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  1. TedB

    Anyone using a smart phone app called WAZE?

    Haven't but I've been looking for one...thanks! It looks very useful. Ted
  2. TedB

    Computer option for a University Student...

    Having been down the same road, I'm happy to share the decisions I made, knowing your/her situation may result in a very different outcome. My daughter also has a MBPro for use in college. In looking at her situation, my recommended approach was to add an iPad and consider both the iPad and...
  3. TedB

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    +1 John-O Seller: John-O Buyer: me (TedB) Item: MacPro Great transaction, quick face to face deliver, item was exactly as described. Thanks John!
  4. TedB

    Looking for a light hat for one thanks!

    I'll go against the swell on this one just to give you another option. I've procured two Tilley's and they just don't work for me personally. I really like the following outdoor research option.
  5. TedB

    Anyone using a Macbook Air

    Ken, I have a MBAir and have successfully loaded software via an external CD drive (Sony and LiteOn) connected via the USB port. Both CD drives are fairly old (5+ years old), but they worked without issue.
  6. TedB

    D3 Focus Screen Options

    I have a number of manual focus lenses and would like a better screen than the one that comes with the D3. I have a KatzEye on my D2X but they don't have a version for the D3. The BrightScreen option "seems" to get mixed reviews. Is there one available that I am missing?? Thanks for any...
  7. TedB

    What's your e-reader, and why?

    I don't believe that the hardware needs to be labeled as an "e-book reader" or anything specific as its just a delivery mechanism for any content that one cares to consume. Having said that, I have a Kindle but plan on replacing it at some point(with an iPad), not because of any "issue", but I'd...
  8. TedB

    Question to Nikkor 200/2 VR owners

    Not sure about small backpack with the 200mm. I typically will go with either a ThinkTank Belt system for carrying the lenses, and they do make one pouch that will accommodate the 200mm. Or, if I need a back pack, I have enjoyed using the Kiboko bag. Its not small, however it is comfortable and...
  9. TedB

    Back from Paris-some comments in general

    Informative, thanks for sharing. I am interested in your reference to the F64 (I haven't heard of that bag before---is it Which bag do you have? Thanks again.
  10. TedB

    travel case for D3 + 14-24 + 24-70

    I guess I'll suggest a different option. I have TT backpacks and their belt system. Can't say enough positive things. However, when I take a body and 2-3 lenses. I'll go with my Domke (I think it's the F2). Easy to work out of, easy to carry.
  11. TedB

    External HD's

    Shaun, I have a couple of 4 bay enclosures that have been flawless for me, and are hot swapable. I think a variety of manufacturers make them, I chose this version: Plus they have a variety of connects, so easy to move from system to...
  12. TedB

    I'm needing more storage space for my stuff (problem solved)

    I've got a few lenses as well. Decided to go with multiple Pelican cases rather than one. For me they are much easier to store, and I only take the lenses I need for a given shooting session, so one huge storage box for me, wouldn't be very useful. Just a thought.
  13. TedB

    Anyone ever bought from Academic Superstore?

    I have as well a few times....all transactions went perfectly.
  14. TedB

    How do I get to my "master" pix?

    Try using spotlight (upper right hand of screen magnifying glass icon), put in a file name of a pic and see what it finds....that will give you a view to the directory that its in. Just a thought.
  15. TedB

    mac-PC compatibility?

    I have had no problems sharing files (xls, ppt, doc). Any specific file types you are concerned with?
  16. TedB

    Anyone using Vonage?

    Have had Vonage for a few years....had a cable line problem which really hampered the voice. After many calls and visits from the cable company, we discovered a line problem and Vonage quality went up dramatically. Absolutely love it. No additional charges are tacked on, a few taxes. I'm really...
  17. TedB

    Who uses 1Password and what do you think about it?

    I also use and its great. Easy to use, and I also synch to my iphone. It's very convenient, has worked for me for the last 4 years.
  18. TedB

    Help me choose

    I have both the 200-400 and the 500 AFSI. The 500 is better at accepting TC's in my view and I will go to a 1.7TC if required, and in shooting birds/animals the 500mm gets the call most often especially if I know where I'll be shooting. On a hike, when I don't know what to expect, I choose the...
  19. TedB

    Not happy with backpack

    Bill, I use both a backpack and a belt system. I agree with your assessment of a backpack, I really like them for transport, but I keep the lenses stored in belt pouches within the backpack, so when I arrive to shoot, I just put them on the belt. I happen to use the ThinkTank system but there...
  20. TedB

    My Lightroom workflow

    Greg, Thanks for taking the time to share this. As an amateur I've put my own flow together ad hoc, but your detailed list will certainly help me. I think I'll start working on #X first later tonight and work may way thru the remaining items.:biggrin:
  21. TedB

    tell me about ZEISS lensens...

    I'm just getting acquainted with them myself. So far I've been very pleased. Here is one with the ZF100.
  22. TedB

    2 full days of John Shaw

    I've had the pleasure of attending one of his field classes over a 3 day can't miss picking up some great tips. Enjoy.
  23. TedB

    Nikon 10.5 or normal UWA for trip to Chicago?

    One other thought is if you could find a used 17-35, this may not only fit your pricing but also keep you prepared for FX. Granted its not as wide as the 10-20 you are considering but if you can buy it for the right price it may work for you.
  24. TedB

    Where do you store your equipment?

    Pelican cases really work well for me for storage.
  25. TedB

    A Long.. Long.... Long..... Long email from a friend...

