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  1. Ryanhawkerxp

    J3 Cub

    Fun to shut down the engine and airstart....
  2. Ryanhawkerxp

    Published by National Geographic

    Goes to show that there are no boundaries if one has passion in their craft. Great job!
  3. Ryanhawkerxp

    Your Favorite Pen?

    Being on the road flying and overnight 170 nights a year I would bring back the BIC pens. You get 2 a day. If they were blue ink I would leave them.
  4. Ryanhawkerxp

    National Geographic "Daily Dozen"

    Great shot!
  5. Ryanhawkerxp

    Amazed at how bad some people are at taking photos...

    In most cases when I had someone else take the shot it was messed up.
  6. Ryanhawkerxp

    RC Jets and Warbirds

    Great models and shooting!
  7. Ryanhawkerxp

    1961 Piper PA-31 Navajo

  8. Ryanhawkerxp

    First night sky

    Man that is one small silo! :-)
  9. Ryanhawkerxp

    Heart surgery

    Use the pillow! I found out the hard way 1 week after surgery ,that sneeze about put me in orbit!
  10. Ryanhawkerxp

    D700 what is your maximum clean ISO?

    Go to Dave Black photography, find "Weekend at the ranch" October 2008'. He has a lot of Milky Way shots with the D3and D700. It is light painting but if you use his exposures for the stars you should do fine.
  11. Ryanhawkerxp

    Ham Radio?

    Got my Ham License a year ago. Tech in December and General in January.Will get Extra this winter. Call is K3WDR.
  12. Ryanhawkerxp

    [EXPIRED] Sigma 50-500mm F4-6.3 EX DG HSM (Non OS) $675.00 OBO

    Bump. Last reduction. Will keep it if it doesn't sell.
  13. Ryanhawkerxp

    [EXPIRED] Sigma 50-500mm F4-6.3 EX DG HSM (Non OS) $675.00 OBO

    Very good condition. Comes with Original Box, Case, Hood, Lens Caps,Tripod Foot and Tiffen UV Filter. Was sent to Sigma for a checkup in 2010 they changed out the HSM (I didn't know it was defective) Autofocus spot on. Used maybe 3 or 4 times. And just for funtional checks since 2010.Great for...
  14. Ryanhawkerxp

    Mike Parker - recuperating from triple bypass

    Wishing you a quick recovery. USE THE PILLOW! My experience was good as far as pain went, only thing was nobody explained the pillow. I thought it was a souvenir until about a week and a half after surgery. Was watching TV and had a sneeze came on and I thought I was going to go through the...
  15. Ryanhawkerxp

    How much do YOU know...?

    Got 75.76%. Might of done better If I slowed down.
  16. Ryanhawkerxp

    How much do YOU know...?

    Got 75.76%. Might of done better I I slowed down.
  17. Ryanhawkerxp

    That's not just a full moon this week, it's a 'supermoon'

    Sky and Telescope says 8% closer and .16 magnitude brighter.
  18. Ryanhawkerxp

    WW II.......... Kodak 4x5s

    Very nice!
  19. Ryanhawkerxp

    Anyone into M1 Garands and restoring old rifles?

    Got to get one someday. My dad carried one all over North Africa and Italy. He had high regards for that weapon.
  20. Ryanhawkerxp

    anyone else fly aircraft as a past time ?

    Started flying and soloed at 16 in 1970. Have ATP typed in HS-125, Lr-Jet and C525(s) single pilot authorized . 18,000tt,6000 jet,12,000 turbine. CFI ASMELI, Currently A Part 135 check airman and chief pilot. Mentor pilot and trained Craig Fuller President and CEO of AOPA in the CJ3.
  21. Ryanhawkerxp

    Stinson at SunNFun

    Nice Stinson easy flying aircraft.
  22. Ryanhawkerxp

    Senior Citizen Discount

    I can remember one time I cancelled after walking into the lobby of one place. I have had good luck with Marriott and Hilton properties. I try to keep it at least Gold status as it helps getting what type room I want. But that only happens when you spend a lot of time on the road.. At Courtyards...
  23. Ryanhawkerxp

