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    What would you do?

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    Bag question for sports shooting

    I am not familiar with the LowePro Slingshot. I have the Thinktank Airport Ultralight and have been more than happy with it. You should be able to carry all of your gear in it. Plus, there is space for your laptop. Pics of this bag can be seen here...
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    Start of Season RG

    Well done. #3 is stunning.
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    Request for Yearbook Pics

    Congrats. It's exciting when others start to notice your work. If I were you, for 1-5 pics, I would at least request a free ad. If the Yearbook staff asks for subsequent submissions, I would request a contract and some additional perks. Who is creating/producing your Yearbook...
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    British Superbikes Rd 5 . . (Practice Day)

    the DOF on #2 makes it my favorite. Thanks for sharing.
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    #2 and 4 stand out for me. WOW! What is your SS? Never shot surfing before. Is a horizontal crop preferred?
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    You Make the Call (Rehab Edition)

    Great shots!!! Does the call matter? Congrats!
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    Sports Forum Challenge #74

    james - WELL DONE. The competition gets hotter!
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    If you could only have one: 300 vr or 400 vr?

    Y'all STINK. I just caved in and bought the 300MM and... HAVEN'T been able to put it down. It is AWESOME. Now y'all are tempting me by discussing the 400... My wallet HATES you. Just kidding. Lol.
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    Yessiree BOB!

    Congrats. <Sigh> I would love to meet Bob someday.
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    Bicycle racing (Advice wanted)

    I prefer a head-on shot w/a fast shutter speed and shooting from below the handle bars. Just me.
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    April soccer

    I LOVE your work, Lucasz.
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    Youth baseball

    Hey Ricky, You did well for a first try. On the first one, I would have cropped it a bit tighter so that the pitcher's body filled the frame. Great intensity of the eyes on the second shot - just push that batter out of the way next time so s/he doesn't block your shot. Lol. You will...
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    Playing around with Photoshop - Baseball Card

    Looks great. Maybe add the year/2009?
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    Trip to the zoo

    Took a break over the weekend and headed to the zoo. The animals were quite playful. D700, 70-200/2.8 + TC1.4 Enjoy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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    Monopod suggestions?

    Thanks to all for the reply. I see that I have a lot to learn about monopods and have more questions and perhaps my questions require more info.?.?. I was able to locate the Manfrotto online. So... I also need to buy a 'head' for the monopod to achieve my desired-result of 'switching...
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    Monopod suggestions?

    Can anyone suggest a good monopod? I would like one that flips from a horizontal to a portrait shot quickly.
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    Sports Forum Challenge - #56 Super Telephoto

    Great shots thus far. Here's another.
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    Sports Forum Challenge - #56 Super Telephoto

    It is my understanding that in order to submit a pic(s) for this challenge that one must have a lens 300MM or longer. If so, this challenge is about the gear. If not, I apologize for not understanding this challenge thoroughly and ask for clarification. Thanks.
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    Sports Forum Challenge - #56 Super Telephoto

    Oh great! As if my lust for this lens won't be magnified 1MX after seeing examples of y'all's best work. Good luck.
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    I would have rather been on the sidelines in Tampa

    Thanks CDN. I enjoyed your work as well. You have great shots of the crowd. I see the players 'loosened up' a bit on your half of the parade route. I think that I was the 3 person that they passed as the parade started. Thanks Steve, Steve, Rod and Glenn. It was a great day.
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    Panning Practice

    #2 is a definite winner!
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    Heaven returns - verticals

    Well Done!!
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    Heaven returns - horizontals

    WOWOW!! There is a whole lot of intensity, especially in the eyes, going on in those photos. Thanks for sharing.
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    Girls Varsity Basketball

    Nice. Great job. Thanks.
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    Basic Qs about shooting team photo

    Hi Dennis. I did one of those last quarter. This is what I used/did. D700 24-70mm/2.8 No strobes 24mm F/8 1/100 +.3EV tripod All of this and the ISO was still @ 6400! Here it is cropped to an 8x10. Unfortunately, there was a girl's BB practice going on behind me so...
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    I would have rather been on the sidelines in Tampa

    ... but this was pretty cool too. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. after my son asked Troy if he wanted a Coke... 6. 7. 8. 9. Enjoy!
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    Definately a hard venue w/poor lighting and tight conditions. ISO was jumping all over the place. I would have loved to have used the 70-200 exclusively. Not in the cards this time. #1 - D700, 24-70MM/2.8 AF-C, 2.8, 1/640, spot metering, ISO 3200 #2 - D700, 70-200MM/2.8 AF-C, 2.8...
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    More girls' basketball with SB units...

    Great series. Thanks for sharing. #3 is precious.
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    Thanks y'all. Shooting sports indoors is new to me.
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    Reposted as per request.
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    Boys Gymnastics

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your work.
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    EDITED Larger pics posted as per request. Happy to share some gymnastics pics of a lovely, smart and talented young athlete. Enjoy. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    WE HAVE A WINNER of Challenge #51 "Sportraits"!

    Thanks for sharing everyone. Here another.
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    How much better is the 24-70 over the 17-55?

    I am looking at the 24-70MM for my D700 to replace my 17-55MM for the D200. I shoot manual. Without an aperture dial on the 24-70MM, am I to assume that you shoot 'aperture priority' with it?
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    Dog agility?

    Jason and Glen.... Both of your sets of pics are STELLAR! Thanks for sharing. -Wendy
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    Quick question portrait photogs

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Much appreciated.
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    Sports Forum Challenge #43 - "Away From The Action"

    Great challenge and fabulous submissions thus far. Thanks all for sharing.
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    Quick question portrait photogs

    Is there a rule or is it a preference? Do you remove the white dot in eyes caused by a flash? Thanks in advance for the reply. -Wendy
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    Whale of a time in Cape Cod

    WOW! Lucky you. And, lucky us to see your work.
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    Bronx Zoo - October 18th, 2008

    Well done. Great attention to the eyes. Glad that you had fun.
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    calling equestrian photographers

    Thank you. And, thank for taking the time to reply 99.
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    AGREED! Thanks for sharing.
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    calling equestrian photographers

    Hi photography/animal lovers - I am used to shooting human athletes from the sidelines and today, I found myself, unexpectedly, in a horse jumping rink with a senior thoroughbred racer in front of my lens. CC very much welcome.
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    The 400vr continues to amaze me

    GREEN!! Well done!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Varsity Football Saturday Afternoon style

    Mike Mac, Is there an address where I can send you your commission check? I just bought the 300MM/2.8 based upon your constant success in capturing great pics. Thanks. (said with 1/2 appreciation for sharing great pics and 1/2 sarcasm for sending me to the poor house) Wendy
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    Racing Greyhound Photos: Part 2

    WOW! Great action shots. No wonder the retired dog loves the pool so much.
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    A few from tonights high school football game

    #7 made me smile :-)
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    Finally got my chance to shoot football!

    Great job. I hope to have as much success this weekend.
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