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    Saying good-bye to my trusty D300

    I have a D4 now and my D300 isn't going anywhere out of my hands. I actually just paired it back up with the 18-200 (gen 1!) that I bought with it since my 24-70 is now permanently mounted to the D4 =) The 18-200 is a badass little walkabout lens and the D300 has a ton of life left in it.
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    Thanks for confirmation!
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    Memory card for D4

    The included reader sent files to my current top of the line MB Air and 2008 era Mac Pro faster than any CF card ever has. Could it be faster with TB or USB3? Perhaps. But it's not worth missing in the meantime.
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    Just want to be clear on this: If I set my High Speed Shooting FPS to 11 it will not meter and focus past image 1, but if I set it to 10 or lower it will continuously adjust for each shot, there is nothing more I need to set other than max speed, correct?
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    Memory card for D4

    I've discovered why the XQD cards are expensive: Because they are worth it.
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    My initial impressions with the D4

    Are you local to HK or looking to beat US prices? I just bought a 16 on Amazon for 128 shipped Prime.... Know why the XQD cards are expensive? Because they are worth it!
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    My initial impressions with the D4

    Awesome. Confirmed that myself with Cam back in hand, thanks!
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    My initial impressions with the D4

    My understanding is that only swaps between AF-s and AF-c, does he ogre wheel swap between 1, 9 and 51 point AF?
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    My initial impressions with the D4

    I'm moving from D300 to a d4, big leap but I think I have all my settings locked in, perhaps even better than what the D300 allowed me as far as reversing dials goes. Two things struck me tho: - On my D300 whenever VR engaged it was very obvious that the frame would suddenly snap steady, which...
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    With the release of the D800, D3x prices are dropping so much...

    I'll gladly pay double, or $5 apiece, for any unwanted D3x'es!
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    Wedding Photography and the D4 and D800(e)

    That's an awful lot f pixels to wrangle. I'd do d4 for volume and d800 where the extra detail most needed it, but I'm just an am.
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    D800 - my first impressions

    Linky no work!
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    D800 does motorsport

    Nothing screams to me 'ignore this picture' like a watermark through the good stuff.
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    XQD / D4 surprise

    You needs name change them!
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    D4 arrived

    Sound like all preorders are getting the card and reader. If you are an amazon customer watch your gold box, d4s have been showing up there very very rarely for some. Took a few emails but I got Amazon to credit the difference for me, which is flipping awesome,
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    Pre ordered the D4! how about you?

    Pre-ordered mine. First FX for me since my n8008s. =) (And the F3-HP before that!)
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 11-12)

    Skunked. Fogs getting worse rather than better. Heading to work
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 11-12)

    Im here right now, worst fog ive seen in my life, can hear em chattering but cant see 10 feet.
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 11-12)

    Heads up, detour Thursday!,0,5033499.story?track=rss&
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 11-12)

    Unfortunately my mortgage paperwork ran long last week so I did not get a chance to stop, maybe this weekend. Enjoying your shots tho guys!
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 11-12)

    Hi again everyone, wasn't planning on it but now looks like I might try to bring my folks over for a quick look tomorrow. Sad to hear that numbers are low, I'd still like to clobber that guy from last year, even if he wasn't 100% the reason for the drop off. Good luck out there, enjoying the...
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    Warmup to Perigee Moon, it's Saturday!

    Nice!!! I shot a jet trasiting in front of the Super Moon =) My best regular shot at it too: Just like the last two times I wasn't expecting to have a plane jump in front of my moon shots, they just...
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    Short D7000 video of a Goldfinch

    Agreeing with Edge, seems beautifully shot but like a lot of the D7000 videos I've seen it seems a bit 'stroby'. Wonder what kind of aperture you'd get if you lock it at 1/60th or so instead of locking aperture at f11...
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    My first D3s video, some wildlife

    Beautifully done!
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    New Rode mic for video

    I don't understand why this would be better than the Stereo Video Mic?
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    D7000 video on Vimeo

