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  1. bcoons

    The Eagle Scout Award

    Well done! Congrats to the young fellow Eagle Scout. Bruce - Eagle Scout Class of 1966.
  2. bcoons

    Challenge Talk and Suggestions

    Well, it's been about a year ..... That's kind of a long sabbatical in my way of thinking. Sure would like to see something get started.
  3. bcoons

    Problem with RAW + JPG files on D300 (Problem came back)

    Sure doesn't sound like anything I've seen in the menu .... ... or the manual. I use RAW + jpeg Fine sometimes, and I get both types of files as expected. Did you do the last firmware update? maybe something corrupted?
  4. bcoons

    Geothermal air conditioner/heaters

    No actual experience with a geothermal here, either, but ....... I am an engineer with an MBA in finance, and if I didn't live on a hill of solid rock that makes drilling very expensive I would have a geo thermal heat pump right now. I have been studying these systems for many years. My...
  5. bcoons

    TWC Road Runner internet

    I've been on RoadRunner for about ten years .... .... and still using the original cable modem and setup. Never had a problem. Never had to call customer service. Great speeds. Now I've probably jinxed myself. :rolleyes:
  6. bcoons

    Challenge #69 Voting thread

    1st - #7 - Alien Geyser 2nd - #6 - Moonlit Eye 3rd - #3 - Son, ...
  7. bcoons

    Challenge 67 - HANDS - Voting Thread

    1. #6 Hanging On 2. #9 Passage 3. #5 A Fistful of Money
  8. bcoons

    Challenge 66 - WATER - Voting thread

    1 - #7 - Waterfall Valley - Light vs Dark 2 - #17 - Late Afternoon Tree Shower 3 - #4 - Under the Pier __________________
  9. bcoons

    Has Anyone here published their own book?

    I haven't heard him say anything negative about it. I have a copy of the book and it is OK. Not great photo reproductive work, but most of the photos were WWII vintage anyway.
  10. bcoons

    Has Anyone here published their own book?

    My dad did. He wrote a book and had it self-published at The book is about WWII drone aircraft development. It was also picked up on Amazon and B&N and really surprised him with how many copies it has sold...
  11. bcoons

    Challenge 65 - THREE - Results

    Awkward, maybe - but well deserved win. Hey, you can't help it if those pooches stole the show. :smile: The expesssions on the two poochies on the left just cracked me and the wife up. (The third puupy with the muzzle probably got cheated of his expression!:wink:) Well deserved win and...
  12. bcoons

    Challenge 65 - THREE - Voting thread - Ends 7/2

    1st place - #8 - Three Wise Dogs 2nd place - #9 - Tryptich-Jump 3rd place - #11 - 3 the Natural Way Great shots, all.
  13. bcoons

    Cafe Challenge #64 - WHEELS - Results

    Well, just WOW! Amazing. You have a lot more nerve than I would. I can just imagine dropping the camera on the road. Great shot, and all the better now that I know how much work it was to set up. Now, when I think of something to do for a challenge, I'm gonna think, "What would Gretchen...
  14. bcoons

    Cafe Challenge #64 - WHEELS - Results

    The voting period for challenge #64 - WHEELS - has ended. The votes have been tabulated, and (envelope, please), the winners: Skating way out in front of the pack in 1st Place with 44 points is: Rollin' by BostonRott Turning slowly (but powerfully) into 2nd Place with 22...
  15. bcoons

    Cafe Challenge #64 - WHEELS - Voting Thread

    The voting has ended .............. .... and results will be posted soon. Bruce
  16. bcoons

    Challenge #64 - Topic Thread

    On the other hand ...... If I had entered a not so hot image that didn't get any votes, I might not want folks to know which one was mine, and quietly slink off into obscurity to try again on the next challenge. :redface: :smile:
  17. bcoons

    Challenge #64 - Topic Thread

    That's true. But I think the original point was that there is no way to see who submitted the other entries in any given challenge. Normally when giving the results of the vote the challenge leader identifies the first, second and third place posters. But we never know who submitted the other...
  18. bcoons

    Cafe Challenge #64 - WHEELS - Voting Thread

    My picks, and this was hard ..... 1st - #19 - Cold Hard Steel Wheels 2nd - #20 - Cart Wheels 3rd - #24 - Motorcycle Wheels What can I say? I like industrial stuff. Lots of other great shots, though.
  19. bcoons

    Cafe Challenge #64 - WHEELS - Voting Thread

    The submission period has ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted images for Challenge #64. A really interesting array of different interpretations. Here are the rules for voting: Three votes are allowed: 1st place: 3 points 2nd place: 2 points 3rd place: 1 point Please help...
  20. bcoons

    D40 or D60...what do you recommend?

