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  1. BillM

    My stroke

    Fantastic news Jim!
  2. BillM

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Thank you Amin for all the hard work you do. Like Nick says, please take your time and on your schedule, we are all looking forward to the updated site when it is done.
  3. BillM

    Reddish Egret Finishes in the Money

    Congratulations Bobby!
  4. BillM

    Piliated, my first outing with the 500pf

    Nice picture! The 500 PF is probably my next lens.
  5. BillM


    Sounds idyllic :-)
  6. BillM

    My stroke

    Thank you for letting us know Jim. That is an experience that I hope to never encounter but I will take your advice! God Speed and prayers for a full recovery.
  7. BillM

    Another day of firsts for me. Pileated in the yard.

    Great shot Bob! I know exactly how you feel ;) The one that frequents the Bushes next to our house will alight and fly off the moment a camera and lens is pointed its way! Finally got a picture of it a few weeks ago.
  8. BillM


    Congratulations West! I have been winding down with a plan to fully retire in about 2 years.
  9. BillM

    My first bluebird

    Great capture Bob !
  10. BillM

    My new macro lens

    Beautiful shot! Do you think they would do the same for my pre o.s. 150 2.8 :-) Which tech do I send it to for the firmware “fix” ?????
  11. BillM

    z6 and lightroom settings

    Use the Auto Picture Control and you can watch ACR default values for sharpening, noise reduction and saturation change with the scene and subject. Aggressive sharpening with noise reduction for many shots. As as been said before, it is easy enough to save your own defaults for Z6 / Z7 images...
  12. BillM

    Documenting My Father - Fuji X-Pro2

    Beautiful family story and photographs Andrew!
  13. BillM

    California State Bird

    Very nice shot Darrell! I just got back from a week in San Luis Obispo county at my sister’s house watching these guys every day in their garden.
  14. BillM

    Nikon Follow your passion video contest: Georgie Beagle's entry

    How long did she practice ? :)
  15. BillM

    California Quail

    Superb! Beautifully done, I believe that you can make a great picture with any camera.
  16. BillM

    A few Osprey shots with D500 + 500mm PF

    Wow! While I have the 200-500, I am lusting after the 500 PF. Maybe for my birthday this year :-)
  17. BillM

    Critique Shallot nine days later

  18. BillM

    Flying with Birds video

    Thanks for sharing Karen, fantastic video!
  19. BillM

    How can this be driven?

    Looking again, another thought is that the Cab may be on an air suspension so that it lifts up.
  20. BillM

    How can this be driven?

    Air or hydraulic rear suspension that can vary the ride height maybe?
  21. BillM

    Showcase Nikon Z 50mm F/1.8 S

    Thank you Bob!
  22. BillM


    Praying for you Randy. Get well soon!
  23. BillM

    Showcase Nikon Z 35mm f/1.8 S

    Very nice wide open..
  24. BillM

    Showcase Nikon Z 50mm F/1.8 S

    My first image with the lens. SOOC Jpg Stop it down a bit and the resolution seems to go on forever
  25. BillM

    Florida West Coast Reddish (White-ish?) Egret

    Wow! Stunning!
  26. BillM

    Decided to bite the bullet on the 50 mm S lens

    The 50 S may be the best 50mm lens I have ever owned. I also have the 35 S which is another modern wonder that is in the same league with the 50. The upcoming 85 S is on my wish list.
  27. BillM

    Pileated Woodpecker on a cloudy morning

    Thanks West, this is the first time that I was able to get the camera and make a picture before the bird disappeared. Thanks Alex
  28. BillM

    MFA Dance Thesis

    Superbly done Wade!
  29. BillM

    Critique Not a Birder ... 10 Photos (Owls & Smaller Birds)

    Nice set Rick! For a “non-birder” you did pretty darn good.
  30. BillM

    A few from Sun-N-Fun 2019

    Nice pictures Alex! I bet you had a great time.
  31. BillM

    Pileated Woodpecker on a cloudy morning

    Thank you Tony, Dossy, Louie, Allan, Darrell and Randy. Kind compliments from very talented photographers.
  32. BillM

    Critique SIF (Swallow in flight) - 1st feeble attempt!

    Beautiful! Excellent capture of a very elusive subject.
  33. BillM

    Cattle Egret

    Beautiful lighting and subject Dossy !
  34. BillM

    Critique Hmong man walking to market - hills near Sa Pa Vietnam

    Beautiful image Lew! I really like the faint outlines of the people walking ahead of the main subject and the overall soft and elegant composition.
  35. BillM

    Pileated Woodpecker on a cloudy morning

    Thank you Karen! The 200-500 image stabilization deserves a lot of credit for this quick hand-held grab shot.
  36. BillM

    Pileated Woodpecker on a cloudy morning

    Finally! I got a picture of a Pileated Woodpecker from our deck. Overcast and flat light, but for once the bird stuck around long enough for me to catch it in a fleeting perch on a dead branch. They normally zoom by into the brush next to the house, or alight just long enough for me to...
  37. BillM

    Nikon Z Pics Thread

    Very nice images from that combination Terri !
  38. BillM

    I'm going to miss my Costa Rica trip

    Thinking of you and praying for the best.
  39. BillM

    Nikon Z6 - Image & Discussion Thread

    That super computer in my pocket that is connected to a massive trove of knowledge also takes good pictures! I upgraded my iPhone to get dual lenses with stabilization on both of them. It takes really good pictures, does not cost as much as a higher end camera and to top that not only is the...
  40. BillM

    Nikon Z6 - Image & Discussion Thread

    Holding the sensor steady relative to the subject is probably number one. Not quite as good as a tripod but for me a lot better than un-assisted hand holding the camera. After that focus has to be #2. Certainly other factors may be at play here, but those two have to be the biggest. I...
  41. BillM

    Nikon Z6 - Image & Discussion Thread

    I am guessing that IBIS and more accurate focusing have a lot to do with the great performance of F mount primes on the Z series cameras. Pinpoint auto-focus with primes seems to work really well!
  42. BillM

    Cafe Advice Leads to a Win

    Well deserved Bobby! Congratulations.
  43. BillM

    Nikon Z7's shutter curtain light diffraction

    Interesting! I saw a blog note about the vertical line saying it was the lens and that did not make any sense to me. Your description of shutter curtain diffraction proves that it is not the lens.
  44. BillM

    Mag a Pie

    Very nice! I like it as it is.
  45. BillM

    My wife started a Health and Safety business :(

    Is this a real life example of “Yen and Yang” ? :)
  46. BillM

    I'm going to miss my Costa Rica trip

    Praying for a good outcome and looking forward to pictures from Costa Rica
  47. BillM

    Big Horn Sheep with a Too Short Lens

    Really nice picture Mark. The sheep in their environment are more interesting than a close-up of a sheep’s face.
  48. BillM

    I'm going to miss my Costa Rica trip

    Good luck Randy, wishing you the best.
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