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    Incase Camera Bags

    Anyone tried these bags? I have one of their backpacks which I really like but before I dropped money on a camera bag wondered if anyone had tried them already.
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    Legal questions concerning sports photography

    Read the last three sections in the business topics section (on model releases and such): From there, you need to make your own decision on what to do "legally".
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    Ditto what Mike just said. Truth be told unless you are making money from your camera, there is no real justification and it really is a matter of want and having the funds to pay for the want.
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    Virgin Mobile sued over Flickr photo use

    Let's just hope that in the end, the only one who gets in "trouble" is Virgin as the others technically, did nothing wrong as if they were also held responsible in some way, it could have some interesting/serious effects on photographers and how they display their work on the web.
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    walking around lens

    I'll second UF's recommendation. The other alternative is to take a 20 instead of the 85 if you prefer a wider focal length (instead of the tele). But in general the two lens combo of 20 and a 35 or the 35 and 85 should be sufficient and inconspicuous.
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    most desired portrat lens

    The answer to this part of your question is "No".
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    Trade one legend for another?

    After looking at your gallery I would say don't do it.
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    The Full-Frame Advantage

    Doesn't he tell you that he hasn't used the lens and then just go on to give his opinion about it? I mean I am not a fan of his but jeez, I think a lot of people say he is not trustworthy or what not but the reality is that you all seem to have read his site to some degree, which last I checked...
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    Wedding Photographer Needed

    Given what Erik said (which I tend to agree with), I would give everyone in attendance a disposable camera and tell them to fill it up as they see fit. Otherwise, hire a professional in your area.
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    Upcoming Show ~ Need a BLOG ~ Need Advice

    I'd recommend wordpress as well. I am partial to GoDaddy (especially for the non-techie type) as they keep things simple, are cheap and really helpful (and their cust. service is not outsourced to India or Rus). They also have a 1 click wordpress install (many others do as well - you probably...
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    Nikon equivalent to 5D?

    Why not just a FF version of the D300 (am kind of confused that they didn't do something like that anyway).
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    Using portraits on web site The above should give you enough information on which to start basing a decision. Unfortunately, you need to come to your own conclusion on what to do (since you own copyright and the images are not "selling" a product I would think you are ok to show case them as you...
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    what to buy..

    The article on sportsshooter contains good advise...and it goes for buying used as well. That said, I would look at ai/ais lenses as they will meter on your f4. If you need a telephoto I would get a 200 f/4 ais/ai and a 105 f2.5. You could pick both of them up for a song.
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    D1x vs. D200

    I use a d1x and it is fine. Battery life is fine as long as you don't chimp too much. Picture quality is fine as well. Remember, the d1x (and d1h) were the camera of choice 5 years ago and seemed to work perfectly well. Plenty of D1 pictures are found in magazines and books and there is no...
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    Pricing question

    Didn't catch what you meant on the printing. Thought you were saying that you could print for other clients or other outlets. As for who the images belong to it depends what you negotiate. WMFH is not, in general, a good path for the photographer, especially if they don't have to do down...
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    The Magic Bullet - a good read

    With the new releases this is a good read...and reminder If you don't already, his blog is not a bad read.
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    Pricing question

    Uhhh, why would you allow them to "own" the images? Isn't that a bit of a blanket statement? I would think this is something that you negotiate. That being the case, why would you ever want to give up ownership of your images, especially for such a low rate? Besides, how can you do this if...
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    What do you think? A thought I'd like to share with you...

    I think one thing that may be overlooked by both camps is that I seriously doubt (given Japanese business culture and also both their ties to larger business entities) that either Nikon or Canon is unaware of what the other is doing, releasing or announcing. As for people jumping to switch, not...
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    Pricing question

    Fair is paying the market rate plus some small discount (if you are so inclined). If you want to be paid for the day, then charge them for your time in the $500.00 dollar range (nothing wrong with that). If you want to be paid the industry standard for images and usage, use these to get an...
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    Craving for good, serious photography.

    sorry, it should be: changed in my orig post as well. Although seeing that video again made the mistake well worth it.
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    Craving for good, serious photography.

    Some blogs I like to look at to see different things: There is also these two that I find brilliant not just for the photos but also for the layout and presentation...
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    Best lens for Real Estate photography?

    Like this: They also used to make a couple wide angle versions AI/AIS.
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    Best lens for Real Estate photography?

    Don't really see why your 18-70 won't work for that range. For interiors you likely need wider. Also you may need a pc lens at some point.
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    Friends and Family

    How would you have answered these before you went "pro"? It is easy for everyone to say "stick to your guns" but the fact of the matter is these are friends/family and you have set a 15 yr precedent. Further as long as you have that 6 fig job and they know it, your credibility as a "pro", at...
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    Best primes for landscape photography?

    You might want to consider a 20mm 3.5/4 ais/ai. With a D200 it will meter in all modes. It is also a tiny lens - an though slow, for landscapes that is not a problem. Although a bit harmless with the digital crop factor it is a great lens nonetheless.
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    Question on photo ownership

    You do not need permission to use that photo in your portfolio. You can even sell the photo if you wish as you retain copyright (same would go even if it was a person). Further, because the dog is unidentifiable from any other poodle (or whatever it is) to 99.99% of the population, you don't...
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    A couple of old friends ...
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    Shoot in cloudy days.

