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  1. Gerald Plowman

    Meadow Larks of Bosque del Apache

    Very nice! I am currently sitting in Tucson awaiting the blizzard that currently has Bosque and N.M. in general shutdown to move on. Andy is there of course but no one is even leaving the motel. Don't mind the single digit temps but blowing snow and high winds are not to my liking.
  2. Gerald Plowman

    Final Results and Image - Trumpeter Swans and Mt Baker-help me choose please

    The last one Bill. Do hope you win that new Lexus!
  3. Gerald Plowman

    Two in One - Sandhill Cranes - Bosque

    Very well done...........great to get multiple birds and both "heads" in focus.
  4. Gerald Plowman

    Last light at Bosque, B.N. Stilts & Wooducks

    Your welcome.
  5. Gerald Plowman

    Happy New Year to All

    If only the fish were in focus it would be perfecto..........kidding Jim.....great shot.
  6. Gerald Plowman

    Swans in cold lake

    Very nice image.........tells a story and makes one grab a hot coffee.....I would agree; lose the rear Swan.
  7. Gerald Plowman

    First peli action of 2011

    Nicely done!
  8. Gerald Plowman

    Last light at Bosque, B.N. Stilts & Wooducks

    Are you sure you and Louie weren't eating those weird looking mushrooms again? That's amazing. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to shoot Swans and Cranes from the same pond. Hope you and your family have a healthy and great new year as well!!!
  9. Gerald Plowman

    Happy New Years & a few Redtail Hawks

    Great shooting as usual Louie......#3 is my favorite.
  10. Gerald Plowman

    Last light at Bosque, B.N. Stilts & Wooducks

    Can't beat dawn for shooting birds......thanks for commenting. Your welcome. New Mexico on just one of those magical nights and sunsets at Bosque. Yes it is.........many times using TC's is just too much lens. Thanks Louis......sounds like you guys up north have been doing quite...
  11. Gerald Plowman

    Last light at Bosque, B.N. Stilts & Wooducks

    Did someone say "corn?"
  12. Gerald Plowman

    A few birds playing in the snow.

    Hi Jim.........Action Hero and I have just completed our review of your post.........we both concur it is just excellent......really like the Flicker.....looks like the Mill Creek Pond?
  13. Gerald Plowman

    Greetings from Bosque

    Arriving this Sunday for 5 looks ideal for Bosque this time of year........hope to meet you.
  14. Gerald Plowman

    Swan on Ice

    this image for me is cool because of the "aloneness" of the Swan on a cold, frozen tells a story. I would crop the first image a little bit but not much. Remove the dark spot to the right so all you see if the blue-white of the ice. To me your image is not about the "perfect" shot of...
  15. Gerald Plowman

    Tried out my Better Beamer for the first time

    I have had results show up from 150 feet away (eye glint anyway). Too bad it is usually below freezing and you have to set the flash and Beamer up with your bare hands! That is why I and most folks just don't bother. A real "pro" will use one all the time; I just don't know any "pros." :)
  16. Gerald Plowman

    Tried out my Better Beamer for the first time

    The reason for using a Beamer is to get that "glint" in the eye which you did here.
  17. Gerald Plowman

    Orange Flower

    I agree........its orange.
  18. Gerald Plowman

    Summer Reflections

    That is an unusual image.........I like it!
  19. Gerald Plowman


    Things are indeed tough Louie. :)
  20. Gerald Plowman

    Lock and Dam #14 Eagle

    That is an "A"...........good image and action.
  21. Gerald Plowman

    A couple of handsome fella's

    The Wood Duck is #1 because it is harder to expose properly.
  22. Gerald Plowman

    Trumpeter Swan at Sunrise

    Thanks for commenting Ron. Appreciate your comments. Thanks for commenting............I wanted to capture the first rays of sunrise on the Swan.......the issue, was there going to be enough light for any decent shutter speed? This one was borderline I think.
  23. Gerald Plowman

    Trumpeter Swan at Sunrise

    Hi Louie.........light is one of the problems at this time of day as you know even when the sky is absolutely clear....I was trying to capture a Swan with just the first rays of sunrise striking the bird.....with the temperature at 32 degrees you are also fighting the mist coming off the...
  24. Gerald Plowman

    Trumpeter Swan at Sunrise

  25. Gerald Plowman

    First Bird Shot ever!

