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  1. chewbecca

    D7000 - Hard to Find

    I ran into this problem yesterday when I went to order it. It was sold and shipped by Amazon just months before when I was looking, and I went to order it, and I couldn't find it in stock ANYWHERE. I thought I had searched Amazon pretty thoroughly, but all I could find were unknown stores...
  2. chewbecca

    Lightning Bolt!

    Holy...AMAZING shot! Scary, though!
  3. chewbecca

    Owls are cool.... and elusive :)

    Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL images! WOW. Owls are fascinating creatures, and I have yet to see one in person. Good for you for such an opportunity and awesome images!!
  4. chewbecca

    Show the Dog you hug in your Life.....

    First one a Staffy Bull and the second one a lab? Great shots and beautiful dogs! <3
  5. chewbecca

    Canon joins the fun, will Nikon?

    hahahahaha, I love the "lego" color look of that Pentax one!!!! I'm serious. I LOVE it. But if it's not funky, I am not going to buy it in color. Especially not if they end up costing more just due to being a different color other than the standard black.
  6. chewbecca

    Meet Ophie and Luke

    So in the "Post the dog you hug" thread, I posted two photos of Ophie and Luke. But I haven't properly introduced them yet. We adopted Ophie shortly after Ella passed, and a week later, we brought Luke home as a foster. He was so sick with kennel cough and worms. He was sick for a good 1.5...
  7. chewbecca

    Back and looking into the D7000 within the next 2-3 months

    Nah, she'll never collect dust!:biggrin: I'd probably use her for my outside photography.
  8. chewbecca

    Broken D300s

    I'm glad that it was at least fixable! I so fear anything happening to my camera! Even though I use my strap, I might as well not because I NEVER let it hang from the strap because I fear happening to me what happened to you. This is also why I'm going to get a second camera body to have...
  9. chewbecca

    Back and looking into the D7000 within the next 2-3 months

    Thank you both! Ashman- The D7000 would be a second camera body. I'm not getting rid of Queenie ( D300, yes, I name belongings that mean a lot to me).:biggrin: I figure if I'm going to buy a second camera body to have on hand, I might as well go as out as I need to go and get the...
  10. chewbecca

    Show the Dog you hug in your Life.....

    No more Ella Hug Bug photos. She passed last June. We had to put her to sleep because she had lymphoma that was taking her TOO fast. :( It was sudden and a shock. And we still miss her and cry over her. But I have two new (well, not so new, we've had them for over a year) cuddle buddies...
  11. chewbecca

    Do we have a Chiropractor in the house???

    I go to my chiropractor pretty regularly. If I'm out of alignment, and he adjusts me, I often times experience pain that day and into the next day. Then it goes away. But the pain is different than it was BEFORE I went to him. I love my chiropractor. I told him he's not allowed to retire...
  12. chewbecca

    Back and looking into the D7000 within the next 2-3 months

    Hi, guys. Don't know if any of you will recognize me. Life got SUPER busy for me. Sorry I've been away so long. I'm looking to add the Nikon D7000 to my small camera collection within the next few months. I still have my D300, and I love her, she does her job very well, but I rely a LOT on...
  13. chewbecca

    Dropped my D300 in a lake!!

    I haven't read beyond the first page in this thread, but we have a personal article policy (think that's what it's called...through State Farm). Covers everything. And it's VERY inexpensive insurance. I'll have to ask my husband later what we pay for ours. But I have my D300 and all my gear...
  14. chewbecca

    Golden Gate Bridge night shots

    Those are GREAT, Lisa! Faves are 2,4, and 5.:biggrin::biggrin:
  15. chewbecca


    WOW! I so wish mine only cost $150!!!! I love my chewie. He was the sweetest angel when he was just a tiny fella. Now that he's almost a year old, and has developed his boy parts, he's become QUITE territorial. That is one thing the Rhacodactylus "bible" doesn't tell people, and something a...
  16. chewbecca


    LOVELY! I bet those fimbriatus are awesome to work with. I think the most "unique" species of gecko I own as of right now is a Rhacodactylus chahoua. And those are getting increasingly popular over here. The only thing that keeps the price somewhat up on them is the fact that they take...
  17. chewbecca

    Chico says....