    College Degree or not

    Is your Dads shop in his home?
  24. Ryanhawkerxp

    D800 high iso capabilities

    I'll sit this one out. Happy with the D700.
  25. Ryanhawkerxp

    D800E at B+H

    Nice price.
  26. Ryanhawkerxp

    So what is "refurbished by Nikon"

    Cameta has an EBay store. Bought several bodies from them. No problem. Bought a refurb D90 and it had 27 actuations.90 day Nikon and 1 year Cameta Warantee. B+H sells refurbs also.
  27. Ryanhawkerxp

    Worried about Worry .

    A lot of stuff going on but it looks like you are handling the turbulence well. "This too will pass".
  28. Ryanhawkerxp

    Some old never processed Opa-Locka

    There would be no 208 if Fedex never ordered them.
  29. Ryanhawkerxp

    Unsung Hero

    Reminds me a little of Bert Mustin.
  30. Ryanhawkerxp

    Getting from Herndon/Reston to Smithsonian and back?

    Depending when it is I could pick you up,I am due for another visit.
  31. Ryanhawkerxp

    Last post from Desmond

    Congrats! Haven't checked here in a while and saw the good news.
  32. Ryanhawkerxp

    Reno Air Race crash

    I have taken the time to look at Naptowns link.Wish I did this more often. Same trim tab side and almost the same scenario. This will be helpful to the NTSB.
  33. Ryanhawkerxp

    Reno Air Race crash

    I think Naptown has a good theory on the accident. If the trim tab lets loose at 400+ on an aircraft that neutral trim is maybe 250 or so that might be the result IMHO. We will know in about a year.
  34. Ryanhawkerxp

    Which Generator?

    What is the typical install price on that Briggs unit?
  35. Ryanhawkerxp

    Am I romantic or what !!!!

    Did you get her a pair of safety glasses?? Very nice shot by the way.
  36. Ryanhawkerxp

    Kudos to B&H ..... again

    +1 here. Because of my location I can count on getting my order the next day at 18:00 if I order by 14:30. In fact I ordered a Zoom last Friday PM and got it Monday morning.
  37. Ryanhawkerxp

    Flight to 7PA3 Tried Some HDR

    I was going for that just to see what it would do. I haven't worked on any bracketed shots yet. Just experimenting. Thanks.
  38. Ryanhawkerxp

    Flight to 7PA3 Tried Some HDR

    Flew to this field twice last week. It is 4000' long and has a 1000' displaced threshold landing south. I landed north and departed south. To get to the ramp you go up a steep grade. Looking North Looking South...
  39. Ryanhawkerxp

    Japanese Zero

    Shot these in Lebanon NH last week at 0530. Ran the single shots through Photomatrix. D700 ASigma 24-60 2.8. 200ASA.
  40. Ryanhawkerxp

    Dan Rather visits Kabul, Afghanistan

    Did you ask him what the frequency was? Thanks for your service.
  41. Ryanhawkerxp

    'Nikon Hightest In Online Customer Satisfation'

    Looks like a tie to me between Nikon and Canon.
  42. Ryanhawkerxp

    Waterhole Shot

    Another iteration. A little straightening. Rlacy had it right.
  43. Ryanhawkerxp

    Waterhole Shot

    Had no choice about the limb. If I moved elements would be left out. I guess I will add a chain saw to my kit.
  44. Ryanhawkerxp

    Waterhole Shot

    D700 24-60mm 2.8/ ASA200/60mm/F11/ .5 second.
  45. Ryanhawkerxp

    Waterfall and Waterhole Near Covington VA

    Thank you!Lots of contrast and my copilot didn't want to wait for the sun to cooperate.
  46. Ryanhawkerxp

    Waterfall and Waterhole Near Covington VA

    D700 Sigma 24-60 2.8 24MM/F11/1/60th D700/24-60-2.8 F8/42mm/1/200
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