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  1. Zachs

    Seeking Info re: NY State Parks (Finger Lakes Region)

    That's what I was thinking, I looked for his location expecting something down South or out West. Not the same state.
  2. Zachs

    Day trip to NYC for snow photos

    Better head to Canada for more snow.
  3. Zachs

    I knew my Tom Tom was good for something else..

    I rented a Tom Tom in Chicago on business. Took me to the ghetto. Damn Tom Tom
  4. Zachs

    Does one pay for submissions?

    If the site had a good enough server it wouldn't be an issue.
  5. Zachs

    Day trip to NYC for snow photos

    near the brooklyn bridge. my buddy shot there in December, no snow though,
  6. Zachs

    Is Promaster good at anything?

  7. Zachs

    Women are the best buyers ever!

    I guess I won't PM you about your flash for sale.
  8. Zachs

    Whoa! What happened to the Cafe Server?

    No, it means either the server company is having problems or the load is too much on the server. Could happen with 3 people on the forums.
  9. Zachs

    Whoa! What happened to the Cafe Server?

    it happens. no need to be alarmed
  10. Zachs

    I'm needing more storage space for my stuff (problem solved)

    You have A LOT of over lapping lenses. Why don't you make some moves and thin some stuff out. I mean, do you really need 3 lenses of all the same focal length with you at one time?
  11. Zachs

    Worst Olympic Image

    I've seen plenty of good photos of the flames. Time for a new location (for your shot)
  12. Zachs

    Chapel in the Snowy Fog

    Personally would rather see more sky and less water.. a tighter crop on the bottom. Maybe cut the amount of water in half, crop there, and increase the sky.
  13. Zachs

    Is this a legit release form?

    Of course it's legit, look at the site it came from. But you should always consult a local attorney for legal advice rather then an internet forum.
  14. Zachs

    Senior portrait of my daughter

    Needs a little +exposure. otherwise, pretty smile.
  15. Zachs

    Thank you Cards

    goooooooooooooooogle it
  16. Zachs

    More dollars than sense, I guess ...

    Nothing is wrong with it, just most people find their skill above and beyond auto mode. You don't, nothing wrong w/ that.
  17. Zachs

    Do you spend more to buy locally?

    A small independent store can't compete with a large warehouse in the middle of Kansas who orders their stuff when you order it, etc. My retail store pays an insurance for Bio-Terrorism. I have nearly more horses then people in my county, yet it's a few thousand a year.
  18. Zachs

    Do you spend more to buy locally?

    +1. As am I.
  19. Zachs

    Do you spend more to buy locally?

    $60 is not that big of a deal. While I love B&H I'd buy that locally. I also wouldn't ask for a discount either, but maybe I just know more about retail then most people.
  20. Zachs

    South Carolina Alligator.

    crop the bottom out
  21. Zachs

    Buy MBP now or wait for new release?

    just buy it. technology changes too quickly to sit around and wait.
  22. Zachs

    Daytona 500 broken

    People actually care about Nascar on TV?
  23. Zachs

    Hotlanta snowscapes with D300

    Traffic in Atlanta is horrible when you guys get snow. Took me an hour to go 12 miles.
  24. Zachs

    Sell 14-24mm for new 16-35mm?

    Take a picture of yours please... oh yeah.
  25. Zachs

    Sell 14-24mm for new 16-35mm?

    Show me the same focal range that takes filters on FX...
  26. Zachs

    some venting is always good

    should have asked for a link.
  27. Zachs

    Good Cheap site to print

    good cheap quality pick two adorama pix is good
  28. Zachs

    USPS if it fits it doesn't ship!

    ... I bolded the important parts. be glad they took yours.
  29. Zachs

    Can CS4 Give Shutter Actuations?

    Open a RAW NEF file taken with your camera, go under File Menu, select "File Info..." visit the tab called Raw Data, then look for a tag like: 12598
  30. Zachs

    (Best) Free blog sites? UPDATE

    For free there really isn't anything worthy other then blogspot.
  31. Zachs

    Tyson TKO's Paparazzi at LAX airport

    Good. I mean, who is really dumb enough to mess with Tyson? It's called a telephoto lens.
  32. Zachs

    Something...Part II

    Rusty from hitting rocks and just not caring. I love this 'sport'. TPBM is something smelly
  33. Zachs

    Thinking about dumping DX

    Julien, you've had to take back EVERYTHING you've said in this thread, b/c you keep making ignorant pompous comments. Stop generalizing and realize that there is more to photography than what YOU shoot. Tell me, what do YOU shoot, b/c I guarantee anything that YOU shoot, can be perfectly...
  34. Zachs

    Some blimps are better dead.

    Awesome story man...just perfect!
  35. Zachs

    Pre-Wedding fun shots (non-formal)

    Yeah, that's a bit of Gaussian blur with a normal layer behind it (multiplied).
  36. Zachs

    The tag alongs...

    Thats the D1X sensor for ya I supposed. With those pic (since they didn't really matter for the shoot), all I did was basic curves, resize, and sharpen. No color boosting at all. I was really surprised as well when I pulled them off the card.
  37. Zachs

    The tag alongs...

    Thanks guys
  38. Zachs

    The tag alongs...

    I did a photoshoot for some friends while other friends tagged along for company. I decided to break from the photoshoot for a min and take some photos of the bored friends to get them a little bit happier. This is Lindsey and Thad. D1X / Sigma 30mm D1X / Sigma 30mm D1X / Nikon 70-210
  39. Zachs

    Pre-Wedding fun shots (non-formal)

    We're all really great friends, so fun was bound to be had... This guy was just too awesome to not frame him into the photo! And a shot of the Bride to be...
  40. Zachs

    Pre-Wedding fun shots (non-formal)

    One more week until the wedding my friends Ashley and Bekah decide they need more photos. Got a free dinner out of it at least!
  41. Zachs

    Nikon 70-210 f4 Samples? - GOT IT & PICS ADDED

    Here ya go...shot yesterday (still today for me :()
  42. Zachs

    Nikon 70-210 f4 Samples? - GOT IT & PICS ADDED

    I'm shooting a couple tonight for their "pre-wedding" photos for next week. I'll put some up when I get a chance.
  43. Zachs

    Fake or Foto?

  44. Zachs

    Do You Drive a Jeep Wrangler?

    This is why I leave my top off and everything unlocked with nothing of value in it...I almost expect someone to browse around.
  45. Zachs

    What lens and body would you bring to a zoo?

    400 2.8
  46. Zachs

    Nikon 400 f/2.8 Ais at the zoo

    Thats my favorite photo from the trip as well...feels like just pure sadness in his eyes.
  47. Zachs

    Nikon 400 f/2.8 Ais at the zoo

    I use a monopod with that lens. I don't have a tripod strong enough! haha
  48. Zachs

    Nikon 400 f/2.8 Ais at the zoo

    Thanks guys! Tom, I'm glad you feel my pain!!! haha
  49. Zachs

    Nikon 400 f/2.8 Ais at the zoo

    The girlfriend and I decided to head to the zoo after going to her parents house the night before. I bought this lens specifically for this trip since my longest lens is an 85 f/2...not the most impressive Zoo lens! haha The lens is massive and heavy, and the DOF is razor sharp. Also I had...
  50. Zachs

    So, tell me, why do you take photos ?

    fun and ego for me. I've made very good money for it, but it's never been about that...hell I worked as a staff photographer for 6 month at the local paper for free. I had a second job that paid the bills, so I didn't mind it...loved it!
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