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  1. Cleanimage

    Sunflower and friend

    That is just a stellar shot! The bee is perfectly focused. Very well done.
  2. Cleanimage

    Great Blue Heron

    Eddie - You really got some nice feather detail in that image. It was well worth jumping off the beach-cruiser to get that shot.
  3. Cleanimage

    Butterflies on Button Bush

    John - Nice shots; that first one has such a beautiful background.
  4. Cleanimage

    Z 6 Is TERRIBLE At Sports and Action Shots!!!!

    Panther - Who says pro wrestling isn't real? You nabbed some great shots and the color is really outstanding! The Z6 may have its limitations but you certainly maximized its capabilities to get some very sharp images.
  5. Cleanimage

    Feeding time at the Nest

    Louie - As usual everything in your shots is spot on. My wife and I really enjoyed looking at each image. The lighting, composition, background, color, and feather detail are just outstanding. Thanks for posting. I appreciate the opportunity to see your work!
  6. Cleanimage

    Is Sony's Pace of Innovation Actually Hurting the Photo Industry

    Terri - Thanks. I enjoyed reading the article but thought it was a bit overhyped. Sony has certainly been innovative with their mirrorless products and they have put pressure on Nikon and Canon to produce mirrorless lines of cameras. Now that Canon and Nikon are in the mirrorless game, it...
  7. Cleanimage


    Love the hummers. Nice shooting'
  8. Cleanimage

    Juvenile Bald Eagle

    John - You really naidled those shots. The last one with the wing grazing the water is really excellent.
  9. Cleanimage

    Collared Lizard from Arkansas

    Aaron - Nice shots. I enjoyed taking a peek at them. They are all really well composed with excellent detail.
  10. Cleanimage

    Some vintage automobiles

    John - Nice shots. I remember when those Cadillacs and that '59 Ford were style setters.
  11. Cleanimage

    Vancouver Aquarium

    We were there in 2015. It's a really nice acquarium. Your shot of the sea turtle is stellar.
  12. Cleanimage

    Green heron by pond

    Allan - Nice captures. They are pretty little birds and your shots really does this one justice.
  13. Cleanimage

    Learning to Fly

    Bobby - perfect capture with the sand flying. Just exceptional; thanks for posting.
  14. Cleanimage

    Great Egret

    John - Great egret and great shots. You couldn't have nailed the one in the air better!
  15. Cleanimage

    Who Needs Z7's High Resolution

    For my purposes the high resolution cameras, i.e., Z7 or D850, are all about the ability to crop and still get a highly detailed image. Since my 17-35 lens is well past it's prime, I've toyed with the idea of getting a Z7 since mirrorless appears to be the wave of the future but for right now...
  16. Cleanimage

    Head shot of a heron

    Looks good to me. Allan might be right about the focus point but it's still an excellent shot.
  17. Cleanimage

    Red-winged Blackbirds

    Louie - Beautiful light for those shots. We've got them in a wetland near us and it's hard to get any feather detail or colors from the wings. The first shot is really exceptional.
  18. Cleanimage


    Roy - There is a link near the bottom of the story that will take you to the case text. Within the case text there are other links to explanatory cases. It's interesting reading but I still don't agree with the outcome since it certainly looks like a case of pure thievery on the part of the...
  19. Cleanimage

    thanks Mom

    Randy - Exceptional shots; love the color and interaction between the two. Thanks for posting.
  20. Cleanimage

    Burrowing Owls - Badlands National Park

    Aaron - Always enjoy checking out owl shots and you got some beauties. Thanks for posting.
  21. Cleanimage


    Dossy - That is such an outstanding B & W image. It almost looks like a painting. Of course it helps that Sheba is such a pretty animal!
  22. Cleanimage

    BlueJay morning approach and takeoff

    Bob - Truly exceptional shots! Perfect focus and the colors are beautiful. Thanks for posting.
  23. Cleanimage

    A few from a local wetland

    Some shots from a local wetland.
  24. Cleanimage

    My stroke

    Jim - Since I decided to take a nip of scotch tonight instead of wine, your health and recovery was toasted with double cask Macallan's scotch. I'm sincerely glad you are on the road to recovery and I look forward to updates on how you are doing.
  25. Cleanimage

    My stroke

    Jim - I follow your posts and am sorry to hear that you have been in poor health but glad to hear that you are on the rebound. The next glass of wine that I have will include a toast to your continuing recovery.
  26. Cleanimage

    Snowy Egret

    John - All the shots are very nice but that second one with the reflection in the water is really exceptional. Thanks for posting.
  27. Cleanimage

    bad things can happen when you get caught fishing in some one else's spot.

