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  1. Johnnymg

    [EXPIRED] Sold: D300 + mbd10

    Will also split up the package and sell just the D300 for $480.
  2. Johnnymg

    I decided I want a Tele for my E-PM2

    Even though I ordered the 100-300 Pani (for birding) I'm somewhat seduced by the 'internal zoom' design of the 45-175. The reviews I've read indicate it's a good-very_good lens from a build/IQ perspective.
  3. Johnnymg

    I can't find mu43 bliss, considering another mirrorless system.

    Thanks for that feedback. Much appreciated.
  4. Johnnymg

    [EXPIRED] Sold: D300 + mbd10

    TTT ............ make me an offer :redface:
  5. Johnnymg

    I can't find mu43 bliss, considering another mirrorless system.

    By any chance, have you tried the Pani 45-175? That's an internal focus/zoom lens and one that seems to get decent reviews. I'm waiting to test the G5/100-300 combo before committing to more native lenses. Have you tried any Nikon lenses with an adapter? cheers JohnG
  6. Johnnymg

    I can't find mu43 bliss, considering another mirrorless system.

    You're a troubled man ............ :wink: The few Sony products I've had left me with a bad taste. JMO! Just ordered a G5 and 100-300 for a trail cam setup. Hoping I don't end up with the micro 4/3 blues like you. :tongue: cheers JohnG
  7. Johnnymg

    [EXPIRED] Fs: D2h with price drop

    bumpidy bump :eek: (OBO) on this fine cam.
  8. Johnnymg

    [EXPIRED] Sold: D300 + mbd10

    Greets everyone Going through the closet and I decided to thin the herd a bit: First up is my D300 + MBD10. Shot count is 34719. Cam and grip are in near mint condition. No scratches to be seen and the rubber is in great shape. Absolutely no issues with this camera. Comes with the boxes...
  9. Johnnymg

    Pany Gh3....

    Not a chance that Nikon will match Pani when it comes to video! Pani has the codec knowledge and Nik doesn't. Also, Pani has a decent 100-300 4/3 lens that gets good reviews. After using a Pani camcorder (TM700) for a couple years I'm seriously considering a GH3 and lenses as my next...
  10. Johnnymg

    Reasons for moving...?

    FWIW, I'm considering the NEX-6 and the Pani G5 and GH3 mostly for the smaller size advantage for trail and kayaking. cheers JohnG
  11. Johnnymg

    [EXPIRED] Fs: D2h with price drop

    bump to the top
  12. Johnnymg

    Took the plunge and bought a New Mac Pro 6-core

    Congrats Rich That's the same MP that I've been using since it was released. Works like a champ! I agree with you that the replacement (same price point) won't be substantially faster. cheers JohnG
  13. Johnnymg

    MacBook Pro Opinions ? ?

    That sounds like a good deal. If it's legit and verified in excellent condition. That's the real issue. Note: I would ONLY touch this if it had Applecare. I'll 'second' going with an Apple refurb. You'll pay more but you'll get one with a warranty. cheers JohnG
  14. Johnnymg

    When will a movie about Steve Jobs come out?
  15. Johnnymg

    4S battery life

    I leave mine on the charger (tethered to my MBP) for most of the day. Not sure (and don't really care) if that will lower the bat life. Every in life is disposable. :eek: cheers JohnG
  16. Johnnymg

    Brought a New iMac Home Today!

    Congratulations on the new iMac! Keep us informed on how you get along with it. cheers JohnG
  17. Johnnymg

    Nikon Mirrorless, comments - J1 Review and comparison images

    Agreed, I think the small sensor and cheesy video specs will doom this family of cameras. cheers JohnG
  18. Johnnymg

    iPhone 5?

    IOS 5 is a major update but it is not totally new and different from IOS 4.
  19. Johnnymg

    iPhone 5?

    Agreed, it always gives me a chuckle to see the same repeat offenders post their retorts in these threads. It's as if they are compelled to bash anything they don't use. cheers JohnG
  20. Johnnymg

    Anyone else having problems with Safari?

    Well then, how about re-installing SL? It's actually a very fast redo. You can also do a search on re-installing Safari. edit: found this for installing Safari: Insert the install disc. Open the Optional Installs folder, then open Optional Installs.mpkg An Installer will start... click...
  21. Johnnymg

    Anyone else having problems with Safari?

    Runs fine on my Lionized MP and MBP and my SL MBP. Maybe try another browser to see if you have the same issue. Beyond that, perhaps try resetting the PRAM and repairing the Disk Permissions. best JohnG
  22. Johnnymg

    Bought a Mac Book Air

    Thanks for your feedback........... pretty much what I would have figured given my addiction to my 13" MBP. I can only image the 13" AIR to so much better given its size/weight advantage. cheers johnG
  23. Johnnymg

    Which is the better value - a used D40 or a D50?

    I'd recommend the D50. It's a GREAT little camera. cheers JohnG
  24. Johnnymg

    Any iPad owners pick up an HP Touchpad in the firesale?

    One analyst mused that this was all about appeasing HP's supply chain partners. I wouldn't be too pleased if I was an HPQ holder right now. A classic case of derailed leadership. cheers JohnG
  25. Johnnymg

    New printer

    WAIT ON THAT PURCHASE!!!! New printers coming from Apple soon!,21207/ JohnG
  26. Johnnymg

    Bought a Mac Book Air

    Big congrats................. I assume you meant the 11" display. Let us know how it works out for you. Specifically, if the "small" screen is OK for editing. cheers JohnG
  27. Johnnymg

    Ipad as main system

    I have a couple MBP's and a new ipad2. Used the ipad2 on a vacation and it worked "OK" but given the choice between it and a MBP, the iPad2 would never get turned ON. :eek: I would recommend a 13" AIR for your wife. cheers JohnG
  28. Johnnymg

    iMac Config - What do you think?

