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  1. anabasis

    Bursting Forth

    Nikon D700, 24-70 f2.8 lens, CP filter. Bursting forth by Jeremy Allen, on Flickr
  2. anabasis

    "Dripping" Glass

    D700, Macro Nikkor 12cm f6.3 lens on a PB-6 bellows set, ISO 200, 10 sec, f/50. Natural light. Dripping Glass by jcAOY, on Flickr
  3. anabasis

    Showcase Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC USD

    I saw this review that says the Tamron controls flare better and is ahead of the Nikkor in several other metrics. So perhaps the 14-24 nikkor isn't "leagues above the competition" any longer. For the record, I have no personal knowledge with either lens. JCA
  4. anabasis

    Christmas Lights

    An in-camera overlay. Colors are shot with a 35mm f1.4 AIS at 1/4 of a second, and the lights in the tree are with a 100mm Leica APO Makro lens adapted for F-mount. Christmas Lights by jcAOY, on Flickr
  5. anabasis

    Red-Bellied Woodpecker

    Love the lighting and capture. JCA
  6. anabasis

    The Eagles Were Out Again This Morning...

    Nice shot!
  7. anabasis

    Picture of the day

    Chris Issak 1993 or 1994 Nikon FM2, 70-210D lens. Chirs-Issak022 by jcAOY, on Flickr
  8. anabasis

    You've heard of BIF, here is DIF.

    I use a calibrated monitor, and the light was on the warmer side as it was later in the afternoon, so I was a bit thrown by the "bluish" comment as well as I don't really see it.
  9. anabasis

    You've heard of BIF, here is DIF.

    No problem on my end. Just not sure where the blue came from. Jca
  10. anabasis

    You've heard of BIF, here is DIF.

    I did mask the dog and handler and then bring the exposure of the rest of the frame down about a stop to make the subjects pop a bit more. I also slightly adjusted the curves, contrast, and saturation. Thanks for the comments. I enjoy this kind of action shooting. JCA
  11. anabasis

    F6 does the Apache Games

    In this game you get 3 cheese doodles thrown onto the shaving cream covered shower cap. These girls did it in very short order and were on their way. F6 handled that action without a problem. JCA Apache Games by jcAOY, on Flickr
  12. anabasis

    Nikon F series

    My Nikon F-series Stable, with mostly all 50-55mm lenses (except the 24mm on the F5.) 48 AA batteries, 2 button cells to power it all. JCA F-evolution by jcAOY, on Flickr
  13. anabasis

    New manual film camera

    Since no one is going to buy it except for collectors, I suspect that in 20-30 years it might be worth some money due to scarcity. Still, my M7 is more my style for film RF work, so I won't be getting one. JCA
  14. anabasis

    Lunch at the Pumpkin Cafe

    nice shot with the great background.
  15. anabasis

    Everyone, Drinks are on me

    fun image
  16. anabasis

    You've heard of BIF, here is DIF.

    Marvelous Mutts 3 by jcAOY, on Flickr D700, 70-200 f2.8 VR.
  17. anabasis

    Tamron 15-30 F/2.8 VC USD

    Sigma had a 15-30 f3.5-4.5 for a few years. The trouble with it was that it couldn't take front filters (gels on the back) and also flares quite a bit.
  18. anabasis

    Showcase Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF.2 Lens

    It plays well with film too! F5, ISO 100, f5.6. Not sure about the shutter speed. Fujichrome film. Lets Dance by jcAOY, on Flickr JCA
  19. anabasis

    Is it worth upgrading from 300mm f4 to 300mm f2.8?

    I'd avoid AF-I lenses in general because if the focus motor breaks there are no spare motors to replace it with. They also tend to be pretty heavy. I'd look for a AFS-I for Nikon. JCA
  20. anabasis

    White spots on Nikon lens

    looks like coating imperfections to me. I wouldn't worry about them too much.
  21. anabasis

    Lens similar to 200mm F2?

    The Leica 180mm f2 APO. No cost savings there though. The Zeiss 135 f2 APO as well, despite the difference in focal length.
  22. anabasis

    Thursday Morning Walk-About (image Heavy!)

    Very nice series
  23. anabasis

    Standard prime lens opinions

    Not sure about your budget, but it might be worth waiting for the Sigma 50mm f1.4 art lens. The current Sigma 50mm f1.4 is well regarded.
  24. anabasis

    Absinthe on Fire

    A triple exposure image, no manipulation of elements: JCA Absinthe Fire by jcAOY, on Flickr
  25. anabasis

    J1 with Leica M lens

    Thanks Gigs. No, those are plastic caps that go over claws to make them more furniture (and people) friendly for an indoor cat.
  26. anabasis

    Best focal length for general purpose photography with 35mm film...?

    35 or 50 mm lenses fit that bill. Af or af-d Would work great and aren't expensive on the used market. You could try 28mm as well, but 24 might be a bit too wide.
  27. anabasis

    Sharpest Manual Focus Lens

    Nikon lens that I've used that fit that description. 35mm f1.4 (at about f4-f8), 55mm micros, 105mm micros, 85mm f2.8 PC, 300 f2. Still, the new Zeiss 135 f2 APO beats them all.
  28. anabasis

    While I wait for Spring

    Getting some long lens practice while waiting for Spring to arrive. As a note, the 800mm AIS Nikkor doesn't play well with extension tubes. Titmouse by jcAOY, on Flickr Uncropped: uncropped by jcAOY, on Flickr Still I need the MF practice.
  29. anabasis

    Capt. Guy

    What is it with fishing boat captains that they seem to look like that.
  30. anabasis

    She brings me joy...

