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  1. gt6jim

    Which lens takes YOUR favorite images?

    50mm f/1.8 too. Sharp!!!
  2. gt6jim

    18-135 for 24-85 f/2.8-4.0???

    With the impending arrival of my Tokina 12-24, I have have Wide covered. Now I'm thinking of selling the 18-135 afs for a 24-84 AF. Firstly let me say the image quality of the 18-135 is brilliant, and would recommend it highly, even at the longer reaches. However, I anticipate doing a few...
  3. gt6jim

    Last Day To Win A Nikon F

    I'd really love to win the 'F', having seen the general standard from the other submitters I don't think I will, but I'm still excited nonetheless!
  4. gt6jim

    Lens options opinions needed to go from 10-400mm

    Firstly the prices of the lens you listed mean you could pay from £1000 to £3000. A bit of a difference! If you are serious surely the Nikon 12-24, 24-70 and 70-200 are the way to go? If you're on more of a budget tokina 12-24 is v.highly rated and 70-300 VR is an excellent lens too
  5. gt6jim

    Slide Photography

    Thanks Robert, can I enquire as to where you sent your film off too? I guess slide proc is not C-41 processing? Did you get yours mounted too?
  6. gt6jim

    Slide Photography

    I'm a complete newbie when it comes to slide photography. I incorrectly assumed it was a dead idea, which fizzled out in the 80's and is now consigned to peoples lofts. However a few recent shots in this forum, have blown me away with thier colour, and I tend to only shoot B+W film...
  7. gt6jim

    First Film Images

    who said photography was expensive? Great pictures! I love robins
  8. gt6jim

    My first roll of Velvia 100

    Thats amazing colour! I thought Velvia was a slide film?
  9. gt6jim

    Nikkor announcement 1st April?

    I'm holding out hope for a 70-200 F/4 AFS, basically a baby brother to the 70-200 F2.8 What chance do you think?
  10. gt6jim

    Look what I got...

    The pictures gone, cos is getting a revamp. The source says 70-200.....lucky b*****d!!!
  11. gt6jim

    The pancake of pancakes

    WOW!? What would one of those set you back?
  12. gt6jim

    The pancake of pancakes

    We've all seen that funky new 25mm (50mm effective) Zuiko lens for 4/3rds cameras But what is the slimmest Nikon lens new or old? Series E 50mm maybe?
  13. gt6jim

    18-55mm VR & 55-200mm VR or 18-200mm VR?

    I'd like to second, or third, the 18-135 option. Its a superb lens, and I find it to be very sharp. Any further range needed can be found with a 70-300vr!
  14. gt6jim

    D60 or D80 ????

    There is really NO contest! D80!
  15. gt6jim

    NASCAR Las Vegas race.

    the one of Jimme Johnson is SO sharp!
  16. gt6jim

    Nikon 'F', Photomic FTN finder etc.

    Swinging the thread back on course.... Hi John, This may or may not be against forum rules. But having recently fallen in love with an FM2n, I'm now looking for an 'F' too :smile: And one to use at that!
  17. gt6jim

    Poll: filter or no filter

    I dropped a cheap 50mm on a gravel drive a few years back, the gravel marked the front element, had I had a filter on, the filter would have been ruined instead of my lens. If I had some huge telephoto that I only rolled out in certain locations and it lived in its own case, then fair enough...
  18. gt6jim

    FTP software

    Filezilla, free and easy
  19. gt6jim

    How Do You Pronounce Nikon?

    nick-on, maybe a UK thing?
  20. gt6jim

    Photographing Birds

    Jim, thanks for the tips, I will have to whack on the EV next time thanks for the links debult. Im back home this weekend, so I'll get out in the garden and see what we can see!
  21. gt6jim

    Photographing Birds

    Brian, thanks just what I needed. Alan, Thanks! I usually try not to shoot against the sky, as it doesn't always make for fantastic images, but this Finch was teasing on a wire out my window, so I had to!:biggrin: Gale, Have PM'd you my address, If you can send over you 70-200 as soon as...
  22. gt6jim

    Nikon 24mm 2.8

    Hey, when I'm travelling light or walking around the great outdoors, I often leave the 18-135 in the bag and keep the 24mm on. It gives a great angle on DX cameras for landscapes and people. The nifty is just too long (sometimes) at equiv 75mm for me. I'd say go for it.
  23. gt6jim

    Leave-it-on, turn-it-off... argghhh!

    Yeah I think £200 is a bit optimistic, but you see my point!
  24. gt6jim

    Leave-it-on, turn-it-off... argghhh!

    I love the logic here! Spend £200 a year in extra electricity, to help prevent HDD failure which may occur once every 4-5 years and cost £50 to replace!?! I turn my laptop and pc off every night, infact then I'm done with them for a while. And I've never experienced component failure...
  25. gt6jim


    LOL, too late mate, she's back!
  26. gt6jim

    Photographing Birds

    I've been checking this out. The Better Beamer is not available in the UK and they don't ship either. Does anyone know of an alternative? Any Brits here know of a UK stockist!? Cheers, Jim
  27. gt6jim


    Hey guys, I got the SB-800 in the end:biggrin: Awesome piece of kit, I (my friend) paid $350 in the end. More than I thought, but still waaaay less than UK! Really happy, the wireless is awesome!! If anyone is wavering about getting a flash, get the 800 it is just so good!!
  28. gt6jim

    Photographing Birds

    Oooooooo! Could be just the thing! Thanks Sean, will investigate!
  29. gt6jim

    Photographing Birds

    Hello All, I wonder if any of you can help. I like to photograph birds, however in the UK most are of the small, fast moving and easily scared variety. To get a picture with any sort of resolution I need to shoot at 300mm. However on most days, especially the bright days, the ambient light...
  30. gt6jim

    Batteries for SB800 ??????

