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  1. Joe_Lorenzini

    [EXPIRED] Nikon 800mm f/5.6 IF-ED Lens - A Beauty!

    Nikon 800mm f/5.6 IF-ED - $4200 A near-mint version of this epic lens! Lens is in perfect cosmetic condition, very sharp, no dust/haze/mold/scratches on the glass. Focus is butter smooth. No blemishes, one 1/4" scratch on the lens hood (see photo). Case is in outstanding condition, looks brand...
  2. Joe_Lorenzini

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: THE Lightning Trigger

    For Sale: Lightning Trigger Price: $195 shipped (SOLD) Comes with: Lightning Trigger and 10-pin Nikon cable. Description: Legendary Lightning Trigger. Used it constantly when I lived in Texas to capture amazing lightning bolts. Now that I've moved, I don't use it but it still works...
  3. Joe_Lorenzini

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: Nikon Coolpix 7900 w/underwater housing

    For Sale: Nikon Coolpix 7900. Price: $55 shipped (SOLD) Comes with: Box/Manual/Soft case/Battery/Charger/Nikon Underwater Housing. No SD card included. I bought and used this in our pool and on our boat and it worked perfectly. I got some great images underwater. My kids learned how to...
  4. Joe_Lorenzini

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: Nikon P7000 P&S - $50

    For sale: Nikon P7000 point-n-shoot. Price: $50 (SOLD) Original owner. Comes with box, manuals, cd, battery, charger, strap. No SD card included. Issue: automatic lens cover that opens and closes does not open all the way without some help (see photo). If you touch it slightly, it clicks...
  5. Joe_Lorenzini

    Youth baseball

    Nice stuff Mike.
  6. Joe_Lorenzini

    Pony baseball photos

    Sure is nice when you don't have that shadow going across their eyes. Nice timing on the light and direction! I know how rare those games are sometimes. Great shots, like the processing. Joe
  7. Joe_Lorenzini

    2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

    Great series!
  8. Joe_Lorenzini

    Rio Grande Gorge...........IR

    Been there a few times, looks amazing in IR. Nice shot!
  9. Joe_Lorenzini

    Servicing your Nikon, but not through Nikon

    Thanks for that link. I have a bunch of gear to go in and this will help. Joe
  10. Joe_Lorenzini

    Fireworks - Lake Grapevine, TX

    Always being with the family doesn't leave a whole lot of time to play photog but they do let me get my rig set up. I sit with them and fire it off remotely so they never know... Joe
  11. Joe_Lorenzini

    200-400 f4 VR I or 300 2.8 VR I

    Maybe I missed it but what body is this lens going to be on? It's important. Joe
  12. Joe_Lorenzini

    Coolest time-lapse in history...

    I'm bias since I was there to see STS-131 go up in person but still, I'm grateful NASA let photographers have the access and time needed to create this masterpiece of one of the greatest vehicles ever created. Joe
  13. Joe_Lorenzini

    NBA All Star Game - as a fan...

    Because it's a wide-angle lens the floor looks farther away than it was. You could easily tell who the players were but with the binoculars it was as you were sitting courtside so it's not as bad as the images might make it seem. For a football game, these seats would be golden! As for the...
  14. Joe_Lorenzini

    NBA All Star Game - as a fan...

    So we got some last minute tickets to the NBA All Star game that put us on the 45 yard line, 12th row (not on floor) of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Stuff like that doesn't happen to us so forgive me if this seems like I'm a braggart. Face value of the tickets (just as an FYI) was $350. So we...
  15. Joe_Lorenzini

    What the heck, my 70-200 VR II is flare prone!

    So far I haven't seen any with mine but looking at that photo you posted, I'll keep an eye out for it happening.
  16. Joe_Lorenzini

    Vancouver 2010 Downhill Venue Preparation

    This is awesome! Thanks for posting such cool details about the setup and location. I hope you'll continue during the olympics and talk about the challenges you're going through as the games get underway. How's the snow up there? I keep hearing it could be better but it looks ok from your...
  17. Joe_Lorenzini

    Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta of 2009

    The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is simply a spectacular event and a photographers dream: Joe
  18. Joe_Lorenzini

    Sending camera up in balloon - how to point?

