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  1. Scream And Fly

    Realistic expectations: Nikon 70-200 f/2.8

    I always use B+W UV filters and I've never noticed any image degradation.
  2. Scream And Fly

    Realistic expectations: Nikon 70-200 f/2.8

    I have to say something here. First: what's with all this "lens sample" stuff? I own four 70-200 Nikkors and all of them work just the same. Second: all this endless "testing" - how in the world do you "testers" enjoy photography? When I get a lens, I use it. I don't shoot hundreds of...
  3. Scream And Fly

    Realistic expectations: Nikon 70-200 f/2.8

    Stop "testing" and just use the lens.
  4. Scream And Fly

    [pics]Shooting action with the Nikon 18-200

    Thanks, I appreciate the positive comments. The lighting was great for the water with the sun being directly overhead (12:00 PM), and good for the overhead boat shots, but it could have been better.
  5. Scream And Fly


    I would love to meet the person that handles that transaction, thinking that price was normal.
  6. Scream And Fly

    [pics]Shooting action with the Nikon 18-200

    Thanks everyone. Those were shot JPEG, although I usually shoot RAW. Processing was minimal - the exposure was as you see it out of the camera, minor saturation increase since I keep all the settings on my D300 flat. For the first photo, I also softened the light a bit and corrected for lens...
  7. Scream And Fly


    I understand. Well, I'm not trying to annoy anyone, but 52 pounds does seem excessive. LOL!
  8. Scream And Fly


    I totally agree.
  9. Scream And Fly


    Yeah, if the 16-year old shelf-stockboy said it was alright, then by all means...:rolleyes: The person stocking the shelves likely doesn't care, and he surely doesn't have to answer for that pricing error.
  10. Scream And Fly


    I agree. You intentionally took advantage of their mistake. Not very ethical.
  11. Scream And Fly

    [pics]Shooting action with the Nikon 18-200

    I had to photograph an offshore boat race at Miami, and given the very hectic pace of this shoot, swapping lenses (or even camera bodies) in the copter would not have been easy. I always told myself I would never buy the Nikon 18-200, or any "superzoom" lens, but I thought I would give it a...
  12. Scream And Fly


    I see way too many blown highlights.
  13. Scream And Fly


    These images needed backlighting.
  14. Scream And Fly

    Is Nikon Discontinuing the D700 for five weeks?

    What I want to know is, why do people give this guy so much airplay? Now someone makes a website about him? If I were him, I would be laughing so hard at all this attention. Seriously.
  15. Scream And Fly

    Didnt Get The D700 But I Got These Instead

    Wow, what an awesome photo of... boxes.
  16. Scream And Fly

    Fast boat shoot for Mercury Racing (many pics)

    Thanks everyone, I shot them all RAW, using VR in active mode, since I was shooting at 65 MPH from a boat riding alongside. I rarely use VR too, but in times like this, it helps. Panning shots would not have been difficult, but Mercury Marine does not want that - photos that depict too much...
  17. Scream And Fly

    Fast boat shoot for Mercury Racing (many pics)

    Today I completed a shoot for Mercury Racing's catalog and 2009 calendar. Here are some quick samples - all taken with D300/70-200VR. Click on images for full size (the board resizes them).
  18. Scream And Fly

    Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 is a contender!

    No such thing. Anyone that says that is entertaining some wishful thinking.
  19. Scream And Fly

    D700 forum

    Haha, remember the hysteria with the D200? What a fiasco. Everyone was going nuts, and I just preordered and got mine shipped on launch day. Meanwhile the crybabies were in an uproar. Same went for the D300 - I easily got mine on launch day while all the lazy people cried. "Nikon is...
  20. Scream And Fly

    Poll : Do you respect Music Copyrights ?

    This isn't about what we think is fair - it's about stealing and those that think they are somehow entitled to it. I agree, Adobe's prices are ridiculous, and I never upgrade every single version for that reason. Regardless, I just think it's uber-lame when people try to rationalize their...
  21. Scream And Fly

    Poll : Do you respect Music Copyrights ?

    Now that's something to be proud of and a reason you'll never get any professional work. When you don't respect professionals, they won't respect you. How about I steal something of yours and we'll see how you feel? As you say, "get over it", right?
  22. Scream And Fly

    How can I get those dark edges?

