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  1. nancyr

    The Most Spectacular Sunset!

    Wow, spectacular. I really should get out more! :rolleyes:
  2. nancyr

    Critique Elegant lady.....

    Gorgeous. Perfect light and pose.
  3. nancyr

    SSD for LR catalog

    Ha! Not shooting much, and staying out of photo forums. Good for the wallet. ;)
  4. nancyr

    SSD for LR catalog

    I moved my catalog and previews to a spare SSD about a year ago, and it did feel a bit faster. Nothing to write home about, but if you have the disk, why not? My OS and applications are on a separate SSD, and the photos themselves on a traditional HDD.
  5. nancyr

    [EXPIRED] Nikon 80-200/2.8 AF-S, Kenko 1.4x, LowePro S&F case and belt

    Nikon 80-200/2.8 AF-S, $950 This gorgeous hunk of glass is getting no use, and it deserves better. I am the original owner. Focus motor replaced in 2012, so it's all but new. Glass clean, a few marks on hood. Slight wear on mount—shows more in photo than reality. Includes original Nikon CC-73...
  6. nancyr

    f/ stop you use for landscape

    Took the words right out of my mouth!
  7. nancyr


    Reduced to its prehistoric elements. Fantastic.
  8. nancyr

    Bull moose, Autumn colors in the tundra

  9. nancyr

    The Children's Pool...

    They are characters. Your patience paid off. Nice work.
  10. nancyr

    This is "Floater" (Yes, another cat D800E image)

    Poor little thing! Looks like he just opened his eyes—and got traumatized forever. But it looks like he's in good hands.
  11. nancyr

    The real reason the California condor is endangered

    Thanks Dianne. Guess if I was a condor, I might. :wink:
  12. nancyr

    Nikon Manual Focus Glass - Part II

    Thanks, Tom. Lucky on the light and subject too. Yup, my thoughts exactly. Thanks, Glenn!
  13. nancyr

    The "beggar man"

    Classic treatment for a timeless subject. Excellent.
  14. nancyr

    Whale breath (wild Orca & Humpback) 2nd Orca photo added

    Humpback is magic. Wow.
  15. nancyr

    Nikon Manual Focus Glass - Part II

    Monday morning turf survey, Linyanti Reserve, Botswana Yes, I'm crazy enough to take an MF lens on safari. Bonus: no fighting the 80-400! D90, 400/3.5 AI, f5.6
  16. nancyr

    The real reason the California condor is endangered

    Would you date this guy? :biggrin: D200, 400/3.5+TC-14b, f8 Shot at San Diego Safari Park
  17. nancyr

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    +1 for bep207 seller: bep207 buyer: me item: MB-D80 Vertical Grip Another great Cafe transaction! Thanks, Blake.
  18. nancyr

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    +1 for Jimbojack Seller: me Buyer: Jimbojack Item: Sigma 50mm/2.8 macro Super-smooth and quick transaction: PM to PP in 2.5 hours! Thanks, Phillip, and enjoy the lens!
  19. nancyr

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    Seller: Conner999 Buyer: me Item: 105/2.5 AIS Great seller. Easy transaction, and lens even better than described. Thanks!
  20. nancyr

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    Seller: me Buyer: jjdesanto1 18-35/3.5-4.5 Quickest transaction I've ever had on the Cafe! Payment and communication right on the ball—great guy to deal with. Thanks, John.
  21. nancyr

    The Cool Cajun

    Great stuff. Got more?
  22. nancyr

    Quick and dirty test shots

    Nice work. Have fun with your new toy! Pity Pentax never made any good glass.:wink:
  23. nancyr

    San Diego Osprey

    Craig, sorry about your kitties! At least us humans understand the shots. And we love Peet's out here. My brother once had a cat who liked coffee grounds, but that's another story... I used to shoot indoor sports, hence the f/2. Michael, I thought it might be the same birds. We also see...
  24. nancyr

    Gulfoss - Iceland

    Wow, gorgeous.
  25. nancyr

    San Diego Osprey

    I like #2. What park? I often see an osprey hanging out on a light post on the Sunset Cliffs bridge (a pair last time), and wonder if it's the same one. P.S. Love your sig; we have a psycho kitty who's diabetic (2 shots a day).
  26. nancyr

    16-85 does Paris & London

    Very nice work from a fellow 16-85 fan. You show the lens off well, but any gear would shine through your eye!
  27. nancyr

    Husky wolf puppy

    Great stuff! You've really captured a feeling in #1.
  28. nancyr

    Nikon Manual Focus Glass - Part I

    Hey Robert! I lived in Vista for 14 years, and North County ain't bad. I'll be sure to watch out for the Real World folk. No doubt they'll run from my scary old lenses (and even scarier old cars). Here are some LJ shots from the previously-uploaded pile. Haven't posted here in ages...
  29. nancyr

    Nikon Manual Focus Glass - Part I

    Wow, you guys are awesome! You've inspired me to go out and shoot, or at least maybe post some old MF stuff. :redface:
  30. nancyr

    "Film" Handbags...

