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  1. warth man

    Share Ships, boats, kayaks . . . anything that moves on water from any camera

    Hebrides. Hebrides Sail by warth man, on Flickr
  2. warth man

    Week 35!

    I've never tried a "Meme" but keep looking. I think I'll give this a try as a starter. I have a 35mm f2D. Can I use it on both my D750 and my D7200?
  3. warth man

    CS #666 - Autumn is Coming

    The River Kent is beginning to gain its autumn fullness. River Kent by warth man, on Flickr Teasels are just about ready for the goldfinches. Teasels by warth man, on Flickr Apples are ripening nicely. Apples by warth man, on Flickr
  4. warth man

    Critique It is dark, raining, muddy and a Friday. It must be highschool Football!

    He really does need an eyebrow trim.
  5. warth man

    Local rodeo action

    I always like your rodeo pics Jack and all of these are very nice. Like F15Todd though, my favourite in this set is No.2. The rider has such complete confidence in her mount that she is not in the least concerned about how the horse takes the corner. Instead she is totally focused on what...
  6. warth man

    Critique This Old House

    Nice find Mike. Even old places like this always seem to have pretty solid-looking timbers in the USA.
  7. warth man

    CS #666 - Autumn is Coming

    Well the amount of rain we've had recently certainly makes it feel a bit autumnal around here so I'll see what I can find. Thanks for hosting Chris.
  8. warth man

    CS #667 - Square Format

    If everyone is happy I'll pick this one up. Hope it's not unlucky, given the CS number! I don't recall the theme having been done, at least for a while, but the aim is simply to submit photographs that you think look good in a square format. It's something I've noticed I don't use as often as...
  9. warth man

    Northern Gannet

    I haven't Randy and admit I wasn't aware of it. Whitby is as close as I've been but now that you have shown me the way - I'll be getting over there.
  10. warth man

    Critique Spectacular iceberg - Newfoundland - VIDEO link added

    That is the most impressive set of photographs I have seen in a while. Truly a "Wow!"
  11. warth man

    Northern Gannet

    Really, really nice Randy. My favourite seabird too.
  12. warth man

    Zugspitze - Top of Germany

    Well worth the trip Klaus.
  13. warth man


    Lovely work Randy. The cat is well named.
  14. warth man

    Four From the Fort

    Cracking set.
  15. warth man

    Red Arrows at dusk

    I like all three of these. Very nice.
  16. warth man

    Share Post your industrial landscapes from any camera here

    A few from recent years. Some may have been posted before: Submarine Shed, Barrow-in-Furness Shed by warth man, on Flickr Wind Turbines Industrial Landscape by warth man, on Flickr Old slate mine workings Slate Mine Country by warth man, on Flickr Turbine and Grid Part-Timer by warth man...
  17. warth man

    CS #665 - Six feet and wings

    I was working in the garden when I noticed that, every now and again, there would be a "mini cloud" of butterflies from a buddleia when something unseen set them off. Needless to say, as soon as I went for my camera all such activity stopped. Nonetheless, here is the poor man's version, which...
  18. warth man

    Critique Boat Graveyard

    Whoops! Sorry folks. I hadn't noticed that this thread had come to life again. Many thanks for taking the time to comment. Jim, I did try that pc without the newer boats but in the end I quite liked having the "living" and the "dead" together. Dan, that pic most of all of these was the one...
  19. warth man

    Share Something...Part V

    Not Ronnie Barker then? by warth man, on Flickr TIBM = action.
  20. warth man

    Z APS-C

    You are right. The problem with me is that I can see fine for everything apart from "reading" distances. Without a viewfinder that I can adjust to my sight I would be spending whatever on a "point and hope" rather than a "point and shoot". Nikon isn't exactly alone in excluding everyone like me.
  21. warth man

    American Coot - Leica CL

    You should post more of your CL images. I think they are very good.
  22. warth man

    Cafe Etiquette

    I'm not sure if I'm guilty or not but I agree with what has been said.
  23. warth man

    CS #664 - My Town

    Interesting and enjoyable set Nick. Totally agree with you about the federal building. Shame your wine/beer/cheese shop was shut. Question: what was the purpose of the cups and saucers on the Brush Creek Farms stand? Do they grow tea?
  24. warth man

    CS #664 - My Town

    Nice images Phil. Love the reference to "West Island". Although they might not.
  25. warth man

