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    D200 commander mode question

    Hi Steve, I believe that the built-in flash fires to trigger the remote flashes even when it is set to "__." The amount of flash contributed in that situation is very low. I thought that Nikon sells a filter for the built-in flash, but a search for such a device found nothing. You're...
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    Nikon Capture USM settings for D200?

    Fotoguy, I looked at his site, and it looks very promising. I like the script for Absolute Sharpening for Web. It would cut out a lot of work. Thanks. JC
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    Thank You Nikon Melville (large pics)

    Beautiful, Robert; although that front page is VERY scary! Joel
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    2 questions

    Trish, Between the D2x and the D200, I use two Extreme III 4 GB cards, with 4GB and 2GB Ultra II's in reserve. Yeah, I know it's a lot; but I hate running out. I also carry an Epson P-2000 so I can download and view photos during a shoot. I DO NOT format the card after I download it into...
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    Firmware Updates V1.01 D2hs and D2x

    I was about to ship my 105 f/2 to Nikon for front focusing on the D2x (but not on the D2H). Glad I waited. I don't understand the lens-specific focusing problems, but the lens appears to focus just fine after the firmware upgrade. Sometimes it pays to procrastinate. :smile:
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    Good Deals On Sandisk CF Cards??

    I also got my 4GB Extreme III from, back when they were still $399.99. I've dealt with zipzoomfly in the past, as well, and both places are completely dependable. If you're a NAPP member and order from B&H, call and give them your membership number and shipping is...
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    Death Valley wildflowers

    Jay, I know what you're saying about the composition, and I've thought about cropping it a bit to get the flower over more to the right. But overall, I'm OK with it here, though I'd be hard pressed to say why this composition doesn't bother me when it would in other places. I think it may...
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    The immaculate Collection Part-I

    Absolutely gorgeous! Are these (or most of them) from the Banff area? No matter where they are from, you've communicated the beauty of place. Thanks. Joel
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    Smile over what we've left behind

    Thanks, Gale. Sorry I missed it before. There's so much here, I'm sorry I don't have the time to review it all, especially the photos. But with my new toy, I just want to go out and shoot! :lol: BTW, Pixmantec came out with v. 1.1.1 today, although the major addition seems to be support...
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    RAW or JPEG

    RAW Always raw. In fact, we all shoot raw all the time, but some of us let the camera process it into a JPEG. As said above, raw allows you to correct many mistakes, or just to change your mind later about how you want the picture to look. Raw is about flexibility. Raw also allows you to...
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    Smile over what we've left behind

    I picked this up from the Sportshooter message board. I hope it brings smiles here as well: How many discussion group posters does it take to change a lightbulb? 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of...
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    GREAT new raw converter

    Frank, You don't need to use Nikon Capture. RSE replaces it in the workflow. Admittedly, there are some things Capture does that RSE doesn't, such as "de-fish" fisheye shots, but white balance adjustment, exposure compensation, and the like are available. RSE, as much as I like it, is...
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    GREAT new raw converter

    Gale, Pixmantec is not part of Corel. It is a separate company that has an arrangement with Corel that provides for RSE to be included, at least for now, in Paint Shop. Still, it is unlikely that a mac version would not be forthcoming. Rory, I did not see your thread from a month ago...
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    GREAT new raw converter

    I've been using a great new raw converter called Raw Shooter Essentials from Pixmantec. The company was founded by the person who did most of the tech work for Capture One and a former officer of Phase One. The program is fast and intuitive, and it is free (for now, at least). At the moment...
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    D2x at Death Valley

    I posted a couple of others in the Landscape forum. These are lesser images that still show the detail the camera is capable of. (David: Still looking for that Winzip key.) It was a windy day, but I liked the effect when the wind moved some of the flowers and not others. All in all, a...
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    Death Valley wildflowers

    It was a windy day Sunday, but that only added to the effect of an sea of yellow. Here are a couple with a D2x. Joel
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    NEF "gamut" compared

