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  1. digipix

    US101 Along the Coast

    Nice series. I like the sunset shot the best. The drift wood log adds another interesting visual element. Alvin
  2. digipix

    Critique Cleveland Public Library

    Fantastic images. Your perspectives are so very interesting and the colors are amazing. Alvin
  3. digipix

    Critique More Cleveland Interiors

    Outstanding work. The ceiling shot is stellar. Always nice to get a hot tip from a local. Alvin
  4. digipix

    Amalfi, Orvieto and Tuscany, Italy

    Terrific series! I especially liked #7 and #9 for their dramatic compositions. Alvin
  5. digipix

    Eileen Donan Castle

    Very nice, I really like the composition. Alvin
  6. digipix

    Teton Valley Balloon Festival

    Terrific series. Alvin
  7. digipix

    Brooks Lake

    Great reflection shots, the pano is exceptional though. Alvin
  8. digipix

    Monterey Bay Aquarium+

    Thanks so much Nick! Thanks Karen. Luck sometimes happens. Really appreciate it Lyndee. As I was watching #2 come together, it actually seemed like the fish and the man were making a connection. Funny how that happens. Thank You Binnur.
  9. digipix

    Lupine trail

    I never get tired of wildflowers. Very nice. Alvin
  10. digipix

    New York City: Skyline, Fireworks, Central Park

    Nice series from start to finish. Alvin
  11. digipix

    Monterey Bay Aquarium+

    Last year I took a weekend trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Big Sur and came back with a few images that I liked. #1 Bixby Bridge, taken from the south end of the bridge. California Dreaming by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr #2 Mola Mola and visitor. I was up on viewing platform and noticed the...
  12. digipix

    Mojave Route 66/I-40 (8 Images)

    Thanks so much Heiko! . Thanks Alex. I intentionally added some noise to the first shot to get a more analog feel to it. I guess it doesn't work for everyone. Thanks for the feedback. Thank You, Alvin
  13. digipix

    Mojave Route 66/I-40 (8 Images)

    Thank you Andreas. Thanks Allan. I wanted the image to have an analog feel to it, so I added some noise to it. It may not work for everyone. Thanks so much Terri. Thank You Mike!
  14. digipix

    Mojave Route 66/I-40 (8 Images)

    Thanks so much Karen. Thank You Walter. I really enjoy photographing at night. Thank you Binnur.
  15. digipix

    Neys Provincial Park beach at night - revised version posted.

    I like the serene mood. Nicely shot. Alvin
  16. digipix

    Mojave Route 66/I-40 (8 Images)

    Thanks Klaus. One day, I'd like to drive and photograph the entire route. Thanks Randy! Thank You Andy! Thanks Glenn. You're right about the lighting. I used a sb-800 with a gel and popped it a few times after triggering the shutter. For the cabins, I took one shot for each of the cabins...
  17. digipix

    Mojave Route 66/I-40 (8 Images)

    In the spring of 2018, I took a trip to visit sites along I-40 in the Mojave Desert of California. There are some interesting sights to see. #1 Route 66 Motel in Barstow Get Your Kicks on Route Six Six by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr #2 Dixie Inn, Hinckley, CA Dixie Blues by Alvin Tenpo, on...
  18. digipix

    On The Streets of Philadelphia ... 7-Images

    Terrific city scenes. Love the skyline shots. Alvin
  19. digipix

    Infrared Japan II

    The sequel set also delivers. Excellent work. Alvin
  20. digipix

    Infrared Japan

    Outstanding set! Alvin
  21. digipix

    Sol Duc Falls

    Beautiful photo! The lighting is gorgeous. Alvin
  22. digipix

    The Watchman @ Zion NP

    Cool shot! Good idea going during the off season.
  23. digipix

    USS Hornet, Alameda, CA

    Thanks Louis. Appreciate the comment David.
  24. digipix

    USS Hornet, Alameda, CA

    Thanks for posting that information. Here's another article about the Hornet (CV-8).
  25. digipix

    Delta IV Heavy

    Found this video on Youtube. I subscribe to this email list that sends out a notice whenever there's an upcoming launch. Launch-Alert Info Page I saw a launch once many years ago and recall how amazing it was. If a launch and my schedule work out, I'd love to see another one, especially at...
  26. digipix

    Neon Museum, Las Vegas

    Thanks so much Binnur.
  27. digipix

    Goldfield, Nevada

    Thank You Binnur!
  28. digipix

    Neon Museum, Las Vegas

    I didn't know about neon restriction in Germany. Yes, Vegas is the place for bright lights.
  29. digipix

