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  1. dagored

    What's the polite response...?

    That's funny. I did the same for the school district and they bought everything I recommended. Later, I even ran the business departments windows server from a Mac laptop, drove the Dell reps crazy. They sent me to school for more training. I stayed there till retirement.
  2. dagored

    What's the polite response...?

    Guy, I have this same problem with people and computers. I used to network and run a school districts computers (now retired). I always get, what should I buy? I respond with what do you want to do with it. They don't know, but they NEED a computer. Well, most buy whatever is on sale. "I got...
  3. dagored

    Your best shot of the Family Dog...

    Happy Holidays
  4. dagored

    My latest purchase...

    Just saw this from you Frank. I have used Amazon for the past month. Never a problem and you are right, they are cheaper than the iTunes Store.
  5. dagored

    My latest purchase...

    Frank, If you are going to watch podcasts or movies on long flights, look at this, came in handy this past month going to the Caribbean. It is smaller than it looks and lasted the entire week. I recharged my Touch and my wifes...
  6. dagored

    laser vision correction--any thoughts?

    OK, everyone has an opinion. I will chime in with real world experiences. 13 years ago, yeah you read right, I was told I needed bifocals over my contacts. Not going to happen. I was going to get surgery. Lasiks not available at the time. I found out later that I would never have been a...
  7. dagored

    IE 7 Like it or not

    They still make Exploder!?!
  8. dagored

    Apple seems to have the same PDO department

    Don, I waited until the new IntelMacs came out over a year ago and bought the latest G5 PM at Costco with Applecare, cheaper than I could get it at my school with an educ buy and no tax. Like a few others said, if you can wait a few months....., but remember, a new one is just down the road.
  9. dagored

    Apple seems to have the same PDO department

    Come on guys, technology changes daily. If you wait, you will never buy. Apple will sell a boat load of machines after Leopards release next week. If you are in the market, go for it. If you do not need one right now, after February you can really upgrade? According to the rumors, Apple has...
  10. dagored

    Hard drive not recognized

    The B-tree is basically the catalog or index of the volume. Larry was right, if you reformat it the drive might be alright. Can you hook it up to another computer? Can it be read from another computer besides the one you have? If so, off load your data and then reformat. I have a small...
  11. dagored

    Jewel case inserts

    If you mean make your own - here is what I have done. Get the dimensions of the insert from one you already have. That is your Guide. Now use a WP (Pages for me) or Draw program (i like InDesign) and create your insert on this. Add picts - titles etc. For a list of songs, you can either type...
  12. dagored

    Politically Correct???

    Cliff, I take exception with this: What worries me, is that the people, who should be teaching my children how to think, are, instead, giving them a course in how to avoid having to think. These broad bannings, of items in or related to schools, is, at best, a dereliction of the teachers' and...
  13. dagored

    I must be stupid

    I was following this auction: Nikon ML-3 remote It is missing the hand strap and is used. Now, what I do not understand is that the remote went for $152 + $6 S&H = $158 and change. Now a grey market remote from B&H is $154.95 + $7.95 S&H = $163 to my door with a 1 year warranty from B&H. Am I...
  14. dagored

    How big is High School football in your area?

    Lets see. Here in Ohio, the local state HS Champs are 20 miles north of me. High School football is BIG. The local station carries some of the games live and some rebroadcast an hour after they end. The local paper has a 60 page insert every year covering the Ohio valley football teams. The...
  15. dagored

    Leg wraps, column, retractable spike for GT-3530s?

    As stated above. Go to your local Lowes or Home Depot and look for pipe insulation in 8 ft. sections. Diameter's vary. About $1.75. There are also brands that have self sticking tape along the seam to keep them tight. My Gitzo 2530 took the 1" diameter and fits great. On the legs, i put self...
  16. dagored

    Looking for a small external drive for transferring files...

    Look here:
  17. dagored

    man I just can't catch a break

    Darrell, Where are you in Ohio? Construction near me is always busy.
  18. dagored

    Gitzo GT2530 tripod

    An L-bracket is necessary for the camera for other smaller lenses. The 70-200 needs a plate or a replacement foot.
  19. dagored

    need a new coffee maker

    Well seeing as how you bought one already, this is just for anyone else that hates having to replace a carafe. I have had this for 3 years. If something can break, I break it. Not this. Coffee on demand Is this the one you bought? If so, keep the receipt.
  20. dagored

    screen protector question

    Same seller, same protector. As stated previously it works great. Looks great and I do not miss the original. In fact, I would not want to put it back on.
  21. dagored

    iMac and External Drive Problem

    Try this: Go to Utilities. Select Disk Utilities. Select First Aid if not already selected. Does the external drive show up? If so, select the internal iMac HD and Repair Permissions. If the external drive does not show up, change the USB cable. Tell me what happens or if this helps.
  22. dagored

    screen protector question

    I have this and it is fantastic. Make sure everything is clean and dust free when you install. It can be removed, but is not easy.
  23. dagored

    help for Tripod/ballhead decision

    sebastian73 Check this post out. Lots of info and pictures. A place to start.
  24. dagored

    Thom Hogan's 17-55 review - what's that thing on his d70?

    I have to disagree. It is an L-bracket - RRS. It is not heavy at all. It only weighs 3 oz. I have one on my D200. Don't even know it is there, but when I need to mount it on the tripod, presto.
  25. dagored

    Macro Tripod Recommendations?

