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    D3x Prices

    I read "very near future" as after the D800 becomes widely available, but I can see how those posts could be interpreted differently. I certainly don't expect D3x prices to go below $3,000 until you can actually buy a D800.
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    D3x Prices

    I don't see anyone arguing that the D3x is now only worth $3,000 (but feel to correct me if I missed someone further up in this long thread). I believe most people (including myself) do not believe that the D3x will sell for more than $3,000 once the D800 has become widely available, assuming...
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    D3x Prices

    I don't think that KEH prices reflect market prices. If you look at what KEH charges for a USED D700, they range between $2,370 and $2,569. IMO, Ebay gives you a much better idea of market value, and both the original 1Ds and the original 5D sell for $750-$850 most of the time, so both the...
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    Best CF Cards?

    I generally use Sandisk Cards (Ultra II through Extreme IV). Just to confirm what others have said, I've used 16GB cards and filled them up before.
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    D3x Prices

    I suspect it will be the D300 vs. D2X(s) Part 2, assuming the D800 is as good as it looks on paper. The D2X sold at prices above the D300 several months after the D300 had been announced (even if that price was already much lower than before the announcement). However, when it became clear...
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    Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 or Tokina 12-24 f/4

    I've owned both in the past. If you don't need the f/2.8, I'd go with the 12-24. The gap between 16mm and 24mm is quite large (you can see how much of a difference is between 18mm and 24mm while you still have the 18-200mm). Of course, you could also fill that gap by buying one of the...
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    (Update 9/18/11) Lens isn't sharp like I'd hope

    Two thoughts: - Are you sure that you can manually focus reliably with the old lens? Maybe you're missing focus using MF. - Newer lenses (especially one like the 35/1.8) are in fact sharper.
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    Would you buy this lens?

    Yep, totally depends on the price. If he's asking for $200, I'd still buy it, assuming there are no other issues with it. If he's only willing to knock off $50 from the going rate for the lens, I'd pass. Btw, it doesn't look like fungus to me, either, just a big particle that likely won't...
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    Question about Sigma 18-200

    They're actually offering you a decent trade-in value (is that $230 cash or just in trade?). $280 for a new copy of the Sigma 18-200mm OS is a decent deal. However, I've not found it to be as sharp as I'd like (you do need to stop down the lens a bit, and it's not very fast to begin with, so...
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    Sigma 50/1.4 vs 50/1.4G vs 50/1.4D vs 50/1.8AF vs 50/1.8E + Bonus (Many Pictures)

    Hi Jon, I appreciate the feedback. Gives me a lot to think about in case I want to redo this. Obviously, I hadn't put enough thought into this. And I thought taking simple sample shots was easy. Cheers!
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    Sigma 50/1.4 vs 50/1.4G vs 50/1.4D vs 50/1.8AF vs 50/1.8E + Bonus (Many Pictures)

    Sure thing. Here are the full-sized pictures (resized) wide open and at f/2.8. Note that the samples for the 50/1.8E look really bad--not sure if something went wrong or if it just does terribly at close distances. This is more evident in the 100% crops. Sigma, f/1.4: Sigma...
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    Sigma 50/1.4 vs 50/1.4G vs 50/1.4D vs 50/1.8AF vs 50/1.8E + Bonus (Many Pictures)

    Fair enough. I'll refrain from posting the 100% crops then. I have two more sets at closer distances. If there's any interest in them, I can post either of both of those (from wide open to f/8). Set 1: Set 2:
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    Sigma 50/1.4 vs 50/1.4G vs 50/1.4D vs 50/1.8AF vs 50/1.8E + Bonus (Many Pictures)

    I'm merely providing comparison shots from the lenses shooting the same subject, so people can see how these lenses shoot relative to each other. They weren't shot under ideal conditions, so none of the shots are "good." I'm not much of landscape photographer, either. I'm not trying to win...
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    Sigma 50/1.4 vs 50/1.4G vs 50/1.4D vs 50/1.8AF vs 50/1.8E + Bonus (Many Pictures)

    I figured I could do a comparison shoot between these lenses just for kicks. Note that I'm not a professional tester. This wasn't a wholly controlled environment. My vision isn't exactly perfect, so I might have misfocused on the MF shots. I tried to use magnified LV to confirm focus, but...
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    D2X worth repairing?

    Yes, you should still get $500+ if you sell it on Ebay for parts (before fees). If you have other accessories (batteries, charger), you could get more. That's incorrect. He can sell it for $500+ on Ebay (broken ones still sell for $500 and up). If he gets it fixed, no guarantee he'll...
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    Thoughts about Sigma 20mm 1.8?

