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    Small camera. Small bag?

    Out of the MANY camera bags I have, the Domke F-5XB is my main bag for carrying my G3, lenses, filters, etc. Big enough to carry a decent amount of stuff while still being nice and compact compared to most other bags. Definitely a good choice. Marty
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    Going Micro Four Thirds...

    My GF1 is really nice for a small camera with decent IQ, esp when combined with the Lumix 20mm. No desire to get the GF2 due to lack of real controls. Waiting to see what Olympus's latest will look like when it comes out soon. I have a G3 on order now, thinking that I'll like the built in...
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    Express Card 34 adapter for CF

    I have a Delkin 54 that I don't use anymore. If your laptop can take the 54 width devices, feel free to send me a private message and I'll ship it to you - no charge. Marty
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    Anyone here with a Amazon Kindle

    I got the Kindle 3 as soon as it came out and couldn't be happier. If you want a device for reading books (not looking at photos or color charts, not web browsing, playing games, etc) the Kindle 3 can't be beat. As far as the various ebook formats are concerned, get the freeware called...
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    Inexpensive head for compact CF tripod.

    I've used my 70-200 on it several times without any problems. But I wouldn't worry about the head being able to support heavier equip. The Markins and Photo Clams can handle surprisingly heavy loads for their size. I'd bet the tripod would have problems with longer, heavier lenses before the...
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    Inexpensive head for compact CF tripod.

    I purchased the Photo Clam PC-33NS to use with my Gitzo 1541 Traveler a little over a year ago. I have been very pleased with it. I've used it frequently over the last year and it seems to work just as well and operate as smoothly as my two Markins. No problems at all so far. I have a...
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    What's your e-reader, and why?

    Right now just use my iPod Touch with various ebook readers. I've read lots of books on it. Might go with the new wifi only Kindle now that they lowered the price. Probably wait to read reviews of it first though. - Marty
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    Best P&S or 4/3s

    If you need shallow depth of field I wouldn't bother getting anything with a sensor smaller than the 4/3rds (along with a fairly fast lens). - Marty
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    NYT features Sony NEX in its Technology Section

    I have to agree about the lack of controls. As Pogue says: "Switch to manual focus? Eleven presses. It gets old fast. " These bodies seem to be designed for the point and shoot crowd, rather than serious photographers. - Marty
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    Sony NEX system... Beyond M4/3...

    RE: NEX Unfortunately, the controls look awful. The minimalistic button/control design doesn't look like it will be useful for serious photographers. Probably have to press many buttons or go through menus just to change something like the ISO. Quality of lenses appears to be not all...
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    Add-on close-up (diopter) lenses?

    I use the Nikon and Canon 2-element close up diopters exclusively. The Nikon 3T's and 4T's do show up on eBay fairly often - but they also frequently go for $70 USD or more. Actually, I just picked up another 4T for $59 last week. We'll see if condition is as good as described when I get it...
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    Tripod combo choice.

    Personally, for the equipment you mention, I would go with the 3 Series. If you plan on getting really long lenses in the future, then the 5 series would be justified. - Marty
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    Best lightweight tripod for hiking?

    Not sure exactly where they'll ship from but you can order it from either or - Marty
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    PhotoClam Ballheads

    Cheryle, Part of the problem is that I don't like constantly moving the ball heads from tripod to tripod - so I end up getting a ball head for each tripod that I use regularly. Although they may seem similar if you are reading specs, if you put them side by side they are quite different...
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    PhotoClam Ballheads

    Cheryle, I have the PC-33NS that I purchased to go with the Gitzo 1541T I (finally) picked up several months ago. I have a couple of Markins heads that I really like - M10 and Q3. When I first noticed the PhotoClams they appeared to be very similar to the Markins. So I thought it was worth...
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    Jobo Gorillapod

    I have the slr zoom model and it is definitely useful when you don't have a real tripod with you. However, I have to say that I'm not very comfortable using it with a full size dslr. I tend to use it mostly with my compacts. - Marty
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    Lumix GF1; I think I'm in lust...

    Tom, Think of the GF1 as being in between the compacts and your APS sensor camera as far as IQ is concerned (closer to APS than compacts though). It depends on how you are going to use the images. At higher ISO's and large print sizes it won't be as good as the D90 (just like the D90 isn't...
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    Lumix GF1; I think I'm in lust...

