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  1. FoyGroup

    Spring 2009 BBQ - May 9, 2009

    Sorry I didn't Show up Jim, Sorry I didn't show up with my cookies. I made them the night before as planned. However, the certification tests I was taking lasted till after 2:00pm. Four hour test, 30 seconds per question. When I got home I only had time to take a few pictures of my son and...
  2. FoyGroup

    Spring 2009 BBQ - May 9, 2009

    Crystall, Glad to see you are coming. We have not seen each other for a while. It will be good to catch up. I knew the cookies would solicite comments, maybe they can model again. See you then...
  3. FoyGroup

    Spring 2009 BBQ - May 9, 2009

    Jim, I have been running around like crazy, have not been online at NikonCafe for about a month. As penance for being so derelict in my Cafe etiquette, I will bring my infamous chocolate chip cookies. I will be in training classes in the morning in downtown Baltimore, but will make it to...
  4. FoyGroup

    Nikon D3X - why no post about this camera ?

    For now I can only dream of one, but eventually I will have one. Hopefully the price will drop a little in the mean time.
  5. FoyGroup

    D3/D300...what's this with the AF-ON button?

    During a Cafe get together, I was introduced to this method of shooting. It took a little practice to remember why my focus was not working with the half press, but now that I am use to it, it works great. I shoot a lot of high school sports, having kids running at you and getting the perfect...
  6. FoyGroup

    Local Balloon Fiesta - IMAGE HEAVY !!

    Wow what great shots. I have never been in a ballon before. I will have to give it a go... Thanks for posting.
  7. FoyGroup

    Newly constructed lightbox

    Thanks for the information on the DIY. I was asked by a realitive to shot pictures of scale model cars he does for his car club. This may come in very handy.
  8. FoyGroup

    D3X 10mp DX mode vs. D2X 12mp?

    My D2X works great especially in good light, shooting a lot of HS sports with no trouble, even on big zooms. I am still waiting on the D3X as well, was all ready to pull the trigger when the whole world turned upside down.
  9. FoyGroup

    Spring 2009 BBQ - May 9, 2009

    Jim, I will be in re-certification courses all that week, including Saturday & Testing on Sunday. However, They tend to let us out earlie on weekend classes to study. I will have to show up a little later then normal. I will let you know if things go South and my plans are changed.
  10. FoyGroup

    Gradient Map explanation Tutorial

    Thanks for the link, I am downloading some of the Podcast now. There should be some real time savers in there.
  11. FoyGroup

    Color tint tutorial

    Thanks Terri, lots of places to go there. I always love new actions to try
  12. FoyGroup

    MD, DC, VA, PA members - list update

    Rich, Please add me to the list as well. Bill Foy (FoyGroup) Abingdon, MD
  13. FoyGroup

    Spring 2009 BBQ - May 9, 2009

    Jim, I am available that weekend as well. I look forward to seeing everyone there.
  14. FoyGroup

    First Try At Retouching

    Jim, Thanks for the comments, yes I did open both eyes a bit because she looked like she was squinting a bit. I have no problems with you taking a stab at it. If it can be made better before it is printed, I would love the suggestion or help. If you would like I can send you the original.
  15. FoyGroup

    First Try At Retouching

    I am probably going about this all wrong, but I have cobbled together many techniques I have seen here on Nikon Cafe and Tuki. The hardest part was her skin see below I did everything in layers so I could turn them on or off as I went along to see how the process was going. I could also...
  16. FoyGroup

    Little girl

    I think she looks great. The exagerated affects provide a very impressive effect. I love the eyes and lashes. Great job. My only nit as Dee puts it is her right cheek where the rosey color fades out too suddenly like a makeup line. I always enjoy your postings, it's an art.
  17. FoyGroup

    First Try At Retouching

    I was at a family event at one of my sisters house (I'm one of 12) when one of the smaller children got too close to the pool and fell in. My 78 year old father standing right next to the pool jumped in within a second and caught my niece before her hair even got wet. Unfortunately, he was...
  18. FoyGroup