    Good for you. You have discovered the difficulty of getting a decent shot. There are usually limbs, leaves, etc. interfering.........or you are on the wrong side of the sun...........or you can't get the correct adjustments on your camera before the bird leaves............if you shot 500 images...
  26. Gerald Plowman

    Not one of GOD's prettiest creatures

    If this bird showed up in Oro Valley, Arizona (a.k.a. Gizzer Town) no one would come out of their houses.
  27. Gerald Plowman

    Blue-tailed BeeEater

    beautiful bird........thanks for posting!
  28. Gerald Plowman

    Olive-backed Sunbird for Happyfish :)

    Don't think I would want to run into that bird in the dark! nice capture.
  29. Gerald Plowman

    Wakodahatchee babies

    great captures! behavior and good images equals an A+
  30. Gerald Plowman

    Upper and Lower Skagit Eagles

    I love #1 Jim...................nice to see "moss" again. Bet you were on #530 south of Rockport for that one?
  31. Gerald Plowman

    Bosque Blastoff

    Very nice David. So, the geese finally arrived.......are the Cranes still there? I am wondering if it is worth another trip to Bosque before I return north?
  32. Gerald Plowman

    Leucistic Vermilion Flycatcher

    New to me as well. :) Your correct about the eyes. I am told by folks who know about such things that the legs, and beak would also be pink if it were an Albino. Note there is some "yellow" on its belly as well. It is a pretty bird and would be very popular if it were a species I am sure.
  33. Gerald Plowman

    Finnish White-tailed Eagle

    you must get up before sunrise to be on site at sunrise if you want to get the great shots.........its just the way it goes in bird photography. don't know how much #3 is cropped but if you have some pixels to work with might get rid of the right side of the image?
  34. Gerald Plowman


    very nice............I like shooting "ducks" on the water because of the beautiful reflections and colors you can get in the images, the birds are just a bonus.
  35. Gerald Plowman

    Sparrow or Finch?

    I would need more "bird" to answer your like the shot.
  36. Gerald Plowman

    Waders from the Exe estuary, Devon, England

    Very nice composition and colors in all of these......whatever they are called, they live near water and they wade in it. :)
  37. Gerald Plowman

    Western and Clark's grebes

    excellent Allan.........I didn't even see them at Bosque.....but I don't recall looking on the ponds.
  38. Gerald Plowman

    Leucistic Vermilion Flycatcher

    Looks like it was nearly an albino...........very pretty little bird.
  39. Gerald Plowman

    Skagit River Eagles

    Yep, great shots of the Cascades-river-and usually several Eagles sitting in the trees on the far side of the river. When the river took out a huge chunk of the land it made the distance across the river much further away. Used to get some good shots of Eagles from there flying up and down the...
  40. Gerald Plowman

    Skagit River Eagles

    Haven't been up there for a couple favorite spot was off the Martin Road......there you had the sun to your back in the AM and many Eagles........a couple years ago the river took out the majority of this spot ......did you happen to go there? From the bridge at Rockport, head...
  41. Gerald Plowman

    Beep Beep!

    Well, I enjoyed the "day it snowed" since I left for Tucson that day and within 1.5 hours was splashing on Sunscreen. :)
  42. Gerald Plowman

    Beep Beep!

    Must be the only "shot" you don't have. :) They never seem to take to the air...........we had one "marching" up and down on the sidewalk in front of the house one afternoon.......looked like it was on sentry duty.....thanks for commenting Ron.
  43. Gerald Plowman

    Nikon 500 f4 VR

    Thanks to all for their comments. Gary- those are just beautiful images.
  44. Gerald Plowman

    Beep Beep!

    Shot at Whitewater Draw, AZ. This little guy nearly ran over me while standing at my Pod............I had to wait until it got far enough away to come into focus and was only able to get 3 clicks off before it went over the bank.......this is the only one where he was looking back at...
  45. Gerald Plowman

    Nikon 500 f4 VR

    Nikon says a Nikon 1.7 TC will not allow auto focus with this lens. So yesterday I was dinging around and tried my 1.7 on this lens and it AF's just fine?
  46. Gerald Plowman

    Last of the cranes

    "My last Crane shots"- well, I have seen about 6 total from you and I know you must have at least 30 Gigs of them. ....good job on these.
  47. Gerald Plowman

    Some Kestrel shots from Bosque

    You certainly got some great images Jim...........beautiful little Falcons.
  48. Gerald Plowman

    Crash landing at Bosque!!!

    Never seen that one before with a Crane!!! I wonder how many such incidents actually end in injury? Love the light Jim.
  49. Gerald Plowman

    Cranes in combinations

    A compliment from the "Action Hero" if a great way to start my day off; thanks.
  50. Gerald Plowman

    Cranes in combinations

    They are an ancient and very interesting bird all right. Happy you guys had sun at least one of the mornngs. Socorro dining out is an adventure all right. Next time I think I will take a couple dozen peanut butter and jam sandwiches and call it good.
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