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  1. MiriamJ

    Two From Jerome, AZ

    I agree, the 2nd one is stunning!
  2. MiriamJ

    Critique Cloudy Moon

    I think the light shining though the clouds adds something to the picture. I like it.
  3. MiriamJ

    ****'s Creek Falls

    I think the 2nd shot is probably technically better, but I like the softness of the first one best. Both beautiful.
  4. MiriamJ

    CS #664 - My Town

    That huge cloud really grabs your attention. Reminder that we should be using the CPL more.
  5. MiriamJ

    CS #664 - My Town

    Thanks, it is a great mural!
  6. MiriamJ

    CS #664 - My Town

    Paul, I especially enjoyed the peacefulness of the last 2. What a beautiful, restful place to live.
  7. MiriamJ

    CS #664 - My Town

    Thank you! Kingman was an early mining community. You can still can see the ruts in the rock from the wagon wheels hauling the ore. These days, it's a stopover for people visiting places like the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, etc., or those visiting the old 66 hwy. It's a fun place to visit with a...
  8. MiriamJ

    CS #664 - My Town

    We moved to Kingman, Arizona 2 years ago, and I've never tried to take any shots of Old Kingman or Route 66. I guess I thought that since I lived here, I could get these shots anytime. I appreciate Nick and this CS for getting me going. :) 1. Hill Top Motel on Route 66. Offering Zenith...
  9. MiriamJ

    spending time with Red

    I've seen professional models that didn't pose as well as that. Nicely done. Number 2 is my favorite, I'm not sure why.
  10. MiriamJ

    Nissan Super Girl Pro Friday in Oceanside, Ca.

    I see why they call it Super Girl. Great shots.
  11. MiriamJ

    man smoking

    Powerful image, frightening.
  12. MiriamJ

    Drink and Click Event - Columbus July 2019

    Nice work. No. 1 looks faded, but the rest look good. I like the camera tilt in no. 7.
  13. MiriamJ


    These are all great! I like the 3rd one the best.
  14. MiriamJ

    Just some photoshop fun

    Beautifully done, realistic results!
  15. MiriamJ

    A few fungi (Image Heavy)

    Very cool set of images. They look almost unreal If they were full-sized, I'd think they were made for an Alice in Wonderland movie. Good job photographing these.
  16. MiriamJ

    A Delicate Touch

    Pretty! The beads of water make the picture.
  17. MiriamJ

    Echinopsis subdenudata (Cactus flower)

    My neighbor gave me a couple of small cactus plants about a year ago, and I planted them in my front yard. About a week ago I saw 2 large stalks on these small cactus, and a few days ago, these beautiful blooms. A search around the internet makes me think this is a Echinopsis subdenudata, native...
  18. MiriamJ

    Kingman Arizona Blooms

    Thanks, Darrell, I do too. It's beautiful here!
  19. MiriamJ

    Kingman Arizona Blooms

    Thanks, Karen! I know, I won't be taking these midday walks much longer. I'm enjoying them now.
  20. MiriamJ

    Early spring in southeast Idaho

    Hi Terri, It's already glorious there! Nice set. The tracks in the snow leading to the house make that shot. :)
  21. MiriamJ

    Critique Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church, Homer Glen, IL

    Great job. It is a beautiful place. I especially liked the lens work in the 2nd photo, bringing sides, ceiling and floor into the photo.
  22. MiriamJ

    Local Park

    I agree with Binnur, great picture, outstanding editing.
  23. MiriamJ

    Kingman Arizona Blooms

    It's beautiful in Kingman this time of year. Here are some photos I took on my walk today.
  24. MiriamJ

    Poppies and artwork

    Thank Thanks, I appreciate that someone left that dragon looking thing there to put in the pic. :)
  25. MiriamJ

    Critique Outside of Marrakech, M orocco

    I like it. The dark area at the bottom of the picture and the diagonal line near the top frame the subjects, and the white road leads the eye to the traveler. There's such a great feeling of emptyness. Well done!
  26. MiriamJ