    Thank you for the replies and links, I'll go through the ideas this evening. Unfortunately, I can't effectively do the three line solution as I'll be working within a 10 foot radius and with line that long you have twisting and turning which is ok as long as there's a focus point it comes...
  19. Joe_Lorenzini

    Sending camera up in balloon - how to point?

    Ok, I have a question... I have a camera that is suspended 300 yards in the air, tethered to the ground. My problem is how to keep the camera pointed in one general direction. It doesn't have to be perfect, just majority or defaulted in one direction. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas...
  20. Joe_Lorenzini

    World Football Challenge (Soccer) - Chelsea vs Club America

    From inside, I thought they were showing something bright on that huge screen before I realized it was lightning outside the huge windows on both endzones. It was lighting up the place and the thunder sounds were huge inside. People would cheer when a large clap of thunder struck. It was very...
  21. Joe_Lorenzini

    World Football Challenge (Soccer) - Chelsea vs Club America

    Great shots! Nice timing. No wet for me, in fact, here's what I walked out to...
  22. Joe_Lorenzini

    World Football Challenge (Soccer) - Chelsea vs Club America

    I was using a D3 with a 200-400mm f/4 VR. ISO 3200 for most the night. The crop of the sweaty header is a 100% crop. Joe
  23. Joe_Lorenzini

    World Football Challenge (Soccer) - Chelsea vs Club America

    Got a chance to go to the new Cowboys Stadium here in Dallas to shoot the WFC soccer match (the last in a series of 6 games held throughout the US). Chelsea beat Club America 2-0 to capture the championship. It was a fun game with some truly colorful fans! So here we go... There was no...
  24. Joe_Lorenzini

    Leica M8.2 - A brief and uninformed review

    Thanks. I'm far from an expert in the system and most of my comments were in comparison to my experience with the D3 which has the best viewfinder of any Nikon digital (the F6 has a wonderful viewfinder as well). To be honest, I did find myself adapating to it after a while so I don't know...
  25. Joe_Lorenzini

    Leica M8.2 - A brief and uninformed review

    When you get the rare opportunity to try the Leica M8.2 camera you don't say no. Throw in two lenses, a 18mm f/3.8 and a 90mm f/2.5 and color me gone. To preface, I'm a lifelong Nikon shooter and pretty secure in my choice of camera manufacturers. I always enjoy trying out other camera types...
  26. Joe_Lorenzini

    Parents and copying images

    You think parents give a rats arse they are violating your copyright?!? Seriously? You think sending them that kind of statement is good for your business and will generate more sales as opposed to those parents telling other parents how psycho you are? I think you might do better to re-think...
  27. Joe_Lorenzini

    Review - Zeikos grip for Nikon D300/D700

    Hi all, I've enjoyed the discussion so far, it's been a fun read. One thing I did want to emphasize was that I'm not so much endorsing Zeikos as a company or any of their products I haven't used as much as specifically identifying their D300 grip as a worthy alternative to Nikon's version...
  28. Joe_Lorenzini

    Review - Zeikos grip for Nikon D300/D700

    I got a chance to use both and didn't notice any difference in the connection. It connects the same way the Nikon version does and did not come loose at any point (and I used it aggressively for two consecutive 12 hour shoots). I had no problem holding the setup by the grip.
  29. Joe_Lorenzini

    Review - Zeikos grip for Nikon D300/D700

    Ha! I'm glad they got to you. I could buy THREE of these before I'd have to shed a tear about a warranty issue with the "name brand" version. I guess that goes for lenses too right? CF cards? Only Lexar and Sandisk for you? Or is it just international vs USA versions? Batteries? All name...
  30. Joe_Lorenzini

    Fly Fishing spot suggestions needed!

    Thank you for all the suggestions! I'm busy following up on all of them right now.
  31. Joe_Lorenzini

    Fly Fishing spot suggestions needed!

