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  1. Nikhe

    Just another ( Swedish ) wedding...

    Thanks a lot everyone for your comments! I see what you mean about the cropping and all of the other things you point out , I will try to remember them at my next wedding shoot! And about the little sister in no:6, I see that she is just a distraction in this picture but there is a series of...
  2. Nikhe

    Just another ( Swedish ) wedding...

    Thanks! I appreciate to any comments/complaints on these photos ( :smile: ) as I hope to learn more for every comment I receive! I´ve got more weddings comming later this summer and I want to do better each time! / Nikhe
  3. Nikhe

    Just another ( Swedish ) wedding...

    It´s been a while since I posted photos here but I would really appreciate if You would take a moment and tell me what I could do better next time! I have got the shots of the rings, cake and all of the "must have" moments bu they are not all that interesting ( well, not in this case any way )...
  4. Nikhe

    I wish I remembered her name

    Very nice portraits! The 1st one is very good ( even if I would like a little less saturation. ) The 2nd seems to be a little bit over sharpend? But it´s still a very nice portrait, and I would like it even more if you cut a bit of the right hand of the photo to put the model a little bit more...
  5. Nikhe

    Mason is 2...

    Thats´s a very nice portrait with great colors and contrast. If you cut just a little bit of the left of the photo and ad just a (very) little bit of sharpening to the eyes I think it will be just perfect! / Nikhe.
  6. Nikhe

    Delana + Joey :: 4th of July Wedding (33 images)

    You have done good. Very very good! You have really captured the feeling?) of the different moments of the day/evening, and all of the photos shows that all who were there really enjoyed the moment and they will probably love the way you captured it. /Nikhe
  7. Nikhe

    85mm 1.4 or 1.8 Sports photos

    I used the 1,8 trying to shoot gymnastics but it proved to be close to useless using AF as the gymnasts moved way to fast for the AF to keep up ( with the D3 ). Using manual focusing it gave very nice and very "sell-able" photos and I don´t think the 1,4 would have given me many more acceptable...
  8. Nikhe

    Showcase Sigma 50mm f/1.4

    I´ve got nothing more to say other then that I love this lens at least as much as I love the 30/1,4 on the D300, and Sandro´s photos shows just why!
  9. Nikhe

    Gymnastics, oh and I need help!

    Thanks Randy. Your comment om the eyes are spot on. The first thing I have to do is to get a decent 70-200 to replace my very heavy 120-300 to be able to keep up with the very fast moving little girls! I got a sore shoulder from trying to kkep up with them all day. I hope to learn more...
  10. Nikhe

    Gymnastics, oh and I need help!

    I normally shoot motorsports, weddings and other "easy" targets. Gymnstics in relativly poor lighting is to say at least.... tricky! I would greatly appreciate any tips and comments on how you would shoot an event like this when you are shooting at f2,8, 1/400-1/500 and ISO 3200-6400 I got...
  11. Nikhe

    Thinking of buying Sigma?

    Well, I know just about nothing but.... I have ( had ) 8 Sigma lenses and 5 Nikkor lenses, Nikkor: My/all Nikkor 80-200 refused to focus close to reality on short distances The 70-200....don´t get me started.... My 50/1,4 focuses nowhere near where it should and it can´t be adjusted. I...
  12. Nikhe

    Need some critique

    Well Paul, Your work does not need any comments really, it speaks for itself! If you work on the west coast of Sweden I hope to learn from you, if not, I´m glad to not have the competition in my area!:smile: I looked at your webpage and everything looks very good, but the music..... that´s...
  13. Nikhe

    A shot from Digifest

    Just my firts impressions: It´s a nice photo but it feel ab bit to arranged. She does´nt seem that comfortable with the pose and look a bit surprised. You need to apply a bit more contrast to the picture as well to make her stand out more from the background.
  14. Nikhe

    The last of the "How's about a Beer" models

    It´s technically very good and everything is spot on. But it is a bit boring and feels like just another model shoot which have been seen in millions by now. It´s a bit like all of those shots from the beach with the model having sand all over her body, there´s 300 0000000 of those for every...
  15. Nikhe

    James Bond-esque

    I really like it! Perhaps a bit to much contrast on the face though?
  16. Nikhe

    My first senior pics.....sort of

    I hope this is what you do for a living. If it´s not, you really need to change your occupation! You clearly know what you are doing and only need to keep on doing it for some years to come!
  17. Nikhe

    Anyone use both 70-200VR and 120-300 EX?

