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    Roll 33

    yep, this a cool photograph as it is, like the landscape aspect of a portrait of your son at work... KB25 is something i want to like, but have not had much luck with it overall the few times i've tried.
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    Roll 32

    ....shooting marbles... uh....i'll take your D32 over your D3 anyday...:wink:
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    12,31,07 Self, Portrait

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    Afternoon Work Break

    Good! like the tonals curious how much open space this building and court emits
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    I'm still not comfortable ...

    man i like the 'quote' tool....adjust what someone else has said:cool: first, i do not think it is a boring photograph. i'm not sure about the male figure, you know more than i, but he seems OK with it here, so i can see him, he is a contrast to the female figure, its possible the male figure...
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    Five Shadows

    i do not like the idea that cropping a photo is a useful tool. i want the full frame of film. if 'cropping' can be done with-in the viewfinder, or by changing a prime focal length, or by changeing position, then i consider the 'crop' as part of composition. i also think any one useing a camera...
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    Five Shadows

    ...and besides number one, as previously commented on, numbers two and five work well for me in terms of shadow angles, both strong in terms of diagonals and 'fields' of shadow as well as fields of substrate texture, number three, on the other hand, has an appeal in its structural components and...
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    This must be psychological.

    ....suggest switching to 120 film size,...not so many frames to mess up:smile:
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    Five Shadows

    i do like that first photograph, nicely rich black, this'a fave. and yeh,...doorways are a favrite subject
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    I'm still not comfortable ...

    balanced well in frame soft focus for good skin surface normal development yields normal, nice texture what's (not) to still not be comfortable?
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    pondpump i was completely disapointed in this film after scanning last summer, i've looked at it again, and sort of like it a bit, but only a small bite, like most of the films i developed the past twelve months, very few frames came out, and i only had one month with no film,...there was...
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    self portrait:opening the door for the wife

    OM2 Zuiko2,8/24mm
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    gravelbarge yard

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    Hay Ride

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    my FM arrived!

    hey cool on the new FM! now the challenge is to go use it every day,...expose film and develop it yourself. i started with TX 400 about this time last year, my goal was to shoot and develop 25 rolls before trying another film,..someone on this forum suggested i shoot 100 rolls instead...
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    Is it worth getting in to film with a Nikon F6?

    yeh..i think Chris said it good..if you want an F6 buy it. my last camera purchase was a 1965 Nikon F, got a cool single coated 50mm f2 lens, and the camera body came with a waistlevel viewfinder, all for $175. its worn and aand could use a shutter tune-up, but it is the only Nikon camera that...
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    Whoah! Five lights!'ll probably never be the same after this Portraiture class...and that'll probably be a good thing! i like the results here. your film choice makes for luscious grain, great frameline, and the figure's step up for a good stance.As to the camera being utilized...
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    Cove near OysterPen PreTwighlite

    Thanx Ray and Chris...bare bones, simple lines horizontals, beach sky water. most of the 20 frames did not work at all. this one only comes close to working for me because the water surface is approaching a creamy smoothness that i want to effect..slowing the shutter down more and more, this...
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    Cove near OysterPen PreTwighlite

    F 28mmf3.5PC f16 Acros Rodinal
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    Snapshot with artifact...OOPS..burnt shutter

    i missed the UPS delivery today, must have been in the shower:frown: a required signature package from N.J., been missing the Leica since i burned the shutter curtain in october. this from a street roll in the Nikon F, guess i was standing still here:biggrin:
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    Masqualier's session

    nice set. the first and last photograph bookend the set well.
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    well..i..uh..was not actually implying anything...that is..uh..the implication of the comment...that is, what was said..was..well to suggest..that is, it was not a suggestive notion, but was meant to imply the placement of the left side figure within the frame of the photographer's perspective...
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    Stairs on Stilts

    very subtle color on this film, i could almost see it as BW. curious how the shadows are more stilt-like than the actual stilts...the upper left corner with the blue cast to pleasant, within the color subtlety
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    Swimming Against The Tide...

    oh yes, i like the first photograph! cloudwork on top of the sea has got the good tonals, i don't read omminous at all, but beautiful sky
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    hey good..i'm assuming full frame no crop...the placement of the right and left figure is perfect for my eye, female figure's hair and location of eye, and chest exposure with the shape of bright article of do i say it....and then the tone of the shirt on the right figure...
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    Water lily.

    yeh agree, i like the color for the sake of the color, and the color made me just now think of what it might be like if you were able to take a photo of a small pool, or area of several of these lilys...sort of like that french painter...ah..let me think..uh..MONET
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    blur walk by shewting

    i understand. i do however think, that everyone is sitting too close to their monitors, and that by standing back about 18 feet makes this image snap right into place....:biggrin:
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    Mom on Thanksgiving

    Very good ! Chris...the barefeet add grounding to this portrait...strong
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    Hasselblad Joy!

    really cool Edd...what do you think about the VC compared to the NC?
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    Now I want these!

    some info here:
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    The bagman and me

    Ray, yes, Chris says it best, so I agree with what he says! like it alot.
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    Now I want these!

    I've got the pancake 45mm f2.8, and it makes for a nicely compact FM2, FM3. That Ultron 40mm will be kewl.
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    Texture Differences ...

    I might know this, but, I'm not sure I know the rules...and ignorance of the rules is no excuse!! Contextually, the sequence of these two photographs, permits me to react emotionally to what i view, and, although, as a practicing photographic hobbyist, i want to view a photograph for its...
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    blur walk by shewting

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    Texture Differences ...

    the first photo describes an aspect of architecture that pleases my eye, while the second photograph depicts modern quick-built structure that i associate with a throw-away society. the texture differences in these two photographs do illicit my likes/dislikes, to the point that i don't even...
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    2 more women, no bar

    remains a good question. the figure in question sure has interesting body language going on...but, i can not read her, but she is a good scene..and the lamp shade is vibrant and complimentary.
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    Blur Figure

    Thanks Ray..i'm not sure why they sequenced this way... first two are Neopan SS, the third is Neopan SuperPresto at 800
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    Blur Figure

    yehhh...i would have discarded because of the blur, but i could make some sense out of the sparcity with in the blur...I don't know why
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    Figure watching Figure watching Figure

    Thanx Matthew! Fuji Neopan SS developed in Xtol 100ml with 300ml distilled H2O, plus 4ml of Rodinal...and since i had a roll of Neopan SuperPresto at 800 in the same can, i chose a time of 9 min, with 30 second agit intervals...
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    Figure watching Figure watching Figure

    hey Thanx Julien!..
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    Figures at City Lights

    Thanx Ray...i had an english 1 teacher say that one had to know the rules of writing before one could break the rules...
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    Figure watching Figure watching Figure

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    Figures at City Lights

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    2 more women, no bar

    yeh...she's hooting at the is a nice light fixture in this scene
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    Rounded off the collection...

    nice deal on the F/F2! i've been playing with an F that has a waist level finder recently
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    Blur Figure

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    Landscape on Speed

    Thanx Ray..yeh its a herd of some-such buffaloes or bison..maybe cattles
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    Landscape on Speed

    Thanx Matthew
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