    Since the ND won't work well in this situation (because of no clear horizon), take 2 exposures and combine them in post. One exposed for the sky, the other for the buildings.
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    Web site?

    If you don't have the programs or skills to build your own, use one of photo hosting sites I listed under the plug n play heading These are the easiest to use and will give your a professional looking site (and th odds of people recognizing a "template" are slim and...
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    lens lust indeed.. need opinions/advice

    Tell me if I am wrong but is this your first venture into this stuff? I mean do you have any other Nikon gear already? I know this is a Nikon forum and all, but given the kit you are considering and if you don't already have Nikon equipment, I am not so sure that Canon wouldn't be a better...
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    How to learn?

    Start with reading strobist and getting the lighting right. After that it is learning and playing with photoshop to get the effects you want (it is not USM giving that effect). And finally, for the pics that you see on his site, I have a feeling he is using a bit more than an sb-600 although...
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    I would rather see the DX line of lenses expanded instead of FF

    Unfortunately there is no need for fast DX primes in the consumer market and is something I don't see Nikon bringing out anytime soon. They would be better off making FF primes and bringing out FF cameras going forward IF they want to compete with Canon in the professional market (and DX...
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    DOF advice

    Another thing you could have done besides increasing iso is lowering shutter speed (may now need a tripod) and/or use a shorter focal length.
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    Sports shooters - how big a drawback is an 85 f/1.8 vs 85 f/1.4 for indoor winter

    There will be others who can better answer this, but I would think that you are talking situations where you have lowered shutter speed as far as you dare (probably 250), are not using any type of strobe, have increased iso as much as you are happy with and still just happen to fall one...
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    please help me pick a 20/24

    Between f4 and f11, both the nikon 20 and 24 should be sharp enough and both are probably not going to be the weak link in the chain (unless you have an obsession with pure sharpness). You could also consider AI/AIS versions of the lenses as they will meter on your d200 and quality wise they are...
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    I guess I'll be shootin' film today! NEW IMAGE

    You can use a microfibre cloth on the focusing screen (if you have a removable screen (I know some cameras do not)) - I wouldn't use a wet treatment on it.
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    D40 or P&S for traveling non-photographer?

    P&S hands down (and since you are considering d40 plus lens prices range, I'd probably want to splurge on a digilux).
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    Stupid meter question

    Do it the old fashioned way and just guess. :eek: Much more fun shooting w/o a meter anyway. On a more serious note how are you measuring flash with the 358? Also, while the reflective metering will match your dslr more closely, I would think that you would get a better reading in incident...
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    Trip to Italy...which lenses to take?

    What tasnim said (especially the buy postcards part given you are not taking this trip to make money off your photographs). This is why you bought the 18-200. The other option to me, with your equipment, would be the combination of 12-24 and 60 (since you don't have a 50). That gives you the...
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    Nikon made Strob-ism easy

    I think this simply comes down to being more than one way to skin a cat (at least when you don't need a lot of light power). I also think your original post compared a monolight and battery pack that was used to the advantages that are offered via Nikon CLS and hence other people jumped in with...
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    Nikon made Strob-ism easy

    Honestly aren't you all overreacting here? I mean the only one who did this: was the OP (and based off UF's posts I don't think that's his intent), and obviously this: is not the case based on this thread (see two posts in this thread alone) and the questions you see in the LL forum. I...
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    Nikon made Strob-ism easy

    There's only one problem with the Nikon CLS, the Nikon part. That's where PWs have the advantage, they are system agnostic. You can put your lighting system together and it will work with any camera. Far as I know, you can't put the SU800 on a Canon, Hassy, Leica...etc and I don't think...
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    Need Help with Manual Focus 105mm 2.5

    You can replace the D1h/D1x focusing screen with one made for the fm3a (also works with an f100 and should work with a d1 (see no reason why it would not)). You just file off the little tab on the fm3a focusing screen with a jewelers file of a dremel. No problem at all.
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    35-70 vs. 28-70 - Need advice

    OTOH, if he is either of the above he probably wouldn't need to ask the question. :wink:
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    WHCC Out - Questions about MPIX

    Out of curiosity why didn't you use for the book? I don't know that they would have avoided the magenta caste, but I would think they might have seeing as they ask for b&w images in grayscale.
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    A sad trend in wedding photography?

    Therein lies part of the problem. Buy yourself a subscription to PDN (and try to pick up the wedding issue that was out there a month or so ago - has a great story about a couple that started out charging little and working little and then raised prices and worked a lot), and then read John...
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    A sad trend in wedding photography? But to your point UF, I think you touched on exactly the crux of the issue and that is the deliverable. In short you get what you pay for (that is not directed at you, just a general comment). If you pay for shoot & dump that is what you...
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    California labor laws?

    I am not expert, but guess is if they are doing away with the position you currently have then you have little recourse as I would think it's legal. If they are keeping the position you have and basically "replacing" you with someone else, then you might have something. CA is pretty good in...
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    MF Nikon advice sought

    The F3 is quite quite a bit smaller than a d200 (in fact, except for the prism it is probably about the same size as a leica (a little thinner and lighter maybe) so is is pretty small. I don't have the HP version, that prism is a bit higher (the standard prism makes this pretty discreet and I...
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    Vote here

    Jason's design is brilliant, so I would do as Woody says and put everything on the back. Or you can get rid of the picture, save a little money, and put everything on the front (I don't think it's a great picture...sorry, just my opinion). That picture may be enough to turn away a prospective...
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