    Look at those eyes twinkle with hope that teh hooman will fill his bowl with lots of NOMZ! I LOVE HIM.
  18. chewbecca


    I LOVELOVELOVELOVE those shots!!! I am in love with Uroplatus geckos (any species, doesn't matter), but I fear bringing any into my house since most are wild caught and are almost guaranteed to have parasites. But they sure are AWESOME to look at. The pic of your cresteds is cute, and...
  19. chewbecca

    Chewbecca-Rebecca's 52 week project updated pics 7/9/09!!!!!!

    Thanks, guys!!! I've been so busy lately! Summer is in full swing here, and I have not been online as much. This week's submission brings me to what I happened to find in my incubator when I went downstairs to grab some laundry. And it also brings me to a story that happened to me last...
  20. chewbecca

    LR0868-Lisa's 52 Week Project 2009-update 12/31

    I LOVE that picture! It'd be the perfect advertisement for an expensive linen company.:biggrin: Clever title, too, Lisa!
  21. chewbecca

    Chewbecca-Rebecca's 52 week project updated pics 7/9/09!!!!!!

    ACK! Has it really been this long since I updated this??? WOW. I've been VERY neglectful!!! Well, since updating, I have gotten the 60mm f2.8 AF-S lens. I am LOVING the lens. Well, since it's been a loooong time since I updated my project, I have a TON of pictures to posts then...
  22. chewbecca

    LR0868-Lisa's 52 Week Project 2009-update 12/31

    Lisa, LOVE the cathedrals, and your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Chico is such a funny sausagy sausage dog!:tongue:
  23. chewbecca

    Chewbecca-Rebecca's 52 week project updated pics 7/9/09!!!!!!

    Thanks, guys! You all just wait until I get some pictures of my newest crestie addition: Eli Chimbley. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  24. chewbecca

    Chewbecca-Rebecca's 52 week project updated pics 7/9/09!!!!!!

    Sorry, guys!!! I've been busy!:biggrin: We have been running sales on our site, and I've been busy helping customers with orders. I don't have anything too special, and I was going to wait to update until I could get some decent shots of my new crestie I got the other day, but I've...
  25. chewbecca

    Glenn's 52 Week Project: FINAL Dec 31st

    Wow, Glenn! That garage door shot is FABULOUS! I love how you can see the windows on the other side by looking through the main windows in the shot. Fascinating!
  26. chewbecca

    SamIAM's 52 week Project (Image uploaded 6/10/09)

    What great shots and what beautiful children you have! That second shot is priceless!!!:biggrin:
  27. chewbecca

    AtlPikMan's 52 Week Project....Update Dec 18, 09

    Some amazing shots in this thread! Love the biker balancing on one hand, and the night shot, too.:biggrin:
  28. chewbecca

    Michael's 52 Week Project New photos added, July 12 2009!

    Bingo. That is an AWESOME picture. WOW.
  29. chewbecca

    Morph's 52 week project - updated June 28, 2009

    Darcy, That blue jay is SPECTACULAR! And the second is just PRECIOUS! Great shots! Thanks for sharing them.:biggrin:
  30. chewbecca

    Mike Savage's 52 week project updated Thursday December 31st!

    Another amazing image, Mike! LOVE IT!
  31. chewbecca

    Harry Lavo's 52 Week Project - Finished 12-30-09 - Happy New Year

    Oh, Harry, I am SOOOO sorry. You took these wonderful photos of them, and these you will keep forever to remember them. I am so sorry. :frown:
  32. chewbecca

    OHCorgis (Birgit's) 52 Week Project-New Pics 12-29-09

    Birgit, This series of shots is great. My faves are the leaf and the morning dove. :biggrin:
  33. chewbecca

    GeeJay's 37 Week Project.. December 31st -Happy New Year

    WOW! Those turtle shots are GREAT!! Love the flowers, too, but those turtles are wonderful! I saw some of those at the Shedd Aquarium this past winter, and they weirded me out a tad. :biggrin:
  34. chewbecca

    Who iz teh silly hooman's favorite leezurd?