    Great smile and nicely framed and exposed. I hope you made a few prints to share with your family.
  31. anabasis

    NSFW Body Paint Bride

    I would think that the Father-Daughter dance might be awkward in that "gown"
  32. anabasis

    The Macro Club

    Since we are shooting jewelry. Here is one with the 85mm f2.8D PC. I used tilt to manage DOF. Flower Jewel by jcAOY, on Flickr
  33. anabasis

    New Nikon Capture announced capture NX-D

    I find that the new program can't open the NEF's generated by my Coolscan 5000. It will open TIFF and jpgs just fine, but not the NEFs. I will miss the control points since that is what I use most. JCA
  34. anabasis

    Would you buy a D800S if it did "this"?

    I have a D700 and have avoided the upgrade to the D800. I don't need huge files like that. I don't need 36 MP, and just storing all of those 14-bit NEF's is a pain. I don't print that big, and I have the glass so that I don't need to crop. I do like high frame rates when I need it. 4 fps...
  35. anabasis

    Nikon FM2n + 50mm f1.8 Ais + Yellow Filter + Tri-X 400

    Nice shots. It has been a long time since I've read of someone actually using lens filters on B&W. I am guessing that most newer photographers haven't even learned the concept.
  36. anabasis

    J1 with Leica R lens

    My second adapter came today. Same as the M adapter, but thicker. Went a bit crazy and mounted it to a 560mm f4 APO Telyt-R lens. Effective FL of 1512mm f4. Shooting birds at 5.5 meters. I just wish there was a bit more light, and it was of better quality, but I am experimenting at this...
  37. anabasis

    600mm f/5.6 AiS samples?

    Finally, a few wildlife shots with the lens in the Everglades. Also with the D2x. _DSC3337 by jcAOY, on Flickr I see you by jcAOY, on Flickr Jeremy
  38. anabasis

    600mm f/5.6 AiS samples?

    A few zoo photos with the same lens. Miami Zoo on a D2x. chimp by jcAOY, on Flickr Sleeping Tiger by jcAOY, on Flickr tortoise1 by jcAOY, on Flickr
  39. anabasis

    600mm f/5.6 AiS samples?

    A couple with the 2nd version of the 600mm f5.6 AISn. A bit shorter MFD is the main advantage. LIMM4 by jcAOY, on Flickr _DSC0940 by jcAOY, on Flickr Jeremy
  40. anabasis

    J1 with Leica M lens

    I spent $20 on a dummy Leica M to Nikon 1 adapter. It is essentially an extension tube with the Nikon 1 bayonet on one end, and the Leica M bayonet on the other. I am using my wife's J1 in manual mode, shooting RAW. There is no meter and MF of course. I actually pulled out my handheld meter...
  41. anabasis

    Showcase Nikon 800mm f/5.6 IF ED AIS

    This is a bit late, but to answer your questions. I suspect that the photos you mention with the TC14C were taken by a person who owns the C version rather than the B version because he also owns the 300 f2. The 14B should work quite well with the 800, although I've never used one with it. I...
  42. anabasis

    A tribute to Nikkor 300mm F2 ED (Part 6)

    I don't take it out too often, but here is one with the TC14C on the D2x. New one by jcAOY, on Flickr JCA
  43. anabasis

    Caught this hiding out.

    Nice shot, but don't get too close. Those guys can hurt!
  44. anabasis

    Jim Thorpe, PA

    I live about a mile from where your sister works. When I had jury duty I would walk home through the river parks. Yeah I have a slight GAS problem but I try to take a good photo every once in awhile. :-) My profile photo was shot all of a quarter mile from the courthouse along the river.
  45. anabasis

    Jim Thorpe, PA

    No problem with the image John. I actually live across the river from WB. We went for a weekend away. Lots of snow while we were there. Glad I didn't have to tackle that hill into town coming in or out. We slipped in and out between storms. My Flickr stream has a lot of images from WB and...
  46. anabasis

    Jim Thorpe, PA

    It was a cold, snowy day in Jim Thorpe, PA and I went old school with my FM2n, the AIS 35mm f1.4 Nikkor, and a roll of Kodak 400 print film. Times House by jcAOY, on Flickr Jeremy
  47. anabasis


    I have an F3 and a F3HP. I don't find the size difference to make the HP version any more unmanageable. I wear glasses so I don't use the F3 finder often.
  48. anabasis

    Need a camel

    There is a bible verse where Jesus says it is easier for a camel to fit through an eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven. I decided to turn that on it's head.
  49. anabasis

    Time to get serious! :)

    The manual cameras from the late 70's onward will work with all AF-D lenses as normal. As long as they have the AI tab they will work perfectly with your F3 and F4. All of the lens you listed are AF or AFD, so will work perfectly fine with your F3. In fact, my first modern Nikon was an FM2n...
  50. anabasis

    What's this lever on top of my camera for?

    I had my FM2n out today. I had to remember to move the film advance lever out to meter and it was odd moving the Shutter dial to change exposures. Fortunately I still use old AIS lenses on my new bodies so changing the aperture on ring wasn't an problem (after I remembered to unlock it)...
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