    Tom, For the 4/3 to M4/3 I just stuck with Panasonic's and have been very pleased with it. I decided to get an F-mount to M4/3 adapter instead of having to use both the F-mount to 4/3 with the 4/3 to M4/3. I tried some cheap ones from eBay, etc and wasn't impressed so I spent extra on...
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    Lumix GF1; I think I'm in lust...

    The Panasonic GF1 is my latest toy. Only had mine for a few weeks, but I really like it so far. It is so much easier to carry than my D300 and lenses. Which means I actually take it with me much more. Although, it wouldn't be my first choice for action shooting, if you tend to shoot in...
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    New Canon Compacts: S90 and G11

    S90 vs LX3 I've have both the LX3 and S90 now, and find that for the type of shooting I do, I much prefer the LX3. I tend to do a lot of closeups and tend to shoot at wide angle and normal focal lengths. In fact, looking at the shots I've made so far with the S90, less than 5% were made at a...
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    Recommendations for a P&S camera

    S90 vs LX3 I got my Canon S90 today and have only just started playing with it. My initial impressions are that the Panasonic LX3 is much better suited to me. The S90 has nowhere near the control options of the LX3 and generally seems to be a much different type of compact camera. I guess it...
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    Recommendations for a P&S camera

    I'm supposedly getting an S90 delivered sometime this week. I already have an LX3 that I think is fantastic, so I should be able to give a comparison of them in a week or so. Marty
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    New Canon Compacts: S90 and G11

    As I understand it, assuming dpreview has the correct info, the aperture of the G11's zoom lens ranges from F/2.8 - F/4.5. The actual focal length of the lens (not 35mm equiv) ranges from f/6.1 - f/30.5 - Marty
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    New Canon Compacts: S90 and G11

    I don't. - Marty
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    New Canon Compacts: S90 and G11

    Usability in low light is all relative. What I consider to be usable in low light might not be the same as what you think. Canon is reducing the resolution of their G series from 14.7 MP to 10.0. I'm assuming they are doing this to improve the image quality at higher ISO's. In their press...
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    New Canon Compacts: S90 and G11

    Yes - it looks like it would be a nice way to quickly change ISO or other settings. - Marty
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    New Canon Compacts: S90 and G11

    Looks like the Panasonic Lumix LX3's success has knocked some sense into Canon. New G11 is only 10MP. S90 also 10MP, shoots RAW and is f/2 at 28 mm end. As...
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    Olympus Pen E-P1 Review up at DPR

    If it's real - the Panasonic GF1 looks nice! Can't wait to see specs, sample photos and prices for it. - Marty
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    Olympus Pen E-P1 Review up at DPR

    I did have one on preorder a month or so ago, but eventually came to my senses. I do think I'll eventually get a M4/3rds camera but think I'll wait for a second generation Oly, or see what Panasonic or perhaps someone else comes out with. The concept is nice, but there are just a few too many...
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    Just Received My New Feisol Tripod!!

    Whoops - Sorry Obviously I got confused between Feisol models 3371 and 3372. Actually the price of the 3371 seems the same now as when I got mine several years ago. Sorry about that. - Marty
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    Just Received My New Feisol Tripod!!

    Thanks very much for taking the time to explain it to me. I appreciate it. Although I thought we were discussing a smaller model, I honestly had no idea Feisol currently wants $500+ for the 3372. When I got mine they were asking somewhere around $330 for a new one and I got mine, slightly...
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    Just Received My New Feisol Tripod!!

    With all due respect......I already know what *I* might consider to be rough equivalents....however you are the one claiming that the "equivalent" Gitzo is only 100 dollars more than the Feisol. How am I supposed to do research that tells me what YOU consider to be an equivalent model? You...
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    Just Received My New Feisol Tripod!!

    Exactly which Gitzo do you consider to be the equivalent of the Feisol CT-3342? - Marty
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    Just Received My New Feisol Tripod!!

    Cheryle, Glad to hear you are enjoying the new pod. Please keep us informed of your experiences with your new Feisol. I've had one of their bigger ones for several years (3371) and it has been a real workhorse for my bigger lenses and when I need something extra sturdy. No problems at...
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    Just Received My New Feisol Tripod!!