    Yep, and I'm not the only one either. There are TON of breeders complaining about their females ovulating this season and NOT eating for months. She'll be ok, but I hate it.
  35. chewbecca

    Who iz teh silly hooman's favorite leezurd?

    Thanks, guys!!! Yes, Connie, I adore them!:biggrin:
  36. chewbecca

    Who iz teh silly hooman's favorite leezurd?

    YES! Pablo feels like velvet! Actually ALL the rhacodactylus geckos are soooo soft! I love my leopards, too, but my rhacs are my favorites. SO easy to take care of, and don't require extra heat. I find my leopard geckos much more temperamental. They aren't mean, but when it comes to...
  37. chewbecca

    Who iz teh silly hooman's favorite leezurd?

    Thanks, George and Gretchen. Gretchen- We give him 4 roach nymphs (baby roaches) twice a week. He usually downs all of them as soon as he can. He'd probably take more, if we offered, but insects are only a treat that helps him grow just a tad faster. His real, important diet is the...
  38. chewbecca

    Who iz teh silly hooman's favorite leezurd?

    Thank you all!!!:biggrin:
  39. chewbecca

    Who iz teh silly hooman's favorite leezurd?

    "ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I iz!!!!!!" Pablo had just gotten done eating his fill of roaches (it was insect night for the geckos at our house last night). He loves to put his entire body into his roach cup when he's done eating. It's like it's his way of telling us he is all done eating his NOMZ...
  40. chewbecca

    Chewbecca-Rebecca's 52 week project updated pics 7/9/09!!!!!!

    Thanks, guys! Guess what I have!! MORE GECKO SHOTS. YAY! I decided to try and make a light box. I was successful in making the light box. I even went and bought the special photography bulbs. Got home, set it all up, thought, "WOW, this is going to be AMAZING!". Went and got Pablo...
  41. chewbecca

    Phil's 52 week project - week 22 added 6-1-09

    HA! They are SO tolerant! But do I see it??? Do I see the wheels spinning in their heads to start plotting against you for snapping pictures of them?:tongue: Great shot!:biggrin:
  42. chewbecca

    Geoffs "Not Quite 52 Weeks" 52 week thread Back in full effect 6/3/09

    Ditto! The car shots are AMAZING! And I'm not usually one that digs car shots! Nice shootin'!
  43. chewbecca

    Jani's 52 (01/01) [finished]

    I have been gone TOO long. I have some catching up to do! Love the bokeh forest, a moment of freedom, and ALL the shots of your ADORABLE daughter!
  44. chewbecca

    GeeJay's 37 Week Project.. December 31st -Happy New Year

    Aw, that woodpecker shot is GREAT!!
  45. chewbecca

    Firestorm_Westy's 52 Project: 26/12 - Final Post - Family Christmas

    Love the self portrait! I, too, would like to see it in color.
  46. chewbecca

    KayB's 52 Week Project - Done!

    Karen, This last series is fantastic!!! The guitar guy and the bubblegum wall! LOVE them ALL. That bubblegum wall, while gross, is still fascinating. I probably could have stared at it all day!
  47. chewbecca

    SamIAM's 52 week Project (Image uploaded 6/10/09)

    Sam, Love the bird shots, and that flower and squirrel shot are great as well! Good job!
  48. chewbecca

    Waltny's 52 week photo project 2009***Closed 2 Jan 2010***

    Whoa! That carnie ride shot is brilliant, and that Cannon shot is mind blowing! I love how you captured the fog in it as well. BEAUTIFUL shooting!
  49. chewbecca

    Dave's 52 Week Project: Updated December 25th (Merry Christmas!)

    WOW! WOW. This is by far one of my favorite shots I've seen in this challenge so far!
  50. chewbecca

    Uncle Frank's 46 Week Project - FINAL 12/31

    Excellent coffeehouse candids, Frank! That new/old lens is perfect! And I'm with Lisa, old glass just has a special, pleasing look it produces. Very nice!:biggrin:
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