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  1. GBRandy

    Congrats to the New Owners

    A good change. Hopeful for some innovation here. Overdue.
  2. GBRandy

    Critique Volleyball PIC... a little different

    Team Name in the background is fine. Especially if it is that team. Can you drop the DOF and blur it going forward? Sure but all kinds of things change with that right? :) As Randy says, it is a great shot. Motion on the ball and sharpness elsewhere is very nice. I like the shot. What does...
  3. GBRandy


    Still at it old man? ;) Nice shot....
  4. GBRandy

    RIP Senator Howard Baker, Photographer.

    ^^Typical... No clue. BO is into Senator Baker was a professional in every sense of the word ...and a republican. I enjoyed his work. He will be missed.
  5. GBRandy

    What a year

    Sorry to hear this bud. I had no idea. However, your approach does not surprise me in the least. Stay positive and carry on ;)
  6. GBRandy

    Mens High School soccer action

    As always....Nice shots. :)
  7. GBRandy

    Is there a trick to this kind of Gym Lighting??

    Fluorescent light cycling will drive you nuts. RAW is your friend and post WB adjustments required. Shoot several images of your white card as a reference and use that in post to correct. I did this for friend to show the effect....old pic, but it serves the purpose...sequence of shots under a...
  8. GBRandy

    Another shooting in Milwaukee WI

    Seriously? You do know that gun ownership in Chicago is illegal right? That should be the safest place in the country.... It isn't the's the people. The number of guns in this country versus the number of "incidents" is remarkable and speaks volumes about the number of...
  9. GBRandy

    I'd Just Like to Apologise To The World ..

    Sorry (I guess) . I found the closing ceremony pretty entertaining. Well done IMHO Stand up....chest whistle a bit ;)
  10. GBRandy

    Do any of these work for you?

    Can you position them further away form the stands? Perhaps with the scoreboard in the background (home team 5 visitors 0 :) ) and a much shallower depth of field? Perhaps a less exposed darker background? Might want to invest in a canvas background & stand as well, then you can shoot this in...
  11. GBRandy

    Ferarri 355 Berlinetta F1 photoshoot

    This is a nice set.... So....what other setting would have been "Photographer approved"? A race track? Please....we have all seen enough of those shots.
  12. GBRandy

    Go pack go!

    Brett Favre who? As an early supporter of Aaron this was a game for the ages. I was there with three friends..... some oberservations: 1. Cowboys Stadium (hereby dubbed the "Deathstar" ) was pretty nice once we were inside & seated. 2. Getting in & out was a struggle with little direction &...
  13. GBRandy

    Tutiki Suspended?

    Thank you......that is indeed what I was looking for. Your archives are far better than mine. Hope all is well........ Randy case you were wondering why.....trying to fix up some images....
  14. GBRandy

    Tutiki Suspended?

    Thanks.... interesting in that did not come up when I did a forum search. Anyone have the eye pop PS sequence handy? :)
  15. GBRandy

    Tutiki Suspended?

    Just tried to log into the Tutiki via the link in the upper right. I am getting an "account suspended" message. Did I miss something? Randy
  16. GBRandy

    slideshows on a Mac | how I do it + a question

    I am running Parallels 4 on Snow Leopard. I am running an older MacPro 3.0 quad core system with 8 GB of RAM. I have the latest revision of PSG...version 4 I believe. I punch out photos from Aperture to a shared drive on my NAS. I move the songs I want to the same directory. Once PSG is...
  17. GBRandy

    slideshows on a Mac | how I do it + a question

    Proshow Gold is the standard for this kind of work.....but is PC only and why I have Parallels. The Apple options are all workarounds as you have discovered. I just did the annual gymnastics team show. Eight minutes long and looks great. I can create a file that simply runs on the PC without...
  18. GBRandy

    Adobe education discount questions.

    They do not allow for upgrades. Been there, done that.
  19. GBRandy

    The 'I Don't Love My Mac' Thread

    That's funny..... I just removed a 1999 Dell Dimension desktop from service three weeks go. Windows XP in a networked environment and running just fine. Just bloated and slow from years of use and ever increasing CPU & RAM requirements. While I appreciate Apples build quality, the 11 year...
  20. GBRandy

    The 'I Don't Love My Mac' Thread

    I run both. Two Macs and a PC at home. 10 pc's here at work. They all run just fine. The interface on PS between the two platforms is identical. My gripes with Apple are pretty straight forward: 1. The RAM requirements are out of this world and costly early on 2. The cost of acquisition is...
  21. GBRandy

    Photoshop CS3 & Camera Raw 5

    Thanks Glenn...yea, I am trying to process MK IV files. I have landed here for the moment: *sigh* seems I send a lot of checks to Adobe and Apple.
  22. GBRandy

    Photoshop CS3 & Camera Raw 5

    I am unable to update my Mac Intel based Photoshop CS3 with latest camera raw program. I keep getting an error that states "Camera Raw is not installed on this computer" when I try and update my functioning Camera raw 4 to 5.7. Does CS3 support Camera Raw 5? Any ideas on what I ma doing...
  23. GBRandy

    Mac Pro extra sata cable question

    Ooops Sorry.... I am conditioned to see everything as esata I guess.
  24. GBRandy

    Mac Pro extra sata cable question

    I have installed this: Works very well and looks better than e-sata cables just tumbling out of the back of the computer.
  25. GBRandy

    Aperture 3 connection issues....