    I vote for the D40. I have one as backup for the D300 and I find myself grabbing the D40 more often than not when running out the door. I now keep the 35/F1.8 on it, and it's a nice, light, handy combo.
  21. bcoons

    Open Letter to Gordon (greyflash)

    Do it! Let me throw in my $0.02. This is something really worthwhile. When my dad got to his late 70's and got diagnosed with a terminal illness he figured he better start writing down all the things he did in his very active life. When in the Navy in WWII he was involved in the development...
  22. bcoons

    Challenge #64 - Topic Thread

    Look at the bottom of the very first post on the Submission thread. You link to your submission photo there. It has to be hosted somewhere on the 'net where you can link to it. If you have further questions PM me and I'll try to help out. Bruce
  23. bcoons

    challenge #63- results

    Well, I'd say you didn't do too bad for a first entry!:rolleyes: And you don't really know if you're going to be a consistent winner until you try the next one! This was only my third, and it surprised the heck out of me. So let's see an entry in Challenge #64 and see you place again! Bruce
  24. bcoons

    challenge #63- results

    I really liked your photo. The mix of the sky, the straight and curved lines, the modern glass and steel construction techniques, and the tiny little human window washer doing his thing on those huge buildings was really captivating to me. The message was that even in these modern times...
  25. bcoons

    Challenge #64 - Topic Thread

    Oh, Lordy ....... It took me a couple of seconds to get that. :rolleyes: I'm gettin' slow.:redface:
  26. bcoons

    challenge #63- results

    Thanks. I sure don't have the best photgraphic techniques in this crowd. But I'd like to think I finally nailed the theme on this one. Now to see if I can improve in the future. :smile:
  27. bcoons

    Challenge #64 - Topic Thread

    Thanks to Knightrider for hosting Challenge #63 with a very imaginative theme. So, on to Challenge #64 topic: [drumroll:] WHEELS Wheels are all around us. Round things generally, some are spinning to some purpose, some not. Car wheels, pin wheels, water wheels, wheels of cheese. They...
  28. bcoons

    The dawn of the "photovan"

    I never heard that before, but ........ That's a GREAT saying! I'm going to have to remember that one and use it! :biggrin:
  29. bcoons

    The dawn of the "photovan"

    I've also enjoyed following this thread ........... I've followed along and watched the evolution of the van. I love "how I built it" threads on many of my favorite forums. I enjoy ham radio, reef aquariums, robotics, solar power and a bunch of other do it yourself type hobbies. As an...
  30. bcoons

    challenge #63- results

    Wow! I'm shocked! ...... Amazing. As can be seen from my post count, I'm a relative newbie here. This was my third attempt at a challenge. When I saw the theme for this challenge the thought of our modern means of communications immediately jumped into my head. That morning I noticed our...
  31. bcoons

    Mike Savage's 52 week project updated Thursday December 31st!

    Wow, Mike, I just discovered this thread ........ What amazing images. I have a small (20 Gal) reef tank with a few corals and currrently one maroon clownfish. I have tried a few photos of the tank, but nothing that comes close to what you are doing. Now I am going to go back and study all...
  32. bcoons

    Waiting, how long will it be?

    I got mine ..... ..... but I kinda cheated. I had one on order at Amazon for awhile. Last week I was in Munich, Germany and found one in a local camera shop. I paid more (219 Euro) and it doesn't have a US warranty, but hey, I got the instant gratification and got to use the lens for the...
  33. bcoons

    Challenge #55 - Voting Thread

    1 #16 I Can Almost See Russia 2 #2 First Day 3 #5 Light at Sea
  34. bcoons

    ABC Reporter arrested in Denver for taking pictures on a public sidewalk

    If the cop said to a pretty female cameraperson "strip to your underwear" , should she do it? Why or why not? Would that avoid "a mess?" Should we always obey a cop, regardless of the legality of his command?
  35. bcoons

    People have no respect for anything anymore and do the police even care?