    This is what I hope to get when I go video:
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    Sorry that your shots didn't get the attention they deserved because of the conversation regarding the dipstick who has been disturbing the birds, but I really like this sequence. Thank you for sharing them!!!
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    #2 is as fantastic as others have said, great shot!
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    I'm pretty sure I was chatting with both you guys this afternoon, I was the fat guy in the giants jacket there for about an hour. Randy was a most gracious host and I chit chatted with him before you guys got there, wasn't trying to be rude, I just didn't wanna force my way into too many...
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    Thanks for the directions and the thumbs up on the 70-300, will see how it goes.
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    Yup, I've been here for a few months now living in hotels, gonna go to Conowingo today and take my chances. On post I've seen: 8 and 10 point bucks Red Tails Ospreys Tons of Buzzards Tons of Turkeys But no shooting ops. =( I THINK I saw a Baldie once but it flew past too fast to be...
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    I walked in there one night to try to get a bite to eat and walked right out. $22 for their lame (compared to AC and Vegas) buffet and the sandwich shop right next to it was just as over priced. I didn't put a dime into a single machine either. If you are a slot buff you might like it but...
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    D7000 wow!

    How did you convince them to let you use the coupon? If I could do that I'd get the kit and stop waiting for the body...
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    70-300 is as long as I get right now, tho it is on DX. I meant something like this: =)
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    Conowingo Dam (MD) Eagle Photos and stuff (Winter 10-11)

    I've been BRACed to APG Maryland, looking forward to getting over to Conowingo to shoot the eagles now that I can no longer see my beloved Ft. Monmouth Ospreys every day =( Is there a good 'noobies guide' for folks like me who have never been there but who want to see the eagles?
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    D7000 video questions thread

    The bottom of this page should answer a few of your Qs
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    D3 - Initial Impressions

    If I found a D3 for $2100 I'd stop waiting for a D700 replacement for a while, nice find.
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    D7000 Roll Call

    Preordered early as possible via Amazon
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    First football with 400 2.8 :~)

    I got to shoot a 400VR doing football yesterday I'm now RUINED! Roont I tell ya!
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    OT: PhotoPlus Expo 10/22-10/24 NYC...who's going?

    Not really. On days where the Jewish guys are working you can take a bus to B&H and I think Calumet but not sure on that. Definitely not on Friday tho. I think MWPE might sell some stuff tho. The makers don't sell anything tho. You can get GREAT magazine deals tho...
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    OT: PhotoPlus Expo 10/22-10/24 NYC...who's going?

    I'll be there on Friday and 100% yes that lens will be on prime display to handle and test shoot with.
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    Nikon D3s?

    Not for the vast majority of shooters I'd think. It's ALWAYS too dark somewhere =) And if these rumors hold up, I wantses it. I wantses it baaaad. Maybe more bad than I wantses a super-tele...
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    Up your nose with a fire hose!

    One of the most painful pictures I have ever shot:
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    Long glass lust satisfied, for now

    Insanely jealous! It's on my short list for sure!
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    Showcase Nikon 70-300mm VR
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    Got a D5000 today, then I didn't, then I did again

    Yeah, I took em at their word cause I knew I was one of the first folks to get it and wanted to have some fun doing the first unboxing to hit the net. My pictures just hit the front page of Engadget and I'm going to have over 100k flickr views today so it paid off! Lots of folks are checking...
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    Got a D5000 today, then I didn't, then I did again

    Be gentle on my server please, right click once and save locally! Be kind on my ego as well, I suck as a videographer! Will have some tripod locked down shots of Ospreys on Monday that...
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    Got a D5000 today, then I didn't, then I did again

    Theres 500 pages of manual in the box plus chargers and other stuff. I DID tell them the box seemed light but they told me it was sealed so nobody had been in it... I put 7 unedited full size jpgs straight-outta-camera at the tail end of the set...
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    Got a D5000 today, then I didn't, then I did again

    Will have some daytime stuff up later tonight when I get back from dinner. I wish Lr supported this cam already... Have I mentioned that NikonTransfer sucks lately? =)
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    Got a D5000 today, then I didn't, then I did again

    Here's a couple Raw NEFS for you guys to play with, nothing special since I was just hacking around the house and because the Nikon Software blows so completely: NeedlePoint Onyx
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