    I wish I shared your optimism. The Apple snaffu's I have had have never been corrected by Apple...all fixed by user patches developed in the field.
  26. GBRandy

    Aperture 3 connection issues....

    Thanks.... Hadn't seen that. Sigh......
  27. GBRandy

    Aperture 3 connection issues....

    I have Aperture 3.0 running on my Mac pro under Snow Leopard. I also have a Thecus NAS to the computer through a small network. I am seeing numerous directories listed as "offline" I have reconnected these using the utility to do so, but have hit two snags: 1. Some of the "offline"...
  28. GBRandy

    Aperture 3

    Great..... Just after I bought Lightroom. Any other program that needs an update? I'll go buy the competing software, the update will be released within a week. Oh well, another $100 to Apple. Guess I'll go buy more stock.
  29. GBRandy

    Does Canon have an equivalent to NX2?

    Digital Photo Professional....and it is free. I use it exclusively to convert RAW files to JPG's as I don't like shooting JPG's in camera.
  30. GBRandy

    Aperture Update Soon?

    Sigh....didn't happen did it?
  31. GBRandy

    A Few More Basketball Shot...

    I see you are using a center weighted metering mode. With that white wall in the background things may not expose as you might want them to....and as Chris points out be a bit dark. As a suggestion... use a spot meter reading and then set that as a manual exposure setting for the session (or...
  32. GBRandy

    Some Gymnastics (yes with a Canon camera)

    My daughter is supposedly many respects her knee is better than what it was for many years. Her friend just wants to keep going. The docs say "brace it" and fix it later. She is a coach and quite the competitor and if she can, well, she goes.
  33. GBRandy

    HS Girls Clinch a Post-Season Berth the scoreboard in the background. #10...action is good...but emotion is better.
  34. GBRandy

    Some Gymnastics (yes with a Canon camera)

    Thanks Chris. I have lost some enthusiasm for this sport. The surgery was real, painful & expensive. Caused somewhat by a pre-existing condition so to speak, but still, these are young kids with some pretty beat up knees. I promised to follow through with pictures and I am doing that...
  35. GBRandy

    Some Gymnastics (yes with a Canon camera)

    That's where the battery goes...and it was on the charger.... :)
  36. GBRandy

    Some Gymnastics (yes with a Canon camera)

    I haven't posted here in awhile. As some may know, my daughter had knee surgery for a ruptured MPFL. My daughter is back and I guess I am as well... We have had three meets so far and I am rusty as all get out. In an effort to push out pictures, I have not done any noise reduction. These...
  37. GBRandy

    RAW files in Cover Flow

    OS is Leopard (not Snow leopard yet) I would think they should show automatically as well...but they do not.
  38. GBRandy

    RAW files in Cover Flow

    How do you make the RAW files visible as an image and not an icon in coverflow? I can see the image in the list, but when I view the list using cover flow all I see is the RAW icon. It would be a nice way to cull RAW files prior to any additional PP work to save space and time. Thanks,
  39. GBRandy

    Major problem with LR 2.6 -- how to return to 2.5???

    Perhaps your answer is here?
  40. GBRandy

    Flyin' In Warmer Days...

    Mooneys are fast....but awful tight :)
  41. GBRandy

    Truly Rare Yard Images Yesterday

    EXCELLENT. Glad to see the bomb bay doors are closed. ;)
  42. GBRandy

    Uberload for lightroom

    Thank you....saved me a ton of time.... I appreciate the effort. Randy
  43. GBRandy

    Uberload for lightroom

    I am considering a change to Lightroom from Aperture. One feature I have been hard pressed to find that I like in Aperture is a plugin called Uberload. It is an FTP transfer directly from Aperture to my web server. Once set-up you simply select "export / Uberload" and then "send". The...
  44. GBRandy

    need help making a slideshow **UPDATED with link to video**

    I keep a copy of Parallels running on my MacPro for just this reason....
  45. GBRandy

    Funny how rare the "help, I'm switching to PC" threads are over on the PC board.

    Maybe becuase, unlike a Mac, they don't need help doing it? Just a thought.
  46. GBRandy

    Stand back, the new Canon pro body's been announced

    Bill beat me to it........ Look, it is a matter of physics of slapping that mirror up and down that often. simple math really....but hey what do I know. The problem still remains.... I want a D3S with a real prime lens line up. The Nikkor primes are old, outdated and slow. I owned them...
  47. GBRandy

    Stand back, the new Canon pro body's been announced

    Another intelligent remark. Lets leave politics and camera bias out of things please. Seems a comment as ugly and blatant as that should get a guy suspend for 30 days....right Chris? :wink:
  48. GBRandy

    Stand back, the new Canon pro body's been announced

    No, not nonsense. Getting past 10 FPS on full size mirror is an engineering challenge. Dropping mass and size allows for higher rates. You make it sound like a 1.3 is some sort of deficiency... :)
  49. GBRandy

    Stand back, the new Canon pro body's been announced

    Parity perhaps in zooms, but Nikon is not ahead in zoom market. I see little difference between the ones I have and the ones I used from Nikon. Try it in US Dollars from B&H..... Ah yes, comparing apples & oranges. Unfortunately that logoic doesnlt work here...the lenses in question are both...
  50. GBRandy

    Stand back, the new Canon pro body's been announced

    It would be interesting to drop retail prices next to those and compare them to the Canon equivelant (albeit Canon does not have a 200 - 400). The differences are eye opening. ..and truth be told, the NIkkor prime lens line up is very old and dated. I use both systems and the Canon 85...
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