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    Linda's 12 Month Project - APRIL Pics Added 4/24

    Linda, my favorite is Ruger with the red bow. I llike the lighting and the crispness. My second favorite is you with your gun..again I like the lighting and focus. Poor Remington is showing an attitude, but Magnum looks darling in her pearls. Great idea!
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    A Monarch

    The shot is wonderful, Arnie! I have seen quite a few here this year.
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    Gemma Your Ball!!!!!

    Darling shot! She looks quite happy!
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    Flower "Action" Shots w/105 VR!

    Awesome shots, Glenn!! I just bought the 105 VR and am trying hard to get good at using it. #5 is my least favorite, although I may have liked it more had I not seen it with the others...sometimes it is just in the perspective. I will definitely try your method of shooting flowers...seems...
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    morning bath / morning fun/ updated 1 august: under the morning rain

    Great shots! The buck is awesome!
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    man I love german shepherds

    Ditto the above...the shots are great! Only other suggestion would be to get all of the ears and tongue in # 4 and # 5...I really love A#6.
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    The Wonderful Wetlands of Viera

    These are wonderful shots! I love the deer with the fawns. That had to be fun!
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    Insect ID please

    Assisin bug was my first thought too, although the ones we have are red-bodied with black legs...I think.
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    Night and Day

    Love the night shot and the second day shot.
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    Garden City Pier and Moon

    That's an awesome shot, Cliff! I love the moon in the pic.
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    Unique New York

    Great shots! I love the water in the first one and the sailboat in the third one.
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    Butteryfly and a Flower

    Great detail in the shots! But, unless I am mistaken, that is a moth, not a butterfly.
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    Katydid (1st real try at insects)

    I like the eyes in three and four. Great shots!
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    A Dirty Little Bee

    Great shots! The focus is tack sharp.
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    Colors of the front yard, Macro world.

    The colors are vibrant. I am new to macro also, but a very experienced mentor told me that clusters of small blooms are harder to photograph than larger whole flowers. But I do love the first one. What kind of flower is it?
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    Spiders and others

    Boy, I have a lot to learn...don't know what a diffuser does or what BL mode is...still learning how much I don't know. But your shots are awesome! I especially like 1, 5 and 7.
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    Cheap, effective macro lighting setup

    Duncan, that last shot is awesome! I am relatively new to photography and very new to macro, but I love it...have just ordered my first macro lense. The bee on the flower really pops, as a friend of mine says.
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    Recent Bridals

    Those are beautiful! I just ordered a Nikon 105mm macro that is supposed to be great for portraits. Can't wait for it to get here!
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    Portrait session with my dog Darwin

    Awesome pictures!! Your dog is darling and so cooperative...a real little ham!! I like the first back drop best also.
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    That is an awesome picture! Thought my next lense would be a it might be a fisheye!
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    First attempt with flowers/plants

    No. 3 and 5 are also my favorites, Amber. Flowers are my favorite subject...will post some soon.
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    These are awesome shots! I like the last three. The focus is so sharp. They look 3-D, at least on my laptop.
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