    Fred - Really great series. You really nailed the exposure and captured the action perfectly. There's nothing like getting bit on the rear end to get your attention!
  28. Cleanimage

    Just some photoshop fun

    Ray - You are the master. How you got the ocean spray in front of the horse's legs is beyond me.
  29. Cleanimage


    Brian - What an exceptional image. I just don't see how you could have done a better job capturing it. Thanks for posting. I missed it when your post was new but I'm sure glad I decided to scroll through some of the older posts on the Cafe!
  30. Cleanimage

    Bald Eagle

    John - Really nice color, feather detail, and sharpness. Too bad about the background in the 3rd one but you really nailed the focus. Thanks for posting.
  31. Cleanimage

    Bighorn Lamb

    Bill - both images are excellent; the color, composition, and sharpness really make them stand out. Thanks for posting. Let us know if you make that 8 mile hike. I'm sure any shots you get after that ordeal will also be exceptional.
  32. Cleanimage

    A few Osprey shots with D500 + 500mm PF

    Fred - Those are outstanding shots! Very sharp with great feather detail. Thanks for posting.
  33. Cleanimage

    Blue Jay

    John - I like both shots. The lighting is great; you got plenty of detail in the feathers and the colors are spot on. Well done.
  34. Cleanimage

    Nikkor 80-400 for birds

    I've got one that I use on my D810. Mine is nice and sharp (given my own limitations) and the VR is a big help. On the D810 it doesn't have enough reach unless you can get pretty close to your subject. However, on the D500 you would get the benefit of the crop factor so it would probably work...
  35. Cleanimage


    Louie - The are all very nice but the third and fourth shots really grabbed my attention. The color and detail of the birds on the move is really exceptional. The one thing I might suggest is removing the object to the right of the bird in the third image. To me it was slightly distracting...
  36. Cleanimage

    A few from the backyard

    Daniel - Nice shots; especially the woodpecker on the move. I also enjoy taking pics of the backyard birds and it looks like we've got the same shepherd's hooks. We've got our nut feeders hanging from them and I also occasionally catch a shot of bird on top of a hook.
  37. Cleanimage

    into the water

    Randy - The exposure in both shots is about as perfect as you can get it. Your subject really cooperated in the second shot with its pose! Well done.
  38. Cleanimage

    Big Swallow

    Dossy - Than you. I appreciate the kind words.
  39. Cleanimage

    Big Swallow

    Karen - Thank you; it was quite a sight.
  40. Cleanimage

    Big Swallow

    Darrell - Thanks for commenting.
  41. Cleanimage

    Big Swallow

    Louie - Thanks. I figured this was pretty common but it sure did surprise me.
  42. Cleanimage

    Big Swallow

    I didn't realize that a heron could expand it's neck like this one did to accommodate such a big fish. I'm sure the more experienced photographers on this site have seen this many times but it sure surprised me. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to catch the strike but I bet the fish was...
  43. Cleanimage

    A Little Privacy Please???

    Bobby - Great shot; almost looks like a painting. I also enjoyed reading about their behavior.
  44. Cleanimage

    Bee in flight!

    Daniel - Outstanding! Despite the heavy crop you still got a lot of detail in the shot.
  45. Cleanimage

    They're Back!

    Aaron - Thanks for posting. You really nailed the skin texture and colors.
  46. Cleanimage

    Puffed up Blackbird w/Nikon Z7

    That's really a solid shot. The feather detail across the top of the head is just great. The background is also very nice.
  47. Cleanimage

    Am I the only one disgusted with Nikon ...

    Off topic but I really enjoyed taking a look at your landscape shot. The contrast between the foreground and background is really interesting. Looks like the Z/adapter/lens combo held up nicely.
  48. Cleanimage

    Dragonfly 2 - Aeshna palmata male

    Steve - Those are really outstanding macro shots. Your skill plus the right equipment really delivered the goods! The fourth shot is just beyond belief. Thanks for posting.
  49. Cleanimage

    Sandhill Crane sitting on nest

    Allan - That's an exceptional image. The colors are great and the exposure is perfect. Thanks for posting.
  50. Cleanimage

    Sol Duc Falls

    Terri - This is just another compelling reason why I hope you will be able to keep after your photography. I always like the way the water looks at the slower speeds and you got it perfect. The Z6 should work well for you and give you a lighter load. I'll look forward to seeing the pictures...
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