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  1. timpix

    PATRIOTIC THREAD - Keep it going

    Visting my grandkids in DC July 4, 2008.
  2. timpix

    Erin & Paul's wedding 20 photos

    Like all but the couples individuality about #14 esp catches my eye for a group shot. You must have knee pads to get so many looking up perspectives.
  3. timpix

    I am so happy with D700/D300 combo !!

    Love the pics and am envious of the combo. Currently have the D200/D300 and until the economy tanked was ready to get the D700. Can't wait much longer.
  4. timpix

    Girls Varsity Soccer

    Can't help but like #3 but #9 is really a gem.
  5. timpix

    Best Birthday ever??? (quite a few pics)

    Got some beauties there. Happy birthday.
  6. timpix

    Proud Papa T

    Thanks for the comments. I failed to mention that I used the 85/1.4 which I noticed you were "dreaming" about. It is so sweet and nice for these type shots not having to get so close to the kids. Keep trying with continuous AF - it really does work and makes a difference on capturing those...
  7. timpix

    Proud Papa T

    Thanks Graeme, Haven't been around here in a while and as a pediatrician haven't had much time for clicking in this flu season but I am enjoying the D300 so far. I am very impressed with the continuous AF when taking pics of kids with high energy.
  8. timpix

    Proud Papa T

    My grandkids are 2 and 7 months and so much fun to see. These pics were taken with my D300 and primarily my 85 mm Nikkor. The SB 800 was mounted on camera making for some nasty shadows but still love those smiles. Mama T can't get enough The piggy bank took my quarter Love...
  9. timpix

    My Backyard - beautiful fall

    Beautiful colors -nice back yard.
  10. timpix

    Cherohala Parkway

    This parkway is in the Cherokee Forest in Southeast Tennessee. According to the web it was supposed to have the best colors around here this weekend. The only problem is there are very few pulloffs where you can get good shots but this shot was at an abandoned road where I was looking across...
  11. timpix

    if you could only have 1 pro lens

    When I bought the 17-55 it was a toss up between it and the 28-70. Probably couldn't go wrong with eith but I love the 17-55.
  12. timpix

    D3/D300 Report from IFA in Berlin

    Maybe that's why they charge $3200 more for the D3. The D3 to D300 comparison is not nearly so easy to do with the D3 being full frame - not nerly as apples to apples as the D200 to D2. Regardless, you get what you pay for and both are good buys IMHO.
  13. timpix

    D300 video at IFA

    Thanks for posting.
  14. timpix


    Went to a 4th Concert in our town with my 70-200. It was a salute to our troops and our country - Happy Birthday USA!
  15. timpix

    My good friends

    "Soft, intimate and warm" - you got it - beautiful!
  16. timpix

    Do I have to smile?

    Now that is really nice - wonderful capture, great lighting, a real piece of work and cute kid to boot!
  17. timpix

    Triathalon shot

    As mentioned above, this did finish by 9:30AM for the earlier starters so the sun was not quite so rough. Appreciate your comments.
  18. timpix

    Triathalon shot

    Thanks for the look - this started at 8AM and finished around 9:30AM so the sun was a little lower and not quite so hot - about 80 degrees by the end. I shoot RAW all the time but still feel a need to get the best exposure in camera to get the most out of the picture.
  19. timpix

    Triathalon shot

    A friends son was caught at the end of the cycling portion of a sprint triathalon on Memorial Day. Shot with the D200, 70-200 VR at 1/500 f 4.0 ISO 100. Thanks for looking
  20. timpix

    Picture Website

    SmugMug, never a problem.
  21. timpix

    The Photographers...