    I'd snap it up. That price is a steal, and even though it might not be a stellar performer, if you want f/1.8 at 20mm, there are really no other options (the next widest large-aperture lens is the $2200 Nikon 24/1.4).
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    Has anyone used Nikon filters?

    Actually, the hood is for the older style Nikon circular polarizers. Unlike the new (version II) ones, they had oversized front threads, so you couldn't use your regular hood.
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    Hoya PL filter question

    The rotation is to vary the degree of polarization you want to achieve. Also, to add to what Matt said, you don't need exposure compensation because the camera meters through the lens, it's just that with a polarizer on, the lens will let less light through, so you get a slower shutter speed...
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    I'm not happy with Nikon!

    Yep, the receipt is for proof that it's NOT a gray market item. If you buy a Nikon Canada product from a Canadian retailer, it's not gray market. If you buy a Nikon Canada product from a US retailer, it would be considered gray market.
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    Replacing D90 with D2hs???

    If it were me, I wouldn't do it because I don't shoot sports in low light and I don't like large bodies. However, if I were shooting sports, I'd seriously consider it. The AF on the D2hs is light-years ahead of the D90's and probably my favorite AF configuration. Not 51 AF points, but...
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    Best cards

    Yep, what Howard said. The photo quality does not depend on the card, but there might be reliability issues with low-quality cards. You should be fine with both Sandisk and Lexar. The faster cards can help if,you're shooting action (sports/wildlife/pets/little kids, etc) and you're filling up...
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    D100 shutter actuations ?

    I was never able to find this on the D100 I used to own. My understanding is that neither the D100 nor the D1-series cameras recorded actuations in the exif info.
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    Depth of Field Done to Death?

    This post describes my photography to a t. I also use great gear as a substitute for poor skills (just to be clear, there is no sarcasm intended). I do sometimes try to make a conscious effort to step away from the thin DoF and just take better-composed pictures, but it's all too easy to...
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    D700 just how weather sealed is it?

    You could buy a BS-2 to cover up the hotshoe (although using the BS-2 will disable the pop-up flash). Alternatively, if you're planning on using an SB-900 in the rain, you could buy the WG-AS3 to seal the area around the hotshoe. Note that I haven't myself used the camera in rain (I don't...
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    Photozone just posted their review of the 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII

    It's from a comparison of the resolution figures. However, you cannot directly compare them--because the 24MP Nikon D3X is capable of higher resolution than the 21MP Canon 5D Mk II, lenses that show lower absolute resolution figures on the Canon could still be as good or better than lenses that...
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    Photozone just posted their review of the 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII Great lens, as expected. However, it's bested by Canon's 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II L. The Canon has much better resolution wide open at every focal length tested, and it has lower CA. The good news is that the Nikon does come very...
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    70-210 f/4

    That's pretty close to my experience. On a D70 it focused rather slowly, but it's one of the lenses where the body makes a big difference, as AF was quite snappy on my D2h at the time (this is in contrast to the push-pull non-D 80-200/2.8 I used to own, which AF'd slowly on both my D70 and my...
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    D60 or D5000

    I disagree a bit with your list. Yes, people are definitely missing out on some screwdriver lenses with a D5000 (or below) body, but they're not in the market for all those lenses. I agree with the 50 1.8. DX users have the excellent and much cheaper 35/1.8 available. IMO, there's nothing...
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    2 d90 Questions *solved*

    1. Are you shooting RAW or JPEG? JPEG can buffer lots more shots. Even in RAW you should be able to buffer 9 shots. I doubt your D90 is faulty--you should check your settings. Active D-Lighting and Noise Reduction can reduce your buffer size. 2. Yes, you do. I don't know at what shutter...
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    300 f2.8 - Does close count?

    No, the crop factor doesn't work that way. In fact, for the same field of view, you get more DoF at the same aperture on a crop camera, so you'll get less "pop." If you're shooting sports, you probably can't get that look for less money (unless you can work a MF 300/2.8). If you're shooting...
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    Problems with my D700. Please tell me if this is common.

    Yep. If the D700 consistently had these issues, it would be the D2h debacle all over again and people would be switching away from Nikon, not (back) to Nikon. Aside from the inconsistent WB indoors (which I understand means the D700 is like most other DSLR's out there), I don't think the...
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    Another gray v USA question

    Ha, you beat me to it. Good point on the first digit of the serial number as well.
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    Another gray v USA question

    There have been accounts from posters here substantiating both the servicing of gray market items and the denial thereof (some people have had gray market items serviced, others have had service denied on gray market items). It appears that Nikon USA does not necessarily refuse service on a...
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    Nikon 35mm f/2 or DX 35mm f/1.8?