    366 Day Project - The Thread. (Connahhh) DONE!

    I have been following the series since you started. It's been a great year. I hope you had as much fun shooting as we have had watching. Lots of interesting ideas and subjects. Great Job. Good luck with the 52 week project.
  19. FoyGroup

    **Update** Just for the record...Santa isn't getting me anything Nikon...

    Santa's taking care of the kids this year, I think I am gonna have to wait for the Easter Bunny instead.
  20. FoyGroup

    Brookside Gardens - The Garden of Lights - Seasons of Light

    Laura, I was just on the site, it sounds like you do walk the site. See this note: NOTE: Pedestrians cannot be admitted due to safety regulations. Visitors must drive to the entrance gate. After paying at the gate, visitors drive into the parking lot, park their vehicle, and walk through...
  21. FoyGroup

    Baltimore Area

    Phil, I have access to a lot of buildings in the downtown area. I design communications and security systems for a lot of places which gives me access to many sites in Baltimore and DC. I set up the shoot on top the Natty Boh building in Baltimore a little over a year ago. I will have to...
  22. FoyGroup

    Hitler rants about the D3X

    Now that was funny, Thanks,
  23. FoyGroup

    D3x ISO

    Bill, I agree, just because the setting are there does not mean they are usable with any kind of image you would want to keep. Surveillance work is a good example, but even just everyday shooting under the lights at a stadium with no flash. I used a D2X for years and the highest native...
  24. FoyGroup

    D3x thread for people who like it?

    I don't have a problem with the camera at all. If I did more studio work I would love having it. For now with all the sports I do, the D3 works better for me in combination with my D2X. I agree with Gregory though, it would be a perfect combo to have the D3 & the D3X as all the controls and...
  25. FoyGroup

    D3X now up on site; $8000

    If the two cameras (D3 & D3x) are meant to compliment each other or even be in different markets, why not move on to a new name and stop the confusion. The D3x, D3xs, would be a great upgrade path for naming on the D3 line. So why not just start this new MF competitor (if that's what it turns...
  26. FoyGroup

    D3X now up on site; $8000

    Well I was in the market for the D3, but after seeing the original articles about the D3x, I was interested. But after seeing the detailed specs and price. The D3 is back on the table as my buy in December. Whew! Thought it was gonna be a closer fight. I do some work indoors, but mostly...
  27. FoyGroup

    VERY random!

    To hit on the second part of your comment, yes, I have been to many weddings were I have better equipment. I have even been to a wedding were the paid photog told the bride that he was leaving unless I did. To bad he didn't realize the bride was my sister. I sat him down to explain. He's being...
  28. FoyGroup

    Where to shoot in Puerto Rico?

    Ken, You’re going to be in the North East of the Island, I have been there many, many times. My wife is a native Puerto Rican and has taken me everywhere. If you get to Fajardo, there are ferries that can take you to the islands off the cost of Vieques & Culebra. It’s a short ferry ride, but...
  29. FoyGroup

    Fall BBQ - November 1st!

    Jim, I saw your niece getting some shots taken outside under the trees. They should have turned out great with her looks and hair color blending into the fall colors. I haven't seen any of those posted, but they should be impressive.
  30. FoyGroup

    DC FotoWeek

    Rich, Thanks, I may take you up on that. I have passed your message along to several others and we may make a week of it.
  31. FoyGroup

    Rickett's Glen State Park Sunday October 26th

    Rich, hiking shoes I got, and I'm in good enough shape with all the running I do, to get anywhere at this point. My wife's main camera is a Coolpix S52, tiny compaired to the the D2X, so I cringe when she asked to use it. She's tiny as well at 4' 11', also with tiny hands so it's too much...
  32. FoyGroup

    Rickett's Glen State Park Sunday October 26th

    I guess I should start running my treadmill now with my backpac on to get ready. I don't want to be called out for leaving early. :smile: I've been using the settings we discussed last time we met. Your right it takes some getting use too, especially under pressure when shooting sports, but...
  33. FoyGroup

    Fall BBQ - November 1st!