    Inside Gloucester Cathedral

    Very nice set. I especially enjoyed all the warm tones in many of the shots. #1 does a great job of giving you a feeling of the age and the size of the hall. The 7th is startling! A took a second to realize it wasn't a real person. Great job.
  27. MiriamJ

    Critique Spring blooms in the desert

    Great set of shots! I like the first one the best. I like the detail in the wood set off by the pretty flowers.
  28. MiriamJ

    Poppies and artwork

    So beautiful here in Arizona this time of year. So many wildflowers, especially the poppies. This was taken near Oatman. Someone had left a bit of artwork, so I included it in the shot.
  29. MiriamJ

    Oxbow Bend

    Beautiful, great job at catching the perfect moment.
  30. MiriamJ

    Don't like in photography?

    Me too! Mostly I just hate getting older, lol
  31. MiriamJ

    Don't like in photography?

    The finicky editing. It's so much fun shooting, but it takes me forever to make it look right on the screen.
  32. MiriamJ

    "Do come for lunch..."

    I agree with Baywing. I hope he appreciates you feeding him!
  33. MiriamJ

    Deer in snow

    Hi Randy, Thanks, good to see you. Camera was starting to get dusty . . .
  34. MiriamJ

    Deer in snow

    Hi everyone, I haven't visited in quite a while. I'm seeing a lot of great talent here. We got 13" of snow as of this morning in Arizona. Our plaster deer looks like she's wondering why she's covered up in snow.
  35. MiriamJ

    Work truck

    ROFL here, too! Poor car, lol.
  36. MiriamJ


    Beautiful composition, great job on the exposure.
  37. MiriamJ

    Granddaughter in semi High-Key

  38. MiriamJ

    3 from yesterday (snow!)

    Great job on the exposure. I really like the 1st the most, because of how much space there is in the photo and the way the way the horizon and the bicyclists are composed. I like the sepia touch on the 2nd one.
  39. MiriamJ

    Nathan & Kyah

    The first one is my favorite because it shows how much fun they have with each other. For a standard portrait of the 2 of them, the 3rd one is a good choice. I also like the use of B&W in these 2 photos. On the 2nd one, I'd say their smiles look a little forced to me. I'm sure the 4th one is a...
  40. MiriamJ

    Bath Time

    Thanks, Mike. The same to you and your family!
  41. MiriamJ

    Bath Time

    I like to cover Angel with a big towel after her bath to keep her warm.
  42. MiriamJ

    Critique A new puppy for Christmas

    Adorable, both picture and dog. We have a Golden, too, the sweetest dog. One thing I can say about them is, brush long, brush often. Where do they get all that hair, lol. Congratulations on your new family member.
  43. MiriamJ

    Why It's Called a Cottonmouth

    Chilling shot! I'm with Fred, 4' seems a bit close. Very effective angle.
  44. MiriamJ

    Zing has learned to wave

    Looks like he's doing a high-five in the last one. He's a cutie! Good one!
  45. MiriamJ

    Pets: Family group shot attempt (7 pictures)

    Thanks! Her animals obviously love her. Looks like the other horses is nuzzling the goat. Nice family!
  46. MiriamJ

    Pets: Family group shot attempt (7 pictures)

    Thanks, Karen, glad you enjoyed it!
  47. MiriamJ

    Pets: Family group shot attempt (7 pictures)

    Thanks very much! You're welcome! The furry friends sure made for a fun day for us, too!
  48. MiriamJ

    Pets: Family group shot attempt (7 pictures)

    A friend invited me to her ranch to shoot her and her animals for this year's Christmas card. She suggested individual shots Photoshopped into a collage, but I thought a group shot would be better. . . Goat: Time to taste the decorations! Dog: I wanna get petted by the photographer...
  49. MiriamJ

    Fantastic photos of man and daughter

    Rofl! Lucky little girl to be born into a family that has so much fun together.
  50. MiriamJ

    The Visualechos Automotive Photography Thread.

    So much inspiration here. Golden Fleece is awesome!
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