    I've seen that play out several times. My son was sitting at a stoplight when he got rear-ended. There was even an off duty cop that witnessed it and said my son was not even moving at the time. But, it seems that the lady that hit my son's car was the mother of one of our local cops. My son...
  36. bcoons

    The Postman arrived!

    I have both books, and as a newbie I really like them. I'm on my second time through them now.
  37. bcoons

    Good Cruise lense(s)

    I took my 18-200 VR and the 50/F1.4 on my Med cruise last spring. Didn't really use the 50mm much. The 18-200 was on the D300 pretty much full time. It's not fast or as tack sharp as the pro glass, but it has great range and it is nice not to have to carry a bag of lenses around with you...
  38. bcoons

    D40 Lens Recommendation

    Either the kit lens or the 18-200VR is usually on my D40, depending if I want the weight or not. Pretty hard to go wrong with the 18-200VR as a walk around lens. BTW, I used to live on the north side of Salinas. I hear it's growing like crazy. Bruce
  39. bcoons

    Taking pictures INSIDE a museum: have YOU been allowed to do so?

    For what it's worth for another data point, I was allowed to take pictures in the Old Masters museum in Munich last year with my D40. Just no flash and no tripods. In the Prado museum in Madrid a couple months ago the rule was no photographing at all. But they didn't make me check my D300...
  40. bcoons

    Hotel has "High Speed Internet"

    I travel quite a bit and generally stay at the higher priced business hotels (Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Omni, etc.). They usually charge for internet access (I've paid up to $47/day in Frankfurt) because they cater to businessmen who can just add the charge to their expense voucher. Smaller...
  41. bcoons

    Challenge #52 Voting Thread SUMMER!

    1 - #19 - Summer at the shore 2 - #3 - Lakeside at night 3 - #4 - Summertime
  42. bcoons

    Birmingham airport has free wifi!

    Let's see, Orlando, San Diego, Long Beach, Phoenix, BWI, and either Madrid or Athens (I forget which) all had free wifi last time I went through.
  43. bcoons

    Newbie question - How do you size your pics for posting?

    How do you guys size your sample pics for posting and viewing here on the forum? I have always just used the Photoshop Resize function, set it to about 10" wide and 72 pixels/in. and let it resample and re-size. Is that a good procedure? If I am trying to show the image quality of a given...
  44. bcoons

    Battery ENEL3e

    My experience with batteries over the years ...... .... is it is best to charge and rotate. I've been dealing with rechargable batteries of all types for almost 50 years. If you ask 10 battery engineers a question you'll get 11 different answers. On all my cameras, cell phones, ham radio...
  45. bcoons


    And the results are? been waiting. :confused:
  46. bcoons

    Challenge #51 Voting Thread YOUR FAVORITE VISTA

    1st - #13 - Seattle from Kerry Park 2nd - #10 - Bull Run Mountain 3rd - #16 - My Backyard
  47. bcoons

    Which lens for Europe?

    Another vote for the 18-200 VR ...... We just got back from three weeks in the Med including a 12 day cruise to 8 countries. I used the D300 and 18-200Vr. I took the 50mm/F1.4 but never used it. The 18-200 was all I ever needed. I carried it everywhere, Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Dubrovnik...
  48. bcoons

    Your Favorite Duty Station

    I spent 12 years active duty in the Army, then switched to an Army Civilian. Thirty-eight years so far. I'm currently at Fort Hood, TX. My favorite overseas asignment was two years in Taipei, Taiwan as a young Captain. Got married there. I was TDY all over SEA and enjoyed (mostly) every...
  49. bcoons

    D40 to D80 migration

    Doh! Good point! :redface:
  50. bcoons

    D40 to D80 migration

    True, but I think the question is which focusing motor, the one in the lens or the one in the body, is doing the pushing and pulling. I wondered about that, too, as I went from the D40 to the D300. I assumed that the AF-S lenses would use the focusing motor in the lens in all cases, but I...