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  1. StL_Don

    Mating ritual at Viera Wetlands...

    Exceptional poses ... beautiful light. Don
  2. StL_Don

    Best time to go

    I stay at the somewhat dumpy Super-8 or similar around I-95 and FL 50 / Cheney Highway. Usually around $45-50 / night. Just back on 50 from 95 is a water treatment / reserve that sometimes has some boids. That intersection is about half way from either Viera or Merritt. Don
  3. StL_Don

    Best time to go

    Tom, My experience is from now through February should be good. If you go that way be sure to check out Viera Wetlands at which I've had much better luck. Don
  4. StL_Don

    National Museum of the US Air Force - Part 1 Props

    Great batch of photos! Don't know if I would have had the patience for tripod AND waiting for no other visitors around. It has been several years since I was there, looks like lots of new displays - your shots are making me want to go back. Thanks for sharing. Don
  5. StL_Don

    Is the 28-70 af-s 2.8 a bad walkaround lens?

    I agree with Randy. Since I got the 24-120 f/4 I have not even mounted the 24-70 and am also considering its sale. The 24-70 is a fantastic lens, that can't be argued. But for me the versatility of wider zoom range and VRII tilt the balance to the 24-120. Don
  6. StL_Don

    Preakness question

    A rail in the frame... yes, but not one between the photog and the horses. Just saying, if it were me I wouldn't include the near rail in a possibly once in a lifetime shot at the Preakness. Don
  7. StL_Don

    Preakness question

    Mike, No offense to the above photo, but that's not what you're after. Keep the rail out of the photo unless it is behind the horse. You also won't have time to wander about... the race will be only about 2:00 and depending where you are stationed you'll get only one or two chances at the...
  8. StL_Don

    The tallest lightning conductor in the world

    I'll add another WOW to your list. Very nice. Don
  9. StL_Don

    Anybody use the new LF-4 lens caps?

    My 24-120 also had one. Didn't pay it much mind other than wondering why Nikon needed to fix something that didn't seem broken. Don
  10. StL_Don

    Cardinal close-up

    Very nice! My cardinals are too skittish... I've never gotten this close with my 500! Don
  11. StL_Don

    Oh No!

    Probably just saw a dog do something embarrassing. :-) Fun pic, thanks. Don
  12. StL_Don

    Lightroom Develop question

    Since all of LR's edits are non-destructive, even for JPG, I don't think Picassa will see them unless he first does an export. It shouldn't be long before he ditches Picassa so this shouldn't be an issue for long. Don
  13. StL_Don

    The Thinker...(Stinker)

    Poor guy... I'd be making faces too if somebody stuck a camera in my face while I was trying to dump.:biggrin: Good shot and good processing - I like the tones. This is one sure to bring some family laughs (and embarrassment) in a decade or two. Don
  14. StL_Don

    CP Filters

    While you're biting bullets give strong consideration to the Nikon CP. IMO it is the best one available. Don
  15. StL_Don

    Natacha Meunier in available light

    You never fail to amaze me. Another incredible batch of portraits. Don
  16. StL_Don

    Back from Tanzania, Africa

    Most impressive! Can't pick a favorite between 3, 5 & 6. Don
  17. StL_Don

    Busy with the studio

    Ditto what Stacey Lynn said. These are SO much better than the cookie cutter kiddie photo studio shots. I just love the expression of the girl on the left in the first shot. Don
  18. StL_Don

    ZOO: Rosmond Gifford Zoo

    #3 was worth the price of rental... very nice. The ocelot is cool, but the purple is distracting. I'm assuming that was the zoo's fault? Don
  19. StL_Don

    Showcase Nikon 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR - Part I

    D700, f/5 ISO 640 Terrhenian Sea I've not used my 14-24 2.8 since getting this lens. Not saying the IQ is the same, but the 16-35 is plenty close for me and I like the lighter weight and wider range. Don
  20. StL_Don

    D700 price is UP

    I was looking at the D7000 on Amazon yesterday and it was $1179... came back to the page today and it is $1269. Cashing in on the uncertainty in Japan for sure.
  21. StL_Don

    Some amazing photos

    Thanks Terri, amazing photos that for once I can say I'm glad I didn't take them... too scary looking. :-)
  22. StL_Don

    85 f1.8 ruined?

    I'd find out, if you can, from the previous owner just how old it is. If it is under 5 years old I'd compose a nice letter to Nikon asking their assistance in this highly unusual failure. Good Luck Don
  23. StL_Don

    FTN & D Series Lenses?

    The D lenses don't have the meter coupling connector that you'll need. Other than that they will mount and work. Don
  24. StL_Don

    Business name - use your actual name, or not?

    I agree. I do horse photography, my business name is Hoof Pics. I also include my name on just about everything. Don
  25. StL_Don

    DNG: moving from NX2, question?

