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  1. Glacier

    I don't want to work

    Since you titled your thread as you did I was expecting to see Prairie Prince there for a minute. :wink: Nice work!
  2. Glacier

    800mm 5.6 Sig vs 400mm 2.8 Nik + 2.0 TC

    Hey Frank, Long time no see. Here's my take on Sigma lenses for what little its worth: I have personally found them to be optically very good and every single one I have used has exhibited a definite warm/yellowish bias. I can see that in your examples, it's not a big deal really but it has...
  3. Glacier

    Some people shots of the weekend (large)

    Frits, I am so sorry that I missed you Sunday morning at the dam. I am embarrassed to death. :redface: I had forgotten about the gathering and when I arrived you guys were scattered all over the place but I thought I had met everyone. Next year!
  4. Glacier

    Garden Photos while at the Picnic

    Hey Muril, Haven't seen you around in awhile. I have to tell you that #2 is mind blowingly good! I absolutely love it!
  5. Glacier

    Another Woodpecker

    That is as good as it gets Gary. Well done my friend!
  6. Glacier

    A few BYB's....

    Geez now I know why my yard has so few birds in it. They are all getting too fat at your place to fly any further south. :tongue:
  7. Glacier


    Your exposures look right on the money. How are you liking shooting with manual settings? :wink: When the solid white birds show up it's sunny 16 and 2/3rds for a Canon camera typically. Want to take these images up a notch? Since you have blue sky for a background (no texture) try...
  8. Glacier

    Hi-Key experiment

    No opinions yet? I'll chime in here Gary as someone who has experimented plenty of times on cloudy days myself. Personally I think if the white sky is included with a colorful subject it is an image killer. (Obviously there are exceptions to this.) Typically a hi-key image means that...
  9. Glacier

    Pretty Shot

    Gary, No blue cast all in this version. Looks great from here. Actually went over there this afternoon but no landing, just a couple of flight images.
  10. Glacier

    Iggles of St Pete....

    Well Frank, I hate you big time!!! :biggrin: I'm stuck at work and here you are getting these absolute killer images. A big congratulations man. Maybe next year. sigh
  11. Glacier


    Where on the lake did you find such cooperative Loons? Very nice image by the way!
  12. Glacier

    David and Goliath

    Frank, This image has made you famous! I heard about it today and I wasn't anywhere near a computer until just now. Outstanding!
  13. Glacier

    E-Bay advice needed

    Terri, I just completed a motorcycle sale within the last hour! I sold a Harley Davidson Heritage Classic that took 6 months to move. I tried the classified ads in two state newspapers and wound up listing it on a Harley site on the internet. Very few calls but the ones I did get were serious...
  14. Glacier

    Weekend assortment

    Glad you liked them. My pleasure and thank you for commenting. Same here. The sun is just now peeking out.
  15. Glacier

    Just some sparrows

    Very cute and I love the last one especially. That bird knows where to look for a meal!
  16. Glacier

    Weekend assortment

    Thank you very much Gale! Thank you!
  17. Glacier

    Kingfisher in Love

    Very nice set Gary!
  18. Glacier

    Kingfisher on a Stick

    Got some nice poses Gary! I especially like the last one. Just curious, are these big crops or were you pretty close for these?
  19. Glacier

    Need ID confirmation on Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron

    It is indeed and a fine shot too!
  20. Glacier

    It's just Too Hot & Too Humid even for "Little One"

    This is absolutely priceleless! What a great capture!
  21. Glacier

    First try at birds

    It takes a little more work and patience but you can do very well with that lens. The images look nice and sharp!
  22. Glacier

    Weekend assortment

    Thanks Gary. I don't know if I'll make it this weekend but I'm gonna try to. Thanks. We have been very fortunate this year for sure. Thank you. That's a young Yellow-crowned Night Heron surrendering. Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks! Thanks Phil. Thanks Gordon, that's exactly...
  23. Glacier

    5 Month old Bald Eagle

    Good to see the baby is still in the area. Nice photos too!
  24. Glacier

    Some birds I got yesterday

    Nice set! I love the baby and the spotlit egret.
  25. Glacier

    First few with 300 f/4

    Happy birthday first of all! I think you will be hard to handle now that you have a super prime lens like that one.
  26. Glacier

    Early morning birds

    Cute and ugly at the same time. :biggrin: Your photos are very good though.
  27. Glacier

    A sampler of gulls in flight

    Good job! The eyes are nice and sharp on these.
  28. Glacier

    BCN HERON and Egret

    Nicely done Troy! The egret is really beautiful.
  29. Glacier

    Weekend assortment

    This Osprey did a quick flyover and I was able get four frames of him. My first Osprey from Alabama. I noticed a light colored bird in the middle of a bunch of Vultures and waited for him to separate from them before clicking the shutter. I love the layering of a YCNH's feathers...
  30. Glacier

    True eagle HORROR (again I say warning)

    It completely boggles my mind that someone would do that. :confused:
  31. Glacier

    Just a few ducks (and my new cam)

    I agree with Gary. Looks like you have a new camera that you are going to enjoy!
  32. Glacier

    First Humming Bird

    Looks to be a Ruby-throated Hummingbird and your image appears to be pretty sharp too!
  33. Glacier

    Osprey dropping off some lunch!

    The bird on the nest hardly flinched. Interesting tidbit about following the fish around and some nice images to boot.
  34. Glacier

    Black Bellied Whistlers

    I've always thought these ducks were unusual looking but really beautiful. Those are some top notch images.
  35. Glacier

    Focus Check

    More importantly that lens has great resolving power. I had a Sigma 50-500 that was completely useless at the long end.
  36. Glacier

    Some favorite RHWP's from this year

    Thanks Frank. I might be there if as you say the weather cooperates. Thanks Gary. I certainly hope there are more out there. Thank you Jimmy!
  37. Glacier

    some goals achieved

    All of these are nice and I have to agree with Lou on the Loons. Very nice captures!
  38. Glacier

    The Ugly Series

    Your images are nice and sharp with good colors even if these aren't the most beautiful birds in the world. :wink: Actually the bird in the second photo is kind of pretty.
  39. Glacier

    Yellow-billed Cuckoo

    An elusive species and you at least have an image of it! Looks pretty good for a grab shot.
  40. Glacier

    Birds at Slimbridge

    An interesting look in the first image. I really like that one!
  41. Glacier

    The Eagles Have Fledged

    I don't think you needed your flash, these look great from here! Wow what a treat for you and your wife.
  42. Glacier

    RWBB, Chickadee, Finch, Titmouse,

    I'm always amazed at what an active yard you have. You must spend a small fortune on seeds. :eek:
  43. Glacier

    Evening solitude

    One of my favorite things to see. A lone bird out in the water at the end of the day just staring. Cool images!
  44. Glacier

    Great Blue and the bandit (Non Bird)

    Really nice captures Gary! That Kingfisher must be getting to know who you are.:wink:
  45. Glacier

    Great Egret - a different look

    I love the mood of the first image. Very nice!
  46. Glacier


    Pretty much my sentiments too. I love these birds!
  47. Glacier

    White morph-Reddish

    What does Frank know? :tongue: #2 is the best one! I'm kidding of course, they are all good.
  48. Glacier

    Some favorite RHWP's from this year

    I finally got around to processing some more RHWP's from this year's sessions. As I've mentioned before they put on a heckuva show for us after years of frustration at this location. My personal favorite of the year. I had to do a small amount of PS work above the eye. Coming in for a...
  49. Glacier

    Big Step

    Good pose and pretty light. Couldn't ask for more than that!
  50. Glacier

    Striking a pose (Osprey)

    This one is excellent!
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