    CS #664 - My Town

    Just out of curiosity, what's the problem with driving in Salt Lake City?
  26. warth man

    Z APS-C

    From Nikon Rumors: If it's true, without a viewfinder it won't be for me.
  27. warth man

    CS #663 - Free theme

    I like these, whatever they are. On the (thankfully) few occasions I found myself in an IKEA store I always thought it unbelievable that so many people were in the same shop, at the same time, as me. And the exit was subject to maze rules.
  28. warth man

    CS #663 - Free theme

    Nicely photographed but I guess that hint of muzzle flash could have been a problem for the original shooter in action situations.
  29. warth man

    Saint Michael the Archangel (Image Heavy)

    Thank you Mike. Nice website by the way.
  30. warth man

    Lack of Z lenses - Nikon lets have an update please

    True enough. I had / have the wrong map.
  31. warth man

    Saint Michael the Archangel (Image Heavy)

    Thanks Jim. It's a wonderful old place. I feel a little guilty at not visiting it when I used to live in that area some 30 years ago. It's only a short way off the through road but I drove and walked past it quite a few times without even knowing this gem was there. They now have signs up...
  32. warth man

    Saint Michael the Archangel (Image Heavy)

    Thanks Nick. There were some stories showing in there. These two concern the Lambert family. Not easy to photograph because I'm not ten feet tall. Saint Michael the Archangel by warth man, on Flickr Saint Michael the Archangel by warth man, on Flickr
  33. warth man

    Float Homes

    I really like the thought of a float home but not at a million dollars. I take it you are still paying for location, even if they are in a less favoured part of Vancouver?
  34. warth man

    Lack of Z lenses - Nikon lets have an update please

    Personally...… I rather fancy a Leica Q.
  35. warth man

    Yellow-fringed orchis

    That's totally new to me and nicely photographed - as usual. Glad that you're back at it Jim.
  36. warth man

    Finding their way

    Well spotted. I'm a map fan too.
  37. warth man

    Saint Michael the Archangel (Image Heavy)

    A 15th century church in the Yorkshire Dales. Saint Michael the Archangel is sometimes known as "The Cathedral of the Dales". There has been a church on the site for well over a thousand years. Saint Michael the Archangel by warth man, on Flickr Door - Saint Michael the Archangel by warth...
  38. warth man

    "Ah-ha!" or "Oh-oh!"

    Well, I must confess that the water surge was actually her family dog, just out of view, but I thought it still worked, especially with her bent "rod". Perhaps more a "Ho-Ho!" moment?
  39. warth man

    "Ah-ha!" or "Oh-oh!"

    Granddaughter at the river a few years ago. "Ah-ha!" or "Oh-oh!" ? by warth man, on Flickr
  40. warth man

    Share Post an image of yours related to the one above it - Part X

    Boats in the mist by warth man, on Flickr
  41. warth man

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro - my Suburb

    Very nice Phil and a very nice place to live. You must get fed up with all that heavy traffic...
  42. warth man

    Venice 2010

    I was bitten too but my body didn't react like this. Normally we're the other way round; my wife is relatively unaffected and I'm like Bart - often my entire hand/wrist/arm swells up from one bite. That applies especially to horse fly bites. And I'm convinced that all the midges in Scotland...
  43. warth man

    Matera, Italy

    Very nice work Jim and a beautiful place. I've never been there but have now noted it, and menbrial's additions. I have always enjoyed visits to Italy.
  44. warth man

    Venice 2010

    I have those too Bill. Thanks for your comment. However these are unique - my wife's hands and arm after mosquitos did their work in the hotel room overnight. It had become unusually warm for that time of year but the hotel management refused to switch the aircon on "because they didn't do...
  45. warth man

    Venice 2010

    Thank you Binnur, Dossy, West. I'm glad I've been there but I definitely wouldn't enjoy it as much "in season". It's a fascinating place for taking your time and exploring. One or two cruise ships appeared then too but not as "in your face" as they seem to be now and perhaps not as big...
  46. warth man

    Venice 2010

    Thank you Jim. It did fill pretty readily at other times but we weren't there during a really busy spell. Happily! The mozzies were there though.
  47. warth man

    Venice 2010

    Thanks Dayo.
  48. warth man

    Venice 2010

    Thank you Bart. I do find Silver Efex very effective.
  49. warth man

    Share Something...Part V

    Venetian, or Murano, body. TIBM = a glass half full / empty. Bubbly Blonde? by warth man, on Flickr
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