    Look at this: RRS ground pod. You should download their catalog. I do not know if they ship overseas or what the rate would be.
  26. dagored

    Gitzo Legs

    They have a new site. Google it and it will come up, my old bookmark did not work - had to replace it. Yes.
  27. dagored

    Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote Control

    Anyone have this and using it? I would like opinions before I plunk down $175 at B&H for this. What I am looking for is build quality and reliability.
  28. dagored

    Gitzo Legs

    I got a free Gitzo bag with it from B & H. Fits the tripod, RRS head and a bogen carbon one monopod with the Manfroto 3232 head with the RRS B2-Pro clamp. No. Do you have any suggestions? Fits the 2530 like a glove. I purchased the LCF-10 foot from RRS. Works perfect. Smaller in height than the...
  29. dagored

    Gitzo Legs

    I can only tell you that the 2530 is very stable. I have been happy with it since I unpacked it over a month ago. Very well made. Nothing cheap about it.
  30. dagored

    LCD Protector -Top and Back & 10 pin cap

    Terminal caps-what a bargin I also bought 2 of these: Terminal caps for D200 etc. I could not pass this up.
  31. dagored

    LCD Protector -Top and Back & 10 pin cap

    Check this out: LCD protector I just got this. It also includes a cover for the top screen. When installed it does not even look like there is anything installed. $12 total I do not know about the claims in the listing, but it is rigid, it comes off with some very determined effort, no...
  32. dagored

    Gitzo GT2530

    Mike, It over hangs the base by about 1/8". I had this same question about 2 months ago. I have a picture somewhere. I will try to find it. Found it. If you remove the center post, no problem.
  33. dagored

    Gitzo GT2530

    Thanks for the Loctite tip. Just used the Blue on the feet. You guys were referring to the blue and not red in regards to the Loctite? A little afraid to put it on the head.
  34. dagored

    Open Letter to Camera Stores

    You lucky people I wish I had a local B & M to browse and maybe buy from. Where I live, I am stuck with Ritz at the local mall and they carry mostly out of date P & S for the general public. My closest real camera store is about 2 hours away. Needles to say is it cheaper to shop on line than...
  35. dagored

    70-200VR serial number

    Mine is in the middle - 32xxxx. Just depends how long it has been sitting in stock.
  36. dagored

    Any Fiesol ballheads owners out there?

    Read this and save money in the long run. How to buy a tripod.
  37. dagored

    Gitzo 1325 problem

    Guys, You have to establish a login with password before you register. This is how you receive your confirmation email. 1. go to 2. click warranty on the left 3. hit - submit - nothing else 4. you will be asked to create a login and a password and register. 5. now you will be...
  38. dagored

    Gitzo 1325 problem

    Scott, I just registered. Go to the Gitzo site. Select warranty on the left. Ignore being redirected to Bogen in the U.S. Register on the page provided. You can select United States of America in the list provided. It will take the registration and you will receive an email confirmation.
  39. dagored

    Gitzo 1325 problem

    Gene, Do you have a link. I go to the Gitzo site and it redirects me to the US distributor site - Bogen Inc. - and their registration page has been down for over 10 days.
  40. dagored

    "This close" to purchasing my Gitzo! :)

    Gretchen, Back in February we talked in a thread I started about tripods and heads. I just got the 2530 Monday and the BH-40 LR II in Tuesday. It is a beautiful sight. You will love it. I am impressed with the quality and build of both.
  41. dagored

    Removing center column from Gitzo 2530?

    It is not in the directions and I do not want to screw this up or damage the pod. Can anyone point me to some directions on how to remove the center column of the Gitzo 2530 and just attaching the top plate and hook?
  42. dagored

    RRS BH40 w/ 200-400?

    I personally have not, but. There is always one of those. I ordered the BH 40 from RRS Thursday. I talked to Casey and gave him my lens lineup. My biggest is a 70-200vr. He told me that 300 was their recommended limit. I bought the 40 because I ordered the Gitzo 2530 from B & H. The Gitzo...
  43. dagored

    My photo on TV! - updated again

    Justed voted for you . Nice photo
  44. dagored

    Help me - tripod & head?

    Update - Gitzo & RRS I started this thread in February. Well, with the purchase of the Nikon 70-200vr a month ago, the tripod and head were put on hold. The hold has been broken. Wednesday, ordered a Gitzo 2530 with an RRS-40LR II, L-bracket to hold my D200 /w a 105 and the 70-200 foot for the...
  45. dagored

    105 Vr question

    My 70-200 does not make as much noise or clacking as my 105. If you are worried, call Nikon. The lens is covered for 5 years. Like I said, I used to worry, I just take pictures now. If something happens, I call Nikon. They fix it.
  46. dagored

    105 Vr question

    Yes. Mine does too. I thought something was wrong with it when I first purchased the lens. Just take pictures.
  47. dagored

    One last question...

    Frank, Groucho is right. I have the shoulder pad on both of my bags. Wife has one. She inherited the D70. Very comfortable and while you are at it, look at the camera strap that Domke has. I have two...
  48. dagored

    Batteries for SB800 ??????

    I have this one: Am going to order this one: You can not go wrong with Thomas Dist. I have used them for years at home and at my former place of...
  49. dagored

    One last question...

    I have had the tan for 2 years and love it. It even holds the 70-200, albeit not on the camera.
  50. dagored

    Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote Control

    This will work on the D200, right?
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