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  1. Baretoes

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    +1 for little big man (Sean) Item came promptly and as listed. I would do business with him again. Rob
  2. Baretoes

    Life in the microcosmos

    Great shots! Looks like he will not go hungry! Rob
  3. Baretoes

    Very Serious Dragon

    Super shot Dossy, I like the colors, crop and sharpness. Rob
  4. Baretoes

    Linn Cove Viaduct

    Great shot of the viaduct...I can see your pictures on my office computer now! Carolina Sports Photography shows up fine. Rob
  5. Baretoes

    signs... post yours here

    Thanks Tom! If you do not keep up on all the variables that go into a nascar race, it would seem like a pea rolling around a bowl. But, if you are interested in things like how the cars are set up, which lane is faster, pit times or all the other drama that goes along with the sport, it is a...
  6. Baretoes

    Old Timer's Disease and the Tripod!!!

    Ha Ha! So True! That made my day!
  7. Baretoes

    Can you access my website

    Self employed, one computer in office, setup as noted above...nothing blocked on my settings that I know of.
  8. Baretoes

    Can you access my website

    Can not see your pictures at the above setup....can see them fine on home computer as previously noted. Prior to your switch, all your pictures were displayed on this setup. Rob
  9. Baretoes

    Can you access my website

    I use, a wireless modem that connects to a 4g cell tower behind my office (I can see the tower outside my office, less than 1/4 mile away). Full 5 bar signal strength on modem. Voice over IP connected to modem, router connected to VoIP, computer connected to router. Always able to...
  10. Baretoes

    Can you access my website

    Message: Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again. They must be blocking it???
  11. Baretoes

    Can you access my website it will not even post a picture of your error message in google from my smugmug site!!!!!
  12. Baretoes

    Can you access my website

    Same results I noted a while back, no pictures or your sites on work computer, win 7 pro, google chrome, isp, router hooked to wireless corporate blocking, only 1 computer in office. Home computer works fine, can see all your pictures and websites, vista, road...
  13. Baretoes

    ID help

    My guess for #8 would be a morning glory Rob
  14. Baretoes

    ID help

    1,2 Tulip 3 Zinnia 4,5 Poppie????? Maybe??? 6 another kind of Zinnia? 7 We call them "Spider" plants...not sure what they are really called. Rob
  15. Baretoes

    OT: After twenty years, finally lost that weight

    Great Job! Glad the biking helped. Rob
  16. Baretoes

    Embrace the curves

    Great shots...thanks for posting. Rob
  17. Baretoes

    signs... post yours here

    Bristol Motor Speedway a couple of weeks ago at the Irwin Tools 500....gotta love NASCAR fans, as much fun to watch as the race! You really have to dislike a driver to wear a billboard on your forehead all night!!! Rob
  18. Baretoes

    Yes this was my 1st Rodeo

    I have a problem viewing Randy's pictures on my work computer also. Just get broken links. Home computer shows them fine. In addition, If I search and click on "carolinasportsphotography", Google says... Oops! Google Chrome could not find IE says...
  19. Baretoes

    A Funny Video If You Don't Like Those "Unboxing" Videos

    Cool video....wonder if I can get one of those printers to print me out a set of the Nikon Trilogy...14-24, 24-70, & 70-200....along with a D800????
  20. Baretoes

    More Ospreys and a few Herons

    For some reason, all of Randy's pictures are "broken icons" on my work computer using google chrome, windows 7. Look fine on my home computer using google chrome, vista???? Wonder if it has something to do with the smugmug / zenfolio switch??? Would be nice to figure this one out?
  21. Baretoes

    Looking for bicycle recommendations - Update: got it and here it is!

    If you are out riding for an hour or more try this.....Take a hand off the bar every 15 minutes and shake / swing your arm for a few seconds. Then do the other hand. This will get the blood flow back. Another thing to watch is do not lock your elbows straight. Riders tend to do this to keep...
  22. Baretoes

    The little owl and the old boat...

    I like it too....his expression may be the result of discovering the huge active wasp nest just under him! Rob
  23. Baretoes

    Dragon at sunset

    Really nice! Like the colors / composition. Thanks for posting. Rob
  24. Baretoes


    Nice shot! I saw some of these blooms while kayaking on a local lake recently. Did not know what they were called, thanks for identifying. Thought they looked like fireworks! Rob
  25. Baretoes

    What would be the best setting for

    Only thing I can add is to try to get the shutter speed down for the manual curtain and not high enough for the electronic shutter. I believe 1/200 sec. or slower is in the range. This will help reduce "blooming" of the brightest part of the sun caused by the sensor charged for an electronic...
  26. Baretoes

    Looking for bicycle recommendations - Update: got it and here it is!

