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  1. number ix

    Last rose of summer…

    Lovely flower and image. You've done a great job capturing the subtle white shading.
  2. number ix

    50mm f/1.8 and 12mm Kenko Tube

    The third image is really special.
  3. number ix


    I haven't had many opportunities to visit the Cafe or this Gallery. Thought I would add a shot from a visit to the U.S. Botanic Garden last Sunday. C&C always welcome D2Xs, 105 2.8 VR ISO 100 f5.6 1/60
  4. number ix

    Autumn colours

    A very nice series. I think my favorite is number 1.
  5. number ix

    Reflection on an autumn leaf

    A most excellent image sir!
  6. number ix

    D3 & R1C1 Capture #3

    :et me add another wow. Love them all!
  7. number ix

    Please critique (or just enjoy) my flower series

    I really like number 2. The blue and yellow combination is quite striking.
  8. number ix

    Relaxing at the botanical garden

    I've got to agree with all above. Number 2 is wonderful.
  9. number ix

    Missed the submission date...

    The second image is particularly striking. Very nicely done.
  10. number ix

    Last of the Pond Pics

    These are all very nice. Number 3 is even nicer. Thanks.
  11. number ix

    Flowers and Butterflies

    Lovely work. I think my favorite is the last one.
  12. number ix

    Purple Fountain Grass

    The colors and composition make this a compelling image.
  13. number ix

    Some 150mm 2.8 sigma on the mikon stuff

    Really well done images and that last one...........
  14. number ix

    Flowers on Film!

    These are all quite nice and well worth the aggravation. I'm really taken with the second image.
  15. number ix

    300 2.8 visits the zoo (again)...

    Absolutely wonderful images! Thanks much.
  16. number ix

    Flower at night

    Fascinating image. Very nice job.
  17. number ix

    Some pictures from today - come take a look

    Thanks. My personal preference has got to be the squirrel.
  18. number ix

    Lotus blooms from Greenspring Gardens

    Hey Rich - I really like the second composition. Nicely done. Doesn't look like I'll get out until after the storm passes.
  19. number ix

    Photography And The Art Of Seeing.

    Lovely image and a wonderful composition.
  20. number ix

    My 35mm macro lens

    Very, very nice work! Can't pick a favorite.
  21. number ix

    Common zinnia

    Bob - I really like the composition an te colors are super. Very nice.
  22. number ix

    Some Blooms from PA...

    Rich - I couldn't agree more, that caterpillar is knockout. Great focus, composition, colors!
  23. number ix

    Matching outfits....

    Very nice work Terri! Thanks.
  24. number ix

    A change from weddings

    Guy - These are very nice and somehow gentle. Number 2 is my personal favorite.
  25. number ix

    A Few Images from Brookside Gardens

    Angela - These are truly lovely. I'm particularly impressed by the fist and fourth. Wonderful composition and color on them all.
  26. number ix

    Dreamy Flash Flowers

    The third image is tops on my "wow" meter. I really like it!
  27. number ix

    2 From Yesterday

    I though I would post 2 images from yesterday's visit to the US Botanic Garden. C&C always welcome and thanks for looking: D200 105mm VR ISO 280 1/50 @ f5.6 D200 105mm VR ISO 299 1/259 @ f9
  28. number ix


    Wonderful light and capture.
  29. number ix


    Lovely images and great colors. I think I like fhe first one best as well.
  30. number ix

    Catharantus After The Rain.

    Lovely. I really like the water drops. Great job and explanation.
  31. number ix

    Wow, it's a SMALL world!!!

    It's truly an amazing world if only we take the time to look.Very nice images.
  32. number ix

    Wild Senna

    I don't necessarily understand the medicine but I do like this image. Thanks for sharing.
  33. number ix

    Three Yellow Flowers.

    Very nice work. Thanks much for your detailed explanation of what was required to make this image. It's very helpful.
  34. number ix

    Blooms from GWU

    Rich - Looks like a very productive walk indeed. I too am MOST taken with numbers 4 (the composition) an 6 (the colors). Very nice!
  35. number ix

    Taking a Break

    Excellent image Phil. I really like it.
  36. number ix

    Two From Sunday

    Rich - Thanks for your comments. I expect the foot will fully heal within a week or so.
  37. number ix

    Mixed bag (3 pics)

    Rich - Really a nice series. I think my favorite is the frog. (Your cat image is special as well.) You are getting along famously with your D700!
  38. number ix

    botanical snaps

    Gorgeous lilies. I particularly like 3, 4 and 5.
  39. number ix

    Two From Sunday

    I've been slowed recent by a foot problem but managed to get down to the Botanic Garden Sunday. Here are 2 images from the trip. C&C always welcome and thanks for looking. D200 105mm 2.8 VR f5.6 1/1000 ISO200 D200 105mm 2.8 VR f8 1/640 ISO200
  40. number ix

    D700 Studies a Common Weed...

    I particularly like the first image Glenn. Looks like it could be part of a bridal bouquet.
  41. number ix

    At First Light

    Wanashee - A wonderful image. I love the first and last light too.
  42. number ix

    To leave, or not to leave ...

    What an impressive selection, particularly the final 4. Gorgeous work.
  43. number ix

    Dahlias at WFF

    Gorgeous color in the blossom!
  44. number ix

    Some new flower shots

    Like others I particularly like numbers 1 and 2. Thanks.
  45. number ix

    the Lily - Arum [4] 50mm f/1.8

    I do believe the last image is my favorite. Nice work.
  46. number ix

    Rain And Leaves.

    Really an excellent image!
  47. number ix

    Hosta blooms...

    Very nice Rich. I'm particularly taken with the second image.
  48. number ix

    too soon

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  49. number ix

    I'm in love with this BOKE

    Absolutely gorgeous! Super composition and bokeh.
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