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    Zenfolio Question

    I'm pretty sure that you can turn off the share option for any gallery or photo. If the below doesn't work, please let me know what theme you are using or link to your page and I'll see if I can figure it out. To shut off sharing of images, go to Customize Visitor View, then click on...
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    Zenfolio Question

    When you are in the edit screen, go to the top level folder to make the changes. If you have the other folders/galleries set to be the same as the default, it should work. If it doesn't work, go through each folder/gallery to be sure that sharing is not checked. If not, it will show up on...
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    Zenfolio Question

    To shut off sharing of images, go to Customize Visitor View, then click on Page Options, then click on Page Elements, then you can shut off the Share button. Right click should be disabled unless you have downloading images allowed. We all know that right click protection is pretty weak...
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    How to handle this request??

    This makes it seem as they are already using your photo. Ask them if they are okay with giving you some free meals, and if you like them you will give them full credit on your blog.
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    Headshot - Feedback requested

    I don't understand this statement. Would you like constructive criticism or just whether or not we like it ?
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    WOW does my daughter make me proud

    What an accomplishment !
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    Opinions of Scott Kelby?

    I've been reading his blog for a few years now and I like him. He does have a bit of a unique personality, but he is very passionate about photography and he enjoys spreading his knowledge. He has built a very nice business with Kelby Media Group, NAPP, yet he still takes the time to respond...
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    Help me decide what gear to use

    If you can find a new D800 right now, you can likely sell it for at least retail. The demand is extremely high and they are in scarce supply.
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    and we thought PP was bad

    Have you considering Google Checkout ?
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    D1x, Rest in Peace

    It will likely be cheaper to buy a used D1x than pay for the shutter replacement.
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    A dumb question...
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    A dumb question...

    No, you don't need an adapter for the 20mm. Any lens that is the Micro 4/3 mount will work on your camera, regardless of brand (Panasonic, Olympus, etc)
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    A dumb question...

    This is compatibility chart for 4/3 lenses to Micro 4/3 lenses. It isn't a complete list of standard Micro 4/3 lenses. It leaves off a number of Micro 4/3 lenses (some of the more popular - Panasonic 14mm, 20mm, 45mm macro; Olympus 12mm, 45mm)
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    Crop Advice Please - Snowy Owl Takeoff

    I like the third one the best.
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    How to get shutter actuations?

    This is what I use.
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    Paypal strikes again! uh, and again!

    I've used Google Checkout several times to send payments and it is extremely easy. Still haven't received any payments with it yet though.
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    Help! Cannot mount 500mm to gimbal....

    Did you buy your 200-400 used ? If so, the original owner bought the arca swiss foot in addition to the standard foot that came with the Nikon lens. No stock Nikon lens foot is arca swiss compaitible unless you buy a plate to attach to the bottom or buy a aftermarket arca swiss foot.
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    Paypal strikes again! uh, and again!

    I'll keep mine open only to pay for things. I don't sell on ebay and don't want to take Paypal as payment. Didn't get my notice yet. :)
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    Wow, that's interesting. I wasn't planning to renew mine this spring, so we'll see what happens.
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    It's's the D4!

    When the D3s first came out, I saw quite a number in the $2500-$2700 range for the first few weeks. The price has slowly trickled back up. I would expect to see the D3 in that range again soon. Then again, what do I really know ? I'm with you though, I will be keeping my D3 and perhaps...
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    It's's the D4!

    I think that we will begin to see a bunch of D3 bodies put up for sale. D3s bodies, maybe not as much. The D3 was the best value in the high end used market and I think that we are going to see some screaming deals in the next few weeks.
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    How much of the $6000 D4 price is due to the disasters in Asia?

    I don't know that it has anything to do with the disasters. I think it is just the trend that Nikon is going. Even before the disasters the prices were starting to get crazy as each new lens/camera was announced. Now with their mandatory advertised pricing for dealers, I refuse to buy...
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    Thanks for the Help: Caters News Service

    Certainly sounds like they will want them for free. With their comments about "...get the best coverage for you!" and "...hopefully some great publicity for your business!" Sounds too upbeat with the exclamation marks and how great it will be for you. I'm interested to see how it turns out.
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    Lost Job need help with getting studio equipment for home

    I'd go the Paul Buff route as well. A good value for the money, very good customer service and they hold their resale value pretty well.
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    'Adobe Elements 9 Useless Already'

    Welcome to the new world of Adobe. :rolleyes:
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    Four versions of one portrait...