  22. timpix

    My Eye

    You have a sharp eye for the unusual - and a pretty sharp focus as well. Very interesting.
  23. timpix

    A great girl

    The girl and the shots are drop dead georgeous.
  24. timpix

    Let me dream

    The capture is perfect. To me, the reflection on the eyes is a bit distracting but hardly detracts from a very nice pic.
  25. timpix

    Indoor Shoot - EPA (Part2)

    I really like the shots - beautiful model. The very first pic has some halo around the head that is a little distracting on my monitor. The whole bunch are very nice.
  26. timpix

    Portrait by window light

    Just looking through Shutterbug magazine which is filled with ads for lighting. Nature definitely does best - at least in your hands. Beautiful girls.
  27. timpix

    Mother and Daughter

    Adorable - both of them!
  28. timpix


    The pic was just a little hot on my monitor. I did a minor level adjustment and slightly cooled the pic. [ You know better her skin tone. A beautiful girl and nice capture.
  29. timpix


    The capture is great. The focus seems best on the jacket threads. A litle smaller aperture might have given you a better shot at sharpness but of course you would lose some of that nice DOF. Regardless, I like the photo a lot.
  30. timpix


    Beautiful skin tones, hair, eyes and expression.
  31. timpix

    Afternoon with Dad (new image added)

    oh my! These are great.
  32. timpix

    Still lovin' my 17-55

    My favorite overall lens. These are nice pics and perspectives.
  33. timpix


    that is one beautiful eye. strange.... but nice
  34. timpix

    Anyone Been Able to Download Lightroom?

    I pre-ordered also Package 2: Pre-order Estimated Availability Date Sunday, February 18, 2007* PRODUCT STATUS QTY ITEM PRICE TOTAL PRICE Pre-orderAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Mac/Win, English 19250107 Pending 1 US $199.00 US $199.00 Package Discount: (US $0.00 ) Package Subtotal...
  35. timpix

    Been awhile

    Too cute! Nice composition and lighting.
  36. timpix

    Ski Racing January 28

    No way I could tell you how you could do better but they look pretty good to me. There is actually detail in the snow which has to be tough - thank goodness for the clouds plus your technique seems to have been successful. I am no expert, but I like the shots.
  37. timpix

    Bad day to be sick ("Just my luck")

    You had better quit showing these off for free and start getting paid for them - an outstanding pic.
  38. timpix

    85mm 1.4 meets my girlfriend...

    Great shot - beautiful lady - you captured a spirit in that one click that speaks volumes.
  39. timpix

    An explanation, a belly button and stinky lighting

    This second shot is great. A beautiful smile on a beautiful mom to be.
  40. timpix

    Waiting for sunrise

    Incredible color - each have their own special beauty and #3 is the best composition IMHO.
  41. timpix

    I don't have enuff pictures of my wife.

    The last shot is first on my list. Nice.
  42. timpix

    Grandson visits

    Eyes seems to be his trademark in pictures - his personality matches their charm. I guess grandkids are next - they're even more fun.
  43. timpix

    Last Image Of 2006

    Really a super catch Gale - I like it. Pardon my crudeness but a title for the picture comes to mind - "Shootin' the Bird and Getting Mooned" - sorry, I just couldn't help it:actions1: I would put this on my wall - untitled.
  44. timpix

    My style of shootin'

    There is a great depth to this photo that simply invites you in. Very nice.
  45. timpix

    Grandson visits

    I admire so much your work with your daughter. Cole's a little young for her now but later on, who knows:biggrin:
  46. timpix

    Grandson visits

    The boy is non-stop motion when awake but amazingly good to go to bed without a whimper. I couldn't get enough of him but his bedtime gave us all a chance to take a breath.
  47. timpix

    Grandson visits

    He's cute - and he knows it. Thanks.
  48. timpix

    Grandson visits

    To be honest - I agree with both of you. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year to you.
  49. timpix

    Grandson visits

    One of my partners in my office wondered whether he was always smiling - most of the time he actually is but he has his moments. Appreciate your comments.
  50. timpix

    Grandson visits

    The eyes are the first comment of everyone that sees him. For sure - I am proud! Thanks for looking.
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