    I'm finding more and more that with all the adjustments, including local, that can be done with LR and ACR I'm having less and less use for CS5. On the occasions where I do make extensive CS5 adjustments I save a PSD... it isn't that big of a deal. BTW - ACR has gotten so good I don't miss NX2 a...
  26. StL_Don

    Showcase Nikon 200mm f/2 VR - Part II

    Cool shot of the pole bender! That used to be my favorite speed event back when I did that sort of stuff. Don
  27. StL_Don

    Showcase Nikon 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR - Part I

    I just did the same thing - Venice to Rome and used the 16-35 quite a bit. I'm very seriously thinking of selling the 14-24. The IQ isn't quite there, but for me the FL range is much better. An in real life (at least mine) the IQ isn't going to make a lick of difference. Don
  28. StL_Don

    I've messed up Bridge and need help please

    Thank you RFC!! I have to relearn that every time I reinstall my CS4 programs. I WISH Adobe would provide us with a migration tool that would make this all so much easier. Don
  29. StL_Don

    I've messed up Bridge and need help please

    I moved to Win 7 64 and did a clean install of the OS and reinstalled all my Adobe products. I've pretty much gotten everything behaving as it did before with the exception of Bridge. Before when I double clicked a NEF ACR would open - and when I pressed Enter NX2 would open. Now no matter...
  30. StL_Don

    Roseate Spoonbills

    Those are super - color, light, saturation... all aspects top notch! Don
  31. StL_Don

    How about an informal MI7 ?

    Ill probably be in the neighborhood early Feb. Right now I'm in FL, but it is TFC. I'm going home and coming back toward the end of the month. I was at Venice last week and it was VERY quiet. I didn't even get the camera out of the car. Maybe I was early or just caught a quiet day...
  32. StL_Don

    Paris Christmas Holiday 2009 (Warning way more than 5 images)

    Thanks for the tour, most enjoyable! Don
  33. StL_Don

    A few Fligits...

    Very good job. I like the comp of the formation shot. Don't get to see a Tiger Cat every day or a pair of P-38's... at least not at the shows I attend. Thanks for sharing them. Don
  34. StL_Don

    Wakodahatchee Wetlands, FL

    Good job on the photos, especially the duck... they're usually too fast for me :-) Looks like a great location - how does it compare to Viera? Can you drive through it? Don
  35. StL_Don

    Masked Duck at Viera

    Cool quacker Jessie - I've never seen one of them. Hopefully he'll still be there when I'm in the area next month. Merry Christmas!! Don
  36. StL_Don

    Florida the week after Christmas

    I'm headed down next week too, but I'll be on the West coast. I'll assume you're looking for birding opportunities. Merrit Island and Viera Wetlands are two good places to shoot. Both are in the Cocoa / Space Coast area. If you do get to the West side Ding Darling NWP on Sanibel Island is...
  37. StL_Don

    What do you think about the composition?

    I'd be interested in seeing how it looked with 2/3 or so of the foreground gone, creating a wide crop. Don
  38. StL_Don

    Another Milestone

    How the time has flown! May God continue to smile upon them and your family. Don
  39. StL_Don

    Enlarging Photos to 19"x13"

    That often happens to skies... I'm sure there's a reason, but it escapes me. You can try selecting the sky with in PS and then either using the blur tool or one of the blur filters to help even out the area. Don
  40. StL_Don

    The Removal or the Deactivation of Adobe Gamma

    I don't have 7, but with Vista you can run MSCONFIG, go to the startup tab and uncheck Adobe Gamma. You could also try uninstalling it. Are you sure it is installed? IIRC, my most recent Adobe products haven't even tried to install it. Don
  41. StL_Don

    Taking an 8-12 hr road trip...need suggestions on

    I always bring along lots of old time radio shows... stuff like Fibber McGee, The Shadow... stuff like that. Really helps the time fly by. You can download lots of programming here: Have a safe trip. Don
  42. StL_Don

    Pricing On For Sale Fourms

    That all depends on the item. If it is a lens that originally was $800, then you're talking half price and worth it. If it is an $8,000 super tele then it ain't much of a deal. Don
  43. StL_Don

    One day in London

    Most enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your day in London. Don
  44. StL_Don

    Ice Skating: 42nd Golden Spin of Zagreb

    Wow and outstanding have already been used, but I can't come up with anything better. Most enjoyable! Don
  45. StL_Don

    Annoying words or phrases used in photo forums

    Cream Machine Beast Wigma Dirty Thirty .... just about any cute name people come up with for their equipment. And then there's Alot or the Allot variation. and all the other made up words that permeate the Internet. Don
  46. StL_Don

    Inca Trail to Machu Pichu

    I was there last summer and NOBODY checked my bag or anyone else's in my family. My wife and nephew both had medium sized backpacks, nobody gave them a look. I saw nothing saying that there was a 200mm limit. I had a 300mm with me. Not saying it isn't the case, just reporting my...
  47. StL_Don

    Finally! Pics of my 8X10.

    :biggrin: LOL :biggrin:
  48. StL_Don

    extention rings/tubes

    Kenko makes a set, which I have, that work with just about any Nikkor lens including AFS. You may want to take a look at them too. Don
  49. StL_Don

    Crash landing at Bosque!!!

    Great captures... if boids can be embarrassed, I'm sure that guy was. They look pretty level to me. Don
  50. StL_Don

    Fooling around with macro

    Woody on the book from the rear is my favorite. Shame he isn't just a tad sharper. Don
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