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    Any structural engineers or folks familiar with Post Tension Concrete? ***Pics Added*

    Sorry coming in late, very cool thread. And when did i say not to stand clear of field tensioning? lol Have heard of them failing but never seen it myself.
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    Not a honey bee.

    Thank you for the update! And might i say, gross. Still edible?
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    Front Porch Fireworks

    Love these!!!!!!
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    Old Church

    I guess it was when they did steeple repairs many years ago and either Papa was contractor or just involved, but somehow I obtained a piece of wood with old nail that Grandma labled with what i think was original const date (18??). It is in my jewelry box. Beautiful shots!
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    Warning! Canon Land Sharks are Loose !!

    Knock knock. Who's there? Candygram. You fell for it. Lol
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    New England Panos. Image heavy

    ...then the landscapes are just for me. they are beautiful!
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    Tulip Poplar

    What is date on photo? Would like to be reminded when it blooms. Have probably missed it this year?
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    The Magicicada, 13 year hatch. IMAGE added

    Incredible shots!! now they creep me out even more.
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    Post an image of yours related to the one above it - Part III

    THanks daddy! I make it into the Cafe without even trying :) I love that bike spent an hour looking at the shot trying to figure out what all he used and WHY??
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    Leaves, mineral laden sand and coon tracks.

    AMAZING! I love it. Yes see this type of deposit on projects but know to stir it and if it breaks up it's organic but if it streaks or makes "paisley" designs it is suspect for contaminants.
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    What insect did this?

    Yes beautiful shots there! He's a busy boy! So i will take the good with the bad, as we all need pollenation :)
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    What insect did this?

    My better half picked up a rubber hose and this fell out. When he banged the hose around, something flew out too quickly to be identified and the remainder of the leaf structure fell out. Parts seemed to contain larvae, and some as you can see were aged and some new, as if it has been using the...
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    Thanks ya'll!! As evidence of my amatuer-ness, it took 6 blooms over 5 mornings to finally get the shot.......
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    First pic post on cafe. Schooled from birth by TomP, hope I don't disappoint. :smile:
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    Mass fledging??

    You know i am quite familiar with this scene :)
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    It's the simple things in life.

    It should be noted that the verbiage on the rolling pin is "Instant control for the home". :)
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    moved post

    In doing the math, i concluded that the subject matter might be ME! Any chance?
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    The purloined plant; ID wanted LEAF PIC added

    found it with help from a forum: Jewels of Opar, Fame Flower (Talinum paniculatum) can be seen here...
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    The purloined plant; ID wanted LEAF PIC added

    Can we get a shot of the whole plant?
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    More football

    Maybe you catch them at practice after school? Loved number one!
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    Few shots from a swamp

    I liked #6 best!
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    buble time again

    very cool but what are they?
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    Best, Master, Abus, American Lock

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    Morning in The Garden

    I am so tickled that the trumpet turned out to be salmon colored. Mrs. Mary's are blooming across the street but only white ones. At least Mom is getting some color up there!
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    First Try at Light Painting

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    Hawk dropped his lunch. WARNING GRAPHIC!!

    I somehow traced an owner of a dead banded pigeon once. I am sure i used the internet and it took a couple of calls but found him. He was glad to know.
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    Mimosa Blooms

    I love it!!
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    A Crawl Through My Woods

    #7 is my favorite!
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    Drying Luna Moth and Details, 6 images

    Incredible, Daddy! Never seen one so fresh!
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    Do not put off taking that picture !!

    Beautiful! Where is this located?
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    I Love You!

    I love IT!!
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