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  1. Kees de Bruin


    Nice shots Rob, love the first and last one!
  2. Kees de Bruin

    Amsterdam (again...)

    Thanks all. Klaus, it is a building shaped like the hull of a ship. Underneath is a car tunnel between the city centre and the northern parts of the city.
  3. Kees de Bruin

    Red-Breasted Nuthatch

    Excellent captures here West, love them all.
  4. Kees de Bruin

    Yosemite, Before and After

    Three beautiful shots James. Love the almost B&W look of the first and the warmth in the last shot.
  5. Kees de Bruin

    Amsterdam (again...)

    Last couple of weeks we have had some terrible but also some very nice sunrises here in the Netherlands. Some sunrise shots from Amsterdam taken at two different days. The first two were shot on the 11th of February, the last was shot on February 18th. 1. Fuji X-T1, 23mm, f/8, 0.4s...
  6. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    There is quite a bit of distortion in the first image, I would check out the lens :) Love the processing and colours here Michael, thanks for sharing.
  7. Kees de Bruin

    Nikon Manual Focus Glass - Part II

    What I've read is that the Q versions are not very good compared to the later AI and AIS version. See for some information regarding both lenses.
  8. Kees de Bruin

    Hiking in the Alps?

    Never done this myself but friends are going every year. They are of your age and really love it. They used to backpack but now rent a place and take walks from that place. And I can concur with the previous posts regarding gear and weather. As with every mountainous area the weather can change...
  9. Kees de Bruin


    Again, a stunning image here Ron. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Kees de Bruin

    The benefits to shooting landscapes at f5.6

    Both are excellent articles with some interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Kees de Bruin

    Nikon Manual Focus Glass - Part II

    A lovely set of portrait shots here Mike but I love this one best, all because of her wicked smile. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    Nice shots Jonathan. Love the first one as it shows so much character in the old woman.
  13. Kees de Bruin

    Viera's Belted Kingfisher

    Nice shot Randy. Elusive buggers but you nailed it.
  14. Kees de Bruin

    Curious about your travel gear and...

    I used to take one wide-angle lens for the D700, either the 16-35/4 when mostly landscapes are involved or the 24-120/4 for more general shooting. And I also bring a nice telelens, either the 70-300VR if wildlife if not included and the 80-400VR if it is. Also, I bring the D7100 as a backup and...
  15. Kees de Bruin

    Sunrise on the Inside Passage

    +1 on all the previous comments!
  16. Kees de Bruin

    The Twins

    Wow, great shot Ron. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Kees de Bruin

    My new camera - Olympus OM-D E-M1

    Nice shot Richard! And don't go into the light :)
  18. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    Indeed a great testament of the capabilities Jonathan.
  19. Kees de Bruin

    HS Hoops

    Nice shots but would have loved to see some more field play. But the facial expressions are priceless in all shots.
  20. Kees de Bruin

    A short walk to the Waalhaven

    Nice shots Rob, very recognisable for someone from the Botlek area :)
  21. Kees de Bruin

    The Birds And The Snow

    Nice shots, especially the first one. Love how the bright red of the bird contrasts against the white snow and pale greens.
  22. Kees de Bruin

    Polder scenes

    A place I've probably never been but it all looks so familiar. Love them all, especially #2. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Kees de Bruin

    Three times early morning Amsterdam

    Thanks Wade. I liked the blues in the sky I got from Aurora HDR Pro and tried to mimic that in Capture One 9. Makes you learn the program a bit better and also appreciate all the things you can do with the program. I've been using C1 for about a year now and really like it, processing wise...
  24. Kees de Bruin

    Three times early morning Amsterdam

    This week we had nice crisp mornings and this resulted in some clear skies. Mounted the Fuji on my little tabletop tripod and shot a simple 3-shot bracket to process as an HDR image. Base shot was 9 seconds at f/8 with the 23mm lens. I'm using Aurora Pro HDR and wanted to see the difference I...
  25. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    Early morning in Amsterdam this week: 20160119-miscellaneous-0001 by Kees de Bruin, on Flickr Fuji X-T1 with 23mm at f/8 and 9s
  26. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    Nice shot Jin, plenty of detail in the moon.
  27. Kees de Bruin


    As a Dutch person I've only been in the Keukenhof once. Last year I had planned to join forces with Jim (@Pa) and his wife but we couldn't match schedules. Best time in my opinion is end of April, early May. As Lyndee already wrote, most flowers will be in bloom around that time and it is a real...
  28. Kees de Bruin

    Sunset at the Cliffs

    Love these, especially #2. Thanks for sharing.
  29. Kees de Bruin

    Why do we go to Bosque del Apache?