    Rich, Thanks. I didn't know about that, either. As Photodawg said, you learn a lot here. (And, of course, thank you, too, Iliah.) Joel
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    D2x Eyecup Replacement

    Jim, Steve and Rich, I'm curious how you use the DK-2 with glasses. Do you see the entire viewfinder with the eyecup in the normal position or do you have to roll the eyecup back over itself to get closer? I guess even in the latter situation you would still cut down on some light entering...
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    Saturday D2X Owls

    Jim, As I also said in the "dark forum," these are nothing less than beautiful. I think you're doing just fine without the 500. (Although you might want to hear "Just think of how utterly awesome they would have been with the 500.") Gordon and Jeff, I'll also bite: what's with "8"...
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    D2x Eyecup Replacement

    When I use the eyecup with my glasses, I don't get to see the entire viewfinder. Come to think of it, I haven't tried the DK-2 on either the D2H or D2X, so it might be different. I'll give it a try. Joel
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    D2x at Zion

    Frank, I noticed that it was resized and had a dotted-line border. I usually just post 800 across. David, Yes, the detail is impressive. I'll see if I can dig up my WinZip registration and send you the NEF. (I'm on a new computer and have to reload all that stuff.) One thing the...
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    D2x at Zion

    OK, David, this one's for you. (I hope it doesn't offend anyone else by its size.) Joel
  23. J

    D2x at Zion

    Here are a few quickly processed shots from today. The up-canyon view was not cropped, the sunrise cropped only at the top and bottom, and the bridge shot was cropped only to straighten it. :? (But sorry, Frank, no magic. It was still a great day.) I can't wait until spring when the...
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    A few D2x shots from today

    George, Great work! You do the camera proud. Aren't those colors just great? Joel
  25. J

    D2x Eyecup Replacement

    Re: And so did I Except if you wear glasses. :cry: I miss being able to use an eye cup. Joel
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    And I will follow ...

    OK, Frank and Rich, this is what I get to see during the week (taken with the D2x). This is across Las Vegas Boulevard from our building. As I said, bail bonds and a wedding chapel. But the sandwich shop is really, really good. At least when I drive home, I get to watch the sun set behind...
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    The only model I could get on "short" notice (D2X

    Steve, Beautiful shot. I won't kid you about the D2x because I have one, also. But I need the 12 MP to get all of our two St. Bernards. I'll post when I get home. I see nothing wrong with being an equipment junkie if the equipment permits you to take greater pleasure from your...
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    Just for fun...

    Mine's 868. Gee, I was hoping for 7's. Guess I've been in Las Vegas too long. Joel
  29. J

    D2X Pictures and findings so far..

    Andreas, Thanks for the tip about the 3 MP jpeg's. I'll try it. I found that the NEF's load into NC 4.2 quickly, but it can be slow in certain tasks, such as D-lighting. It was time for me to get serious about editing, and not leave it for the laptop screen, so I got a 3.2 GHz P4 with 2...
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    And I will follow ...

    Sorry, Frank, I'm stuck here in my office this week. The only wildlife I see here is along Las Vegas Boulevard (north of the Strip) as people go into the innumerable wedding chapels and bail bonds dealers. I hope to really use it this weekend, but showers are forecast. (Hey, I moved to Vegas...
  31. J


    Jim, Wonderful shot. It looks like a scene from "Water Bird Fear Factor." I'd love to see a sequence of the snake going down the gullet. Joel
  32. J

    Evening heron Profiles For Frank~Whomever

    Like your others, Jim, just beautiful. I'm trying to make plans to go back for a longer stay at the end of April. Gale, how's the weather at that time? Joel
  33. J

    Little Green Heron

    Really wonderful light, Gale. I love those green feathers. Get rid of the branches above it, and you can have your bird avatar! Looking forward to more. Joel
  34. J

    The Thinker.....

