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  1. Mike Z

    Download From D300 to ipad?

    Thanks Quicklook. The Apple Store made it seem like the camera connector is an SD card reader itself. You're saying that it creates a usb port? Mike
  2. Mike Z

    Download From D300 to ipad?

    I haven't been photographically active lately, but I moving in the direction of starting up again. I'm making my first foray into apple computing (beyond my iphone) with an iPad. I know it isn't much in the way of Apple computing but it is a start. If I am on a trip, will I be able to download...
  3. Mike Z

    Your best 2010 Landscape shot

    The French town of Eze Village off the Mediterranean coast:
  4. Mike Z

    Share your Topaz Adjust pics

    Thanks Catz. I used Topaz Adjust 4. Mike
  5. Mike Z

    Share your Topaz Adjust pics

    Thanks Terri
  6. Mike Z

    Paris in the summer time is simply magical (Warning 13 images)

    Saint Eustache Neat image! Mike
  7. Mike Z

    Banff and Glacier NP

    Really nice photos, Rich. Thanks for sharing. Mike
  8. Mike Z

    Lotus Flowers

    Thanks, Mark. I agree that the first one is the stronger of the two. Mike
  9. Mike Z

    Lotus Flowers

    Thanks, That's what I get for listening to my wife.:redface:
  10. Mike Z

    Lotus Flowers

    Lotus flowers are great photo subjects. Hope you enjoy. Mike
  11. Mike Z

    Paris is a feast for the senses

    Brings back wonderful memories. Great shots. Mike
  12. Mike Z

    Review of iPhone 4 Camera as a P&S

    This article seemed to be of more general interest than would exist in the Apple Computers section of the Technical Forum. If I'm incorrect hopefully the moderators will move it. Mike
  13. Mike Z

    Travel Notebook Recommendation

    Didn't see your earlier thread, but I agree with your conclusions wholeheartedly. I've had mine for 6 months now and it continues to exceed my expectations. I just loaded CS 5 64 bit and had no problem. It's easy to see why you can't find them at many sites. I think they sell out as soon as...
  14. Mike Z

    Travel Notebook Recommendation

    Hi Virginia, Because of its input capability, I think it's more useful for photographic purposes than an ipad, yet you're able to stash it in a suitcase or bag almost as quickly. As I mentioned, it only weighs 3 lbs. and is quite small. It's very reasonably priced, too. Mike
  15. Mike Z

    Travel Notebook Recommendation

    If you're looking for a small travel notebook computer I highly recommend the Acer 1810T. It's basic specifications are: * 1.3GHz Intel Core2 Duo SU7300 Processor * 4096MB DDR2 667MHz Memory * 320GB SATA Hard Drive, Intel WiFi Link 1000 802.11b/g/Draft-N, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR...
  16. Mike Z

    Paris -- Another View

    You're probably right on the fountain art, I just don't recall it being on the plaza. The woman begging is next to the Musee D'orsay on the Seine side. You're really good at recognizing the locations. I, on the other hand, got lost returning from the Centre Pompidou to the Metro -- I...
  17. Mike Z

    Paris -- Another View

    Dude, thanks, very astute observations as to locations. Actually the fountain art was a block or two away. :smile: Dave, thanks for the kind words. Mike
  18. Mike Z

    Paris -- Another View

    It appears there were many of us in Paris during the past month. I was there for a few days, and having been there before, did not go to the must see spots but found many subjects that caught my eye. Thanks for looking. Mike
  19. Mike Z

    Help with Darkened Image Problem (Solved)

    Further research gave me the answer. This solved the problem for me: Right click the Desktop, then click: Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Colour Management > Colour Management > Advanced> Perceptual (photo images): Set to Photography
  20. Mike Z

    Help with Darkened Image Problem (Solved)

    I have a real problem that perhaps someone will be able to help me with. I have a notebook running Windows 7. On both CS 4 and CS 5, in Bridge and PS, a second or two after a thumbnail and preview in Bridge, or an image in PS is loaded, it darkens (particularly the R, G and B). I don't think...
  21. Mike Z

    Pescadero Morning

    This shot was taken in the morning at Pescadero Beach, which is about 40 miles south of San Francisco on the California Coast. I hope you enjoy it. Mike
  22. Mike Z

    Big Sur Morning

    I took this shot on a morning visit to Garapatta State Park in the Big Sur. I hope you enjoy it. Although the iceberg plant is just ground cover, I always enjoy seeing it. Mike
  23. Mike Z

    Art Viewing Life Viewing Art

    From a recent trip to the art museum. Hope you like it. Mike
  24. Mike Z

    Ah... Venice!

