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  1. RonS

    A few from Tipsoo Lake

    Thanks Allan Thanks Nick. not quite solved but usable thanks to the admin's. I see the image while inserting in a post, get a broken image icon when preview, but the image shows up when posted. Just doesn't load back to the preview to me. The missing Z7 EXIF is caused, I believe, by the ON1...
  2. RonS

    A few from Tipsoo Lake

    A couple of pictures from Tipsoo Lake, near Mt. Rainier a week ago. And a bug. Place was crowded, even for a weekday. You should have seen the reactions as they passed me on the trails as I crouched down waiting for a proper pose from the bugs. Shot with a Z7 which doesent seem to show up on the...
  3. RonS

    Cannot load images

    OK, they both showed up in the actual post, just the Preview fails. Thanks, I will proceed with posting. Ron
  4. RonS

    Cannot load images

    Thanks. Here is a test post with a small picture. (downloaded from the ISS a few days ago, it was handy). First picture was just dragged into the window, second same picture I clicked the "Click Here to Insert Image into Post" button. No EXIF data on these. They both show up on my screen as...
  5. RonS

    Cannot load images

    Nope, just tried from a PC, still did not work. Bummer.
  6. RonS

    Cannot load images

    Just had a bad thought, both Macs are updated to MacOS Mojave 10.14.5. Recent update.
  7. RonS

    Cannot load images

    Just tried that also, same result. Post under edit shows images, preview only shows text and the broken image icon. Selecting Upload Images brings up a file selector, I select the file, and it appears in the post under edit, but not when Previewed. Just tried from my old Mac, that has posted...
  8. RonS

    Cannot load images

    Upgraded my computer last week and now I cannot upload images. I can drag the image into the message, is shows, but doing a preview all I get is the broken image icon. Text shows up fine, the EXIF info is there under the broken image icon. Same happens if I select "Upload ..." and highlight on...
  9. RonS

    Mt. Rainier @ Sunrise 31July19

    Excellent. love Sunrise (and Paradise and ...).
  10. RonS

    Mt. Rainier under the Stars

    Excellent shot. The only lookout we have been to is the Mt. Fremont tower.
  11. RonS

    Moon, 200-500vr + tc at 100%

    Thanks Phil. I was looking for rover tracks but I guess the wind blew them away... ;-)
  12. RonS

    Great Falls MT & Glacier National Park

    Great series Ken. Like Nick said, Beargrass. Starting to come out for the season at Mt. Rainier.
  13. RonS

    Old Spider Web

    Very cool Jim.
  14. RonS

    Moon, 200-500vr + tc at 100%

    Thanks Bill. Thanks Nick.
  15. RonS

    All eyes are on you....Ospreys

    Excellent Louie. I like the little one peeking over the edge.
  16. RonS

    Moon, 200-500vr + tc at 100%

    Did not think this combination would work well, if at all. Z7, 100% crop, image size medium, 200-500VR, tc-17EE II, 1/200, f9.5, ISO 360, ev-0.67. And auto focus which surprised me. This is pretty much out of the camera with cropping. The software (ON1) said it did no processing, not sure if I...
  17. RonS

    No one cares about 99% of the photos you take. Not even you.

    I take photos for multiple reasons. The hunt, the exercise, the challenge to get good exposure & composition, and mostly I zone out and pretty much clear my mind of the clutter of the day.
  18. RonS

    Sandhill Cranes

    Nice Louie.
  19. RonS

    Green heron by pond

    great set Allan.
  20. RonS

    Fuchsia, different view.

    Thanks Jim. All the folds caught my eye.
  21. RonS


    Very nice Louie. Great when they pose for you. Around me they go for the hummingbird feeders.
  22. RonS

    Critique Contrasts

    Excellent Mike. Good BW conversion.
  23. RonS

    Brown Peli chillin

    Well done Darrell.
  24. RonS

    Fuchsia, different view.