    You really need Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMh) preferably with the highest milliAmp rating you can get - I think this is about 2700 atm, but 2500/2300 would be fine. Energizer do a 15 minute charger with 4 2300s. This is really quite novel, very few have produced such a fast charger of...
  31. gt6jim

    IR Issues

    My R72 arrived this morning, and I've been practising. However I'm getting some things I didn't expect. I've set up the camera according to Bjørn Rørsletts site, with high ISO, increased EV and long exposure ISO1600, f2.8, 2mins EV+3, on D80 with 24mm f2.8 Right the problems. What is the...
  32. gt6jim


    Just been reading Kens site, its amazing, I never would have dreamt that it work by sensing the camera flash! Mark, Should be getting it via B&H or 17th St and its approx $300 - £150, which is HALF what Jessops would try to extract from you, and about 50-60 less than eBay; plus less chance...
  33. gt6jim


    Never mind I've just spotted an article on Ken Rockwell. D80 is built in wireless! Who'd a thunk it! Free wireless!
  34. gt6jim


    A friend is off to NY, NY tonight, and shes under strict instructions to bring back an SB-800 pour moi! Something is puzzling me tho. In the Nikon press it mentions working wirelessly, yet in the accessories listed for it only cables are listed. I assume there is some trigger which plugs...
  35. gt6jim

    No! Dropped it.

    Nope, I certainly don't have spare £££ for a new/spare body! Thats why its such a big deal. Emails fired off to Nikon and local service centre!
  36. gt6jim

    No! Dropped it.

    Hmm, on one hand it is £6.50 to get an estimate. The cosmetic damage I can live with, but the water/dust leakage is a worry. And whilst the camera is currently ok, whos to say some widget isn't loose? ready to fail in future.
  37. gt6jim

    No! Dropped it.

    I think I'm coming round to that idea. Its still fairly new so its annoying. But maybe I can send it in when I drop it the next time :eek:
  38. gt6jim

    No! Dropped it.

    I know its a bugger! Big photo alert....
  39. gt6jim

    No! Dropped it.

    I picked up my Trekker bag earlier, it was unzipped and the weight of my monopod on the lid made it swing open and my D80 (lens less) fell out and hit the floor from about 1m. I was gutted! Im fairly sure its fine, everything seems to work still. But I have just noticed I've cracked the...
  40. gt6jim

    Move love for the 70-200mm VR

    I need this lens so much. You can get then from Hong Kong for so little at the moment! Anyone care to lend me the dough? :redface: :rolleyes: :wink: :866:
  41. gt6jim

    CS #30 - "Color"

    Took this yesterday walking on the Roaches in the Peak Distict/Staffs Moorlands Very Green....
  42. gt6jim

    Monopod advice

    Me thinks me could have a Nikon/Fujifilm situation here :wink: Cheers, Jim
  43. gt6jim

    Lowepro Slingshot 300 AW

    Just to relate to what some have said, and throw my two pence into the ring. I've tried a friends Slingshot 200, and found it to be very un-comfortable after less than an hour up hill and down dale. Having tried it I bought the Mini Trekker AW and find it very comfortable, especially when...
  44. gt6jim

    How Critical is Nikon Glass, Really?

    I've never heard of Nikon glasses either. But my local opticians market their Pentax lenses. Although I'm not sure that's exactly a good thing !!!!
  45. gt6jim

    Monopod advice

    Thanks for the advice, I've found the 234 and 234RC. The Bogen 3232 looks almost identical to them?!? I calculate about 800 grammes for the whole monopod and head, which isn't too bad for £60/$120 - especially as my Tripod comes it at over 4Kg!!
  46. gt6jim

    Monopod advice

    I'm looking at the Manfrotto 679 Mono as a cheap, light alternative to my tripod when I'm O&A. Does anyone like/dislike this mono? Do I need a seperate head too? or does the camera bolt straight on? Input appreciated :cool:
  47. gt6jim

    Evening Squirrel

    Thanks guys, don't tell her though! She already knows only too well how pretty she is!!!
  48. gt6jim

    Looking with Wonder

    Great birds! Great Photo! About 20 x the size of anything local to me :biggrin:
  49. gt6jim

    Evening Squirrel

    Thanks Sandi! She's a Rough collie and Collie cross. Collie shape but with Rough collie hair! A miniature Lassie!
  50. gt6jim

    Evening Squirrel

    I've been struggling with my 70-300VR, and I was beginning to think it was the lens, not just me(!) that was the issue. I couldn't get satisfactory pictures. Always quite soft, no sharpness! Anyhow, I took it with me when walking the dog this evening, on the off chance of seeing much, and...
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