    ****, Thanks, I just saw her standing there talking at the front of the house while I was sitting at the table by the grills, looked like a good natural pose. I prefer to take candid shots with existing light when I can, before I am noticed by the subject. The shot was taken with my Nikon...
  34. FoyGroup

    Rickett's Glen State Park Sunday October 26th

    Rich, Great shots, did you treck up there with the big tripod in hand as well? Great motion in the pictures. I wouldn't mind going there myself now that I'm in shape for a good hike. keep me in mind next year.
  35. FoyGroup

    Fall BBQ - November 1st!

    Jim, It was really great getting out with all the Cafe members again. Met a lot of new faces and had a great time. My main goal was to meet the new Nikon D3 to put to bed any questions I had regarding its use compared to my D2X. Thanks to Rich I was able to do just that. It is a great piece of...
  36. FoyGroup

    Fall BBQ - November 1st!

    Jim, I got your direction, and do plan on making it this time. I don't plan on going to the dam, but will go directly to your house for lunch and portraits. No cookies this time. I was thinking its time for pumkin pie. I will cook some up tonight.
  37. FoyGroup

    Fall BBQ - November 1st!

    Jim, I am good for November 1st. No soccer games that day. The 15th is more iffy. If Alejandra makes the state championships, it falls on that weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  38. FoyGroup

    Fall BBQ - November 1st!

    Jim, other then weekend soccer games, my weekends are typically clear and I am back and up for anything. Pick a date and I can make sure I am available.
  39. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Thanks Jim and everyone else. I am going to start a thread of my own regarding BBQ, birds, squirls, and as of today Fox in my backyard. Maybe then we can all catch up and see what I missed the last time. How's the second week of July sound for everyone? I don't want to hi-jack Jim's...
  40. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    It's always good to hear you were missed. Thanks. I was working the doctors all day Thursday and Friday to see if I could get out in time. I was in for 14 days that was long enough. But they finally agreed to Saturday, but only after a few more tests which took till Saturday night. I did...
  41. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Guys it looks like you had a really good time. Sorry I had to miss it. I got sprung from the hospital at 7:30pm Saturday night. Surgery went perfectly. I should not have to go back for years, if ever (fingers crossed). I tried to talk my docs into letting me out on Friday, but could not...
  42. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Wow, I did not know the Hummingbirds were out already. I will have to keep an eye out for them. Right now we still have all the finches and the Wood Peckers on a regular basis.
  43. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Hey thanks everyone. Right now I am feeling really good. I am doing a little work around the house. Hanging in the back yard checking the feeders and the bamboo. I am ready to get this over with. Once this is done. I will be back to my usual self. Climbing buildings, coaching soccer, and...
  44. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Jim, Good news and bad news. I just heard from my Docs that everything is looking great and they want to do my final surgery now instead of waiting till August. I am thrilled to get this over with now, but I may still be in the hospital on the 17th. My surgery is May 8th. If I get out in...
  45. FoyGroup

    Happy birthday FoyGroup (Bill Foy)

    Sorry I did not reply sooner. But Thanks for the birthday wishes. I did miss my birthday with medical issues, but I am on the road to recovery again. Just a minor set back that cost me a week. It just happened to be my birthday week. I will be glad when I get this all over with and I can...
  46. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Jim, I am still on and I will bring desert to follow-up on your burgers.
  47. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Jim, The 17th works for me as well. I can't wait to get out more....
  48. FoyGroup

    How Do You Pronounce Nikon?

    I've always known it as Neye Con (Nikon) not Knee Cone. Every time I try using Knee Cone in the US, I get funny looks, but no one cares how you pronounce it as long as it is proceeded in the sentence by "I want to buy that.....". All is forgiven at that point.
  49. FoyGroup

    Spring BBQ May 17 at Jim and Linda's

    Jim, I am back into shape and would be available any time in May.
  50. FoyGroup

    I am alive and back to the forum

    Great guys, I will run the dates past my wife. She has been asking about everyone on the cafe and if I have been keeping you up to date. I will start a new thread regarding a shoot at my place in February.
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