    I think you´got it, you can´t win! There is allways going to be a trade off in one end or the other! A 200-400 would be great in most cases but 200mm minimum and the rediculous pricetag.... no thanks. A 300mm should give you a slight atvantage in the IQ department but that would probably...
  18. Nikhe

    Anyone use both 70-200VR and 120-300 EX?

    Just my opinion: It performs very good on the D300 and is great on the D3. The 120-200 is very close to a Nikkor 80-200 in terms of IQ. The AF is slightly faster than the 100-300. The IQ is very good coupled to the Sigma 1,4X and good with the 2X but be aware about the shift in focus above...
  19. Nikhe

    Oshkosh disaster.....

    Really nice set, #7 is a very cool shot!
  20. Nikhe

    Trumpet Player

    I really like the colors and lighting in the first photo, very nice.
  21. Nikhe

    Portrait Shoot from Friday

    That´s a very nice portrait and the lighting is really good. I like it a lot.
  22. Nikhe

    ( Unplanned ) 2nd wedding - A stressful experience!

    Thanks a lot everyone, I´m glad you liked them. Yes, the fact that they had not hired a photographer for the whole ceremony adds a bit to the mystery, my friend and another guy shot the wedding, we shot these photos as mentioned and some guy shot the party. Lack of money is not the answer...
  23. Nikhe

    ( Unplanned ) 2nd wedding - A stressful experience!

    A friend called me 12.30 on Saturday, he was on his way to a wedding as a guest. The thing was that the wedding couple had asked him to take a few wedding photos after the act, and as the very nice guy that he is he could´nt say no! He normally shoots motorsports ( just like me ) and were...
  24. Nikhe

    A beauty in yellow with long lashes

    Really beautiful photos of this little girl! And I agree, she really looks like a doll in the first picture.
  25. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Thanks! It really helps when you´ve got a beautiful church and surroundings, and an attractive couple who plays along when you try to direct them. I will try to improve a few things next month at my 2nd try at this, and i have put up a few photos on my website, perhaps there will be more...
  26. Nikhe

    Not even @1.4, but I still like it...

    I like it to, it´s very nice. But I would like the nose to be blurred a bit more, the nose tip and "things" around the base of the nose are catching a bit of my attention from that beautiful eye.
  27. Nikhe

    A few from my friend's wedding

    You did a good job with these photos. I really like #4 where the happy feelings of the day really shows. I would like #9 to have a bit less DOF to isolate the guy in the front a bit more, or perhaps all of them in focus, but that would be harder to achieve now!
  28. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Thanks guys, you are to kind!:redface: The one thing I´m going to look in to are my PP skills a long with cropping the photos right and so on, normally with my motor sports photos I do´nt have to do a lot of editing, but when it comes to wedding photos it´s a very big part of the result...
  29. Nikhe

    The 85 1.4 is magical

    Really beautiful portraits of your son I must say. But it´s not just up to the lens, the photographer must know how to use the equipment and you seam to do so. The 85/1,8 or even the Sigma 50-150 will perform just as well under Most conditions, and sometimes better as the 85/1,4 has got a...
  30. Nikhe

    Thom Hogan Re: D300 1.03 Firmware Changes

    I can only comment on the low light performance of the D3, and it has certainly improved as I noticed shooting a wedding last weekend. I hope to learn more at my next motorsports event when I´ll be using both the D3 and D300. The biggest difference I´ve noticed before the firmware upgrade...
  31. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Thanks Nchesher for your comments. You are absolutely true about the halos, and they can also be seen in a few of the other photos, but thankfully they don´t show in the full size pics as they´ve got greater radiuses and don´t give the sharp edges the smaller pics seems to show. More...
  32. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Thanks all for your kind comments. Now it´s 5 in the morning around here and I have to go to bed to be able to deliver the DVD with the photos to the couple later today. After reading your comments on the photos, I think the couple may also like the results, or at least I hope so!
  33. Nikhe

    First shots with my new Bees!