    Jim, Wonderful pose, and beautiful color. The mood is very tranquil. If it was at the end of the day, what a way to end it. Well done. Joel
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    Semi flight shot taken with the Brick..

    Gale, I think the D100 was the perfect size. Unfortunately, mine was co-opted by my girlfriend a long time ago, so - anticipating the D2x - I gave it to her. But it's small enough to fit in a briefcase so you can take it to work. If you want a vertical release, you can add one, etc. And...
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    And I will follow ...

    Service Photo in Baltimore sent it to me yesterday 2d Day UPS, but it arrived in Vegas today! I'd been carrying a lens, compact flash card and fully charged battery to the office so I could ramp it up right away. Still have work this week, and it's dark when I get out, so I'll have to wait for...
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    Semi flight shot taken with the Brick..

    Harris, If you're referring to the D2H as the "brick," you don't know what a brick is until you try to handle one of the 1D series cameras. (As Crocodile Dundee would say:) "Now that's a brick!" I've enjoyed the progression of your shots. Joel
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    My insignificant contribution

    Thank you, Gale. As a matter of fact, the print is now hanging in my office -- until the next one I want to display. PMA was disappointing as Nikon had no new lenses. But Scott Kelby at the Adobe area was just full of helpful tips. :) Gordon- Thanks also, and yes, I DO remember Jonathan...
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    My insignificant contribution

    I'm sorry I missed you guys last week, and I only got to spend an hour at Merritt. My wimpy 70-200, even with the 1.4 converter, got a few nice shots but nothing like, for instance, Mike's. Here's one I like for the feeling of soaring through the clouds. I had to crop to get the composition...
  40. J

    Couple of portraits from the "trip"

    Mike, Just beautiful photos. You really hit the ball out of the park several times. (Is it steroids?) Joel
  41. J

    Frank I Caracara!

    Mike, Again, fabulous shots! I love the poses in the first one. Well done. Joel
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    Poor manners..

    I think he did that to make you go away. (Little did he know that you are a physician and guts don't bother you at all.) What did he do afterwards? Brilliant shot! Joel
  43. J

    Few more from FLA

    Outstanding, Mike! Sorry I missed you there. Please keep posting. Joel
  44. J


    Just checked the 10-day forecast, and I look forward to a beautiful partly cloudy day on Sunday. But thunderstorms on Monday when I'm driving to PMA?! Well, it IS Floriday. Joel
  45. J

    Christo's The Gates, NYC

    Janet, I was hoping we would see photographs from you of the Gates. Wonderful. My favorite is the same as Phillipe's. I grew up in NYC and left 17 years ago. Now that my mother moved down to FLA last year, I don't have much reason to visit. You made me miss it. :cry: Joel
  46. J

    Antelope Canyon

    I love your shot, David. I believe that by "classic" sunbeam shot you mean something like the one below, which I took several years ago on film. I definitely like yours better. (I think you might be better off with a white card than a gray for white balance.) Joel
  47. J

    How do I...

    Rich, First, welcome. Glad to see you here. As far as the avatar goes, I found it helpful to "Save for Web" in PS CS. (Actually, more than helpful. Before I did that, I could not do it!) Look at the size in the lower left corner as you adjust the quality. Looking forward to...
  48. J

    Wolves ...

    Breathtaking, Yves. Really awesome. I loved Jim Brandenburg's book on arctic wolves and would love to see one about grays. I guess your practice with squirrels paid off. :) Joel
  49. J

    Rough and Cold Winter Surf Sunrise

    Jim, Nice shot. That sent shivers down my spine. But I'm glad you have clear skies. Good luck to your team tomorrow. (Sorry Mike and Ed.) Joel
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    Question for Iliah re: Raw Magic Highlight Revcovery

    Iliah, I've just joined the club and ordered Raw Magick. From what I've seen of Peter's work, it certainly seems worth it. Having Bill rave about it and you here helping adds so much to the value. On another note, did Phil ban you and Peter again? I don't know what's up with that. You...
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