    Huge congrats on the purchase! I'm sure this computer will rock! JohnG
  29. Johnnymg

    Lion must have screwed up my MBP

    That's a pretty funny title. Had me going for a moment. :tongue: FWIW, I did find that my 2+ YO Verizon USB modem doesn't play nice with Lion. That's OK, as I'm ditching it for a Verizon ipad2. cheers JohnG
  30. Johnnymg


    Update and potential issue with the sound controls Have loaded Lion on my 13" and 15" MBP's. I have had one 'issue' with Lion on the 2010 13" (not the 15"). The sound controls were not working initially. This issue has been noted on various user groups so what I saw wasn't a fluke. I tried...
  31. Johnnymg

    Let the chaos begin

    No problems on my 15" MBP. Installed lickety-split. Nothing major as far as "OMG why did they do that?" I did set the the scroll direction back to the heritage SL direction. I'm glad Apple gave 'us' the direction option instead of ramming their way down our throarts. :tongue: JohnG
  32. Johnnymg

    Let the chaos begin

    I'm going to install Lion on one of my MBP's in a couple days. Will do it via a VERY early morning download. Since I'm a relatively new Mac user I have no PPC SW worth 'saving'. :smile: cheers JohnG
  33. Johnnymg

    And I did it yet again...

    Congrats on the new purchase! WiFi only or 3G version? Are you going to get one of those mylar like rear stick-on shields? My wife also bought an ipad2 on Monday. She said purchasing the ipad took less than 5 minutes from entering the store to leaving. Amazing retail experience. cheers...
  34. Johnnymg

    Macbook Air - your thoughts?

    The AIR is hostage to the Lion release so don't hold your breath. Unless a big problem emerges with Lion both will be released before the end of the month. FWIW, the recent history is for OSX to debut on a Friday. cheers JohnG
  35. Johnnymg

    Coming in from the other side

    Unless you need to live-transfer you scientific data (files) to the Mac side I would HIGHLY recommend going with Bootcamp and running your Win programs in a 'native' OS environment. I've done the virtualization route and have come around to really liking the simplicity and reliability of running...
  36. Johnnymg

    New iMac with i5 or i7??

    Based on the PS benchmark in the Barfeats large file test: 20 sec (i7) ----> 26 seconds (i5). That would be roughly a 30% time advantage for BIG files. How long does it take to process your largest images on your current computer? cheers JohnG
  37. Johnnymg

    New iMac with i5 or i7??

    This would be a good article to start with: good luck with whatever you order JohnG
  38. Johnnymg

    FCP X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Released

    Will do ~~~~ Will also give the Ripple training a go. Busy with "work" for a few days so I won't have much feedback until the end of the week. :frown: Found a free training course that looks worth checking out: cheers JohnG
  39. Johnnymg

    FCP X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Released

    Heads up: There's a new FCPX group on Vimeo now. Lot's of sample videos with tips on editing: FWIW, after watching some additional interviews and sample clips my hold-out resolve has been broken. I originally wanted to delay my purchase until Lion and X...
  40. Johnnymg

    iMac Vs. 15" MBP + 27" cinema display

    Here's another option to consider: Buy both........... High end imac and a relatively inexpensive MBP: 27" i7 (3.4GHz) quad core + 256 GB SSD: $2700 13" i5 MBP: $1200 JMO, but this would give you best of both worlds. Monster speed/screen on your desk + very good portability. The 13" MBP is...
  41. Johnnymg

    Macbook Air - your thoughts?

    Likely release date: Thur 14th Today, Friday July 1: Apple seeded Lion Gold Master to Developers. I'm betting we'll see a minor touch-up by the public release date. Thursday 14th is the rumored day for the "release" of both the AIR and Lion. :biggrin...
  42. Johnnymg

    FCP X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Released

    While the working peasants over on The Cow haven't exactly put away their pitchforks there has been a bit of backpedaling by the rabble. I also got a gentle beatdown when I voiced my astonishment (with my finance homies) about how X was released and FCS 3 discontinued. I was reminded that...
  43. Johnnymg

    Macbook Air - your thoughts?

    I'm NOT particularly pleased that Apple is apparently holding up delivery of the AIR for Lion. I think it's a pretty risky move and one I'm watching VERY carefully. Will have my finger hovering over the 'sell button' during the first few days of the release. :tongue: cheers JohnG
  44. Johnnymg

    FCP X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Released

    Thanks for posting your thoughts/impressions and practice edit on FCPX. As far as the program stability goes there was a recent thread on the Cow that covered this issue. The general consensus is that X is a bit unstable when other applications are running in the background. Probably not too...
  45. Johnnymg

    FCP X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Released

    OK, we're a patient lot but do expect some nuggets of X-wisdom from the brave amongst us. :wink: Me, I'm a chicken when it comes to rev 1.0 (Lion included) anything. :redface: cheers JohnG
  46. Johnnymg

    Macbook Air - your thoughts?

    Mac AIR refresh should be hitting one of the next 3 Tuesdays. I have a couple MBP's and my wife uses a current gen AIR. I plan on replacing my 13" MBP with an AIR at some point. It's a terrifically capable computer and will only get better on the next revision. SB processors and Tbird IO will...
  47. Johnnymg

    Hi-res or normal MBP?

    Photos/images would be better with the high res. However, if you have 'older eyes', text would likely be better with the standard rez screen. JohnG
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