    A flower from my fuchsia. It fell off, as they do, so might as well take it's picture. A focus stack from my Z7. 1. 2.
  25. RonS

    unusual visitor at Reifel Bird Sanctuary

    Excellent set. We have Anna's year round (A bit south of you, Auburn, WA), I expect to see the rufous show up soon. I did get a white egret in the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge a few years ago. I keep looking for another sighting, no luck so far.
  26. RonS

    Yellow-headed Blackbirds

    Nice series Louie. I grew up in eastern Wa, never run into one.
  27. RonS

    Snoqualmie Falls

  28. RonS

    Snoqualmie Falls

    thanks Ken and Nick. Wind was blowing the mist around so some timing, and many shots, were involved.
  29. RonS

    Another one from the taking a batch series

    Great shot Alex. Excellent timing.
  30. RonS

    Snoqualmie Falls

    Thanks Bobby. Mist is an issue. Keeping the lens dry is a challenge some days. Thanks Walter. There was almost no color anyway with the overcast. Thanks Bart. Thanks Dossy. Few days with little mist, usually late summer with low water flow. Thanks. Thanks Louie. Sometimes better pictures on...
  31. RonS

    Tees Regatta

    Great series Al. The perspective on #14 is excellent. Don't always see this.
  32. RonS

    Sunset in the Palouse Hills

    Great shots Ken. We were there last year but the wildfire smoke was really bad.
  33. RonS

    Snoqualmie Falls

    Snoqualmie Falls from today. Was a sunny day, right after we left. Up until then a marine layer covered the area giving me a reason to convert this to B&W.
  34. RonS

    Red-Winged Blackbirds

    Excellent Louie. A black bird with a dark background.
  35. RonS

    How about a kiss

    Pass. Too many uncomfortable possibilities. I've seen the videos...
  36. RonS

    Temporary ADOBE price reduction

    I have been using PS6, non-cloud, with Bridge CC, for many years. Worked fine. Then I updated to a Z7. Oops, PS6 doesn't support raw Z7 files. Cannot blame Adobe but am now using several other S/W packages instead of starting a subscription. Nobody's fault, just life in the software world.
  37. RonS

    Another feather in the morning dew

    Thanks Binnur Thanks Tom Thanks Terri
  38. RonS

    Nikon Z Focus Stacking

    I have done a bit of focus shooting lately with my Z7. The "Silent photography" setting works fine. Quiet enough that shooting outside I look at the lens focus window to make sure it is moving.
  39. RonS

    Another feather in the morning dew

    Thanks Rolf. Thanks Nick. Thanks Dan. Thanks Alexis and Georgie. I appreciate the comments.
  40. RonS

    Another feather in the morning dew

    Another dewy feather. Focus stack from 28 images, put together with Helicon focus. Z7.
  41. RonS


    Good set Louie. Love #3.
  42. RonS

    Glossy Ibis

    Nice set Louie. I have not seen these before.
  43. RonS

    A flower from my yard

    Thanks Louie. Thanks Karen. Thanks Rick. You are right, loaded one of the original files (after reducing the size) and the model did show up. A Helicon issue. Thanks Randy. Thanks terri. I have a few more in my yard to take, but they probably all look similar.
  44. RonS

    A flower from my yard

    And I understand they are edible, not that I would eat one in this condition. Technical stuff: focus stack, 24 images put together with Helicon Focus. Taken with a Z7 since for some reason the camera model is not mentioned with the ISO information below.
  45. RonS

    Great White Egrets

    Excellent Louie. I like the dark background in these.
  46. RonS

    Feather In The Morning Dew

    Finally getting around to posting one from earlier this year. A feather in dewy grass at a local park. 18 shot stack, with a Z7 using the focus peak option. Put together with HeliconFocus.
  47. RonS


    Good set Louie. #1 then #2 for me. Shows the details in the wings.
  48. RonS

    GBH, when your food fights back.

    Thanks Bobby, dossy
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