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  1. bpdougd

    Critique Spectacular iceberg - Newfoundland - VIDEO link added

    All are excellent but I like the processing on #10.
  2. bpdougd

    Critique "The Cathedral of the Confederacy"...Richmond

    From Lincoln's second inaugural address, IIRC. Lovely images, as always, Glenn.
  3. bpdougd

    MAC PRO strange bootup from cold start

    Thanks for the update. Good information.
  4. bpdougd

    Should we have more group posting threads in the Image Galleries?

    We used to have a "competition" thread here on the Cafe. IIRC it was discontinued over controversy and grumpiness about favoritism and complaints that it was a popularity contest.
  5. bpdougd

    Site upgrade feedback, bugs, and requests thread

    Sort of like chem lab without the, ahem, mishaps.
  6. bpdougd

    Z6 and Nikon 300 just fine!

    Agreed. The colors and feather detail are outstanding.
  7. bpdougd

    Showcase Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 E ED AF-P VR DX/FX (model 20068)

    I've been a Prime member for decades and find Amazon far better at customer service than most. Near instant response via chat, refunds without the hassle of returning defective items of lower value, intervention with 3rd party merchants.
  8. bpdougd

    NW Colorado wildflowers

    It is usually quiet. The wildflowers were at their peak between Memorial Day and mid-June but thanks to periodic evening showers they have persisted longer than usual.
  9. bpdougd

    NW Colorado wildflowers

    Thanks, Mike. The time was less of a problem than the wind.
  10. bpdougd

    NW Colorado wildflowers

    We were at our cabin last week. I did not plan on any photography other than some quick pics of the grand kids so I tossed the D5600 into the back seat along with my small camera bag that usually accompanies the D5600. By sheer luck the Tamron macro lens was in the bag. The week was "booked"...
  11. bpdougd

    Z 6 Is TERRIBLE At Sports and Action Shots!!!!

    Is "rasslin" considered an actual sport? :rolleyes: Very well done, BTW.
  12. bpdougd

    Microsoft Scam

    They can block calls from her number to her number. As noted above this is called spoofing. Just call the customer service number and get them to block it.
  13. bpdougd

    Microsoft Scam

    Contact your cell provider and have them block the number. No ill effects from blocking your own number.
  14. bpdougd

    My stroke

    OK, now I HAVE to see the ferry that will float that to your destination. Makes my old 12' Starcraft pop-up seem like a toy.
  15. bpdougd

    My stroke

    This IS a photography forum, Karen. We need pictures of that impressive camping rig.
  16. bpdougd


    We're the government and you're not. How can this possibly stand? Texas court says state institutions can use copyrighted material for free
  17. bpdougd

    The Winning Photos of the 2019 Nat Geo Travel Photo Contest

    I saw this elsewhere. I really like the Cities winner with one caveat. I find the vehicle (bottom left foreground) distracting.
  18. bpdougd

    Critique Martin Grand J-28LSE Concert acoustic-electric guitar

    Lovely work. This is a $4200 guitar (although now discontinued by Martin). On photo #3 I find the slight shadow of the tuning posts in the middle of the headstock a little distracting. Other than that nit, very well lit.
  19. bpdougd

    Z7 to MacBook by USB

    Image Capture, BTW, is an ancient Mac application. It is roughly analogous in antiquity to MS Paint.
  20. bpdougd

    Z7 to MacBook by USB

    Latest version of DXO allegedly supports Z nefs.
  21. bpdougd

    Question about graphics card

    Primal dread: You have just repaired a bulk power supply on a $500,000 computer (in 1980 dollars), a bulk supply that needs 3-phase power that can accommodate 480 amps of inrush current, a bulk supply that has 5 farads of storage capacitance. Now your index finger hovers just millimeters from...
  22. bpdougd

    Question about graphics card

    Known in the electronics repair trade as a smoke test. ;)
  23. bpdougd

    Quality of adapter?

    I tried the same combo last week at our cabin. For me, it worked sometimes. Cycling between the info screen or the LV screen and the EVF a couple of times seemed to "wake up" the lens and then the image in the EVF was correct. AF was wonky in that I needed to manually focus first and then the AF...
  24. bpdougd

    My stroke

    Watching and avoiding are two entirely different activities.
  25. bpdougd

    What happens if you stop your subscription to Photoshop CC?