    An adventurous spirit....great read and thanks for sharing it!
  26. TedB

    Dropping off gear at Nikon El Segundo

    Do it all the time (3x in the last 90 days----don't ask:cool:), recently had a repair done on a lens.
  27. TedB

    Black and White Conversion pointers needed

    Ben and Geoff, thanks for the suggestions, I'll do some playing. Geoff, your conversions look quite good, hopefully I'll be able to approximate them.
  28. TedB

    Black and White Conversion pointers needed

    Thanks Bill. I've previously tried that and I end up with a fairly flat, uninteresting image. I'm looking for how to take the conversion up a few notches, just not sure how.
  29. TedB

    Black and White Conversion pointers needed

    I'm looking to do some photo conversions to black and white. I've never done this before. I've done some research but am struggling with where and how to start. I'd like to tap your knowledge on how best to go about this from the standpoint of "what" software might be best suited to this, as...
  30. TedB

    Finally Found My Way Back Home

    Welcome back Tony, you are certainly back with both feet with respect to lenses and body. As they say, equipment comes and goes, the experiences last a lifetime (hopefully so do the images).
  31. TedB

    Want to join but a couple questions???

    Robb, Not sure about the card either. It may be best to call Sprint and see about their supported Apple. That way you can validate your specific card will infact work. For those cards that have compatibility issues from a hardware standpoint (ie won't fit into the Mac), I...
  32. TedB

    70-200VR (with TC?!?!)

    I was personally not happy with the 1.7 on the 70-200, but the 1.4 is workable. I did some shots early on but I don't have the comparison photos any longer, I'm sure you'll get other opinions.
  33. TedB

    Don't Mess With Texas (or their BBQ).

    That's great. My daughter is entering SMU in if you want to share any BBQ spots that are good.......I'll be taking notes! Thanks
  34. TedB

    I Finally Received My Orders

    Welcome to So. Cal.Good luck with the move and I believe you'll have a nice new selection of scenary to choose from, not better, just different.
  35. TedB

    Donations Needed, T-Shirts are here, Hats!

    Leigh, Thanks again, the shirts arrived and look great.
  36. TedB

    A rural landscape with 300 2.8...

    Like #1 the best. Very nice image.
  37. TedB

    Help autoGPS

    I have 3 of the Garmin Nuvi's........ different models(in the 600 and 700 series if I'm not mistaken). I'm extremely happy with them ......the oldest is probably 3 years perfectly. I've not used the TomTom so can't give you a comparison. Not a bad word to say about them in my usage.
  38. TedB

    The 500vr is pure magic

    Randy, those are indeed stunning. Were they taken hand held?
  39. TedB

    pre set focus and hyperfocal focusing

    This was a subject I also struggled with and will share "my" understanding. I am more than willing to be corrected as I'm here to learn. First, it is my assumption that the reason to use the hyperfocal distance is to maximize the objects, at varying distances, that will be in focus. So...
  40. TedB

    Zeiss Lens Question?

    I'd vote for the 100 as you already have the 50/1.4, and would think the 100 would give you a look that the 70-200 cannot. I have been shooting the 35 and 50f2, just acquired the 100f2 myself this week, but haven't had an opportunity to use the 100...planning on an outing this upcoming weekend.
  41. TedB

    I am looking for a good pocket camera

    Thom Hogan has also commented on this topic on his site. I'm very interested in the same thing, the product candidates mentioned above are in the center of my research. I too am waiting for more information on the E-P1, it seems to have some very promising attributes.
  42. TedB

    My bag problem

    I'm not sure I'm a collector but I have a "selection", and have sold a number. Currently have: 3 ThinkTank backpacks Many modular components for their Belt system A ThinkTank side bag Tamrac backpack Lowepro pack Pelican boxes of multiple sizes. Domke F! Nikon bag ....I'll admit to...
  43. TedB

    How many of you use the Think Tank Belt system?

    I use it and really like the system for all the reasons mentioned above, and use it both with the belt only on occasion, as well as with the should harness.Its comfortable, convenient, and customizable to my requirements of the day.
  44. TedB

    My thoughts, discussions, HDR etc. PS use, wildlife, etc.

    Thanks for a really nice review of this topic. I haven't yet ventured into HDR, but would like to for those situations where the dynamic range to just too great to capture, and each end of the spectrum has something to offer. For entering into this area of manipulation, do you have a position on...
  45. TedB

    3 rural photos with 300 2.8 VR...

    Glenn, the lens didn't let you down, but your composition is superb. I would guess you couldn't have taken those with a point'n shoot and they would be just as strong. No offense to the lens, but those shots in my opinion are more about your eye... Superb.
  46. TedB

    Getting the iPhone 3GS?

    I'm in the same I'm happy with my current 3G.....
  47. TedB

    Need Opinion please...

    I recently did my daughters' graduation but I didn't have the luxury of the D700, and was working with the D2HS. The two lenses I did use for 90% of the shots were the 17-35 f2.8, and the 70-200f2.8. You'll have much better luck at these fstops than I did as I shot at 1600 and will need to run...
  48. TedB

    Kirk Photo vs Really Right Stuff

    I happen to use RRS, but in my opinion, both RRS and Kirk have just great products. Either will exceed your expectations, and I'm sure you'll be happy with either.
  49. TedB

    Do you keep "Backup" lenses?

    I don't keep backup lenses. If an environment is deemed potentially too harsh for the lens, I'm not sure I'd want the camera body there either. I buy/have lenses to use and they go everywhere with me, they are protected along the way (ie traveling thru the woods/on hikes etc), but in my view if...
  50. TedB Opinions!

    Also have had multiple positive transactions with them, no negatives.
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