    Get the new 1.8. You're still a few years away from FX, and the equivalent field of view on FX would be a 50, anyway. The fact that your father has a D40 clinches it. You could always just give your father the lens when you go FX.
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    24mm Nikon 2.8 or Sigma 1.8?

    Hi Ronnie, this really comes down to what you value more--size or speed. The Sigma is much larger than the Nikon. Between size and speed, I'll choose speed every time. Now if the Nikon had superb image quality, you could make a better argument for it, but mediocre reviews have always...
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    Sigma announces 85/1.4, 17-50/2.8OS, 70-200/2.8OS, 8-16, 50-500OS (all HSM)

    Not sure what you mean. The 10-20/3.5 has been available in Nikon and Canon mounts for a while now. Sigma always takes care of Nikon and Canon first, for obvious reasons. The 10-20/3.5 lists as in-stock for both Nikon and Canon at both Amazon and B&H (and other stores, too, I'm sure).
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    Nikon 24-120mm F4 VR FX in the works...

    Given the quality of the recently released Nikon lenses, I'd expect it to be a great lens. With regard to the price, I agree with Michael. The price will reflect the quality of the lens and then some.
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    Will anyone come out with this?

    The Panasonic LC1 and L1 both do this. The idea never really caught on, though.
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    Yet another bag question

    I'd also recommend taking a look at the Lowepro Classified series which are similar to the Think Tank Urban Disguise series. In particular, the Lowepro Classified 160 AW might fit the bill. I own a Classified 200 AW, and it's a very well made bag (noticeably superior to other Lowepro gear...
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    showing my ignorance

    I've seen some not-so-hot shots from a D700 and a D3, too. For that matter, I've seen rather mediocre shots with a 5D as well. And before the D700 and D3 existed, people posted plenty of great shots with a D2X (and even a D200 and D70). Speaking of Dpreview, on the Canon forum, they used to...
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    80-200 AF-D - Does Lens Hood Fit Backwards?

    Yep, it reverses just fine. However, it won't fit with the reversed hood in the provided hard case. It does not reverse on the original push-pull non-D version, but that's because that version uses a screw-in hood.
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    1/60 shutter speed with flash, that it???

    I don't have a D90, but own(ed) a D70 and a D80, and can confirm what Wayne found in the D90 manual. The setting for AF-C is shutter priority, not focus priority. I believe you can change the settings only from the D200 on up.
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    Sigma 20-40mm f/2.8... Any opinions?

    I used to own one a few years ago. Sharpness was quite good, even wide open. Colors were a bit warm. I ultimately sold it because it was often not long enough and it wasn't that wide either (on DX), and quite large, too. FWIW, I used it on a D70, so I can't say much about the corners on a D700.
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    Suprising experience at a newspaper

    Yep, that's me right there. If I knew how to do it right to begin with, I'd shoot JPEG fine and save lots of space. Because I'd like to have the chance to get a do-over, I shoot in RAW. I generally agree. The only thing is that depending on the RAW converter you're using, you might end up...
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    My first Sr. shoot (10 pics)

    I can only speak for myself, but I agree with 1. - 3., except I would avoid being out in the sun, period, if the lighting is too harsh. The first picture of them together looks quite nice--I hope they liked it. (I like his expression in the second picture, but the blown highlights and the...
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    My first Sr. shoot (10 pics)

    Just to add to the chorus here: The lighting is an issue. Using fill flash is one option (but it might still be hard). Other options include shooting in open shade or shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sunlight is less harsh. Given that they're BF and GF, did you...
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    Engagement Shoot part 2 (Brookside Gardens, 18 Shots), C&C welcome

    Thanks for the comments, I had forgotten to check back into this thread. Thanks--I think the pictures are sharp (at least most of them), but I didn't process them well enough for that to come out. I take it that your comment about contrast is about post-processing as well, I do need to work...
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    Engagement Shoot part 2 (Brookside Gardens, 18 Shots), C&C welcome

    This is part 2 of a recent engagement session for a friend/co-worker. We started in Baltimore, but later went to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD (all shots from this post are from Brookside Gardens). C&C is welcome!
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    Kelly and Jesse (kinda big post)

    I really like the lighting on these. My favorite shots are probably 4, 6, and 7. The one nit I have is that in 4, the horizon is way off--I wonder what this shot would look like with a more level horizon.
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