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    A hull of a sunset

    Hey Ron, Thanks Ron,yes this entire area is filled with photo opps.Check out Ecola st park also.
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    A hull of a sunset

    The bow of an old ship that has been on the beach for years by Fort Stevens state park is a nice backdrop for a sunset pic.
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    I will c&c your work for you, beginners welcomed.

    Former Miss Washingtons I used a 18-105, I think I should have used a my 80-200 since it is better in low light. I really struggle in this area. I used iso 1600- 2500.
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    Denists Go Broadway

    i guess it's perfect, no opions or advice. I really would like some help here ok?
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    Denists Go Broadway

    A great event that the Union gospel mission does annually to raise money for a free dental clinic for homeless or folks who are really down and out.The event was held at the Washington center for preforming arts in Olympia Wa.Several former Miss Washington's were there and man can they sing.An...
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    Mt. Rainier area

    I couldn't agree more !
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    Mt. Rainier area

    Thank you. Yes indeed,it's one of mine also. I really need to go up earlier in the spring when the area has a bit more snow,and I need to hit it much earlier or later in the day, I think that would have helped some of my shots alot.
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    Mt. Rainier area

    This area is so beautifull,even a boring shot becomes something special.The small church is located in Elbe, a small communitiy close to Mt. Rainier.It was built in 1906,and later renovated. cheers
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    Mountain Daisy's

    Getting out with the camera is such a good time,I wish I had more spare time.
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    Reflection Lakes

    Very good point ! It's always something I seem to overlook. Thank you Eric Lar
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    Reflection Lakes

    I wish the lake grass hadn't been there, what a beautiful lake!
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    Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

    Bob, Both are outstanding, but the first one is more than stunning. Thank you for the moment!
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    A few Falls from Ricketts Glen

    Mark, All of the above are fantastic shots. I enjoy every one of them!
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    Main Falls - Bushkill Falls - Poconos

    I like #3, but I think for me the bit of silky water in the right hand corner is a bit distracting. Nice shot! Lar
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    Do you think there is enough fill flash ?

    Good lessons in fill flash and correct metering methods, Thank you all for your feedback, it's appreciated. Larry
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    Do you think there is enough fill flash ?

    Ah yes,very good point. I didn't think about that. Thank's
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    Do you think there is enough fill flash ?

    I took this over the weekend with 18-105. What do think of the expoure?
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    Body Only

    Kits Camera, where I live, is expecting them around the first week in November.
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    Faded Landscapes

    hey Mike! I added a little contast, it seemed to help a little.
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    Ground squirrel ??

    I haven't posted for a long time, so I wanted to share this little guy with you from a day trip we took recently by Astoria Oregon. Does anyone know what He is? Thank's for looking.
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    My thread seams pixilated,Why? Gulls pic

    It's the gracefull gull thread
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    Gracefull side of a Gull

    My wife and spent the week end at the ocean. The weather was sunny and mild.( Our 34th ) anniversary. I'm usually not attracted to these gulls, but they put on a good show for us.
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    Ocean sunset series

    It's been awhile since I last posted here. I really enjoy a nice sunset. so I wanted to share these.
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    just up the river

    Hey Josh. I would like to that shot in color. I really think it would add to it.
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    From Levenworth

    We spent the week end here a week ago. My son and his wife wanted a picture of them with the wecome committy, in a very bavarian town. By the way, please give feedback for me, I've been les than happy with my results lately. Mabey I need to go back to the ole drawing board. Thank's for looking.
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    Youth Praise concert

    Well, I can see I have a long way to go. This kind of light is really difficult to work with.
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    Silky water question

    What settings would you suggest for the water to look silky? How does the light effect the exposure then? Thank you!!
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    Heres one more

    Forgot to post this with my other post.
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    State capital (8) Pic's

    Well after getting that posting problem out of the way I will try and continue my post. Sorry for all of the pic's, but they all tie together. I could use some help on the first two pic's. Please leave feedback and advise. Thank's for looking.:smile:
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    Test Pic

    Wierd!! Thank you very much.
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    Test Pic

    Thank's for the reply. When I view it on P-base it look's good, so something is happening after that.
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    Test Pic

    I've never had problems like this one. The pic is clear until I post.
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    Test Pic

    When I preview my pic, it's blurry, so I need to confirm it.
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    Which ones should I keep????

    Hey D.R. I really think #3 has a certain quality that tends to allow my mind to reflect or ponder thoughts. It's not " in my face " but allows my eyes to wander but still beable to be fixed on the sceen.
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    Mount Shasta from the Trinity Alps

    Ken, I really like Shasta, We've past through many times. It's always beautiful.
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    Hey Andy. Looks like a great place to relax and be peaceful. Show us more!!
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    Beach @ Greyland Wa.

    The state opened Razer clam digging for the week end at most ocean beaches this week end, talk about a good time or what.
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    Long Beach International Kite Festival (7 img)

    Thank's Ray ! your correct, I'll almost without fail ,do that in alot of shots like this. I was so busy trying to catch them with the AF I stuggeled with the other area's, but I can go back and correct. Gotta just love digital.
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    Long Beach International Kite Festival (7 img)

    A very interesting event that we witnessed last week. Folks from all over the United States participated in this compition. These kites were a real challenge to keep the af on with my D-100, but had a great time trying.
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    What is this called?

    Nice shot Masa!! I was in Forestry for a number of years up in the high country in the Olympic National Forest. Mostly referred to as an inversion layer. The warmer air traps the colder air down and this is the result. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I do know that it is called an...
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    What do you see in this comparison?

    This was shot @ Yellowstone.
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    Yellowstone and Grand Teton

    I live close to Olympia.
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    Yellowstone and Grand Teton

    Hey nick. I could'nt agree more about the bison, they a beautifull animal,but enough is enough. When we were there, same thing,[harsh light]Tetons were kind of in the haze and so I did'nt get good captures. Oh well, had a great time though.
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    Yellowstone and Grand Teton

    Hi Jim. I looked at some of your shot's of Yellowstone and area,wow! I really like the early day lighting on your pic's, I need to get out of bed earlier I guess.:confused: I just down the road from you, close to Olympia.
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    Yellowstone and Grand Teton

    Thank's Terry. I've seen some of your pic's from this area also. I think the highlight of our trip were the falls. How are you liking the D 200 ? Worth the investment?
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    Yellowstone and Grand Teton

    Your basic bison shot. What a great place to have a camera.:smile: We really did the tourist thing and got this shot of an old cabin by the name of " The cunningham cabin " those of you who have been in the area know of it I'm sure. We concluded a great day by this relaxed area, then...
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    Yellowstone falls

    Thank you for the kind words.
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    Yellowstone falls

    I got up way to late in the morning to get the right light I needed, but these falls are so beautifull any time of day.
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    Momma and cub's

    We were blessed with this scene while at Yellowstone. As the mother continued to graze the cub's wanted to explore.
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