    :rolleyes:Heck, what does iCapture care? All us morons pay full price. We're the fools, according to him.
  23. Scream And Fly

    New D700 Site

    None of you actually believes that site is related to Nikon, do you?
  24. Scream And Fly

    Usual type of post - what to buy...

    Haha touche my friend. :)
  25. Scream And Fly

    Usual type of post - what to buy...

    First on my list is to grow a set of balls. Then I would get a divorce.
  26. Scream And Fly

    Anti-spyware For Pc?????

    Best anti-spyware: Prudent browsing and Firefox with the NoScript extension.
  27. Scream And Fly

    D300 - 8+ fps with no grip trick

    You can't be serious.
  28. Scream And Fly

    I dropped my lens

    LOL! Amazing.
  29. Scream And Fly

    Thoughts about taxing online purchases?

    Where do you get this misinformation? Do you even know how tax appropriations work? Sounds like liberal drivel to me.
  30. Scream And Fly

    Any Bikers? Show your Ride.

    Yeah, I race these :)
  31. Scream And Fly

    Unwanted Christmas Present

    If I were you, I would invest in Canon lenses. Sorry to say, but that camera smokes a D2xs.
  32. Scream And Fly

    Took D300 to work today

    This was from the Mercury Marine catalog shoot. Click images for full size.
  33. Scream And Fly

    Took D300 to work today

    I seriously wonder about a lot of what is said here. Mushy D200 images? Huh? Never had that, and I am a professional sports shooter (used a D200 on many assignments). I tried my D300 and its performance was what I expected - clean images, fast and consistent performance, and reliable...
  34. Scream And Fly

    D300 second shot at ISO 3200

    At that size any ISO would look good. Post a 100% crop.
  35. Scream And Fly

    what does D300 mean for D80 replacment.

    I never considered the D80 as a "slightly trimmed down D200". No way. There are many, many differences :)
  36. Scream And Fly

    D-300 Club?

    You're right Connie, and I do apologize. Again, it was not meant as a personal criticism. I guess I can be too blunt sometimes. In any event, look what showed up today :)
  37. Scream And Fly

    D-300 Club?

    Point well taken Chris. Greg
  38. Scream And Fly

    D-300 Club?

    Chris, excuse me? What was so harsh about it? And I'm not hiding behind any anonymous internet name - why would I? I was giving honest, professional constructive criticism. I do not see anything in my comments that were directed at Connie personally. Big crop? So, what does that mean...
  39. Scream And Fly

    D-300 Club?

    Connie, respectfully, that image is not impressive at all. It's out of focus and shows very little detail. You have not been able to obtain that level of [lack of] detail with all of the pro gear you have? You're kidding, right? If this is the image you're posting, I'm assuming it's one of...
  40. Scream And Fly

    D300 auto focus?

    I guess we'll agree to disagree. I don't think anything on the market is a "quantum leap" over the Canon pro AF system. Not yet, anyway. :)
  41. Scream And Fly

    D300 auto focus?

    Wow, that wins for the "misinformed statement of the year". You're joking, right?
  42. Scream And Fly

    First shots with my new D300....

    Connie, how would you compare the shutter sound of the D300 to the D200? Greg
  43. Scream And Fly

    is selling my D200 a silly idea?

    What do you mean, you "think" 400? Wouldn't your scene determine which ISO is best?
  44. Scream And Fly

    I hate good quality lenses

    Just wondering how this happened - if you're looking through the viewfinder to compose the image, wouldn't you see the focus was off?
  45. Scream And Fly

    Camera dollars and sense

    I write off all of my camera equipment - great way to live Photography is great, but making a lot of money doing it is better. :smile:
  46. Scream And Fly

    Your first Digital Camera? Have any images from then?

    My first digital was a Coolpix 995. I still have it, but it hasn't been used in years.
  47. Scream And Fly

    D1x or D2H

    D2H - better focusing, faster, better battery life.
  48. Scream And Fly

    Virus Checker Help

    Actually, in this instance, "virii" is incorrect - "viruses" is the correct term. But yes, the Apple platform is safer, but not totally safe. The safest platform is a smart user.
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