    Great shots Bill with very nice detail in the feathers. Thanks for sharing.
  30. Kees de Bruin

    How many carry a Tripod when traveling?

    I'm taking a small 3LT travel tripod with me weighing about 1.3kg with a nice ArcaSwiss style head. It folds up to around 30cm and goes to 1m in height without using the center column. Works well with my Fuji X-T1 but it can also handle the D7100 + 80-400VR if needed. I also have a small...
  31. Kees de Bruin

    Birds of a feather...

    A very nice collection of feathers here Wade :) Love the dynamics of the last two shots.
  32. Kees de Bruin

    Stories about snow are highly exaggerated

    Thanks! The roads and bike lanes were clean of snow so no problems on that front.
  33. Kees de Bruin

    Sunny downtown Amersfoort

    Thanks Alan. Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding the tower it is almost impossible to get a shot without modern building showing. Also with the sun still low in the sky the possibilities for better angles were also limited. Thanks Nick.
  34. Kees de Bruin

    Sunny downtown Amersfoort

    Last weekend had a very sunny Sunday morning and I got out early with the Fuji X-T1 and the 27mm. Here are just a few shots of downtown Amersfoort. 1. Tower along the old city wall 20160110-amersfoort-0014 by Kees de Bruin, on Flickr 2. Old convent 20160110-amersfoort-0015 by Kees de Bruin, on...
  35. Kees de Bruin

    Stories about snow are highly exaggerated

    According to the weather forecasts of the last few days it should have been snowing all over the Netherlands but here in Amersfoort the amount of snowfall is next to nothing. But the little bit of snow that has fallen does give some nice views in the surroundings of the city. All taken with the...
  36. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    A little reflection in Amsterdam, taken with the Fuji X-T1 and 27mm: 20160108-amsterdam-0012 by Kees de Bruin, on Flickr
  37. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    Love the facial expressions here, especially from the guy in the middle.
  38. Kees de Bruin

    Part II - Lyndee's Last Continent - Antarctica!

    I'll try not to disappoint you :)
  39. Kees de Bruin

    Sandhill Cranes

    Great shots here Louie, love them all especially numbers #2 and #3.
  40. Kees de Bruin

    Its raining..

    Nice drops here Rob, and in Amersfoort we haven't seen much snow either.
  41. Kees de Bruin

    Amsterdam - not just canals

    Yeah, they can be pain in the *** sometimes... Contact me when you're back here in the Netherlands so we could maybe organize a little shooting party.
  42. Kees de Bruin

    Part II - Lyndee's Last Continent - Antarctica!

    Again some great shots here Lyndee and I totally agree with you: sometimes the experience is worth so much more than a picture. Although I would be walking around semi-loaded on each vacation I still take time to enjoy the environment I'm in. Taking a smaller camera facilitates this in my...
  43. Kees de Bruin

    I've Shot Lots of Sandhill Cranes...

    Lovely shot and a great pose of the eagle.
  44. Kees de Bruin

    Amsterdam - not just canals

    Nice shots! But, for those Octoberfest die-hards, I'm missing the bridges :)
  45. Kees de Bruin

    Getting in shape

    Love it but I feel sorry for the bike ;)
  46. Kees de Bruin

    In homage to Bob Friedman !

    Lovely images Karen, thanks for sharing :)
  47. Kees de Bruin

    Looking for insight into the Mirrorless realm...

    Water and dust will find a way into every camera and lens but with those weather resistant versions it will just take a little longer. That aside, I've switched from using a D700 + 24-120/4, 35/1.8 and 50/1.8 lenses to using a Fuji X-T1 plus 10-24/4 or 23/1.4 and 56/1.2 lenses. This saves me...
  48. Kees de Bruin

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    Stunning image Elmar. Love the scale.
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