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    Hawaii - August 4, 2009

    Great shots! Tripod off the balcony at the Ihilani?
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    More girls' softball from last night...

    Glenn, I'm always stunned at the quality of your photos. How do you manage to get perfect exposure and focus on their faces when they have the helmet masks on?
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    Semper Fi, Gunny

    God bless this Marine and other who venture into harms way for our freedom.
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    My travel to Vietnam - Sapa market

    These are wonderful shots and a great story. Boy, if I could get one shot a trip like the one of the little boy it would make lugging around the equipment painless!
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    Baseball Fans {Share Yours}

    Thanks! I'll be there soon!
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    Baseball Fans {Share Yours}

    Hey Dez, I'm flying to NY on July 5th to catch the Yankees on the 6th, Mets on the 7th and the Phillies on the 8th. I'll bring the same set up with me (D300/18-200) and try to get through. If they don't let me in I'm screwed since I won't have a car to return to! Do you know what the...
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    D200 NYC Panoramas (High Res)

    Great shots Robert! What is your set up for the panoramics?
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    Girls' softball from last night...

    Glenn, as always I'm stunned by the quality of your work.
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    xrite eye one

    Is registering the software for this required? I know that one is being passed along and I was wondering if you can have multiple installations of the software.
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    Another Safe or Out

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    You make the Call...the play at the plate! (Result on Page 2)

    I would have said "safe" myself (even though I know the answer now) because you can see in the first photo that the catcher's momentum was going away from the plate as evidenced by the dirt flying away from him near his shoes. Looks like the throw was too far up the line for him to have a chance...
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    You Make the Call...AAA Baseball Style! (Result on Page 2)

    Dave, your shots are getting better and better. Great color in the photos as well as the action.
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    Nearly a 5K Accident! A Heart-stopper!

    Wow, great save by the hood. I've come to the conclusion that I'm using the hood even when I'm indoors!
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    A couple from Japan #2 (Warning: bandwith intensive)

    These are wonderful photos. Great use of light.
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    BOB! Baseball

    BOB! Congrats!
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    State HS Golf Tourney

    3 and 5 are my favs.
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    NYC: Old Homes

    I love these Dez. I'm a sucker for vintage.
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    When 2.8 isnt fast enough

    Got to go with the flash. Bounce it off the ceiling and you'll get great photos.
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    Something you never want to see at a ball game!

    LOL. Hazards of the trade!
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    My Photo Won!!

    Beautiful shot. I love the contract of the red tractor in the foreground.
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    Mike, are you shooting through the fence for your pitcher shots?
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    Promaster 17-50 2.8 WOW

    Wow! Where do I find one! My money would probably be better spent on a photo class : (
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    Just wandering around with my new to me primes

    Lovely set. Any helpful links to that tour?
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    I need some help with an issue with my D300 and AF-ON

    This is interesting news. I don't have a tele but it was next on my NAS list. I'll have to keep it in mind once I do pick it up.
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    Got my hands on 85mm f/1.4 (14 Shots)

    Great shots! Is this really best used as a full-frame lens? I'm wondering if the 50 1.4 would suit me better with the D300?
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    Trip to Sin City

    Great shots. Maybe darken up the sky a bit in the days shots.
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    Illini Spring Football with 300 2.8...

    Great shots. What is the estimate of the distance you were at during the shots? How do the Fighting Illini look this year?
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    Youth Softball - First Post

    I agree with Dave. #4 is my favorite. Transcends the sport itself.
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    Koh Samui International Airport

    I remember playing golf on the Royal Thai Air Force's golf course which abuts the airport in Bangkok. We were playing in the rain (as usual in Thailand) and screaming 747s were taking off less than 200 yards away. It was an awesome sight watching the water spray from the wings as they lifted...
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    Songkran - The Thai New Year

    Wonderful people in Thailand. The friendliest in the world as far as I'm concerned. I hope the recent upheaval is settled soon.
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    Harper's Ferry, WV - Lots of images

    I was out there about five years ago. History emanates throughout the town. Thanks for allowing me to revisit it.
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    My best photo ever...

    I've haven't seen one better!
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    Varsity Softball Pics from Wed.

    Love the expression on 2
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    Do the Parents with cameras bother you?

    Great topic. I would agree with the original post on all counts.
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    Lens for shooting interior rooms?

    Second the Siggy. Got mine used with filter for $350.
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    Photos from my Chicago Trip - Part 2 - lots of images

    Where were you when you took those aerial shots?
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    Practicing with Cherry Blossoms

    Masa, don't forget the close ups of the different sakura. Also, you can get great candids of cherry blossom viewing parties throughout the area.
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    Vancouver, BC Canada

    Beautiful shots of one of the most beautiful cities in North America.
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    Cathedral of St. John the Divine (broadband)

    Boy your lucked out with such an empty cathedral!
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    A sincere apology

    Jim, Thank you for your service. Although I have never served, on behalf of my Vietnam vet friends, "Welcome home brother!"
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    A sincere apology

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    JV HS Baseball Action from Friday

    These are outstanding! Perfect IQ. Did you lose anything with the converter? I'm presuming the runner was stealing 2nd in the first photo. Safe or out?
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    Tuesday Baseball

    Great job under tough lighting conditions. Did you take manual settings for your shots?
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    Snow and baseball

    Did you wear handwarmers? At least the players get to run around some. Photogs are standing around most of the time, especially for baseball.
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    Lax-Crosstown rivals

    Pretty incredible photos!
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    Lens cleaning...Nikon's advice!

    Blower first. Anything I can see remaining I used the brush from the lens pen. Fingerprints get the lens pen tip or the Costco wipe using their lens cleaner and cloth. The lens pen seems slightly better since there is less moisture on it. I always want to make sure I have enough lens cleaner on...
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    1000 year old temple

    The amazing part if how preserved the sculptures are after 1000 years of weathering. I would imagine they were touched up over the centuries?
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    The face of pitchers (fastpitch)

    I wouldn't want to arm wrestle the pitcher in #2.
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