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  1. billtils

    Brown Violetear hummingbird.

    Thanks for the reference to the web site - these are truly superb.
  2. billtils

    Flaps Up Flaps down

    Great set!
  3. billtils

    No more what ??

    Spoonbill It depends on what you want/need. You don't say why you use Smugmug, but my best guess from what you have posted is that you want to store images online (perhaps for sharing) and want to keep it simple as far as processing goes. There are probably as many answers as there are...
  4. billtils

    500PF does Eagles

    Superb testament to the photographer (patience, planning, execution) and his gear (great combo of lens and body).
  5. billtils

    Critique Martin Grand J-28LSE Concert acoustic-electric guitar

    Like them all Mike, but if I had to go for one, it would be #2 because of the contrast provided by the colour and texture in the wood. I don't mind the sharpness fall off from right to left (as viewed)
  6. billtils

    Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 D AF-S IF-ED Lens?

    I have 4 lenses, only one of which is a zoom (the Nikon 24-85mm AF-S 1:3.5 - 4.5G ED). Things just turned out that way, the others being a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G (everyone should have a nifty fifty), the wonderful Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR (replaced a Tamron 150-600 that had become too heavy for...
  7. billtils

    Critique Bent Tree

    +1 to the above
  8. billtils

    Views from Sgùrr Alasdair

    Lovely shots and well done you for making the climb with a D850! My nephew is an enthusiastic Munro bagger but he assures me that if I ever wanted to climb one for the view I'd need to ditch my D810 for a wee mirrorless.
  9. billtils

    Normally I Wouldn't Shoot a Spoonbill From This Far Away

    +1 to all the above, and I'd add that this is a text-book example of how a great wildlife bird shot does not have to be a close up of the target in flight.
  10. billtils

    Boudoir Shoot (SFW)

    It's tagged SFW, no 'N' in the tag
  11. billtils

    Critique Red-headed woodpecker

    Worth the wait!
  12. billtils

    Critique Posing Rosie

    +1 to all the above.
  13. billtils

    Dragonfly in the rain

    Superb - and a neat sub-plot with the two different cameras.
  14. billtils

    Critique Nested, old spoons

    I've missed your creative "household" monos Mike. Welcome back!
  15. billtils

    What is minimalism? with a few attempts...

    Now THAT'S what I call minimalism (with due recognition that I liked all the other posts).
  16. billtils

    What happens if you stop your subscription to Photoshop CC?

    Dan, from what I've read, the answers are that the software is inactivated along with access to the Adobe Cloud (and therefore access to anything that is located there), but any edited images that you have stored locally are safe. ... but I could be wrong. I've posed this question in a few...
  17. billtils

    What happens if you stop your subscription to Photoshop CC?

    Thanks everyone for your input. Quite clear cut, and I will happily continue not to use PS (or LR)! Key responses (mainly from TonyW): "In the case of Photoshop if you cancel your subscription, the programs will stop working." The main 'no way' issue "... to your storage media (hopefully...
  18. billtils

    What happens if you stop your subscription to Photoshop CC?

    I don't use PS but have been following this thread out of general interest. If someone has a "CC" version of PS does everything live in the cloud or do they have a full working version of the S/W on their local machine - for ever, but without updates if they don't renew the subscription? And...
  19. billtils

    Canon printer not working with MacBook Pro

    Or another search engine that produces just as good results but without commodifying and tracking you, such as DuckDuckGo.
  20. billtils

    Question for NEF files on MAC

    There's no point in updating MacOS or any other software unless the update provides something that is of interest or advantage to you, the individual user and it's up to you the user to make that decision. More and more the "updates" look like part of an "iOSsification" strategy with the aim of...
  21. billtils

    Critique In the shop

    Add me to the list of admirers.
  22. billtils

    The fairy dust of ISO: ISO Invariance…

    I'm not a physicist or electronics engineer, but on reading this thread and the linked material I am left with just one impression - much ado about nothing. To go back to basics, what matters is the exposure triangle. Aperture and shutter speed are absolutes; we set those to suit the image we...
  23. billtils

    FX Camera

    Does it have to be "best" or is "suitable" OK?
  24. billtils

    Critique Lauretta

    Karen It looks like that because that's the look I wanted in that shot. I have a couple of dozen "glam" shots of her ...
  25. billtils

    Critique Lauretta

    Thanks for looking and commenting Glenn, I agree with all you say. If you look at the EXIF data you'll see that the first was shot with the 90mm Tamron, but the other two with the Nikkor 24-85, and therein lies a tale ... I use(d)* the Tamron mainly as a macro lens and the routine is autofocus...
  26. billtils

    Critique Backlite Egret

    Only needs two words; Oh Yes!!!!!
  27. billtils

    For those who still shoot film and want to develop at home...