    Beautiful shot. Great composition and color. Mike
  25. Mike Z

    Valley of light

    Great shot Doug, very dramatic and well conceived. Mike
  26. Mike Z


    All are wonderful, but to me, the second one standing alone is a great image. Congratulations on the series. Mike
  27. Mike Z

    At the Museum

    Thanks Oscar, Jeff and Rui. And Rui, thanks for the welcome back. I don't know how you're able to shoot, day (and night) after day. Mike
  28. Mike Z

    At the Museum

    Haven't posted in a little while, but haven't shot much either. I went to the art museum over the weekend and brought my camera. I thought this was an interesting image shot into a glass sculpture. I hope you find it interesting, too. Mike
  29. Mike Z

    More Fall in the Adirondacks

    Love the first 2 images both for color and composition. Not so sure about the third.
  30. Mike Z

    Wall Flower

    Mike and Tom, Thanks for your nice comments. Mike
  31. Mike Z

    Wall Flower

    Certain shots look good on a wall framed. In our house this is one of them. Thanks for looking. Mike
  32. Mike Z

    Vermont foliage 2009 - Day 1

    All beautiful shots. Great work. Mike
  33. Mike Z

    mesa arch

    A classic shot, but executed to perfection. Well done. Mike
  34. Mike Z

    Midwest Woodlands Stream

    Thanks Dog Thanks Alan. On Old Elm between 41 and Greenbay. South side of street. Mike
  35. Mike Z

    Midwest Woodlands Stream

    We've been having great weather here in the Chicago area (before today). I saw this view when passing over a bridge in the northern suburbs the other day. I was lucky to have my camera with me. Thanks for looking. Mike
  36. Mike Z

    16-85vr Overpriced?

    I think the resale value of Nikon lenses more than makes up their extra cost. Mike
  37. Mike Z

    Miami Graffiti (I)

    Thanks for sharing these Alex. Nice shots. Mike
  38. Mike Z

    Lower Antelope Slot Canyon

    Well done David. Beautiful shots. Mike
  39. Mike Z

    Reputable Dealers other than the Big three?

    Another vote for Norman Camera in Kalamazoo. Mike
  40. Mike Z

    Fields, Guyeres, Switzerland

    Beautiful shot. It must have been breathtaking to actually be there. Mike
  41. Mike Z

    Back Light Blooms

    Thanks to all for your suggestions. I usually post on the Landscape Board and shoot for large prints. I'm not used to this tight a shot on a 12x18 print. Here is the cropped shot. Mike
  42. Mike Z

    Pink Lotus

    Sam, Thanks for your suggestion. I agree with your thought. At the time, my thinking was that I wanted to be sure the entire flower was in focus and I was using a long lens so I used f10. I was afraid if I stopped down further, I would lose the edge to edge sharpness on the flower. Even at...
  43. Mike Z

    Pink Lotus

    I visited a pond over the weekend that had a number of lotus plants. It was early morning and the sun had just risen high enough for this first one to open. I needed the near instantaneous shutter release of a DSLR since it was breezy and I had to capture the image as the flower was moving in...
  44. Mike Z

    Back Light Blooms

    Thanks for your thought. I've asked around and I think you're correct. Dahlia it is. Thanks for the nice comment. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. Mike
  45. Mike Z

    A few suburban buildings (24-70)

    Glenn, I love the simplicity of all of the shots, but the first shot really grabbed me. Great choices. Well done. Mike
  46. Mike Z

    Back Light Blooms

    I shot this back light scene from a little distance and don't know the name of the flower. Perhaps someone can help me. Mike
  47. Mike Z

    Bales Of Straw and a beautiful sunset...

    I go for number 1. Color, composition, and lighting make the photo. Mike
  48. Mike Z

    "Unconditional Surrender" in Sarasota

    Neat shot, Alex. I was wondering what interested you in the shot until I saw number 3. Very nice. Mike
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