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    New nikon 750

    For the people bemoaning the D750 because it does not have a AF-ON button be advised that I reprogrammed the AE-L/AF-L button to act as the AF-ON and found that it is just situated in the right position to be very comfortable & easy to use. So my "lack of a dedicated AF-ON button" is now solved.
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    Showcase Nikon 70-300mm VR

    Taken late in the day with flash. Just a grab shot. The young man was tired after a day of swimming in the pool.
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    Which lens is best for portraits?

    Taken with D200 & Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR1.
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    V2 is offical, and a bit of a suprise it is..

    That optional flash SB-N5 The rub there is that the optional flash with the V1 can also be used on the V2 but with the lesser battery, its use is going to knock the hell out of battery performance. Like I said, what the blazes was Nikon thinking or was it a deliberate move to force us to buy...
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    V2 is offical, and a bit of a suprise it is..

    Why did they do this or that...... Because people moaned and groaned about what the Nikon 1 V1 did not have so Nikon has put out a new version and provided those changes. Seems alot of you can not fathom that. People asked for the mode dial, you got it. They asked for a built in flash, you...
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    Nikon 1 V1 on the Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8D lens

    Very nicely done. I have the old Nikon 28-105 which also has as good macro capability. I just may have to give it a go on my VI now. Thanks. Richard
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    Played with a D3000 at walmart...

    D5000 is not that bad Being a D200/D300 user, I did get to use a friend D5000 with a 70-300 and found it to be quite capable. It was easy to figure out the menus and such. It was less weight but it was not what I would term "poor build quality", considering the price.
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    Folding Reflector

    Thanks for the response guys. The first "youtube" video did the trick.
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    Folding Reflector

    Okay, so I'm not the brightest bulb in the world. Anyway, I bought a 30" Westcott Illuminator Reflector which can be folded and put in the nice pouch they provided. Only problem, no instruction on how to fold it, either written or on the provided DVD, nor could I find anything on their web...
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    Where to place your key and fill lights

    Thanks Uncle Frank. Found the links very educational.
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    Nikkor 24-120mm VR II Lens ??

    This is how I see it.. Looking at this information thats available (see previous posts), my suspicion is that a new version of this lens will be packaged with the D700. First, you are seeing pictures of the old lens with the D700, because no one has the new one yet. I hardly see Nikon...
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    Nikkor 24-120mm VR II Lens ??

    Re: 24-120 Dino: I have the 24-120 sitting on my desk in front of me and it is a "G" lens. I also noted on the B&H web site that the D700 package with the 24-120 would sell for $3599.00 while the D700 body alone goes for $2999.00. Thats $600.00 for what everyone thinks is the old version of...
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    Nikkor 24-120mm VR II Lens ??

    Maybe new one... If the designation "24-120mm f/3.5-5.6D" is correct than it is new because the old one is 24-120mm fr/3.5-5.6G". Thats "G" vs "D". So in fact we may very well have a new version. Richard
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    Your best or favorite D300 Portrait settings?

    Fotofolio I did some testing with an SB-800 and came up with setting the WB to flash B4, M2. Seems to get rid of all the warm tone. Let me know what you think if you try it out. Richard
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Mary thanks. Think I will give Ritz a try and explain to them what is going on.
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    Video Card Recommendation

    Thanks everyone, you have been most helpful.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm having a problem getting good prints from places like Target, CVS, etc. My quandry is that I have a calibrated monitor (Eye1) and a Epson 2200 with profiles for the papers I use. When I print at home I get exactly what I see on the monitor. However, my wife does scrapbooking and needs...
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    Video Card Recommendation

    I'm building a new Windows (Vista) based computer system and need a recommendation for a new video card. I do a lot of photo processing (Capture NX and CS2) and some gaming. The motherboard (Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 Rev 2) I'm looking at has PCI Express X16 slots. Any suggestions would be...
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    First images from D200

    Greg. Really like the second shot. Little sharpening wouldn't hurt and I did notice a blotch on her jaw, which I would correct. She has a lovely smile. ****
  20. S/A_4499

    D200 = Best flash and color exposure on any Nikon camera!

    Totally Agree I also shoot a lot of flash and am amazed at the quality of the pics. Although your subject matter is much more appealing and you definitely do her justice.
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