    Hi All, I've been hired to shoot some travel photos around the subject of fly fishing. I'm looking for a location in the United States that is scenic both in a lodge as well as fishing areas. It comes with a fairly solid budget but places like Nimmo Bay is out of the question as I'm not...
  32. Joe_Lorenzini

    Review - Zeikos grip for Nikon D300/D700

    So I got a D300 and was looking to get the grip. Luckily I have a good friend who lent me their Nikon grip to try out and afterwards I knew I needed to get myself one... First off, there are some advantages to getting the grip for the D300. It allows you to use an EN-EL4 battery (the one used...
  33. Joe_Lorenzini


    Thanks all. I've gotten a lot of positive response from the jacks shot. I don't know if it's because of the visual or if it's just an image people don't normally see... The track shots were taken with a 200-400VR. I also used a 70-200, 14-24 and of course the 10.5 for the "fan" shot. Joe
  34. Joe_Lorenzini


    On a pure photography level NASCAR racing is a fantastic challenge. Lots of color and high speed action. And when you finally get 43 cars and 150,000 people together it actually makes for some nice imagery.... Joe
  35. Joe_Lorenzini

    ADRL Drag Racing - Houston

    He was supposed to but had to cancel out at the last minute. Pure torture for a guy like David!
  36. Joe_Lorenzini

    ADRL Drag Racing - Houston

    Thanks all. The kind words are appreciated! Equipment used was a D3 with D40x as backup. Lenses were the 70-200 and 14-24 for most shots.
  37. Joe_Lorenzini

    ADRL Drag Racing - Houston

    Got a chance to shoot the ADRL drag races in Houston this past weekend. Had a great time and got a lot of opportunities to try different setups, remotes and angles. It's always a blast to have the media guy tell you to just go have fun and shoot what you want, where you want. If you choose to...
  38. Joe_Lorenzini

    Jimmy Johnson celebrating

    Phoenix, turn 4! I was under the impression that only Phoenix had blue walls but I could be wrong. Thanks for commenting. It's appreciated! Joe
  39. Joe_Lorenzini

    Star Trails in Granbury

    First off, I had no idea the stars would be so visible so I did not bring my locking remote. What I did do is use interval timing on the D3 and set it at a 30 second exposure every 30 seconds. This shot is a composite of 70 shots taken over a 60 minute period and then combined in PSCS3 (60...
  40. Joe_Lorenzini

    PIR in HDR

    I've shot PIR twice now and simply love that track! Thanks for the kind comments. Joe
  41. Joe_Lorenzini

    Little Guitar Player

    Thank you for all the kind comments. It's very encouraging! The boy is 9 years old and has been playing for a little over a year (and apparently addicted to it). I'm not a big fan of selective color but this is what the client asked for. Actually, they asked for B/W with the guitar in...
  42. Joe_Lorenzini

    Thursday Night Basketball

    Nice set of photos! I tend to like the ones where the crowd is a bit more isolated than the ones where they almost overwhelm but you did a great job shooting wide open to minimize that effect. Joe
  43. Joe_Lorenzini

    New Book about NX2

    Went ahead a pre-ordered it along with Joe McNally's new book: Looks interesting! Thanks for the heads up. Joe
  44. Joe_Lorenzini

    My new book...

    Been saving up for this one for a looooooooong time and finally got my hands on one. Not mint by any means but still a wonderful book to be able to look through... Joe
  45. Joe_Lorenzini

    Botanical Garden in the winter

    All are beautiful, the last one (#7) really stands out.
  46. Joe_Lorenzini

    A North Texas Riding Ring

    Nice little place to ride, especially on a clear, warm evening... Taken just after the sun disappeared. Joe
  47. Joe_Lorenzini

    Flyin' High at PGP

    That is awesome!! What a tremendous capture and at the very peak of movement. What did you shoot this with? Joe
  48. Joe_Lorenzini

    Jimmy Johnson celebrating

    As the Daytona 500 nears, here's a shot of the 3 time champion going for number 4 (he'll probably get it too). Joe
  49. Joe_Lorenzini

    Helicopter - comes with own yacht...

    The back end does have a sea port built in. You can shoot a pair of jet skis right out the back.
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