    I've resurrected my 50-year-old Canon AE-1 but chickened out at DIY development. I've only shot 1 roll so far (FP-4) and sent it to a commercial lab to develop and digitise. The results were surprisingly good when I got the set up right! No auto focus, no live view, no display to set...
  28. billtils

    Critique Lauretta

    Haven't posted here for a while, but here are a couple from a portrait shoot yesterday.
  29. billtils

    Luminosity masking

    OK Walter - you did it! I was one of the Capture One 11 to 12 upgrade cost objectors but have now done it and (subject to more hands on experience) am happy.
  30. billtils

    Luminosity masking

    Thanks Glenn, Walter (very nice illustration), and John. Walter, I liked your illustration but not sure about the "impossible" - you can do that selection in Affinity Photo, and also use its layer blending to achieve the same result. However, it does seem that the various LM plugins offer a...
  31. billtils

    Luminosity masking

    Thanks Karen. I read an enjoyed the material on the Kuyper link. I'm still a bit unsure exactly where luminosity masks offer something over conventional masking using a brush or lasso, although Dan does touch on that in post #3. I'll keep experimenting ...
  32. billtils

    Luminosity masking

    Thanks Dan. A lot of what I've read seems to suggest that the ability to mask according to the luminosity in the original image is what distinguishes the technique from creating a mask by brushing or lassoing. I'm not familiar with ON1 but highlights/midtones/shadows adjustments are simple in...
  33. billtils

    Luminosity masking

    I've been exploring luminosity masking lately, and would be interested to hear from members who use it, especially your experiences in regard to where it fits into your workflow.
  34. billtils

    More birds from downunder (Image Heavy)

    Nice shots and an amazing variety of birds.
  35. billtils

    COMPLETED Cancelled: Nikon Z6 kit (body, 24-70 f/4 lens, FTZ adapter) ~200 clicks | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Says all that has to be said - and nice to see that you are keeping the D750.
  36. billtils

    Tampa's Riverwalk

    +1 to what Allan says.
  37. billtils

    Critique Tampa/St. Pete

    It's 12 years since we retired home after living in St Pete Beach for over a decade - I guess you sometimes have to leave a place to appreciate how nice it looks! Super series Glenn and thanks for posting.
  38. billtils

    Critique Brass Peppercorn Grinder

    The grinder itself is a most attractive image (I can see what Dave meant re the highlights, but to me they are on the right side of acceptable), but that glimpse of the dish of multicoloured peppercorns is a splendid finishing touch. Or, as the current cliche would have it, "takes it to the...
  39. billtils

    Review Nikon 300mm f/4E PF AF-S VR

    Yes I agree with all that - and it's very versatile. Here's a link to a flickr album with a selection of shots:
  40. billtils

    Early morning ships

    Nice shot Harry. I like the colours and lines. Good to see that the group includes the Hebridean Princess - I've done a fair few trips on that one.
  41. billtils


    Nice series. All of them are good but I agree with Dossy re #1.
  42. billtils


    Lovely series, with #1 being my favourite (I agree with Dossy).
  43. billtils

    Critique Driftwood Beach

    Very nice.
  44. billtils

    Luminar 3 is live!

    Thanks for the heads up on using it with Luminar.
  45. billtils

    Luminar 3 is live!

    I was like that for a long time, but encourage you to give them a try. I started with Silver Efex, then tried Color Efex, and more recently Dfine2. Silver Efex is absolutely the go to mono converter for lots of people, and Color Efex is now part of my normal workflow. It;s only in the last...
  46. billtils

    Luminar 3 is live!

    This came in while I was typing the reply!. I'm still evaluating Luminar and it's too early to come to any conclusion. First sight: I quite like it and it is certainly great value for money for anyone starting out, but not totally convinced it is as good as my Capture One 11 + Affinity Photo...
  47. billtils

    Luminar 3 is live!

    Wise words from Ken! When I quit Aperture (in disgust at Apple withdrawing support, although to be fair, I could see the business sense behind their decision) I tested every (then) available combo editor/DAM to check how well it imported the Aperture catalogue, the performance of the raw...
  48. billtils

    Luminar 3 is live!

    Thanks - I'll download and test it, but that will be later as there are some pressing domestic matters that will take up all my time for the next 5 days :). EDIT: Downloaded and have successfully imported all my CaptureOne catalog images - original NEFS and jpeg edits. A good start - thanks...
  49. billtils

    Luminar 3 is live!

    I'm looking for a replacement for Capture One (having lost patience with their recent history of annual updates offering less and less functional improvement for more and more financial outlay). I have no experience of the 2018 Luminar and a functioning DAM is an essential for me so Luminar 3...
  50. billtils

    Luminar 3 is live!

    I'm a long time happy Mac user but agree with Scott about the MAS. A couple of illustrations from my experiences with Affinity Photo which I use as an external editor for some things. I have been a member of the AP developer community since its inception, and pretty well every glitch in AP can...
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