    I need Photoshop for, well, a lot of stuff not the least of which is repairing old photos. So, I will have Photoshop even if I sell all my cameras. Since the cheapest way for me to get Photoshop is via the "photographer bundle" I get Lightroom sort of for free. I happen to like Lightroom but if...
  26. bpdougd

    My stroke

    Great assignment. Hopefully Mike Buckley will chime in with some of his favorite recipes. IIRC none that he has shared so far has been low calorie or low fat. ;)
  27. bpdougd

    My stroke

    Jeez Jim, had no idea. So great to hear that you are doing well. Take your time recovering.
  28. bpdougd

    Causing controversy!

    I remember push-processing Tri-X and using the increased grain for artistic effect. Same idea. The whole idea is to "try it". If you don't like the results, try something else.
  29. bpdougd

    New Mac Pro

    New Mac Pro. Fully spec'd at around $35k. I may preorder two. :rolleyes: Apple's new Mac Pro: You win some, you lose some. But mostly, you win | ZDNet
  30. bpdougd

    CS #655 - Anything about music

    Timely theme for me. Heading to Red Rocks in Denver tomorrow for a Bela Fleck concert. I've seen Bela a number of times but, although I've lived in Colorado 40 years I've never attended a concert at Red Rocks. Probably will only have the cell phone camera but hope to get something worthy of...
  31. bpdougd

    A father's tale...long...

    Wow. Hard to argue with your pick.
  32. bpdougd

    Z7's Large File Slows Down PC Processing

    Can you not disable the send-a-copy-to-the-cloud? I use the "Classic" version of Lightroom CC and never use Adobe's cloud storage. Regarding import, as Ann_JS notes, LR copies the files to a folder location you can control via the import dialog. This is no different than any of the other...
  33. bpdougd

    A father's tale...long...

    The "substantial" introduction was fascinating but the images tell the story. They scream "this guy has done this before". :-)) Some of the best stage/theater shooting I've seen. Thanks for sharing. And, FWIW, your daughter has a pretty awesome dad. Father's day card better be really good.
  34. bpdougd

    Life is Like a Camera

    Life Is Like A Camera sounds like a neat theme for the Collective Shoot.
  35. bpdougd


    Most overcook, especially pork. If you are paranoid use a meat thermometer. With pork ribs of all sorts I first boil in a big stock pot (vinegar, water, salt, pepper, bay leaf) for about an hour. At this point they are safe to eat but not very tasty. I pat them down with paper towels and then...
  36. bpdougd

    new play

    That's really good. Good sports photography captures a moment. It's a good photo if the moment captured tells a story without words. This photo does that brilliantly.
  37. bpdougd


    It's National Wine Day. Time to up our game.
  38. bpdougd

    Life is Like a Camera

    You've got your adorable posse. Anything else is gravy. Happy birthday.
  39. bpdougd

    Nikon Z6 - Image & Discussion Thread

    I got this one: So far it has worked flawlessly.
  40. bpdougd

    Even Yoda...

    A grandchild you need. Available I am. Too cute.
  41. bpdougd

    R.I.P. Niki Lauda

    My eras of F1 fandom were the '60's and 70's. Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart and who can forget Graham Hill with that ridiculous pencil-thin mustache. The thing I remember about Rindt is that he won the 1970 championship posthumously. Phil Hill is memorable to me as the first American...
  42. bpdougd

    105 f/2.8 Micro Nikkor VR vs. D Question

    I had the D version and it was sharp with very good OOF areas in the background. I never compared it to the latest VR version.
  43. bpdougd

    USA emissions testing -obd2 plug

    I know of no state in the US that does roadside emissions testing (with the possible exception of spot checks done on commercial vehicles when they are stopped to check safety gear, compliance with load limits and proper driver paperwork) and certainly not with an OBD port reader. It is pretty...
  44. bpdougd

    Nikon Z6 - Image & Discussion Thread
  45. bpdougd


    Sounds like McDonald's house label.
  46. bpdougd

    V2.0 Firmware Available for Z6 / Z7 – Includes Eye-Detect

    I'll have a chance to test the firmware update and my slowly growing understanding of the Z series AF tomorrow afternoon. Grandkids have an afternoon Dance Bash in the gym. Lots of little bodies darting around in marginal light. Challenging and interesting.
  47. bpdougd

    Nikon Z6 - Image & Discussion Thread

    Decided to take a chance on this lens. You can find cheaper and arguably "better" MF lenses (used) that work via the FTZ adapter. But for a "native" S-mount lens, this little guy is a bargain IMO. Got it this morning and finally got a chance to put it on the Z6. Our ancient crab apple tree is in...
  48. bpdougd


  49. bpdougd

    Scotland gives way to Kentucky

    Next time we are in CA I'll take you up on your kind offer.
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