    Critique A Florida Gazebo (color version)

    Thanks for describing the challenges in creating a wonderful photograph. Great chance for us to learn about overcoming problems.
  30. digipix

    Neon Museum, Las Vegas

    Thanks Klaus! I hadn't been to Vegas for about 20 years prior to my recent visit. I only spent a few hours there to photograph the Neon Museum and had to get back to the Bay Area the next day so it was a short visit. Vegas has changed a lot in those 20 years. It's more sprawling than I...
  31. digipix

    Critique Golden Isles of Georgia

    Great work Glenn. I think I like your latest version of Driftwood Beach. That's my favorite of this collection.
  32. digipix

    Neon Museum, Las Vegas

    Thanks Rick! Yes, it took some time before I started to get into a groove. A lot of the tour is during the late afternoon, so that gives you some time to try out different lenses and compositions. I thought I could get by with my 16-35mm F4, but it wasn't quite wide enough. Once I put on the...
  33. digipix

    So I had to send my D850 into Melville...

    Good luck Glenn. I'd like to hear the results of the repair work and your experience with Nikon repair. I had one leg on my Gitzo flop around but tightening the bolts on that one leg seemed to fix it. I'd be curious to know what they did to fix it.
  34. digipix

    Nikon Z6 and Rokinon 14mm issues

    My Z6 arrived along with a Rokinon 14mm F2.4 SP. It seems to work fine. The autofocus confirmation light is working and I'm not having any issues with the LCD, or setting the aperture nor any noises. It's working as expected. The F2.4 SP version is a newer model. However, my Sigma 15mm DG...
  35. digipix

    Neon Museum, Las Vegas

    I signed up for the last Photowalk Tour (until June 2019) at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. It's super fun to photograph when the light balance is right. I enjoyed using my Sigma 15mm on a D800. The extra wide FOV works well in the tight spaces. #1 Visitor Center Neon Museum by Alvin Tenpo...
  36. digipix

    Critique St. Photios Shrine, St. Augustine, FL

    Great work Glenn! The Sigma 15mm is really a fun lens in tight places.
  37. digipix

    Goldfield, Nevada

    Thanks Randy. It was fun to photograph. Thanks Mike. It's fun light painting, so much trial and error.
  38. digipix

    Goldfield, Nevada

    Thanks Nick. Indeed Goldfield has a lot to offer. Thanks so much Lyndee.
  39. digipix

    Mono Morning

    Beautiful shot! Love the mood and colors.
  40. digipix

    Goldfield, Nevada

    Late in October, I took a drive into Nevada to photograph locations along US95. One interesting location is Goldfield, NV. #1 Goldfield High School Stairway to Education by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr #2 Goldfield Hotel Hotel Entrance by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr #3 Goldfield Garage Sound Horn...
  41. digipix

    BBC--best photos of 2018

    Great photography.
  42. digipix

    Z7 nighttime shot of Power Plant

    Cool photos. Thanks for posting.
  43. digipix

    Critique Andersonville National Historic Site

    Excellent work Glenn and a historical reminder. Thanks for posting.
  44. digipix

    Some of my Favorite Landscapes of 2018 (and a last minute add!!)

    You had a great year. I especially like #6. Excellent light. So many wonderful locations in WA.
  45. digipix

    Light Painting at Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs, CA

    Thanks Ken. Thank You Tony. I wish I could've spent more time in the area to explore Anza Borrego State Park and the Salton Sea area. I will have to return.
  46. digipix

    Light Painting at Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs, CA

    Thanks so much, DynaSport. Appreciate it Binnur.
  47. digipix

    Light Painting at Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs, CA

    Thank you Orv. There was a lot of trial and error and many failures. The process is fun and a little painful when my bare leg backed into a cactus while light painting. Thanks again for your nice comment. Thank you Walter! Thank you Randy. I was happy with the results.
  48. digipix

    Light Painting at Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs, CA

    Thanks Glenn. The serpent was my favorite of the night. That was the last sculpture I painted so had a chance to practice light painting.
  49. digipix

    Light Painting at Galleta Meadows, Borrego Springs, CA

    Last month, I spent one night photographing the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs, CA. There are about 130 metal sculptures scattered around Borrego Springs. Some are easy to find, others are off highway a bit. #1 Feeding Time by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr #2 Climate Change by Alvin Tenpo, on...
  50. digipix

    Recommendations? Nikon FX wide angle for astrophotography

    It looks like Rokinon lenses have compatibility issues with the Z cameras + FTZ. Thread on DPReview. Also thread on NikonCafe.
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