IR - 18-200 VR
  33. frede

    Psychiatric Hospitals

    Thanks Scott. I have a few more on my website - the link is in my signature.
  34. frede

    Paris: a few more...

    These are great. I esp like the lines in the first one and how you framed it using the trees.
  35. frede

    Psychiatric Hospitals

    Thanks Tri - comments much appreciated. I debated messing with the slashing sun - the way it runs up hill def makes the image look off kilter. I decided not to, but considering that fact that you are noticing it I prob made the wrong decision. I believe all three places were built in the...
  36. frede

    "Alone at Night" w/Erin

    Ha ha thanks - you never really know what they'll select.
  37. frede

    Psychiatric Hospitals

    A few Psychiatric Hospitals I've visited. Their sadness and emotion never fail to move me. Pennhurst in Spring City Pa. Building #93 at Kings Park on Long Island NY. Marlboro in Freehold NJ.
  38. frede

    War Zone

    Excellent detail and toning...almost has an HDR vibe.
  39. frede

    "Screw OPEC"

    This is excellent. The movement really makes it work wonderfully.
  40. frede

    "Dont Ask Dont Tell!"

    Very cool - lot of neat "stuff" going on in this..
  41. frede

    "Can't stop here"

    Wonder lines and grain in this - well done!
  42. frede

    "Alone at Night" w/Erin

    Thanks again for all the nice comments! :smile: Thanks Mike. I'm submitting this along with 3 others to a juried art show in June - we'll see if it gets in.
  43. frede

    What IR conversion did you use?

    That's correct. I exchanged e-mails with Jimmy about 3 months ago - he said he's just too busy these days. I opted to use LifePixel for my conversion (D300) and I'm very happy with their service. They promptly returned e-mails when I had WB questions. My IR D300 produces some excellent...
  44. frede

    "Alone at Night" w/Erin

    Thanks for the nice comments. I'm always happy to share my techniques. :smile:
  45. frede

    "Judgment" revisited

    Thank you Alan! :smile:
  46. frede

    The Last Gas Station

    Great textures, shape and sky. Lovin' this Charlie
  47. frede

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Nice textures and shape. Hope they reuse the building and not tear it down and build a CVS - they always seem to do that in my area.
  48. frede

    "Alone at Night" w/Erin

    Thanks again to all. I am extremely flattered by your comments. :redface:
  49. frede

    "Judgment" revisited

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words!
  50. frede

    "Judgment" revisited

    Another from a series based on my childhood.
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