    #1 looks most natural to me.
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    Been a while but thought you all may enjoy this

    That's a great commercial, well done !
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    Is NOW the Time to Buy the 70-200 VRII?

    Nikon's new pricing policy is ridiculous. Buy a nice used copy if you can.
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    45 most powerful images of 2011

    Some amazing stuff.
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    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part I

    Is it possible that you had a preset applied during import ? I've forgotten a few times when importing .jpgs and the pictures appear :eek:. Thankfully they can be changed pretty easily.
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    Nikon SB900

    Wouldn't it be great if next visit he told you about the new D3s that he bought. :biggrin:
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    Adding RAM to my iMac

    I've bought OWC ram in the past and installed it myself. It really is a simple and straight forward swap. Replacing the hard drive on an iMac is another story.
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    Craft & Vision – The Free eBook (from photographer David duChemin)

    It's a pdf, so you probably need to open it with an app that reads pdf's. I use Good Reader on the iphone.
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    Help with shutter count

    .jpg needs to be straight from the camera without Photoshop.
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    Whelp, Gizmodo copyright infringed on my work...

    Send them an invoice with a take down provision. You work hard for your money and you deserve to be paid. Stealing images isn't okay, even if they send you all the traffic on the web.
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    Equipment for hockey pictures

    What Jan said ! His suggestions will improve your photos a great deal. Using the one camera flash with them so close to the wall, makes them look like mugshots with a hockey stick. One umbrella with off camera flash and move them out from the wall will make you look like a pro.
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    Is anyone still buying new Nikon gear ?

    I think the prices are now pushing me towards the used market. I know that there are downsides to buying used, but at the current retail prices I think it is going to be worth the risk.
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    Is anyone still buying new Nikon gear ?

    I remember reading about Nikon changing the pricing policy and forcing retailers to advertise prices as they set. I had forgotten about this until I was checking the current prices of lenses at different retailers. :eek: Prices are much higher than the past, so I'm just wondering if anyone...
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    I also got approached last week

    Don't you need a release to post photos of her prize winning squash ? ;)
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    Photographer with consumer gear

    Her site traffic is going to get a jump thanks to this thread. :) Photos are heavily processed and nothing that I would pay for. That being said, they are far from the worst I've seen from paid photographers.
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    Need HELP selling 2 of my photos

    When you get the money, I'd invest in this book.
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    Nikon Mirrorless, comments - J1 Review and comparison images

    I think that it's going to flop. It's just another slightly different camera in a crowded market.
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    Rant: Anyone Pay Bills thru Electronic BillPay?

    I had a similar problem years ago when I was using an internet bank, but I can't remember which one. Basically they would take the money out of my account, and then about a week later, they would actually send the payment to the payee. I quickly stopped doing business with that bank.
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    Tina + Dave are married!

    1-3: I find the harsh sunlight background distracting. I know not everyone sees it this way. 4: I think the b&w really works for this one. 5&6: I like the emotion in these. 7: very nice 8: don't care for the camera tilt. 9&10: probably my favorites 11: don't know that the bride is going to like...
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    Fitness portrait

    My only suggestion is to find a better location. The background is as important as the subject.
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    Really Right Stuff....... What's up with these guys

    I have had RRS emails sent to the junk folder, so this is certainly a possibility. Their website is pretty poor, so I typically phone in my orders. Their customer service is very good too.
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    Long Beach Police and detaining photographers?

    In another month, a similar thread will re-appear with a link to a different agency. Five pages of discussing how bad/good the police are, and recounting personal stories and it will get locked down. Kinda like Groundhog Day. :)
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    Need input, PP of my sister, *Rodeo Queen*

    The first photo has a distracting background and the light isn't great. The last one you posted is much better. Out of the photos that you have shown, I would frame the last one.
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    Fro knows photos dot come, a silly photog guy, but not in a Ken Rockwellish way

    I agree Digital Rev TV is much better. The Fro guy does nothing for me.
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