    #1 would be really cool if you cropped out the box.
  34. Nikhe

    New to portraits with people

    You did really well I must say, they´re all very good. Perhaps a little bit to much contrast on a few of the females for my taste, but that´s just a marginal comment on otherwise some very good PP also.
  35. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Thanks a lot everyone! Perhaps I should put a few on my webpage and see if it leads to some more work, I would not mind a little side income during the motorsports off season. To be honest, there are probably a market for a few more wedding photographers in my area, at least in the summer...
  36. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Well, perhaps I will shoot some in the future? This one was for the daughter of some neighbours and as did´nt have much experience from weddings I charged... well let´s say, a bit less then I should have perhaps. Next wedding is also for some neighbours daughter so it´s hard to charge more...
  37. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Thanks for your comments. These new cameras ( D3 and D300 ) with auto ISO and Active D-lighting engaged helps a lot, those functions are Very useful when shooting weddings I must say.
  38. Nikhe

    Knock Knock...who Is There?

    Beautiful photo with lovey colors!
  39. Nikhe

    a couple shots of Ava @1.4

    I really like the 2nd one, it puts a big smile on my face!
  40. Nikhe

    Wedding photos - my first, but not the last.

    Normally this time of year I shoot mostly motor sports, but I got asked to shoot a wedding which was something I had not planned to do! I explained my lack of experience to the couple and but wanted me to do the job anyway for some reason. So, it was just to give it a go and these are a few...
  41. Nikhe

    80-200 push/pull

    Well, if this happens at close range, you should take a look at your cameras manual ( along with a lot of others ). The 80-200 ( and some other lenses ) do have problems at close range with "all" AF-cameras, and it´s clearly explained in the camera manual.
  42. Nikhe

    Have I found My Wedding 'Style'?

    Thank you for your beautiful examples of wedding photos! I´m doing my first two weddings this summer, and coming from the " sports-shooting-area", I need all the great examples I can find!
  43. Nikhe

    Portraits from today!

    Beautiful photos with a calm soothing ( how is that spelled? ) feel to them, she seems comfortable and relaxed wich may be your doing? However, they seem a liitle bit dark in some areas, at least on my screen. It´s not a lot were talking about, just about ~1/3 on her face and perhaps 1/2 in...
  44. Nikhe

    Hot, Wet and Refreshing

    Well Nuteshack, it seems that your optimal range really IS 30mm! And the colors you present in your photos are also very appealing! So, you have inspired me to put my 30 on my camera and leave the computer to go out in to the night and do something more useful then sitting here looking at your...
  45. Nikhe

    80-200 push/pull

    It´s a great lens and i sometimes regret selling it ( especcially as I would like to have it for a wedding next week ). But I sold it after using it in the rain for 2 hours a couple of years a go, it just pumped moisture in to the camera, and i filled it self with moisture as well. I got a...
  46. Nikhe

    In the beginning I thought I'd be a "Nikkor glass only" kind of guy

    Well, If anyone is only looking in to th Nikkor lenses you would be limiting youself to a very small selection of really great lenses! Nikkor: 14-24/2,8, 200/2, 85/1,4 are hard to substitute for 3rd party lenses. But when it comes to the 28, 50, 200-400, and perhaps even the 500/4 there are...
  47. Nikhe

    D3 Vs D300

    hmm, a year ago I started to look in to the DIII as it seemed to be just what I needed. 08-24 I ordered a D300 and I´m really, Really satisfied with the way it performs when shooting motor sports which is my main shooting occupation. This summer I´m going to shoot a few weddings ( for pay )...
  48. Nikhe

    Grab shot of Sam @1.4

    Well Nute, I just got me a D3 last week and dusted of my old 50/1,4 wich never have performed the way I liked it to on the D200/300. I think it will suit my new camera just fine along with the 85/1,8 ( found used, dirt cheap ). If I judge the new camera against the D300, the D3 is not that...
  49. Nikhe

    She's crafty!

    Well, these photos just puts a big smile on my face which in my mind makes them great. If there´s any noise, artifacts or aliens in the original photo is really not very interesting, her expression which shines through is enough to make a very enjoyable and happy photo in my eyes. ( I really...
  50. Nikhe

    Soccer - High ISO again !! D300 Sigma 120-300

    Well, these examples of what the D300 can do under these situations when the need for high ISOs are necessary are not bad at all. 1. A little bit unsharp, and what is looking at? A little more photo to the left of him would let my eyes go in to the picture ( even if there where no other...
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