    You got a good deal on the Gitzo - or else the price has risen dramatically in the last few years. Currently the Gitzo price (for the 2541) is about 2X that of the Feisol. You might want to look at he Photo Clam heads that Kerry at Really Big Cameras sells. Yes, I know the name is kinda...
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    I am looking for a good pocket camera

    The Panasonic DMC-LX3 is my favorite right now. It has very good manual capabilities. It has a fast lens, image stabilization, and pretty decent higher ISO performance, so it is usable in low light conditions. The ability to shoot in RAW is nice too. About the only drawback would be if you...
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    Hip-bag - Lowepro Inverse 200 AW?

    Nate, The trouble is that if you are carrying a "big" backpack, your hips will already be covered with the backpack's hip belt. This is a common issue for people backpacking with photo equipment. You might want to look into a small as possible chest pack, or just carry the camera equip in...
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    Low to the ground tripod

    Yes, the Benbo is heavy and cumbersome too. The Benbo 1 that I have weighs approx 7.5lbs without any head attached. For this reason I rarely use it except around my house or when I know I'm going to stay close to the car. I find that even for low to the ground macro work, I use my Gitzo and...
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    Low to the ground tripod

    Many tripods which have adjustable leg angles are capable of getting very low to the ground. To do this usually requires a short center post, or no center post at all. I have a couple of Gitzos, a Bogen, a Velbon, a Slik and a Feisol that can all get down around 8 inches or so. Keep in mind...
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    micro 4/3 cameras... or EVF...

    Olympus micro 4/3 I've been waiting for the micro 4/3 Olympus for a while. If it is small enough, there are small wide angle and normal lenses with good macro capability available, it has a good IS system, and it can produce decent images at ISO 1600 or better yet 3200, I'll buy one . I love...
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    Camera bag for jogging?

    The KATA Format Q waist pack might work as long as the lens isn't very big - e.g. a prime or smallish zoom. I have one, and though I've never used it while jogging, it does fit close to the body. Here's a link to B&H's page on it...
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    need a pocketable camera that shoots raw

    LX3 is a great compact. I love mine. It will fit into a shirt pocket as long as you wear "manly" shirts :biggrin: I carry mine this way all the time. G10 is too big for this. - Marty
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    Anyone using Tenba Messenger bag?

    I'd say Jen's measurements are closer to reality. - Marty (mspell)
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    Anyone using new LOWEPRO Classified

    You might want to look at the Domke F-802 with some appropriate inserts. It is probably just big enough for the gear you mentioned. It is a lot less bulky than most bags and doesn't look like a typical camera bag. - Marty
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    Winter hiking boot suggestion?

    For very cold weather the so called "pac boots" are probably the best bang for the buck. These were traditionally rubber bottomed, with leather uppers and a removable wool felt inner boot. You can get ones rated for different min temps. Dave pointed out a modern version from LLBean, but you...
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    how to carry heavy kit on semi-long hikes?

    Sarah, If cost is no concern:smile: you might want to check out the Guru Gear Kiboko ( Looks really well designed. Review on Luminous Landscape here: Otherwise I tend to like some of...
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    What bag..two cameras..lenses? Thanks all!! Ordered the...

    Sabesh, Thanks for the link. I'll do the mega download and check the images tomorrow. Have fun with your new toy:smile: Looks like you are lucky enough to have a really nice local photo group. RE: idiots - The funny thing is that for at least 99% of the people who like to argue...
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    What bag..two cameras..lenses? Thanks all!! Ordered the...

    Sabesh, Thanks for the link re your thoughts on your 5D MkII. I will check it out. It will be a pleasure not to have to put up with the constant BS from the "my camera maker is better than yours" crowd. That crap has turned me away from countless forums that I used to follow. - Marty
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    What bag..two cameras..lenses? Thanks all!! Ordered the...

    sabesh, Thanks for the pic and congrats on your new 5D MkII (I'd be interested to see how the high ISO compares with your D700). One question I wasn't able to answer for Cheryle was how accessible the cameras were using the top zipper option when carrying two cameras in the small...
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    What bag..two cameras..lenses? Thanks all!! Ordered the...

    Jen, Don't worry. You have along way to go before joining the BA 12 step program:smile: Owning several photo bags is normal and could even be necessary. You don't want to have to take your backpack along everywhere, and a shoulder bag isn't going to work well if you need to hike 10...
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