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  1. Bill

    Cannon Beach, Oregon

    Cannon Beach is a wonderful location to shoot both evening and early morning. I liked you third image
  2. Bill

    Nikon F series

    For years my favorite F camera was the F3, then I went on to the F4, F5, and finally the F6. I like the F6 which has all the features I like at a reduced size. But my favorite carry film camera is the FM3a. Less features but easy to use and carry with a medium zoom.
  3. Bill

    The F5

    I have owned (and still own) every S,F and most N camera bodies. While the F5 is a very good camera I like the F6 better for its reduced size and its many features.
  4. Bill

    Rainy day drive

    These prove there is no such thing as a bad day to take photographs. Very nice series.
  5. Bill

    EXIF data from 1977

    I remember the days of testing different films, different lenses and different lighting. Then when I upgraded to a new camera, starting the test all over again. Luckily Nikon usually upgraded their cameras about every 8-10 years. But then they would upgrade lenses more often. Then more test...
  6. Bill

    AZ and UT Trip Photos

    Thank you for your reply. There is a section of Zion called the Narrows I want to visit at that time I just was not prepared for a 16 mile hike through water. Maybe next time.
  7. Bill

    AZ and UT Trip Photos

    Thank you for your reply. This was my first trip to Zion and Bryce.
  8. Bill

    Yosemite Images

    Thank you all for your replies. Yosemite is a beautiful place. We are all previlaged to have it available to us. When ever I go there I feel like Ansal Adams and want to follow his example.
  9. Bill

    Yosemite Images

    I will try again. DSC_2768 ps1 by William Varney, on Flickr DSC_2753 ps1 by William Varney, on Flickr DSC_2358 ps1 by William Varney, on Flickr
  10. Bill

    Yosemite Images

    Some of my favorite memories of Yosemite. I am trying a new to me copy and paste method.
  11. Bill

    FM3a - Finally!

    The FM3a is the best of the series. You should enjoy it.
  12. Bill

    Seriously thinking...

    The FM/FE cameras have always been my favorite. I think I have owned and used every one in that series.
  13. Bill

    Inside the Garage

    Great photos. The subject looks great in B&W. Nice photos.
  14. Bill

    Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park

    The Smoky provided great images. Just imagine what #2 photo would look like after this week's rain. Your last photo is my favorite.
  15. Bill

    AZ and UT Trip Photos

    Attached are a few photos I took while visiting Northern AZ and Southern UT (Bryce and Zion). Any comments appreciated. Colorado Horseshoe by William Varney, on Flickr Bryce Canyon 2027 by William Varney, on Flickr Bryce Canyon Floor 2074 by William Varney, on Flickr Zion 2145 by William...
  16. Bill


    I made the same photos and decided to hang the B&W on my home. The texture of the valley looks so good in B&W. Both your photos capture the beauty of the valley.
  17. Bill

    Signing prints?

    I don't think a signature should be on the image. If there is a boarder then sign on the boarder. I always mount and mat my prints then title and sign the mat boarder.
  18. Bill

    Best photo locations in Zion & Bryce

    Thank you all for your recommendations. I and looking forward to searching and photographing those prime locations.
  19. Bill

    Best photo locations in Zion & Bryce

    I am planning a trip this Sept to Zion and Bryce. Where are the prime location in each park that I should not miss for my first visit?
  20. Bill


    B&W image is at its best when there is texture. Very nice image.
  21. Bill

    FM3a - Finally!

    The FM/FE series has been my favorite and the FM3a is the ultimate. When that camera came out Nikon also came out with their 40mm which made a nice package.
  22. Bill

    Lens Storage

    Thanks all for your comments. I usually store lenses which ever way they fit best in a travel bag or case and easy to remove. My concern is based on something I recall reading many year ago which has to do with oil in the inside of the lens that might end up on the inside of a glass element...
  23. Bill

    Hillsboro Airshow Blue Angels...

    Very nice series. I especially like #6.
  24. Bill

    Lens Storage

    What is the best way to store lenses out side of their box, up on the mount end, on the front end or on its side?
  25. Bill

    Moraine Lake in Valley of 10 Peaks

    I like both images. The second image seem to pull me into the mountain. Very good. Thank you for sharing.
  26. Bill

    Roan Mountain Tennessee

    I like #2 and #7. It would be an interesting image to compress #7 so the barn is larger and include the stone fence. Very nice composition.
  27. Bill

    Chained ...

    Excellent! There is nothing like B&W image to display mood.
  28. Bill

    Mountain Storm

    I like the cloud formations in images 1 & 3 and the landscape image in 3 is very striking.
  29. Bill

    Test Photos from North Carolina

    Yes that could make a stronger image. I often want to use every thing I capture.
  30. Bill

    Test Photos from North Carolina

    Thank you. That is one of my favorites. It is not your normal sharp and clear image we see in today's digital photography but it represents what is there naturally.
  31. Bill

    Ghost of a tree hugger

    The image is very creative and well done.
  32. Bill

    Boss wants a new setup for outdoor photography (Alaska)... What should I recommend?

    I would go with the D750. The glass depends on you distance. I prefer the 24-70 f2.8 but if you like more range then the 28-300 VRII may work for you at a lower cost.
  33. Bill

    Test Photos from North Carolina

    Thanks Mike. Humming birds just doin't stand still for a picture. This was one of a few attempts at getting a good image under low light.
  34. Bill

    Test Photos from North Carolina

    I south of Morganton. South Mountain is the back ground in the photos.
  35. Bill

    Test Photos from North Carolina

    I am testing attaching photos I took from my back yard in North Carolina. Hope they work out. Oct-12 179 ps1 by William Varney, on Flickr Dec-12 006 ps1 by William Varney, on Flickr 1408131729821 by William Varney, on Flickr
  36. Bill

    St. Louis Trip...

    I like #10 (I am old school). It would have been nice if Mother Nature gave you a lightning storm at the same time.
  37. Bill

    Never sell a classic lens (scanned)

    I have often said that quality camera come and go but quality lens go on for ever. Your lens suports that statement.
  38. Bill

    Cadair Idris sunrise

    Very nice reflections. I think #3 is the best due to the color variations and contrast.
  39. Bill

    Senior Portrait at the Beach

    The series of the girl is very good. I like #5 the best. In #5 the background complements her without producing any distraction. In addition the lighting and position is very good.
  40. Bill

    Evening park ... in HDR

    I like the colors resulting from HDR more like a painting than a photograph and I like your composition very much.
  41. Bill

    She is a trooper

    B&W might also look good, however, I like that touch of red in what is other wise a B&W image.
  42. Bill


    Nice color combinations. What nature can do is amazing. And you did a nice job in capturing it.
  43. Bill

    Charleston, South Carolina

    That is what B&W is all about, tone and texture. Very nice image.
  44. Bill

    little miss Freya

    The outfit and the back ground colors all fit together. Did you decide on the outfit first for the back ground or the other way around? You have a professional model in the making.
  45. Bill

    Frost Crystals

    Mike, I like the way it opens up to the left and is concentrated low to the right. Isn't nature wonderful.
  46. Bill

    Critique VERY new to landscape

    In landscapes you work with the light you have, however, if you are familiar with location then you can pick the light you want to use. Flare is often a problem with wide lenses which is why I tighten my shots by zooming in. That said, the flare in you image adds interest.
  47. Bill

    Dragon Fly in Kyoto

    Hi Mike Nice photo. What lens did you use?
  48. Bill

    Fire and anvil - blacksmith

    Very nice. I like the lighting.
  49. Bill

    Santa Monica Sunset

    This has a great feel and texture to it. Thanks for sharing.
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