    That Trek 7.6 looks pretty nice! Should be a nice city bike, I like the flat handlebar. The 32c tires will be good for paved paths / city streets but might dig in sometimes on dirt, so be careful. As others have mentioned, spd shoes / cleats are nice. Have used them for years and I like...
  27. Baretoes

    Looking for bicycle recommendations - Update: got it and here it is!

    Welcome to the World on Two Wheels! Glad to hear you getting back into cycling! Great information here, don't have anything specific to add to the type of bike to buy. I enjoy mountain biking, greenway biking and cycle touring and have a different one for each. There really isn't a bike...
  28. Baretoes

    More Hummers

    Stunning captures frozen in time!.....Is there any way you could position yourself to give a more pleasant background?
  29. Baretoes

    LED bulbs

    My son showed me this website about a week ago. Pretty interesting stuff, I believe there will be a market for this. I don't know how legit the site is....but it has to be is on the internet! ahhhh bonjour...
  30. Baretoes

    Ants and Daddy Macros

    Nice shots...I like the first one, the shadow looks like another spider. Rob
  31. Baretoes

    nyc botanical gardens

    Nice colorful pictures. Wonder what they would look like with natural light and a shallower depth of field? Rob
  32. Baretoes

    Weevils and hoverfly......again.

    Nice shots, I like the colors. Rob
  33. Baretoes

    Irises After Rain

    Great shots Harry, thanks for posting. Rob
  34. Baretoes

    Fiery Skipper

    He is perched and ready for takeoff! Nice shot. Rob
  35. Baretoes

    Who's afraid?

    3 leaves and shiney!...I know to "leave" it alone!....Hairy vines give it away too! Rob
  36. Baretoes

    Giant Hornet

    Nice pic! Looks like he could really hurt! Gad all went well with the capture of the image. Rob
  37. Baretoes

    Hyacinth "Portraits"

    Harry: I see what you are trying to accomplish now. I like the idea of the additional vertical pattern in the background of the picture but I am not sure it all works together....the light, the colors, the spiral pattern on the pot wrapping. Seems too "cool"? Still prefer the first one. Rob
  38. Baretoes

    Hyacinth "Portraits"

    Harry: Which ever method you used for the first pic is the one I prefer. I like the main center focus in that picture. The second picture seems to have the focus a little to the right and everything to the left is fuzzy. Maybe a little more depth of field? Also the second one seems a little...
  39. Baretoes

    That can't be good...

    "Yikes!!! That's Scarry!!!".... ....the Caterpillar said! Cool Pic! Thanks for posting! Rob
  40. Baretoes


    Nice focus selection on the flower...everything else just "melts" away. Good Colors. Seems to me there is too much pale green at the top of the pic....looks empty up there. Maybe enlarge your watermark and use it as a logo! Thanks for posting, Rob
  41. Baretoes

    My new bike! Cannondale 2012 Flash 29er 1

    Very nice ride!!! The pic beside the lake with the clouds is my favorite. If you ever venture down this way, we have some great trails in the area....always looking for someone to join our pack! Rob
  42. Baretoes

    Stone Mountain

    That is really cool....thanks for sharing! I like the the "guy" Tom pointed out too! Rob
  43. Baretoes

    Starbucks Has The Snapseed App For Free...

    ...It is the free "Pic of the Week" available at the cafe`. I like that program, have picked up some really good songs and nice apps for free over the last year or so. Enjoy! Rob
  44. Baretoes

    The "Holy 3"

    I'll add another one to the list if you are not totally confused yet! I briefly scanned these pages and did not see anyone plug the Nikon 17-55...forgive me if they have. If you can pick up one of these used for less than $900 bucks, it should be a keeper. I would like to have the 80-200, but...
  45. Baretoes

    Portugal/Sintra/Quinta da Regaleira

    Hi, I like the colors and composition the best in the third one. Nice blend of focused subject fading to a blurred background, if that makes sense? Thanks for posting, Rob
  46. Baretoes

    signs... post yours here

    One I Found While Biking North Carolina... ....I like to call "naked cyclist ahead". Rob
  47. Baretoes

    A few from today

    They are all beautiful pictures....hard to pick a favorite! Thanks for posting Rob
  48. Baretoes

    Catch of the day!!

    Great catch!...both of you!! Looks like there is someone sneaking around in the first picture, maybe looking for some scraps?? Rob
  49. Baretoes

    My first Micro stacking

    Colorful picture, reminds me of a "claymation" scene. Rob
  50. Baretoes

    More Ohio wildflowers

    Nice shots! Don't know what the second one is but I like the composition. Rob
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