    Wacky. I have a Looney Tunes camera strap made from actual 35mm celluloid, but can't touch this.
  31. nancyr

    Colors of autumn thru cat's eyes

    Where was the cuteness warning label? Love #5, "gonna solve this mystery."
  32. nancyr

    SoCal recommendations

    Hi Ken, Oceanside has a nice, wide beach and lots of surfers. Should make for a good morning shoot combined with good people watching ... sun's even coming out a bit finally! I'd also try Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, a bit inland on highway 76. Go further inland and a little north on...
  33. nancyr

    Best time of year for a road trip in France?

    Thanks to all for the replies, and sorry for my delay.:redface: j.luc—Thanks! Good to hear from a local. Larry—May has long been our favorite; best combo of good weather, late light, few crowds. Plus we escape the gray skies here! (Really.) But we can't go in May next year. Thymen—good...
  34. nancyr

    Best time of year for a road trip in France?

    We are planning a 3-week road trip around France next year, focused on countryside and villages and small cities as much as we can. We plan to start out toward Alsace and then around to Burgundy > Provence > Southwest > Brittany > Normandy. Husband was all set to book this for our ideal...
  35. nancyr

    CS3 on new macbook pro? UPDATE

    I'd go with PS Elements, as Adobe won't let you activate the same license cross-platform. :mad: You could run CS3 (or 5) in Parallels or VMWare Fusion, but I think the performance hit would be too much. Elements will do the quick and dirty jobs just fine, with raw conversion, Bridge, etc.
  36. nancyr

    Best lens for indoor sports:gymnastics

    Hi Skyrfox, I shot the 1993 world championships in the NIA. If the setup is similar and you have a credential, access is quite good. Better than your average big event. Good seats in the audience are quite close. Lots of light too; it was a rare treat then to shoot action in color. Light was...
  37. nancyr

    My MacMini not recognizing my RAW files - help please . . .

    Download the latest DNG converter from Adobe. Convert, then load the DNGs into Lightroom. I have an older (CS3) version of Photoshop that works just fine this way.
  38. nancyr

    Top 5 Photography destinations

    Any 5 places I haven't been yet.
  39. nancyr

    The West Highland Snow Dog...

    Excellent. DH approves too.:smile:
  40. nancyr

    Af-s 80-200??

    Yowza! Go!
  41. nancyr

    Which editing cataloguing & editing software combinations?

    Expression Media, Photo Mechanic, Capture NX2 and Photoshop CS3 for me, going way back. Mostly PM and NX these days. PS for heavy retouching, etc. iView, an excellent cataloguing program going back to the '90s, was bought by Microsoft in 2006, renamed Expression Media, and updated once...
  42. nancyr

    Does Canon have an equivalent to NX2?

    I'm with Tosh on the WB controls in DPP. Otherwise I much prefer NX—DPP does not write the changes to the file's preview, so you have to save an extra TIFF or JPEG if you want a correct preview in your catalog/viewer software (PhotoMechanic/Expression Media for me, but same goes for Lightroom...
  43. nancyr

    "HandBrake" ?

    Back to the codecs thing, Perian covers most anything else you'd need. Windows XP out of the box doesn't play many current formats either; Win 7 is more up to date. There's a nice package of codecs for that, too (Google away).
  44. nancyr

    Anyone using ViewNX on a Mac?

    All good on my MacBook Pro running 10.6.2. but the display still doesn't reflect the profile of the second monitor. (Yes, same with 10.5 and the previous ViewNX, whatever was current in September.) I moved the thumbs to monitor #2 (the MBP) and the big pic to my main display. Looks good now.
  45. nancyr

    So what's your museum lens???

    Excellent. Gotta get something older than I am (mid-60s) someday! Love me some 28/2 on DX, but I'm afraid the Sigma 30/1.4 has overtaken it for this situation (especially with a D40). Not far from a 50 on FX. They didn't call it standard for nuthin'! Memory, an album of favorite art of a...
  46. nancyr

    Walk softly and carry a Nikkor 300 2.0

    Stop it!
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